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  I like the show.
But everything they experience can be caused by
the same kinds of electronic/Psychotronic devices.

It's important that I preface this by saying that nothing I am going to tell you here is intended to diminish the credibility of the individuals or corporations of this program or its subject matter.

In fact, I am a fan of the program, and applaud the people of TAPS for their endeavors in assisting people dealing with the spiritual realm. I enjoy the program a great deal, and have some experience with the paranormal that  in my mind, would corroborate their findings and reports on the phenomenon they investigate, and I'll bet much more they've never mentioned because it would tend to scare you.

I should also say, I appreciate their objective approach in seeking to take reports of apparitions, and then seeking to disprove them as a means to cause the real ones to become self-evident. That's very impressive. Most people allow their beliefs to cause the interpretations of their perceptions of such things.That's why you guys are the real deal, and why you get a lot of results in the short amount of time you actually have to investigate to meet the show schedule, and conversely ending up showing which could appear to be no results. So focusing on the rational investigation as opposed to apparitions is a great way to approach the show format.

I just it to be very clear I have no criticisms of the program. In fact, I have praise for it.

There is actually rarely a reason for fear and that kind of concern. What ends up scaring you about the supernatural is not its existence or presence, but the "not knowing" what the capabilities and intents are of the "being" you are encountering... their expectations of you, why they're  in contact somehow or another, and whether they're "good or bad".

And people don't want to deal with the idea that there could be beings and entities living in a different, parallel, inverse or some other timeline of existence and being that is actually present with us at all times, despite our ability to see them or interact with them. Not because they're necessarily dangerous. But because we don't know enough to be able to say we have a ""relationship" to them that can be relied upon, like a human friend we can talk to and get to know and learn to trust.

I once wrote a song... I've never been the kind to put much faith in make believe, or things you can not feel or see or touch...

I still actually believe that, but there's so much evidence... it's like the existence of aliens... other governments have acknowledged and published what they know. I've always said, for many reasons, that I believe in their existence, but didn't know for sure but thought it made sense... and that if they are out there, that I'd like to meet them because I think it would be incredibly interesting to talk to them and share thoughts and wisdom and stories... So I end up wondering, what is it really that our government doesn't want us to know? I believe I have credible documentation that supports their existence and some of the concepts of the secrets that are being withheld as certain technologies are being inappropriately used as weapons as opposed to, say, miracle medical inventions as they were intended...

Back to Ghost Hunters. And the reason all of the above is relevant.

I wrote a letter to Andy... one of the investigators on the TAPS team... because I had come to the point in my research in Psychotronics where I could discern the difference between "thought forms", Psychotronics and natural thought... as well as relating it to my knowledge of the supernatural and/or paranormal, and many other related subjects, including religion and belief systems.

And then, I saw this one show where Jason was "hit" by a projection of energy that actual caused him to feel a physical sensation as if he had been pushed, and it also left a red area on the upper left (I think) part of his back over his shoulder blade.

I wondered if they knew that the same kind of effect could be caused by an electronic projectile weapon/device, and that all of the things they reported on and investigated, things I too believe actually exist, could be reproduced like a special effect for a movie in real time as if they were encountering spirits AND without their knowledge by devices that could easily be handheld and on their set, appearing as some other device. This would include Psychotronics.

I never got an answer back, and I sent them this info and my URL... never got an answer back and wouldn't be surprised if the producers didn't pass it on to Andy... no complaint, because I wasn't soliciting a response.

Nonetheless, let me fully explain what I was talking about.

I decided I needed to be more emphatic about the importance of why I am talking out Ghost Hunters while explaining Psychotronics.

When victims of Psychotronic attacks and electromagnetic attacks report the attacks to authorities... citing the same "experiences" and "occurrences" you guys have a TV show about, they routinely are placed in mental institutions for observation.

Worse, they are then given a "history of mental and emotional problems". Nobody believes them, they lose their jobs, their personal lives are destroyed, they lose their possessions, their marriages are destroyed, they often become homeless and indigent, often never having a clue that they are actually being driven to insanity on purpose. By the United States Government and "affiliated" front organizations.

