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Back in 2002, I started using my site to conduct what I'll call "back channel communicaitons" with the corporate media, the U.S. Gov't and other domestic & global world leaders. I have to admit, I thought it was unusual as well. But it was happening, continues to occur, and while I don't expect you to, researching this web site would actually provide you ample evidence that this claim is true.

This is where I literally represent the interests of United States Citizens, Citizens of all nations to those who seek to control the world using economic coercion/slavery and military might against the will of the citizens and the will of God.

You have no idea how much I wish the crimes and evil and policies I comment on weren't true. They just are.

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Members of the United States Government and other world leaders often use what is called Aesopian Languaging to speak to each other and coummunicate with each other in a way that allows them to say things with plausible deniability. Aesopian Language is described as this, in Wikipedia:

 littlebluedot.gif (881 bytes) Aesopian Language is communications that convey an innocent meaning to outsiders but hold a concealed meaning to informed members of a conspiracy or underground movement (like the United States Government, or the French Resistance in World War II). I do this with members of the government, media, and "political acquaintances", overt and covert, all "friendly" to the United States Government and it's citizens.

What is written here, in this journal  is understood by those people, and you too, if you follow the U.S. News and understand dialectics.

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---- Barack Obama




4/20/2009 11:32 am - Just thought I'd open up  anew page that isn't quite so cluttered.

Apologies to Annie Lennox.. I just had to edit out the first 2-1/2 minutes or so. It communicates.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Annie Lennox - Songs Of Mass Destruction - 02 - Love Is Blind (Edit)

Figured it was about time to begin the apostates page. I think I gave everyone enough time to act like people with integrity... but they don't...

PMS - Your people wil be so disgusted with what you're doing, yours will be the only band they'll run from. People aren't as stupid as people like you think they are. Glad you enjoyed platying with "the big boys". Now they've used you up, and they'll spit you out like every other expendable pawn they've ever used. Remember, you did it to yourself. And I did nothing wrong. Good luck with God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Alanis Morissette - UR

4/21/2009 11:01 am

I was thinking how Judy Woodruff did an Aesopean report a few years back on the life of John Paul Jones.. you know, I have not yet begun to fight.. and how even that remarks was a fabrication.. that he didn't actually say anything that profound... the Aesopian was about how if I kept on, I'd end up spending the rest of my life alone and bitter.. I may end up alone, Judy, but I  won't be bitter... I'll feel sorry for people like you, though, who as members of organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and The Carniegie Institute for Peace (that believes the fastest weay to change a culture is through war to seek peace) deceive people into things they wouldn't want if they knew the truth.

I think about  stuff like that when members of the media, the most expendable members of the conspiracy to perpetually deceive Americans... name one broadcast news report that actually tells citizens the real truth... not one... not one... when they think somehow they're going to be winners in all of us. And it means to me that they really don't believe in God, or they really believe they can overcome God.

I really believed I'd die before seeing what's happening to the U.S. and the world happening.. I really did... I knew what would come and I also knew it ultimately lead to the fulfillment of prophecies... did't know what they were, but I had enough faith to know that's where it lead.. 

I'v ebeen looking at how wavy my fingernails are getting... it's a symptom of microwave/directed energy attacks... it means my body isn't assimilating calcium properly and shaping my bones properly... not a good sign.. hopefully, they're not hitting me with ionizing raiation, which is nuclear radiation. They can do that too. Anyway, it's not a good sign. And I have been getting hit pretty hard continuously for quite some time.

So it seems to me tha tthe Bible prophecy regarding the son of man really is that the comes back.. and I'm figuring that means, at this point, that I ain't gonna make it, but I will finish the boo to the extent that I will. I just don't see any point in writing things that are just going to be perverted by liars and apostates anyway. I was told three ministers were employed to railroad me as a false Christ. I say, have at it, fulfill the prophecy instead of heeding the warning...

Meanwhile... I have a few chapters I have to finish.. used to be the psychtronics guys would blast me in the middle of writing a song so I wouldn't finish.. now, I start chapters, and they blast me in the middle and prevent me from completing those.

I did a lot of word lookups last night and discovered what I thought... words meanings have changed drastically... I'll finish that tonight one way or another. I always wondered what smite actually meant. I like it :}

When I get done with the writing, I'll put it all online, then you guys can use your lawyers to block it all.. meanwhile, Im selling everything, and getting out of this country.

Understand this isn't about giving up. You can't save people, in any context, if they don't want to be saved. Works for me. God gave ya'll a   test and you failed miserably. I think I succeeded. I did my job. I think I did it well under the circumstances. And God knew it was unlikely that I'd succeed. When even the ministers turn their backs on God, what can God do but let them reap what they sow. That's the promise of free will.

Feel free to criticize the government of Israel. They are, indeed, an immoral government and use means that would have the United States declaring it part of an axis of evil if it was a Muslim state. They really are doing cruel things and using illegal weapons, let alone genocidal weapons, against the Palestinians, and they deserve such criticism.

Whoever deluded the Israeli government into believing they were beign used to establish God's Kingdom... should realize the U.S. is only using them to have an excuse for a genocidal war against Muslims... and they don't care is Israel is destroyed. The nation of Israel is not the anointed nation it thinks it is, however, the descendants of the 12 Tribes of Israel, of Jude, Judaism, are the anointed people who will assist God in rebuilding the world and establishing justice as a state of being, not as a penal system.

I want to make it clear, my complaint is not with the citizens of Israel. Anyone who thinks it is against God to criticize Israel for  its sins against God is an apostate. If it was up to me, at this time, I'd tell Israel the covenant is off the table, because they have so betrayed God with their actions for too long. But that's a choice they have to make.

Unfortunately, like the politicians, news people and certain ministers in the United States, they are simply proving themselves to be the evil they are. And so be it. THat's what God said to do.. let the evil so people will see it for themselves.

The really good news is the next time around, I won't have to write a book, because the ways of God will be in the people I'll be working with, it'll just be in them.. and it'll be a pleasure.

I said I'd do whatever God called me to do. I think God's telling me to just let it go.  54 years is enough.

Jesus Christ Superstar - Everything's Alright

I can just hear all the people breathing heavy sighs, thinking they won't have to be held accountable for the crimes they've committed against so many for so long... people who think they're so smart, but can't accomplish   anything without committing crimes. Not so smart after all. Good luck with God. I feel sorry for you all. I really do. Honor thy father and thy mother. All of you failed that commandment... Strike one. Did you guys obey any of the commandments, ever?

Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 07 - A Dream Goes On Forever

Jewel - Pieces of You - 01 - Who Will Save Your Soul

Prepare for the plague. You'll have to read the book to know what I meant.

All of you think you think so big.. but you think so small... I don't really think you believe in God at all, you certainly show no faith. And it manifests itself in your works, which are not as good as you have allowed yourselves to be deluded into thinking they are. They just make you popular in your hypocrisy. You think I'm being critical, but I'm actually just telling the truth, and I am so concerned for your souls. I've loved a lot of people in my life, in a multitude of ways, even those who've harmed me, and I never wishe harm toward anyone.

To the psyops guys: Leon and Janet:  Now, of course, one of the words I looked up last night was testator, a word used by an apostate minister in an Aesopian message about how valueless my life is... this is not a last will and testament by any means, an you and your sick psyops socipaths can laugh at yourselves for proving just how sick you are. Consider this more of a final warning from God. The two words I looked up that had no other meanings were wrath and vengeance. And yeah, I know, continue on with having me talk about things I may or may not be able to prove. I don't care. You can't lie to God, and He doesn't care how popular you are. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

4/22/2009 10:43am With all the psychotronic and dew attacks, and recognizing what the intent of the psychotronics is at this time... mostly to make me doubt everything I know that affirms to me who I am, and the info that is evidence, to confuse it and conflate it through psychtronics, to make me want to quit.. to feel like it's all futile..  the Bible says it would be, I just believe in possibilities... particularly when people know truth.

I joke about the stuff the pysops people try to get me to talk about that I may or may not be able to prove.. I assure you everything I say could be proven if transcripts and news clips haven't been edited.. I already know they have been. And I don't care. You folks at NBC/GE and Time Warner, and the Council on Foreign Relations and the U.S. Gov't... you did a good job of keeping me from the truth of my life and God for many years.. and then the moment came.. I find it interesting that your bosses actually believe so much in God that they would spend billions if not more to contain me and keep me from God's purposes.

