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Commissioner Olli Rehn
European Union
11/17/2008 via eMail

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Dear Commissioner Rehn –

First, I want to commend you for your excellent service to the citizens of the European. To me, your work is a true expression of what a leader, a public servant and a citizens should be.  Particularly these days, I find that admirable, and frankly, it makes me proud to be a member of “The Family of Man”.

That actually has most to do with why I am writing to you today, our common ancestral heritage. And please understand, I am only seeking your assistance in uncovering some facts about that heritage that I know will lead to the revealing of information and persons of global significance.

I am hoping you might be able to refer me to someone in your country who would have information – likely little known information – regarding our ancestry going back to Charlemagne and beyond, as well as relating to Biblical history and prophecy.

For your information, my name is Charles Rehn, Jr. IV. My understanding is that my family name (of which I am eldest son and now senior) in Germany, as members of the Royal Family, was von Rehn.

If you are, in fact, able to make contact with such a person and knowledge, it would be significant to them to know the phrases “Bright and Morning Star ” or “Blue Star of the Morning”.  

I don’t wish to be any more mysterious than it may seem, but the person who would have the knowledge I describe may well be called upon to identify an individual in the future, and so I would rather not say more than is necessary for the right person to know what I am speaking of.

Finally, because of the nature and sensitivity of the discoveries I have made over the last several years, the ability to be connected to such a person and the successful identification of the individual I referred to, I would also like you to consider that this may serve as a preliminary request for possible permanent relocation to the European Union, where laws that are currently in force may protect my well being.

I have a great number of materials available for review upon request, and would be most happy to avail myself to answer questions of appropriately credentialed individuals.

I thank you in advance for your assistance in this important and time-sensitive matter.

Charles Rehn

PS. I love rock and jazz too. One day you’ll visit my web site and really enjoy it. God Bless.

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