Let's just say their reports are true. They are given drugs that have been proven to cause schizophrenia in healthy individuals, they cause weight gain and diabetes... As individuals, they become societal outcasts and "the forgotten"... and if they dare get angry about something, cry, or dare I say, get depressed about knowing something artificial is being done to them and no one will believe you, and in fact, telling anyone causes you ridicule and possibly involuntarily institutionalization...

All for telling authorities things that you guys get paid to do a TV show about. And again, I have no criticism of Ghost Hunters.

But let's say there were some very diabolical people in this world... and there are... and they decided that your show  would make for  a good basis for telling people that... they are experiencing the effects of Psychotronics because God is getting angry, and the spirits are attacking us... or they wanted me to write this and then they would claim that Psychotronics was alien technology that aliens were attacking us with in order to get us all to submit to more security, surveillance and a "one world" philosophy by force.

I know it sounds weird, but these guys cover all the bases, all the possibilities, and things don't happen in the world unless they think they have every angle covered... if the people think this, we tell them that, if they suspect us of this, we direct their attention on someone else we call a tyrannical dictator... that's actually how it works. That's dialectics.

So, just for the sake of conversation, Ghost Hunter People... how would it feel to you if you found out that people who report the things you report on for a living are being incarcerated? Just wondering.

Because like I said, the reason this is all relevant to your program is because everything you report on as paranormal experiences and evidence, when reported by victims, causes many people to become mental patients due to misdiagnosis... because people I can only describe as diabolical... who think of this as some version of population control and/or sick fun. You have no idea what they do to people.

So, unfortunately, your program now provides a visual example of the kinds of things Psychotronics and electromagnetic weapons... in small, portable and disguised forms, can do. They can do much more, but you'll be surprised at the similarities.

But like the Psychotronics, and Andy will actually understand this particularly after reading the part on the symptoms of attacks, the attacks on victims are actually designed to cause symptoms and manifestations that would be indicators of psychotic disorders as if textbook cases straight out of the Psychiatric manuals.

If people were reporting these things, and the diabolical people decided to take the approach to explain it to us as, instead of mental illness, as reports by some of those supposedly strange people who believe in spirits, and use the public presentation that it's not to be taken seriously and disregard it as weird but interesting tabloid stuff from Cosmic types... then they're off the hook that way, and the exposure of Psychotronics and DEWS, electromagnetic devices - Directed Energy Weapons - gets brushed under the carpet.

Given the issue of context... as a citizen, government agents would consider this kind of thinking as paranoid, possibly schizophrenic and maybe psychotic thinking (like they did when the people at Ruby Ridge wrote to the FBI, angry at the surveillance and harassment, and the FBI wrote her up as paranoid, obsessed that the government was out to get her and believing the government would kill her... and then a short time after, they killed her in cold blood... the same people who engineered Waco...)

If I was a Federal Intelligence agent, this kind of thinking would be considered that of an intelligence analyst doing their job.

Like Nixon said, something like "Pay attention to what I do, not what I say". When you do that, you'll find out that what I'm telling you is true. Look for the patterns of events. The formula used to create an event or social phenomenon. Like a TV show format that works. Sitcoms. Family Shows. Ethnic Shows. They all have the same formulas intended to communicate to a specific demographic. It's the formula, the format, that will allow you to know how political and military events will turn out.... after a while, you see the trends, and all you see is... oh, they're up to that one again.

Alfred Hitchcock, Portable Plots. The Sting. The Game. Gaslight. Manchurian Candidate. All formulas to manipulate people, using knowledge of human nature, cause and effect. That's Psyops. And these agents have the benefit of billions of dollars and years of research since 1945 in order to perfect it. MK-Ultra never ended. Here's an example of  dialect thinking. We know people do these kinds of things. They did it right in front of our eyes in Iraq.

Your show is going to help prove that. Let's hope you stay on the air.