I always wondered why MSNBC capitulated to my demands so easily when I was going to boycott them.. didn't make sense, and they knew it and I knew it...it's just not the way broadcasting works.

I have to admit, and this is when I can really identify psychotronics at work on me.. when I wrote to Dobbs the first time, maybe the second, and he Aesopianed me back acknowledgeing contact.. and then I wrote a couple of emails to him about me as a person, how I work, planting seeds and causing change like with tipping points.. I used different language of course.. and then I told him about the vision I had as a child, which I thought was weird that I would tell him about that, given there was really no context for telling him about me like that... except, when I told him first that I was somewhat enigmatic, usually about 5 years ahead of my time and that people didn't usually understand my ideas, so they'd ignore them, and then a few yyears later, they'd use 'em and think the ideas were their own.

But I told him about the vision I had as a child... and I have to admit, if t wasn't for that vision, I would not, still be presenting myself the way I am, and talking about my relationship to God as I do... I really wouldn't. I never intended to be  apolitical activist like it might appear I am. I did always think I'd be a minister of sorts, and I always believed my music would be key to it... and that those things coupled with politiics as a leazder was a weird mix, but nonetheless, I was sincere and I truly believed that whatever happened in my life would be God's will, one way or another.. of course, like most, I didn't understand how Satan works,  the way our lives are influenced without us even knowing it...

So I figure me telling Dobbs about my vision as a child was Time-Warner's or someone's way of making sure who I was before starting the serious psyops to compromise me as a politician, as well as take advantage of my lack of training and knowledge in theology to inappropriately alter my perceptions of "the way things should be", which I didn't even know are and were speaking the ways of God back into existence. I was just being His messenger in modern context, dealing with morality and values speaking to politicians, which is actually appropriate when seeking to demand that the government reflect the values of its people.

So, like when I threw myself a brithday party to mark the day I decided to set aside those things that I thought were bad influences in my life, and choose my life from that point on. Regardless of how well I did it. And I decided to live my own life, regardless of how others lived, in ways  that I believed were consistent with the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments, (more or less anyway, since I didn't really even know what the 10 commandments were until a few weeks ago when I finally found them in Exodus)...

Ultimately, if it wasn't for the vision, if it wasn't for my mother's actions when I was growing up which I did notice was a little different than my siblings, and other kids, not like I was protected in my actions or doings, I had to do my share of work and got cut and hurt like other kids.. but all the stuff that happened anytime I'd get "publicitiy".. and the people who got hurt.. and now the incredible effort these corporations and the government are exerting to basically "slow kill" me with microwave attacks... like the Bible verse says  The righteous only seek good while the wicked expect wrath... and that explains why they would be so terrified of a  leader like me, as apolitician or a minister... all I wanted to do is get rid of corruption. Corruption is what makes these people powerful, and that's what they don't want to give up, and why God will simply take it away from them.

So ig uess, once again, as I re-evalute things, looking for reason for my life and circumstances, as always, I come up with all the resons why I am certain of who I am. And I suppose that if I am the Son of Man  as depicted in the BIble, my work here is futile, but tells God what He wanted to know, and gave people a final opportunity to change their ways. It was their final chnace. That's the part that scares me.

I don't even want to know what's going to happen. I'm gonna finish my little books up, I have no doubts that they'll be rejected because it doesn't flatter people, and people don't listen to people who don't flatter them. So be it. THat will proof that they are not of God, as the Bible says.

I had settled on the idea that I had failed in life - not knowing the government was purposely destroying my life and my "image" to keep me from leadership down the line - and I settled for the idea of living a Golden Rule life for the rest of my life, giving support to a community (that turns out has been aiding in my destruction) applying the ideas of The Farm, finally growing roots and just living a life that I believed expressed "my own truth about myself"...

I'm gonna publish a good part of that psychotronic interview... as what it is. I can't actually say that I know who it was, but I know who it is consistent with, just as I know a great deal of effort has been made to cause it to look like I obsess over women.. but, like I said, when you start playing games with me and get into this column, you become a permanent character because I have to keep reviewing the actions and words of all the players in a non-linear way in order to see the setups from a bigger view.. they don't show uup in microcosms.. and it's a well crafted plan.

There's only one thing that's ever been missing from my life, and I can see why these sickos would have wanted to prevent it...

That interview revealed a great number of things about myself and my life that I ddin't even realize, cuz I've been too busy just being me.   never cared, and I still don't, that my life could have any historical or Biblical significance except to the extent that I am spekaing the truth to the so called faithful, and feeling rejected, and because of that, rejecting the very religion that is supposed to be based on Christianity. Maybe that's the most important message I'm supposed to make Christians realize. That Christianity, the religion, isn't Christianity, the teachings of Jesus anymore. It's a business about churches and power and status,, vanity, ecclesiastes... and quite frankly, all the sorts of things I've rejected my entire life... pride and power and money and ego and people thinking they're too good for other people...

So, I just want ot finish by saying that interview sucked me in real good, served your plans, made me really believe I was interacting with someone who gave a damn about my well being, not to mention God's work. One could say the psyop did what the anti-Christ wanted by making sure I distrusted Christian ministers, not to mention knowing that me finding a female partner with whom to do God's work was an important part of God's plan, and it wasn't about sex it was about relating to all people, a particular intelligence and sensitivity, courage, and empowering women. Like Lou said, Barbie was modeled after a German sex toy. The psyops guys know what I like. They know how I evaluate potential. And they killed two birds with one stone, only one didn't die...

And I still believe God has someone in mind for me, for His work, and, for that person, whoever it is, to be my second but equal in the creation of His Kingdom, whether in this lifetime or another. And that person will have those special attributes I spoke of before, and those attributes will make the difference in the world for everyone, in everyone... and the facades, emulations and deceptions will come to an end...

And in the chapter that goes with all this will be the meaning of the song What A World of Love We Could Find,.. because God's world, the Kingdom, is about a world based on love. It's like finding out that "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" is a Van Morrison song about God, not  a woman.. Everytime I'd play it on the radio as a love song, I smiled a little, knowing what the words really meant, what the author had in mind.

I think it's kind of funny, finally coming to the realization of what hell is.. I guess you crazy media, musicians and politicians reading this know what hell is gonna be like... just remember, if you be good little boys and girls, you'll get one more chance to prove yourselves before the "final death"... boy I hate that part. But few of you will pass that test.

Meanwhile, I just want you all to know that I'm leaving the rest up to God. If He wants it to happen now, it will, if not, I'm making my plans to go somewhere to be tortured by dews and psychotronics til I die somewhere where I don't have to watch the suffering anymore.  Que Sera, Sera. Like I say, I'll be fine, but you guys won't.

And as for your judgment, it's all up to God, cause I don't want anything more to do with any of you, and if you do happen to change your mind about serving Satan, feel free to tell God and get in the back of the next line that's forming. It's one thing to not believe, another to sin, but it's quite another thing to choose to serve Satan, and that's what you supposed leaders have done. You made that choice. And now you'll live and die by it. Your got your reward on earth, it'll be taken away, and there will be no reward for you in God's Heaven. Says so in the Bible.

It's kind of differennt feeling free to consider things over time based on the incarnations of spirits that never die... of course, even the word spirit has been coopted to mean something more of an icon or logo of an idea or goal, as opposed to something that exists... not  a surprise.

And if you want to label me as anti-Christ or false Christ or apostate or any bad thing you might want ot call me for saying I"m at the point of rejecting Christianity, the religion, then I'd say consider what you've been doing and the way all of you have acted that would have me reject Christianity, the religion, and why God would say that you are all thieves, in the context of  using God's name in vain to support the validity of your corporate churches selling Him as a product. In using the ideas and inspiration He has provided that you claim as your own, and fail to remind people of His gifts, not your own...

The ways of God do not change anymore than the themes I have expressed for that last 7 years... certainly I have found more context for the thems of justice and the Golden Rule as time has gone on, but it's all the same message, whether it's religion or government...

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you...

I know of times when I became troubled by learning the truth.. and realiziing I had to change my way of thinking of certain things because of that new truth.. but I never actually ever rejected the truth, particularly when it added up or there was evidence for it.

The person I had that "interview " with knew the truth, understood who I am, undestood the  harm being done to my by Obama and the Council and the U.S. Government... and that person's utter betrayal of God despite that, and their particpation in the conspiracy against God surely tells all the truth I need to know about that person.

