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Let every spirit reawaken to the truth of the love, power and magnificence of God through the grace of His spirit in their lives and in their beings.

Let the faithful renew the inspiration and enlightening power of the transformation of their beings, that they may experience deeper and greater understanding of the unique and common qualities of spirit and being and therefore their connection to  God, which can be found in the solitude of prayer.

May God Almighty provide a beautiful and bountiful renewal of the seeds of the earth, and rains required for the nurturing and development of all beings and nature for generations to come.


11/26/2008 - 8:11pm

A Note From The Desk Of Chuck Rehn

Just wanted to say God Bless you all on Thanksgiving. I'll be sayin' a couple of special prayers tomorrow myself. I want everyone to know that despite the appearance at times, my heart and my passion are never reflecting hate, but the love I feel for every one of you. I know my expectations are high, but my desire for the Kingdom to be established in His name and in honor of Christ Jesus means so much to the world and to me and to those in particular whose hopes for the "Brand New Day" we've all been waiting for has seemed like eternity, the eternity to come will be beautiful, full of love and will be the source of the knowledge of God and His wishes for us all, who is source.

Let's all pray for the people of India tonight and the next few days .. as peace is restored and the damage is acknowledged and healed, such that people who feel the need for such acts will understand that there truly is a better way, through reconciliation, and through the love deep inside them that is the real motivation for the frustration and anguish that leads them to such acts.

Thank you all, and let our thanks be the beginning of the New World that we are celebrating.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - I Wish U Heaven (To and from)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nassiri - Love Sees No Color - Love Sees No Color

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paula Abdul - Promise Of A New Day

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - Dawning of a New Day

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Donald Fagen - IGY

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nat King Cole - Christmas Song

God Bless You All. Amen and Amen. With all my heart.


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