Look at the formula, not the show, and you'll see the covert propaganda delivery system. How do we get people to vote for things that are not in their best interests.. Chris Matthews? Targeted propaganda... thought marketing... memes... Psychotronics (See also: HAARP)

Even Nixon was using code to try to warn people about what was going on that he couldn't publicly disclose... like a prisoner of war in a video blinking out Morse code with his eyes while admitting to war crimes for the enemy's propaganda machine.... it's actually exactly like that, come to think of it... in a way that didn't disclose anything, and in a way that would be interpreted by the public as something said to them en masse, and as a positive statement, not a warning to people who understood code talk.

Blavatsky. See also: Theosophy and Alice Bailey. Politicians, writers, news people tell you things all the time, little hints, about things that if you did a little independent research on, would inform you of the deceptions and betrayals that are actually going on. Psychotronics has become a big part of how these diabolical types intend to impose their authority and control. Mind control.

Unfortunately, Nixon's warning was diminished as a catchy political remark, and so was diluted to anyone who may have caught the double entendre. As are those of so many people who experience a moment here or there of wanting to tell people what they know so bad... that they let a hint or two go... in fear of attack if they step too far out of line.

Like Dennis Kucinich, and the Space Preservation Act of 2001, which describes the technologies we're discussing. The part that was withdrawn, because like John Kerry said at the 2004 Democratic Convention, he supports the development of this new class of weapons... mind control.

(Andy... Look up the Thought Camera. Check it out at the patent office. Under Tesla.  I haven't found it since I contacted Los Alamos. Could be just me, though. I have the docs somewhere on my computer)

I'd say, if you want to know the truth about what's really going on, check out the collective wisdom of Sean Penn, Roseanne Barr (she nails it, actually, which is why it sounds so weird) Ben Affleck, Nas, Wyclef Jean, Prince, James Taylor... Eminem... Dixie Chicks... all the people who try to tell you truth and get called unpatriotic, crazy and conspiracy theorists...

Yet, I digressed again. Onward...

These are the things on Ghost Hunters that can be reproduced electronically in real time like special effects that are also done in the execution of psychological operations against American Citizens by the Department of Defense.

1) The "heat mark" left on Jason's shoulder. An easy thing to do with a small, portable, HPM device (High Powered Microwave). It could look like a power supply. And, depending on its power range, could easily project a force that could move matter. It's no different than the microwave technology used in the industrial, military sized version of the Active Denial System. Think about the scalable applications of this device, and the applications a devious mind could apply it to.

High Powered Microwave: See Also:  Federation of American Scientists    Jane's (A whitewash)  Kirtland AFB  Global 

Tesla & the FBI (and the official whitewash story)   Tesla Memorial Society

The fact is, within a few moments, I could take you to a place on the internet selling these devices for less than $500. Their sales pitch read, when I checked it out a few years back...

"Let's say you're a t a high school football game, and the other team is winning, and you'd like to sabotage them... so you point this portable microwave device at the quarterback, push the button for about 10 seconds, and it destroys their balance and reasoning for about 30 minutes... and your team wins."

Interesting. That's supposedly for the mentality for high school football fans. Imagine what people would do for power and billions of dollars.

Non-Lethal Weapons & Capabilities  NLW's
Read pages 21 & 28 of this report   from the Council on Foreign Relations. Located on site. pdf

Non-lethal weapons are defined by the Department of Defense as “discriminate weapons that are explicitly designed and employed to incapacitate personnel or materiel, while minimizing fatalities and undesired damage to property and environment.” Both the term NLW and the definition leave something to be desired. In a sense, “nonlethal weapons” is a misnomer. And there is no requirement that NLW be incapable of killing or of causing permanent damage. Moreover, the ideal NLW would be a system with continuously variable intensity and influence, ranging from a warning tap to a stunning blow to a lethal effect. As with lethal weapons, much of the impact of NLW is psychological— persuading people that they would much rather be someplace else, or on our side rather than opposing U.S. military forces.