You say you were always the last, who became first.. by becoming always first, now you will be last. I made what I considered to be covenants to people, even undcerstanding they may be in compromised positions. Just like God with the Israelis and lots of other people who promised God to abide by His ways in return for promises in the Kingdom of God and Heaven... when people don't keep their word to God, the bargain is broken, there is no deal.. not to nations, not to individuals. ANd those would complain that they have been deprived and betrayed of a promise will always be in thehell and torment of knowing they did it to themselves.

I certainly gave everyone ample opportunity to make things right. I though it was funny to find out who I was in God's plan and world.. I understood more immedaiately when I realized it of what the responsibilites were.. including my being honest about my impressions and realizing the deceptions and illusions used to delude the world... I also knew I was capable and willing and doing what God would have me do. For all the right reasons.

And that's why I feel so sorry for you all, and why I am so offended that you have betrayed your promises to God in such egregious ways. It could have been so great, and instead, you'll be the ones left behind. God wanted no one to be left behind from His world.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - No Lookin' Back - 01 - No Lookin' Back

I could say a great deal about what I think will happen in the future, there are plenty of ways it can all play out. I just wish the angels would realize they're angels and do their jobs. Of course, the Bible says they won't. 

I spent my whole life waiting, hoping that the Second Coming would happen before the New World Order, or I didn't want to live to see it. The coin is in the air, the players are standing by to make the call.. and God says... watch what happens next. Where'd the coin go?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Santana - Shaman - 07 - Victory Is Won

P.S. No need to fight. You already lost, and you know it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tom Petty - The Last DJ - 01 - The Last DJ

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kinks - Around The Dial

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jewel - Pieces of You - 14 - Amen

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Camel - Lunar Sea

4/23/2009 2:22 pm... When I first started talking about the Kingdom of God, I didn't REALLY know what it meant.. Now there's this Kingdom of Heaven thing, and I fully understand the differences. Fully understand. It's funny too, cause I think that unto myself, anyway, I was always living in the Kingdom of Heaven. Not like I was perfect, but knowing there was a higher, more simple and pure standard to live up to, knowing what perfection meant, knowing I would never be that but at least undertstood the possibilities... of everything I could imagine... inside a framework of simple rules that for me lived  as simply as always being honest as best you can...   being competitive with myself, and refusing to do certain things, not crossing the lines, on things that would result in harming other people. Like sins, that were my own discretion and affected only me are one thing, but sins that harm others is a whole different category, and much more important.

Once again, that's the part of abnormal behavioral psycholgy  I don't want to understand anymore, the part that has people knowingly harming other people. And then claiming morality. And no wonder we live in a dangerous world.

So, I figure when I go away, and make my report directly to God, I'll say something like Ya know Dad, I understand youwanted me to learn some stuff and that you wanted to know some stuff, but there's some really sick people down there...

And he'd say something like, I know son, I just wanted to know if it was just me or if you thought the same thing. And then I'd say, gee dad, I was going to say the same thing to you..

Tomorrow on Leave it to Beaver.. :}

I was trying to write last  night about what it would be like to live in a world sourced from love, and I really didn't want it to sound real gushy or anything, cuz it isn't really like that.. I find it funny that my original intent of the GDCU was to form the closest thing  I could to a government within a government without breaking the law... sort of like the Vatican.. :} it's just weird. Supposedly, there would be 2  people watching and recording my life right now... cna't wait to hear if they did and what they think of all this?:} It's very odd for me to realize how I've done or attempted to do so many things consistent with the SOn of Man/Jesus except not in a religious context... it still just makes me laugh, and I have to believe if I'd known., I probably wouldn't have done those things... still I can't help wonder what could have been accomplished if I had a clue all those years.. or if I had become a minister, although I have to say,, it never felt right... not the right time, not a good message, and certainly no commitment to a specific religion, but in Christianity.

Frankly, I believe that Jesus, Christianity the personal and spiritual discipline of being and is something the world can agree on, and personally, something I hope Christians can align on. I see lots of things that make me sad or bewildered at times, knowing God and God's ways as I do, and reading the Bible with interpretationsof words I have accepted, and wondering if my Father is maybe a mean person in some way deep down.. and then I read the definitions of the words that amke us believe He would destroy and kill and arbitraily do all sorts of things to the "bad guys".. and It's not He'd let them off the hook or should, but I see the discrepancies in the meanings of words and understand why people believe God would unleash hurricanes to punish us, but someone who truly knows GOd would know He would not do that.

How could anyone know God that way if noone offers those words with the merciful interpretations we say God is. And it's not that people got it wrong, they were just limited in their perceptions by the definitions and news that shape modern language and interpretations, and colloquial usage.

But what bothers me the most is that it does tend to prove how religion has been used to control people through fear for a very long time. One of my Biblea says in one place, ias instruction t minsiters, if someone speaks of no "death" then they're an apostate and then in other places says Christ would return saying these things...

ANother Bible list veses it says demonstates how God tests people. In this case, I believe it was telling Moses false prophets would come to him, and tomake sure whatever he ws told, to think it through and only do things if they made sense to Moses. That Bible then said God tested Moses by sending false prophets. First of all, it sounds like God simply warned Moses of what was going to happen. Then it went on to say that God doesn't tempt people. And then it said that God sends evil spirits into the world. God doesn't do that.

God doesn't give servants obstacles in their lives, God sees things that need to be done, and assigns a willing servant to the task of completing it. When evil people take power, God assigns people to speak against it. But only those who said they were willing. Those would call themselves the faithful.

We are the obstacles in the lives of those perpetrating evil, obstacles placed in their way by the will of God and the commitments we made to Him, in this world and at this time, and for many, as sealed unto Him long ago in the original tribes of Israel, the true children of Israel. Do not speak against the children of Israel.. the instruction had nothing to do with the nation of Israel, using white phospohorus chemical weapons is assymmetrical offenses against the Palestinian people.

Never forget.. it's about all of humanity, not just the Jews. That's what we've all forgotten.

Deceptions or not.. we all still know the difference between right and wrong.. and that's what we'll be accountable to God for more than anything else...

Supertramp - Logical Song

Assignment for the day: find a hummingbird feeder. The little things won't leave me alone. Every time I go outside they buzz around me.. they go really fast.. sometimes it concerns me that they'll accidentally ram me. It's kinda funny. But I guess I'd better feed them :}

Led Zeppelin - Moby Dick

Rolling Stones - Time Is On My Side

4/24/2009 12:17pm Tough morning. Lots of psychotronics. It's always useflu for me to keep track of the patterns of the psychotoics so I know how to deprogram it when I wake up in the morning.

The beautiful part about facts is that they don't change. Therefore, I don't worry about anything I don't have facts to substantiate, or at least know where to get the facts. I have no reason to lie, but if I err, I'm more than happy to correct myself publicly. If this is about people doing me harm and seeking vindication, though, that's another story in a way because that's about them not having to acknowledge their participation in evil and causing other people's suffering. Don't ever forget, what I started wasn't about me, and it still isn't. I just unfortunately happen to be someone who can tell enough truth to convict the government for life.

Meanwhile... there is nothing to forgive if the crimes continue... oh, by the way Chris.. I know there are many Catholics who won't have what I like to say, but they're the very ones who need to open their eyes and demand their churches to act fully in compliance with God's will, not their judgements of God's will. It's very simple to understand if you're really seeking truth. We both know the Catholic Church handled the pedophile matters horribly, causing their flocks to sufffer more anguish ad pain because the church didn't want to acknowledge it for fear of liability. THat doesn't sound very Christian to me, particularly from an organization calling itself the Universal Church, and setting a really bad example for the way people, in a responsible and caring society, should act toward one another, our brothers and sisters in God's churches, in God's love and as His children. I can't imagine any greater symbol of a church on the wrong track with the wrong priorites than that. THose people needed the church to acknowledge its errors, to correct them fully, to show tht the church is not above the law and to give those people the love they needed after they were so hideously betrayed.

But that sort of legalism is what this world understands anymore. I never sought to criminalize anyone, people committed crimes against me, and I discovered as a result the crimes of so many we have respected and honored over the years... deception after deception after deception...

So I go through this thing of having to deprogram the psychotronics every day... it's been worse lately, with them trying to convince me of the futility of what I do and how even the Bible supposedly says it is, and how all the things that made me believe I am Christ is the result of brainwashing, and none of it is true..

It's like I'm put through a checklist of things that I experienced that I agree were the results of psyops.. but hten I get back to the list of things I just can't deny... some of them made apparent to me in that psychotronic interview that I didn't even realize.. and I know someone is trying to get me to say the person who conducted that psyop was trying to help me.. they wiggle the angles around on covering that one all sorts of ways... all that person did was conduct the standard psyop.. suck em in by making 'em believe you're a friend, and then set em up to leave their butts hanging in the wind... of course claiming they were trying to be helpful and had to do things a certain way... won't fly with me. I don't care what can be proved. You know that old saying, something like, God knows the truth, and ultimately, that's what counts.

I keep myself on apostate watch still.. every day with everything I write.. I'll read something in the Bible that I realize society has trained me to bend the rules on or go against, with whatever level of comfort, and think about wat I really feel on the subject, decide whether I"m right or wrong or just look at things differently than Biblical teachings as written an intended, not interpreted, and then try to make sure I never change my positions, if at all, really, unless it actually really makes sense to me, and never toa appease modern interpretations of things that I know people will find important, and unless I have the opportunity to explain why it makes sense, it'll likely be stuff for which I'll be called an apostate. It's always the same, surface soundbytes make it sound bad, actually checking it out turns it into a whole different story of truth.

And then there are a few things that I disagree with, if only because times have changed, and there are a couple more fair ways to view some things, particularly in the areas of equality, and understanding that what will occur will not just happen overnight...  and how some things that will need to be made right may seem anti-Christian at first, but when people understand the reasons, just as I provide reasons for forgiveness to God on behalf of the spirits of this world, and understand that what I blieve needs to be adjusted most in order to get things on the right path might seem like a loosening of morla,s but will the result of delivering truth that will alter our perceptions of reality that will also change our relationship,s, for the better in the long run, and so the "temporary" allowances will need to be made in order for true freedom to occur. And this isn't about promoting promiscuity or anything like that. ANd it's my desire that such things will occur out of gentle conversations that cause people to understand that it's not about sex, and in fact, some of it has to do with making sure the images cast into our minds reduce the emphasis on sex... if all these sex pills and stuff are really needed, if that part of sexuality has really become so important and primary to people, then they're not really having personal relationships anyway. They're just using each other, and they don't even know it.

I really want to write about the future so much, but so much of how it will come about has to do with when people will choose it...  and empower me.. it reall is that.. I came to relaize, too, that despite the fact that I see alot of pictures in my mind that I don't want to see, and turn them off.. just as how God tells me jst what I need to know, because, like the BIble says, those who I'm challenging know everything I do, and if God told me everything, He'd be handing away the play book to the enemy. It's frustrating at times. But, He made the promises, so I figure they'll happen.. I have no clue how,  and I have to admit, after the books are compiled, which won't take long, I'm taking a mental vacation, and spending my time looking for   a new country.

I wasted a lot of time believing there were moral people in this govt, the media, and even a particular few in the ministry who actually knew what it meant to do the right thing. I used to have a great deal of respect for the intel ops and military people involved in the psyops against me, needing to to be able to understand their mindset... the CIA folks got Obama to cover their butts, but they knew all along they were breaking the law, as well as having the responsibility to refuse to do so. That is not a sign of professional discipline. You just gave away the opportunity to do your duty to this country, the citizens, not the government, by revealing what people have a right to know about the crimes of this government, that you all apparently approve of. If you didn't approve, you would serve your country by refusing to participate in it and reporting to Congress and the citizens directly if Congress did not put an immediate end to it. So all it actually leaves you as being the the best equipped fascist criminal racketeering agency in the world... go ask your mothers what they think of what you really do. And don't delude yourself into thinking you're just doing your jobs, or deserve anyone's respect.

And let's be clear about something: as the democrats and Council on Foreign Relations media try to convince it was just the Bush Administration, remember that the Democrats had control of Congress for the last 2 years of that aadministration, and democrats were architects of the Patriot Act, created long before 911.

Obama, look up traitor in thedictionary. Now I a quintessential apostate, an a quintessential traitor, the latter being you, the prior being employed by your friends on your behalf. 2 birds with one stone.. but there's a whole bunch of other Jaybirds in your flock, and they'll go to jail with you. Resistance is futile. You can't beat God.

By the way.. I've decided I really don't like the "Son of Man" title and it's kind of presumptuous sounding to say I'm Christ, so I'm gonna refer to myself more in terms of my spiritual identity from now on. Later on, it'll make it easier to explain the future when people are ready for another book.. which I won't write until they're ready, cause otherwise, the apostates and politicians will pollute the words and contexts before anyone sees it.

Or maybe it'll be next time around. I kinda like Chuck, though. I thought he could do it :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Father & Son

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Rarities - 02 - I Will Remember You

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - 07 - By a Friend

2:18pm  Chris.. it's interesting that you can sit on tv and speak out against torture, knowing full well I'm sitting here getting blasted by dews and psychotronics, as are millions of other people.. then George, saying we need to decide if we are a nation of hypocrites regarding torture... and you don't even blink. That's what  a sociopath would do.

BTW... what I was starting to say about religion or Catholicism... anyone who believes and priest or any other earthly being can determine the judgment of God about an individual, or absolve someone else of sin, doesn't understand Godat all. Confession absolves you of nothing, especially if you perpetuate the sins. Anything that suggests that there should be someone between you and God is an apostate. Interpret that as you will.

Apparently you MSNBC guys think it's okay to torture Americans... interesting that Hersch broke the MK Ultra Story but won't expose psychotronics... makes it look like he was part of a cover up.  like you guys are doing.. exposing something to cover greater crimes... torture.. claiming Obama has changed Bush's policies when he hasn't... blaming the Republicans for the economic problems when it was the Democrats that caused and allowed it.. traitors and liars.. just wanted to be sure to know what to call yourselves when you look in the mirror.

What is a Baghdad Bob? Who was NEro. What does acquiesce mean? What does it mean to be a coward?

4/25/2009 8:29 pm It's been an interesting day... I was sure that psyops people were trying to convince me to back off on what I've written about certain people.. I'll be glad wehn this is over.. everything remains as written.. there'll be a couple revisions, but not the ones they want.

Reviewing the mateirals had what I would say is the opposite desired effect... I think I was supposed to be convinced that certain people were trying to help me all long, when what was proven to me is that they were aware of me, one way or another, long before they began particpating in psyops against me.. making it all the more difficult how these people could justify doing it under any circumstances...   it would be really interesting to hear what they'd tell God. I'm not being silly.

It also showed me what a great job the U.S. Intel agencies do to make good people look crazy or radical.. but it's alright, cause I'm not intimidated, just very disappointed... you know, deep down inside, I wish everyone had a good excuse for everything they ever did, but some things are unforgiveab;e, GOd has His own standards, adn there are certain things He just won't put up with. I've seen alot of the things He won'tp put up with. I suppose part of what He wanted to teach me is why certain things will need to happen, whether they're pleasant  or not. That's always understandable, but unfortunate.

I feel bad for certain people, I just don't see how I can provide them  any relief from the harm they do to themselves.

4/26/2009 11:05 am

I always find it interesting how I'm caused to realize certain things..

It's clear the recent psyops have been to cause me to see the futility of my work an to stop writing.. and more.. just as the psyops people would want me to write things to make it look like it was my idea to stop writing and communicating, an rejecting Christianity, which I don't. But I do now understand why, after final judgment, it's possible there would be so few left, and that's disappointing. So I just want to say for the record:

There are so many things that I'd like to share with people, but I do think I've sai enough for now, like the Bible says, I don't think it'll do any good, and not because what I say isn't the truth or because it isn't worth reading, but becuase the anti-Christ really have hijacked practically everything including the religions, and apparently, to my dismay and surprise, it doesn't appear there are any theologians who truly believe there is a CHrist to look for, even in these, the acknowledged end days... and I'm tired of feeling like I have to prove myself, or that there's much more to say to people who have been misled into believing Christianity stands for many things it couldn't possibly endorse...

God has lost nothing, and neither have I.

But, like Dobbs and Olbermann and Scott and all the others who have worked so diligently and successfuly to harm me: no matter what fame and fortune, promotion by your evil friends or sense of pride and achievement bring you, God knows the truth about you, and so do I. I hope Obama does name you America's minister, so God will not have to jusge you, you'll end up judging yourself.. as you all already have. That's why the Bible says let the evil be evil.. makes God's job easier later...