Remember, electricity... light.. has mass. With enough power and/or tuned to the most effective resonant frequency of the targeted item or  individual, it could easily do this  kind of harm... without forensic detection other than EMF meters and FLIR... which you use... and I'll get to more later. You'll be fascinated. FLIR is what they used at WACO to show that the FBI fired on the the Branch Davidians, despite FBI claims. See

In effect, what we're talking about in real life... not quite perfected... is photon torpedoes and missiles, laser ultra flash heating devices that heat tissues... all the cool weapons  on Star Trek... hitting tissues like the brain... that cause disease, injury and brain aneurysms by actually cooking brain cells and vital organs, just like a microwave oven... over time, it leads to death, which, unless investigated, would appear as due to natural or unexplained causes.

Even a police officer's radar gun, if rigged to broadcast a continuous wave, is proven to deliver this kind of destructive, disruptive attack... beam... ray... whatever you want to call it. It harms the function of neurons in the same way that placing a magnet on an old cathode ray tv tube interferes with the projection of the electrons and distorts the picture. They used to have a demo exhibit of this at the Seattle Science Center.

See also:   See the same magnetic effect on a computer monitor. This is what magnets, and transmission of radio frequencies,  do to your brain.

You literally have to think of the brain as a an organic electronic device with an infinite processing and data retrieval capacity like it's computer based on the "Cray" model of supercomputers that shoot electrons... just like the cathode ray tube. When you do that, you'll understand how the Thought Camera works, and why the brain is a very complex, multi-plexed rf transceiver triggered by hormones and neurons whose paths and formations are shaped by electomagnetics. It's the same theory that allow monks to know that theoretically, they can walk through walls... regardless of whether anyone has ever been successful at it.

Your vision becomes blurry, you can't think clearly and you begin to exhibit the outward symptoms of Adult Deficit Disorder.... you begin to lose your hair, and your teeth deteriorate rapidly due to microwave and millimeter wave exposure. It inhibits the production of neurons and affects the hypothalamus. It limits blood flow to the brain. Your finger and toe nails begin to look wavy, become brittle, and sores and cuts don't heal as quickly. (See: Symptoms)

When targeting body parts, it can cause extreme pain, burns, rashes, and can cause people to be diagnosed as hypochondriacs with psycho-somatic symptoms, as well as people who are self-mutilating, and sometimes hospitalized for observation.

Even when these people complain of these things... even if they are wrong about the causes of what's happening to them, because they are searching for any and every conceivable answer, they are incarcerated ultimately because the authorities do not investigate, they make assumptions.

It is not up to a victim to investigate the crimes committed against them.

And you've got proof that what they complain about happens. Regardless of the actual cause.

I received a report a few months back of a woman in Florida who went to a homeless shelter and reported her attacks to a social worker. Many victims are becoming better informed and able to communicate relative facts and such... the social worker reported it to the police. The police took the report, and hospitalized the victim AND the social worker. Which resulted in these letters.

Letter to Medical and Mental Health Workers

Letter to Sen Patrick Leahy 3/31/2008

And why I sent these

A Letter to Ted Kennedy & Barack Obama  April 10, 2008
A Letter to Russell Feingold  April 22, 2008


I have sources that inform me they did receive these communications, took action action against me, but did nothing for the victims.

Here's an example of how real the problem is. Internationally. Click here to prove you have a heart

2) The Fear Box or Cage

The fact that you broadcast your understanding that people being subjected to radio frequencies in sufficient power levels will create a "fear box", a condition caused by the excessive broadcast or propagation of radio frequency signals, caused either by the Alternating Current of our electrical systems at 60 cycles per second, not a good wavelength for humans to experience, or external rf broadcasts.

Radio stations have to provide "propagation" surveys to the FCC when they start broadcasting. Those tells the FCC that their signal reaches a circle or area from the tower that can be charted on a map. It looks like it shows boundaries of property, or of a county, on a map.

In a fear cage, the propagation pattern - the radio frequencies/rf/electromagnetic energy being sent through the wires and the capacitive/inductive qualities of the Romex or other conduits, it actually sets up a situation where the electrical system is broadcasting bad signals for your mind and body.

In Atlanta, they broadcast a signal on the radio that you can't hear that keeps mosquitoes away. There are such devices for deer and rodents... in actuality, the same thing works on people. And these frequencies actually alter your brainwaves... . moods.. etc, just like music.