For the record, I don't quit anything. I refuse to suffer for people who have no intent of changing their ways.

I was not supposed to be writing a book, I was supposed to be talking to people, and the government and Obama and Scott and all the others effectively stopped that.. so be it... and it is amazing what drops out of my mouth, inspired by God, when I actually talk to people asking questions...

I really do have alot to share.. I've wasted a lot of time on thinking there were moral people in government and the media and people in the ministry with at least an intellectual curiosity, let alone being on the watchtower for God...

Let it be known that if God desires me to write more or whatever, as far as I'm concerned, completing a couple more things, I've done my job, and I'm not going to worry about it anymore. I'm assuming that this attitude has a great deal to do with the use of psychotronics on me. But that's alright.. cause God alwys turns the tables.

And maybe the citizens aren't realize as vile as my neighbors have been under the direction of the anti-Christ... interesting how the future is - based on God's mecy and promise of free will - always determined by the choice of the people. People either learn or live with the world they allow. I can't imagine too many more things I could possibly say to prove the truth of that... I'm tired of wasting time withh critical observations falling on deaf ears and cowardly leaders. I feel I have nothing more to prove or that would be of use.

And Iknow there are certain people who have been working me over.. psyops.. for the purpose of taking GOd's word delivered through me for their own gain,and to diminish God... I just hope they know they are sacrificing their souls. ANd that it was their choice to do so.

4/27/2009 12:38 Interesting game the psyops guys are playing with me with psychotronics... changing what they do everyday cuzx I said I observe what tactics they're using so I can de program them... I must be getting used to it. Looks to me like they want to suppress me enough that people, the few who read this,  will stop coming around because I'm not posting anything. ANd the only other thing they can dois make me out to be mentally ill, and that's fine, but beyond that, how would you explain all the truth about the crimes of the federal government and hundreds if not thousands of witnesses to the same treament I get. So, the only thing left is to use dews and psychotronics to shut me up and kill me. Appears we're going for another "let's make him homeless" so I can just disappear.  If only God would let me.

Everytime a child is born into this world, a being is created that is taught to be cruel, defiant and morally corrupt, and we don't even notice it even when it corrupts our selves. Is that a symptom of evil spirits or evil leadership? One way or another, it's always leadership.

By the way, the Bible does condemn those who believe the ends justify the means. After all, that isn't using the Golden Rule, is it.

If there's been anything I've gained through this ordeal, setting aside religion in every way, it would be that with little exception, I believe I've lived my life according to the principles I chose as important in terms of being a godd citizen, friend and person, and whatever I've done that I believed was against those principles, I quit doing.  Knowing what I understand about God, I believe I've lived a pretty good life and actually have lived as a Christian, and I believe honoring Him as much as I believe I have lived up to honoring my mother and father. For my father, at least, I have to believe that his real measure of people was based on their willingness to see and acknowledge truth, in themselves and the world, not to be critical but to be healthily observant of oneself so that we can say we chose to be the people we are instead for having become the people we were taught to be. To thine own self be true.

I really never have understand people who could trick or harm others to get something they want and then afteward, believe and act like they actually accomplished something worthy or admirable. It's like Ted Stevens getting unelected only to find out evidence was with held and the convictions were overturned, but they got him out of the senate. Larry Craig got a similar trap. I'm a fan of neither of them.

It's going to be interesting to see how God destroys you all in the U.S. Government for your crimes against humanity. That's what's next. I'm sure it'll be legalistic, because, if you know what this means, he wants to burn you to your roots. I'm sure the psyops guys will come up with something to go along with that. Meanwhile, I got stuff to post and edit. I just hope that one day, I get to witness you guys being hauled off to jail so we'll be rid of you. Not a single one of you displays ethics or common decency. It'll catch up to you.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Leader of the Band

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Eurythmics - Missionary Man

I looked up eurythmic in the dictionary. The definition was, Eurythmical. I looked up eurythmical, it said the definition was eurythmic. Still don't know what it means :}

2:01 pm  For the record: I've had lots of praise for the skills and intelligence of people over the  years - but when I discover they're deceivers, liars and arrogant fools, I have to acknowledge that. That is, after all, what "the son waking up" is all about... and there's a great deal of difference between confidence and pride and arrogance - and leadership for that matter.. if a person is truly that impressed with themselves, then you can only say that they've received what they truly wanted.

I've been in numerous employment positions where I informed my future employers that I wouldn't take a job I didn't believe I could do or that my potential wouldn't allow me to accomplish. I could probably have done more than I represented myself as capable of, but I took seriously that business person's responsibility to be able to be accountable for productivity, and I knew that underestimating my abilities and productivity, I could minimally promise to deliver the results I promised, but always looked to find ways to add to every other person or department I could. Especially when it came to empowering people with low self esteem.

Anway.. I could still easily say I wish every person I could sue ended up being guilty of nothing, but it's just not the truth or the way it is... and you could give me a hundred reasons how so many people could knowingly be involved in harming one person let alone thousands and millions... none of them could justify it. I gave people the benefit of the doubt for so long not because of my affection for them, but my respect for them, and wanting to see if anyone would redeem themselves by doing the right thing. For me, or for lots of other people. For God.

And no one steps forward.  If I was just a citizen and not a servant of God... I still could not understand in anyway how my contained life could be justified. Or how a minister could take such enjoyment from harming someone and somehow feel justified... all the while preaching the teachings of Jesus.

The cool part of the Kigdom of Heaven is that people know all that deception and defenisveness isn't required or allowed... and that it doesn't have to be disallowed because of rules. People just respect their knowledge of the difference between right and wrong. That was the opportunity, the "bread of adversity", available through the knowledge of sin, which then led to a world allowed to know sin so they could see the evil it creates, and then, knowing God's ways, could make a choice as individuals and as cultures to live in the ways that really provided a wonderful life and world.

And then God knew these times would come when people would be so deceived, and still, wantingto give them a final chance, allowed it to continue a while longer, even though He knew people probably wouldn't listen because the deceptions are so vast.

I so wish that things hadn't gotten so bad, that people I hoped would be my friends, before and after 2002, ended up on the wrong side of things and, deceived or participants, can't see how those who were involved have a moral imperative to take the right action or simply live with the fact that no intercessor can help you.. I don't care what you were told.

God doesn't test people, but He does notice when you are tempted, and He sees the patterns of your actions... and then He notices if you adopt those ways or if you have the courage and awareness to bring yourself back to what you know is right. Ultimately, because God does not require perfection, that's what He jusdges people on. And what He holds against people is what they do not judge themselves for, what they don't reconcile and atone for, and most assuredly, crimes and sins they never cease and never make good for.

There is no integrity in that kind of behavior, none whatsoever, and again is why there is no room for apostasy of any sort in God's Heaven and the Kingdom - the dwelling place of people.  Because this really is the time when He no longer wants people living in deception, lies and guile, claiming to know love when all they know is one desire or another. Living up to one expectation or another. Playing a role to prove you belong.

Long ago, before I knew that what I was working on was a way to cause transformation in being, I was intrigued to realize that not only did dominance and submission exist, but that for some reason, most people believed there was something wrong if dominance was not always occurring in one way or another. Like Adam & Eve, I don't really believe that it was ever intended to create a culture of women being dominated or owned or controlled like possessions. And yet, because of the pardigms of the ages, it became that, and the equality that could availed itself in leadership of the family without the loss of equality in the relationship for the woman - always acknowledging that heritage is born of older times, cosmic consciousness and the evolution of cosmic consciousness and the brutality of survival.. The art, or balance of it all, is present in good leadership, being able to lead or facilitate, empower those being led in a way that they know they lead you, but they are not allowed to deceive you and won't because of the sharing of the thrill of accomplishment.

As for me.. all I'll say is most of my life, I would say I've been judged based not on my actions or words or intents, but based on the projections of other people and what most people would do. I may err at times, but I just dont live like that. I make choices about right and wrong moment by moment, and it's not neurotic at all, it's being concious and responsible for  my actions. I decide to make that a way of life when I was young. After a while, the things you decide are the ways you want to be become integrated behaviors. I never really thought of myself as being different, in favor of opposed to anything, per se, but I was the way I wanted to be about whatever I was dealing with at the moment. ANd the funny thing is, for me, now, if there was anything to describe me, the way I approached things, you could say it's based on the Golden Rule, but I'm kind of leaning more toward the idea that what I basically am is just... the justice of God. And I don't claim that as being better or anything. Just the way I am. And if it turns out tobe accurate., I'll be satisfied.

So for the folks poking at me to mention or not mention this that or a person...  I haven't changed about what I said from the beginning about not wanting anyone to get in trouble.. I just don't know what I should think of people who keep committing crimes against me, and I don't care about proof anymore. I have plenty. I know a bunch of people are really smug, thinking they can get away with it "because they can".. and I can say is, it's between you and God. And if you don't believe in God, at this point, you're probably better off. It'll be like never knowing what hit you.  That was for the media, politicians, and psyops guys. Oh yeah, and apostates.

I still really dislike using all those Biblical words. It always sounds so righteous and judgmental.. when all it is is the truth.

4/28/2009 8:21 am

I keep thinking about how the truly evil people will use the rapture as a way to kill massive numbers of people and then blame it on the wrath of God. Just remember, when it happens, God didn't do it. Your snake oil of hope selling politicians and apostates did it.

I heard LaHaye say there would be massive earthquakes and all.. nice that He would make himself rich telling people that, has nyone bothered to tell him that the Indonesian Tsunami/Quake threw the earth off its axis? Have you noticed the earthquakes in diverse places? And that the ring of fire is becoming more active? What are the people on the watchtower looking for?

I think about how some people caused me to read the Bible and realize who I was being in the world, and was glad they did to an extent... but the truth is, if I hadn't declared myself a willing servant long ago, alwys keeping my eyes open for God and HIs calling of me, I never would have read it and I certainly wouldn't have believed any of it... I'm sure lots of people would cliam I'm a bad person, let alone Christian, for one reason or another, and I'm sure they will feel justified and superior by doing so.. you could say, because of the vision I had, I was willing.. if I hadn't been lead to read the Bible, I'm sure I would have kept doing what I was doing, and because it would have been purley political, I'll bet I would have been much more successful at informing people.. and of course, that's exactly what the psyops are about, and why these people would want to inform me of something I'm still not sure I was to have known at this juncture... I am certain my life would have been more pleasant these days if I hadn't known...

One time, my dad told my brother that if you encircle a scorpion with fire, it would sting itself to death. So, of course, he did it, and sure enough, the scorpion killed itself.

To the U.S. Government... you can use your weapons to make me suffer and make me miserable all you want.. but whether you know it or not, you're circles by fire, the truth of God... and you're all in the process of stinging yourselves to death whether you acknowledge it or not. All it takes is one person telling the truth. I'm not talking about me. You have a lot of weak links in your armor. Welch ws right, cover ups don't work... you'll all mmake a good example of what ultimately happens to sick people like you, and even more important, how God will not tolerate your perversion any longer.

I know alot of you media people and politicians have had a good laugh torturing me, and feeling like you're defeating GOd. When people like John McCain are shown to be the purely evil liars they are, the  house of cards will tumble and burn.. and the world will be a better place.

The world is about to change again. And the hole you people are in, with all your surrogates and apostates, just keeps getting deeping and deeper... Ashes to ashes...

One day a few years back, I was wondering what the proper way was to  complete an invocation. I took a shower and started singing this song :}

Beatles - Let It Be

I use to think "the apple guys" were my friends,. Then I became suspicious, because of one of them. You know what they say, one bad apple... and that, I suppose, is the story of a fallen angel.

They'll take your soul....

4/29/2009 1:33pm I was thinking about women's rights and Adam and Eve and the emnity between Satan and Eve, and how Satan would counter that with creating emnity betwwen Eve and God, and then, how, in the end, God would  turn it around and prove to Eve that she was tricked again and then would really hate the Devil... that one's in someone else journey to discover and deal with... in this case, whatever people were told, they convicted the wrong guy, the criminal's still on the loose...

Angels and fallen angels.. there's always more to talk about, a few things that are really important though so I gues I have some more writing to do but I do see an end to it cuz the basics are covered,  and I really don't see any reaon to go on much further with material I assume is just being absorbed into other people's work making them look good and not even delivering God's messages..

The level of deception and apostasy being made clear to me is so incredible it's like ther ereally isn't anything more I'd need to know to know where to begin..  and given that I know of how many people in power who know of me and apparently won't do anything positive is equally incredible... I figure if it does go "round in circles' in better have wings, cause I'm not gonna put out a whole lot of   effort. I think to mysel, is this a test I'm doing on people.. and then I think, no it's  aquestion I'm asking, do you want the Kingdom of God and Heaven or not, and are you really faithful and willing?

So, anyway, to those ministers monitoring this, do ya want it or don't you? What do you think your congregations want? What do you think Satan wants? Who are you serving, and to what end?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - Will It Go Round In Circles

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

4/29/2009 3:25pm 646 billion dollars... That lets me know the rest of what I needed to know about why GE would go to so mucht trouble... not exclusively about me, but partly. Cap and trade is bogus as all get out, and just what we need.. get the pipelines for Rockefeller and Exxon, then payoff the bankers for bankrupting american homeowners, and now and Enron of the cap and traed markets..   just what we need. So, Warren, you better hope these guys make good on their plans to suppress me cause your $3 billion is in jeopardy.

Can't wait to see if God decides to push forward or let it go... the bad news is, Obama keeps proving he really is just another politician.

6:47pm Axelrod.. God's pushing in a different direction than you, and He moves forward His own ways. I'm glad I have plausible deniability when it comes to that guy.

I was shocked, thinking, I have this little book, what am I gonna do with it, and there's so much more I want to say... so I did a little calc... looks like it could be around 300-400 pages right now... most of that's been since last April... try doing that with psychotronics and dews on you... and only a few things I actually got influenced to alter about important things... other than silliness from the psychotronics..

Can't decide if the psyops guys backed off on the psychotronics and dews some months ago or if I've just gotten used to it.. the DEW attacks have definitely increased which is potentially life threatening, but what the heck.. what else is new..

A few more commandments to go, gotta finish up coverting :} and then I get to write the fun stuff, edit it all, pdf it, cross reference and re-web. That ought to take a day or two. And then, vacation. It's kind of like of doing a work of art and then destroying it... better than having it plagiarized and sold under someone else's name.. :} It's not that I wouldn't want anyone to consider whatever is in it.. I'm just tired of seeing other people mimicking it and doing it poorly, and not accomplishing what needs to actually be done.

The song, How Bad Do You Want It goes thru my mind.. and I still just don't see it as being about how bad do I want anything? And like Jesus said, gotta have some witnesses, and it seems all I have is people set to pounce if some accident happens and people end up finding out about me.. I hate it that all this part became about me. There's so much more at stake. I guess the best distraction in the psyops book must be getting someone to spend all their time trying to survive... truly  a sick psyop game.. and one Obama and his friends will regret playing. That's one of God's promises. Everytime you say you've done away with torture, Obama, it'll look that much worse later.

Rascals - People Got To Be Free

SOmething tells me the next JT album will have some Christian music on it... oh well, get yours on earth while ya can... won't get any more of my money. My romance.. :}

4/30/2009 1:18pm The DEW attack was right on time this morning, 9 am. Perfect for 2 hours of root planing and 8 shots of novacaine and the chance to fully enhance the effects of microwave vertigo. I can't move my lips. :}

Meanwhile... sometimes I wonder if  the real joke of the psyop in its totality is that I"m the only one who doesn't know I'm here. I was talking to the person this morning who doesn't believe someone like me exists, and she says my book is a historical document. And I sit and wonder, particularly in her supposed perspective, why would my book be historical. I mean, now I'm wondering if anyone would actually read it all. Let alone have significance unto itself.

Seriously, though Lou, I was wondering, where in the script do I do the "normal life" thing? It is in there, isn't it? :} I was really counting on doing the Prince Reflection thing, ya know, one way or another... with liberal interpretations of the words ministers and servants.. so, you know what they say on the holodeck.. they should have called you capt space case when you lead space.com.. talk about space cases...

No they didn't use nitrous..

Just haven't cut loose for  a few days... finally found a hummingbird feeder, put it out, yelled okay hummingbirds, come and get it, and 30 seconds later, I could hear a hummingbird hovering overhead. It's spooky some times. Saw the first gold finch of the season. And one of thos ehuge pigeons that look like small geese... and yeah, I've planted some things that are taking root, and I'm getting to watch 'em grow.. til the movement happens.. whatever that ends up meaning.