It's the basis for this sonic weapon to use against people. Silent Sound.

When Hughes satellite sets up a transceiver satellite system for internet access, they generally go through the process of having their system analyze your system's transmission and reception failure and strength rates, and then they remotely adjust your dish electronically to electronically turn it more directly toward the satellite in the sky.

Theoretically, that exemplifies the remote capability to adjust the propagation of electrical fields for the purpose of redirecting signals and transmissions. That also means you have the capability to remotely redirect a transmission based on simple inductive and magnetic principles. So if you could determine resonant frequencies and the swr of the metal components of a house, use a carrier with low swr's for that frequency (in the range facilitating microwave auditory effect or simple propagation of delta, theta, beta and alpha waves, the same as those in the "Fear Cage" frequency range) you could effectively transmit audio - audible or inaudible - into a house, using the house as the transmission tower.

Short wave radios... in the microwave ranges and also the same frequencies as computer networks... think about what I just said. Given that fact, it means that short wave broadcasts modulated over computer networks COULD be used as a subliminal and hypnotic brain wave altering audio system. Think about it. You'll realize I'm telling you the truth. Then have Andy check out Interlaken and Cisco.. and consider what would happen if people using their computers were being fed audio or Morse code - which the brain would subconsciously figure out based on CIA research - when they didn't know it.

And these signals were capable of implanting subconscious messages in their minds. Alter their moods. Make them horny. Sad. Depressed. Happy. Confused. Keep them awake (40% of Americans suffer sleep deprivation). Change their heart rates, make them feel pain, seek treatment for diseases they have symptoms for that they don't have...

You have no idea how much I wish I was making this stuff up.

But that, my friends, is what the "Fear Cage" actually demonstrates. One report says you'd have to be in a building 500 feet underground for months to be free of the subliminals being broadcast in so many ways. And they say, if you stepped out of that hideout, you'd be immediately subjected to it again. It's the same idea as picking up your local radio station on your telephone.

And then think about light flashes. And the effect compact fluorescent bulbs will have on you. 120 cycles per second. Check out radio dosimetry.

3) EVP's - Electronic Voice Phenomenon

You'll love, and hate, this one. It's easy to fake. And, I believe in the possibility of EVP's, though I've never recorded one myself. I'd be curious to know when you began successfully recording them and the circumstances of how that happened, and who was participating with you when it happened.

Remember, I'm writing about Psychotronics, not Ghost Hunters.

Consider this... a speaker and a dynamic microphone are the same thing. They really are. You can play sound through the microphone. You can record sound by speaking into a speaker. Of course, they'd have to be hooked into the right input/output jacks. But the fact is, electrically, they work exactly the same. Mics receive frequencies of our voices and sound, and send them to the recorder. Speakers receive frequencies, and then vibrate and project sound and airwaves. Either way the mechanics are the same.

EVP: People hearing voices and recording "phantom" voices... people get thrown into mental institutions for presenting better evidence than you have of such things happening... because they don't provide a socially acceptable reason for it to happen. Even though there are a zillion scientific reasons that would explain it without simply and conveniently instantly declaring someone mentally ill. Again, it is not the responsibility of the victim to investigate the crimes against them.

When you go to someone's house investigating voices, do you think they're crazy? What do the police do when your "subjects" call them? What do the police do when you show your "discoveries" to them?

Many people hearing voices claim the can place a small mic in their ear, and it picks up the sounds they are hearing "in their minds". The reason: if the nerves in the ear are being electronically stimulated, and the ear is a microphone, it is also a speaker... so if the nerves are being stimulated and the person hears sound, then it stands to reason that it would also reproduce the sound. This is an actual scientific fact.

That's why a microphone can pick up the otherwise "inaudible sounds" that people hear, that people around them "can not hear".

How it can be done.

There are two primary ways sound is projected so that it seems to come from nowhere. And when you conceptually apply the technology that is in use in these kinds of devices, you'll understand how easy it would be to cause EVP's.  By the way, did I happen to mention that the company that broadcasts your show has access to, if not ownership of, all this technology?