Yeah, just subscribe to keyhole.com and you too can watch chuck contemplate the universe.. in his own inimitable way :} I'll check for ya'll to see f that includes an audio feed :} I'd like to see it myself, see what you get and then see what we can do about redifining what the word moon means.

A number of years ago I sort of got tired of self help books and things - not that they aren't good, but I was tired of "observing my life" and instead just wanted to be, and wanted to "be" with someone. Be as in being, very literally.

That didn't mean I didn't want to expand my horizons, quite the contrary, I believed that for me, it was time to use what God had taught me. And to continue to learn the things and the ways He would continue to have me learn, encounter and experience.

Today, someone commented that "what makes me different" than most people is that I look at the world like a child. And it's true. There was a period where, for some reason, a  number people I worked with said I had a child like quality... and I knew what they meant, I'm not sure they understood what it was all about.

And yeah, I fell unconscious to the world as I was realizing myself, and I was going outside of myself long before 2002, but it's a child like quality, not childish by any means.. I've seen so many things in my lifetime that I actually know the only thing that's kept me from just becoming numb, like most people, is always going back to that party I threw myself, and remembering what it was about myself that I knew I wanted to keep, in terms of being a person, someone willing and able and responsible and capable of leading - especially when the chips were down... and being able to decide in any given moment what was right or wrong, good or bad for myself and my own conduct, without going around forcing my ways of thinking on othe people... and that thing inside me that never wanted to allow the world, the animals and plants and people and everything, to become so "normal" to me that I didn't keep my eyes open enough to see the changes going on, and the challenges of being the kind of person I wanted to be in a world of practices I couldn't engage in with a clear conscience.

The eyes of a child, not naive or inexperienced or idealistic - but with eyes and receptors wide open to see what is happening before their eyes as what is happening, both in context and as stand alone data in the moment that informs them of the moment and the history and probabilities.. Those are the eyes of a child. Child of God, anyway... lots of them. :} Part of the judgment of the kingdom of God thing :}

Phil Collins - Testify - 03 - Testify

Phil Collins - Testify - 11 - Thru My Eyes

Thanks Phil. Perfect album, perfect timing :}

I keep thinking abou tthe descriptions about the Kingdom of Heaven, and I have to tell ya, it's a little upscale for me :} All that gold and stuff. I wonder if I can have a little dirtfarm just outside the gates so I can get to work early but still go hang out with regular people afterward on the Kingdom of God side :} Must be part of the difference between Him and me. :}

I  think that's enough for now, gotta save room for some political commentary later. Where would I be without St Epipheneus..:} The expert on experts :}

5/1/2009 12:36pm Barack inspires me. I dislike having to follow politics fo rthe purpose of documenting emulations, but it's easy to do, and at least it keeps me watching the trends of propaganda and promotion in the corporate media... it aggravates me to see the dilution of verbiage using my words and ideas but I am more confident every day that it will simply affirm my allegations in the long run. I don't look forward to having to take a legalistic approach, and I may not, but I most certainly will be able to prove my allegations. Another reason why I believe Ill be out of the country, and out of the jurisdiction of subpoenas.

Meanwhile.. had a fun night with my guitar last night.. and then was thinking thru something I'd been thinking about.. how Moses delivered the laws relevant to his times, Jesus and the sermon on the mount delivered the same commandments and rules, but updated the discussion to be relevant to the isuses of His specific times, as well as reenforcing the Laws of God or the Ways of God as they'd always been...

ANd then there's that Lutheran minister who told me the challenge wass to make Christianity relevant to the post modern world... so when I'm doing the final edits on the book, I'll be reading it with that in mind. I think it'll make for some small but interesting alterations in some of the text.

I'll always be editing from the standpoint of getting rid of things that got skewed because of psychotronics... it's always obvious to me. I doubt the content will change much, but some of the anger that was in me at the times I wrote certain things were directly related to the level and kinds of harassment I was receiving at the time I was writing... and I have no doubt its intent was to get me to write things that would be hurtful and not constructiv,e and I'll be looking for that too. I'm not writing anything for the purpose of soothing my own ego or to feel like I had my say.. I'm doing it to serve, and won' thave it any othe way.

It appears to me that certain people in the psyops world of psychotronics have decided they think they know what I have to be like to be Christ. I say, the idea that they should think I should be what they believe is what Christ would be like is proof they don't have a clue. All they have is their opinions, and some strange belief that God would be particularly concerned with being the best example of a minister on earth when he's got ministers to handle that... think about this: what is the true role of God toward earth, in the sense of actual "businesslike" operation... I don't reject being a minister, I like it. And like Jesus, the most important thing the Bible does is gve me contextual references to get people to look at to prove to themselves how of track the world has gotten..

And you bet, I'm a  Christian by discipline.. I don't  worry alot about being damned by God but I certainly agree with His ways... so it works out. And I have to admit, my doubts about me and my purpose and spiritual identify are re-affirmed all the time by writing and then reading the Bible and seeing that write about is in agreement.. and it's also interesting to see how I end up writing abou tthe things most pressing these days, though not providing a complete discussion, necessarily, about any one thing. That's the kind of stuff that'll come out if I ever get to talk to people.

So, to these "coaches", understand,  I don't believe anything from psychotronics land unless I can prove it, I discard inuendo and idle thought, and I'm not interested in putting on a show.. the Illuminati said they believed it was their job to "produce" - like a tv show, the second coming of christ. I won't allow that to happen, and I won' t be manipulated or coopted by people promising exposure and faux leadership in exchange for power and a facade of change to the ways or God.. I won't do that... because it's no different than the status quo.

ANd all of Barack's emulations of me will only make i teasier to bring you all down, send you to jail, and then get on with the fun stuff - creating a new world where people can live in peace and health and happiness... it's not that hard when you actually are working with people who want that, and the only people who don't want that is people like you Barack... people whose egos are ore important than the people who die or are harmed so you can be a meglomaniac just like your predecessors...

Any day  of the week you have the guts to have a debate, let me know. The day will come anyway, and I won't need teleprompters and pre-written answers and talking points... comes straight from my heart, and I there's this thing about God providing me what I need to say that just sort of always works out... that's the real judgment of God, or at lest, the kind He prefers to be handing down.. if ya know what I mean...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Earth, Wind & Fire - All About Love

By request:}Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Musicology - 12 - Reflection

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Love Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Pefect Angel - 105 - Edge of A Dream

Big guy: the recession may end for the corporations, but the citizens have taken it in the shorts... 6.1% drop in the gdp, overmortgaged assets, huge unemployement, none of which will be actually overcome by the end of 2011. It'll be better, they'll say we've added millions o jobs, but it still won't overcome the losses. And real time wages shrink while the corporations just got handed a whole bunch of more free money.

It's like Exxon - earnings this year 1st quarter 58% less than last year.. poor exxon.. so they only made what, 4.5 billion in the first quarter  this year.. instead of something like 9 last year. But they  got the Iranian pipelines, and Obama's setting up the Caspian sea route for old Recokefeller just fine. It really works to be really rich and have  a brother in the Senate. And Feinstein and Pelosi, they've been working it for decades. How bout Harry Reid..   wait til you see what he invests in...

Looks to me like Patrick Fitzgerald is turning out to be just another "whatever administration's in power" appeaser. Is there no one I can trust? No wonder God said that all the time.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God O'Jays - For The Love Of Money

ANd, okay, so  I'll distinguish compassion, but I still say, it will be indistinguishable in the future.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Planet Earth - 01 - Planet Earth

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - I Would Die 4 U

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Baby I'm A Star

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince -  Purple Rain

3:01pm I just also recalled how the supposed illuminti plan to produce a Christ said it would be of someone from Israel.. to which I wink and say, define Israel.. nonetheless, I wouldn't put it past them to try something like that in order to get their guy installed, like they do presidents.. still.. then I remember how some Canadians calling themselves the Realians claim to have successfully cloned a human boy, baby, and sent him off to live in Israel. For safety, they never identified the boy, and I never heard that it was actually considered a hoax of any sort.

A long time ago, I thought all this Illuminati and Free Mason stuff was all conspiracy theory.. now I find most of what I've researched, of the more practical and non-hysterical kind, prove that it's actually true.

Swine flu pandemic... not saying it's not worth noting the travel of disease, and surely Mexico suffered from it, but it's just like the Bush Administration script all over again.. prepare for a pandemic.. like that should be a new imperative... fear and terror.. the only weapon the government has anymore...  which drug company is getting the contract to make it this time? Amazing.