Through sound projection - directed sound - and laser deferential fields

Through rf/radio frequency transmission that affects the nerves of the visual and audio cortexes

A Closer Look

Through sound projection - directed sound - and laser deferential fields

Because Psychological operations are mostly illusion... and because of the technologies involved and the environs they are "contained" in, it's my opinion that most people experience sound projections of a variety of kinds, although that trend seems to be changing.

The Holosonic spotlight really is the clearest example of how projected sound is done, and how it appears to be. In this video, the inventor "targets" individuals who hear his voice... seemingly coming out of nowhere. No one but the intended target hears it. In the world of Mk-Ultra and CointelPro and Electronic Harassment circles, this would make him a "perp" or perpetrator. You also need to realize this is stalking, invasion of privacy and on and on and on...

It looks funny, but what if it was happening to you... 24 hours a day?

Holosonic Sound’s
inventor loves to freak out library users with his mind control toy

If the inventor hasn't the self-control to not use it to "mess with people", imagine what it could be used for if someone was mad at you... and then imagine it was the government doing it, and they wouldn't stop.

The Holosonic spotlight demonstrates that you can "direct" a beam of sound to a location in space... that would appear to be coming from that space. It's that simple. And, products like these are available to anyone. The company that owns the Holosonic also makes classified equipment for the Department of Defense.

The Holosonic Spotlight. Now you hear it, now you don't. Simply step inside the invisible circle of sound it projects.

And then, after you understand the idea of projecting sound, like using a megaphone to make your voice louder in a certain direction, you can understand how, in theory, it would be easy to direct a quiet voice sound into a tape recorder to leave an EVP. Or to make it sound like there's a noise down the hall, a bump in the night, a voice in a room...

You then need to understand that what this product really uses is something called "Ultrasound"... described on their web site. That's how it is easily converted into a covert weapon.

"Of course, the ultrasound, which contains frequencies far outside our range of hearing, is completely inaudible. But as the ultrasonic beam travels through the air, the inherent properties of the air cause the ultrasound to distort (change shape) in a predictable way. This distortion gives rise to frequency components in the audible bandwidth, which can be accurately predicted, and therefore precisely controlled. By generating the correct ultrasonic signal, we can create, within the air itself, essentially any sound desired."

4) Through rf/radio frequency transmission that affects the nerves of the visual and audio cortexes

This method would not likely be used for EVP's because your device's microphone is set to pick up audio waver, not digital information of the like that the results of Thought Camera Technology would provide. Thought Camera Technology would provide data more akin to info in a database on a computer.

The thing to remember is that they learned to read the thoughts of people and animals decades ago. They learned to send sound to people as per the research of Joseph Sharp earlier than 1974.

That's around the time Ira Einhorn got in trouble after trying to tell people that the CIA had a mind control device called Psychotronics.

However... and remember, people have spent billions of dollars over 40-50 years to study all of this... they theoretically could send an electronic signal identical to the one generated just before the recording device actually records the sound. It would be interesting to check your recordings for carrier frequency consistency with an oscilloscope or other analyzer to see if the "carrier" alters in any way in its wave form characteristics when the EVP is recorded.

Otherwise... when victims of attacks with these units give the recordings of the sounds they record by placing a mic in their ear, the police send them to a mental institution. I haven't heard of one case where an officer was curious enough to take the victim and put a mic in their ear when they heard sounds, to see if it recorded anything. Not once.

And, would someone really spend their time figuring out how to put a signal on your recorder? You bet.

Intel people can tell what you type on your computer by the sound of your keyboard clicks. They've come up with a way to tell what you think by reading the signals and movements of your throat... because when you read or consciously think, your vocal chords still respond as if you were going to talk... only they stop right before you make a sound... the U.S. Government recently spent $750,000 to pay a company to make fake rocks that contain bio-sensors. They can drop a rock next to your house and monitor your heart rate, breathing, eating, blood pressure, etc... They have Promis software that can operate your computer without wires from 1500 feet away. Echelon that scoops up everything on the internet. And Congress passed a law in the 90's that made it legal for the government to quietly order hospitals and other institutions to inject rfid chips in the heels of people for tracking purposes as part of the Immigration Reform Package of the Clinton Administration/Council on Foreign Relations (who loaned Clinton the money he needed to defeat George H.W. Bush)

5) Visual Emanations and Apparitions

This is another area where I do not want to cause credibility issues for TAPS and Ghost Hunters. I've had some interesting experiences, and I have friends who have had much stranger experiences than I . There's a place at UC Santa Cruz (at least there used to be) where they had a maze, and people often reported sightings of leprechauns in the woods. But, when Psychotronic victims report "seeing things", they are often given anti-psychotic drugs and placed in institutions. (Santa Cruz, home of the Mystery Spot)

This is actually a more complex subject. Like the audio recordings of EVP's, technically, an electronic image could be projected onto your recording equipment, but I think this is unlikely. Why? Because it doesn't account for your visual perception of a ghost or spirit.And I believe you about that. Mainly because, given the limited time you actually get to spend on a site, if it was fake, you would be making many more "sightings" than you do.

Once again, consider the concept of the Thought Camera. What would it do?

Reading your mind-and injecting smart thoughts

"If this research pans out", says Norseen of Lockheed-Martin-Marrietta, "you can begin to manipulate what someone is thinking even before they know it."

But Norseen says he is "agnostic" on the moral ramifications, that he's not a mad scientist–just a dedicated one.

"The ethics don't concern me," he says, "but they should concern someone else."

People actually report having real time, two way conversations with Psyops agents. Talk about thought crimes. They're now a reality. And you thought wire-tapping was bad.

There can be no freedom without freedom of thought.

The article on Project Stargate at Stanford University explains much more. But again, if you can read and consistently encode and decode brain waves - EEG - in real time like reading and sending computer data, then you can implant and receive visual and audio data straight from and to a brain - meaning technically, it would be possible to give you what a psychiatrist would call a hallucination, even though it's being caused electronically.

And these electronic signals would simply be piggy backed over the top of your natural brainwaves, fooling your brain, and your consciousness, into thinking you were thinking something other than what you would have without external influence.

Sort of like a demon or Satan tricking Adam and Eve into thinking they were talking to God or an angel. Like the FBI did to Koresh at Waco.

Other symptoms that this kind of equipment is in use is migraine headaches, blurred vision, and sudden periods of being able to focus or concentrate as well as usual. It's just one step before hallucinations, and generated by a signal that alters the blood flow to the brain... the typical cause for migraines. Aspirin actually helps because it thins the blood, has caffeine to increase blood pressure, and thus, increases blood flow and reduces swelling while increasing oxygen to the brain. Neurons then function more properly.

The other method this could be done is with holograms, projections of light that are like projecting a TV picture on a wall. The technology has been available since 1972.

Check this out:

Hologram TV
Hologram TV will permit images to float from your TV screen directly into your living room.  Coupled with other new technologies, hologram TV will make television itself even more powerful. Viewers will have more difficulty separating fact from fiction. When you see a character shoot someone in your living room, you will ask, ‘Did it really happen? Or, did I watch it on TV,’” he claimed.

Prince Charles becomes first Royal Hologram
As a result, the Prince could be seen in two places at once this morning - addressing the challenges of climate change on stage in Abu Dhabi, while also visiting the site of a former colliery in Ayrshire

And then, there's this pesky Project Bluebeam
It seems Project Blue Beam is a four step program to implement the New World Order’s new age, one world religion. It begins with engineered earthquakes and hoaxed discoveries to facilitate the reevaluation of all archeological knowledge, designed to call all belief systems into question. Before we dismiss the idea that earthquakes can be engineered, we should look into the capabilities of the HAARP antenna in Alaska.

The Greatest Hoax: Project Bluebeam

Musion Eyeliner Hologram 'Effect'  also Demonstrations
"We've all seen this sort of thing in futuristic sci-fi movies, but the reality is that it can be done here and now, as we have just demonstrated," said David Thodey of Telstra's enterprise and government department.

EC-130 flights deliver U.S. message over Afghanistan loud and clear from Stars & Stripes 2001
Taliban soldiers who hear voices from the skies over Afghanistan may think it’s divine intervention. The Department of Defense would like them to see it that way. Commando Solo aviators fly psychological operations and civil affairs missions using products developed by Army Psyops units on AM and FM radio, and TV images over any frequency. On Site

No, we're not quite done :}

Meters, Gauges, FLIR and Temperatures

I have to admit that my background in the paranormal was purposeful in staying away from spirits. Still, I had my encounters. It never occurred to me to do electronic testing. Sure, we felt the cold, temperature changes, drafty feelings, all that stuff. and Curlean Photography proved the auras we see.

FLIR was an interesting touch, particularly when you had a psychic read someone's mind, and it showed an "electromagnetic" or "field of heat" moving from the psychic to the person being "read" and it enveloped the body of the subject. I hadn't expected that.

However, it tends to prove what scientists have proven about dogs. Dogs do a sort of psychic reading of every person and being they encounter. They say the hypothalamus generates signals to the brain that generate more neurons and that it actually acts like the dog,s brainwaves are reaching out to the person they are reading... just like the FLIR shows.

You're probably thinking, oh, no complaints on this section, hmm...

Here's the real gist of why I wrote this section:

When you take temperature readings, and EMF Field strength readings, you report that it gets cold, and that the "EMF" seems to be coming out of thin air.  If you check out the articles on - the site of Colonel Tom Bearden - you'll learn about a type of electronic wave or beam - originally experimented mostly with by Tesla and the Russians - called scalar waves. Scalar waves are much different than regular sine waves or square waves and such, because they are not transmitted in a continuous wave like a radio station. It has to do with zero point energy, or vacuum energy.

Scalar waves are generated in a way that makes it gather the electricity from the air - seemingly magically - and would elicit the same temperature readings and electrical qualities you record. The cool part is, this is the technology of time travel and precognition. More on this down the road. These signals do not appear to be blockable, not even with Frey Cages.

Bearden says these "bursts" are scheduled... and made to appear out of thin air with incredible capabilities and power at the point of presentation. With the ability to move objects.

Bearden is also working on a patent similar to Tesla's that would allow you to derive your electric power for free from an antenna.

Bearden is also quite versed in Psychotronics, and was a friend of Ira Einhorn. What he reveals on his site will surprise you, and, in terms of alternative energy, you'll be glad there are people in the world like him.

In Conclusion...

I suppose it's good news and bad news. I'm definitely a fan, and at this point, I would be able to give my "testimony" to the legitimacy of what you investigate, and how you go about it.

The bad news is that I've just presented you with documentation that actually proves that nearly everything you document with your equipment can be caused the Department of Defense's gadget people.

And... if you're really serious about factoring out all other sources and reasons for phenomenon in order to prove the paranormal, it looks like you'll need to get another $200,000-$300,000 worth of equipment in order to be able to tell. And, you'll likely need the assistance of the NSA, CIA and/or Raytheon to show you how to tell the difference.

Somehow, I have my doubts they'll tell you. But I can connect you with other people who know.

Finally, let's just say these "diabolical people" exist, and they do. Here's how they can use what I've disclosed.

1) If you disclose this without incorporating it into your show as "new gadgets", you'll discredit the show. If they do appear as just more gadgets, they won't stand out as significant discoveries, and thus, the significance will be suppressed.

2) If victims of Directed Energy Attacks and Psychotronics DO use your videos to demonstrate what happens to them, and tells the police "I don't know what caused it, you investigate", suddenly there will be a rash of media reports about spirits attacking people, and the significance of Psychotronics will be diminished. The diabolical people who use dialectics to scare and manipulate populations into doing things they normally wouldn't do would then use that to launch another dialectic utilizing spirits as the "cover" for what's happening, massive Psychotronics and illusions of religious experiences... and then the use of holograms.

3) If victims used your videos to show what happens to them, and then say, except that in my case, I'm being attacked by the government... you can just imagine where that person would be living for a while. Because the last thing police will do is take the time to investigate that story.

Dialectics. They have you coming and going. Aloha and Shalom. But, now you know.

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