Gotta go dig up a part of where the vegetable garden will be.. originally for asparagus that didn't grow.. the grapes are doin' great. Me and Noah :} Come on over, I'll watch you drink it :}

Another section in the Conclusions part... I love working for God. It's the perfect job for me, if you see it from my perspective.

9:07 pm Just started watching Moyers and decided that from now on, every time I hear a so called journalist report on the horrors of torture and how it's not up to American standards... let's jsut say you sociopaths prove that the media in Amercia is fully involve in the torture of americnas through psychotronics, and anyone participating in using this so called torture dialectic to cover psychotronics is a criminal. I'm not wasting my time on your intent or anything else. You know about it, you're covering it up, and you think just like what you're doing to me, you'll just suppress it like it never happened. Just keep in mind, in the  world, you will have never happened in the next life... it's just the way it has to be. Never forget, you   people did it to yourselves. You media people are nothing but self-serving traitors.  You make me sick. You're accomplices to more murders and suffering than any single politician, because you convince millions of people, day in day out, to tolerate the suffering you assist in causing.

I know you think it's all funny, watching everyone try to cope with dialectics designed to strip them of their freedoms and money.. all the while you all think you're so special, above everyone else, beyond prosecution, invulnerable... I know you don't believe in God, but you will, and it'll be too late for you. God says he'll have no mercy for your kind. As His witness, I say you deserve none.

KO Your show has become such a joke you might as well go sell popcorn makers.

5/2/2009 11:21 Last night I wrote a little dissertation on Romans inspired by a sermon by PMS.  I didn't know she was trying to tell me she was a fraud.. I'll tell ya, I went to her site this morning just to see what it says now.. apparently, she's not  a presbyterian anymore, and, oh yeah, tell you webmaster that the code that prevents people from saving your web pages doesn't work. I was also curious, becuase about the time I was dumped from  her psyop list, she whas broadcasting into a coupl of specific markets.. back in January, it was somewhere in North Carolina, now, it's in Denver. I can't help but wonder who she's targeting there. THe more I know about her operation, the more it looks like a psyops front... just like suddenlly, supposely, she no longer broadcasts live in So Cal at 11am Sundays.. beginning the weekend I was down there and refused entrance to her church... among other things.  So, is your only qualification REALLY that you speak 20 or so languages? Is that even true? I doubt it.

Obsessed with her. No. Just keeping track of people particpating in psyops. And no more than Keith is obsessed with O'Reilly.. just monitoring and reporting on the bad guys. No offense Bill just seeing it from KO's point of view : Yeah, you'll get your story :}

Maybe I'll start a new Media Matters and call it Ministers Matter..

Like I said, it's been months, I waited to see if she had a conscience.. she doesn't.

I added to the page on apostates in the book.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Hall & Oates - The Essential (CD1) - 07 - Rich Girl

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr - You Don't Have To Be A Star

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God America - Horse With No Name

3:45pm - for the record - my idea of empowering women has nothing to do with recruting then to the sociopathy of the old boys network of profiteering and the rights of kings inappropriately claimed by ogliarchies... there is a difference between men and women, and it isn't about inequality. It's about the emnity God placed between women and the devil to act as a check and balance to the evil that can be done by the protective aggression of men... that's not to say that women should be softer or whatever, but like the Iroquois, it makes for a better mix whne the natural tendencies of women and the natural tendiencies of men offset each other in order to cause balance... I think most people think all of that in the garden of eden was a condemnation and punishment of Eve... God just knew the consequences of taking a pure person and subjecting them to evil examples... which is what He was trying to avoid in the first place... while trying to create a leader who was untainted and not moved by the influences of evil.

I think I have a higher opinion of women than most women do.

New chapter on  separation of church and state now online.

Warning: to anyone sick enough to think thye should do harm to me: if there's one promise God made to me that he's kept is that anyone who crosses me will have it turned around on them... seems to be working out that way... so just keep that in mind. I don't want anyone getting hurt or anything else because of playing games with me. I don't know who's "watching my back", didn't even know anyone did until a few years ago... I think it's elements of the U.S. Government, but I have no idea. It's not like a terrorist cell becuase I 've never asked anyone to do harm to anyone, nor have I called on anyone to take illegal actions... that is, if you still think the Constitution still means anything... I was put in the middle of an ongoing situation, and I have no idea of the structure of the sides who someone told to do whatever they do. I don't even know what they do. I just know that anytime anyone tries to "get the goods on me", as if there really are any, I end up getting the goods on them. One way or another.

So please, if you're temoted to think this is a fun little game to play, and I'm a psychotronics toy, watch your step. You're messing with some peopl eI have no control or communication with, and oh yeah, there's this guy called God. And lots of people who lose sleep wondering if they'll go to jail when my story becomes known. I didn't do anything to them. They did it to themselves.

Nothing like having  a clear conscience, hey Keithie.

BTW, big guy.. as for the normal life thing.. no more barbie dolls, okay, I"m not that hard up. :}

Fox: stop telling people nuclear is clean. That is one huge lie...huge lie... how come you guys don't care about the future, let alone the people who are slowly unknowingly dying of radiation poisoning already. You know, the slow kill thing.. do you think your kids will survive it?

Ain't it weird how it was named Love Canal.

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 03 - See Your Sunshine

Like the Nun on EWTN said, Jesus is a woman's best friend. :}

Bruce Hornsby & the Range - Scenes From the South Side - B03 - Defenders of the Flag

Eric Clapton - Change The World

Corey Hart -  Sunglasses At Night

Todd Rundgren - The Very Best - 08 - Real Man

Sade - Lovers Rock

Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power

5:06 pm - Huckabee... and I suppose it's okay, though, to kill people like me because I'm incovenient to someone, or in somebody's way. It's really easy to work people up against abortion.. why aren't you agains tthe torture of Americans with psychotronics, Huckabee? Or, are we real Chrsitians in your way. Should I put you just on the traitor's list? Or do you still claim ordination, and therefore should be on the apostate list. Do you remember what an apostate is, Mike? Quintessential example of former minister now deceptive anti-Christ politician. And you are that, Mike. At least I have  agood example of that now. And don't even bother with the plausible deniability stuff..

Furthermore, Fox, I guess you guys want to be shown as being equally as idiotic as the other cable news channels.. fine with me... that way you media guys will think you have the Repubs and Christians wrapped up in your pockets.. but here's how it'll work.. you guys will smear me, I'll take heat for a short, then people will figure out the truth, and that's when you guys and the government better have those emergency martial law contingency plans ready, cause people are going to be mad, and I won' t be the one making them mad.

Your coverage of nuclear power is nothing but lies, and I'm sure MSNBC and CNN will join you in it because their corporate parents stand to earn billions and billions from it...

I have to assume you all think I'm just gonna stay contained... do you really think God will allow that? Do ya really MIke, or did you give up years ago?

5/4/2009 12:37 am.. I'm gonna post soemthing accessible only through this weblog for now.. LOve and Marriage... there's things I want to say in this, particularly relevant to specific people who read this, and the same and other things that are generic, and i'm not sure i've captured what I wanted to say... like usual, God took me off into areas I didn't know were relevant. This piece isn't quite complete eithre. but I sure think it'll give us all stuff to think about... it made me think about it, and like the premise of string theory, it may well be that everything is created from one simple paradigm... and no matter what you may call it, and how people try to make it separate from God, it is of and from God, and the reason science can't find the absolute answer to creation is because the pardigm itself is constant, but love itself is not... and love can not be absolutely calculated, measured, controlled or ended.  and by the way, the same reason the New World Order can not succeed. And then, for fun, why love WILL conquer all. I love it:}

5/4/2009 9:25am All sorts of appointments, can't make any of them really, a wonderful way to start the week. :} At the same, time all that writing I did yesterday - despite the fact that it needs a lot of editing - was very educational for me, and not about marriage.

I've seen how the psyops people have bene able to use many of my personality traits, emotions, prefences, to play games with me and keep me silent or at least suppressed... I'm not really all that impressed given that what they do is the result of billions of dollars of research, and the truth is, they still haven't accomplished wht they wanted to accomplish with me and others..

I was thinking about how they must know how if I had to defend a child, I'd do whatever I needed to do to protect them from anyone causing them harm.. appropriately but with appropriate authority and force.. all the while knowing if they were threatening me, I'd handle things  a  lot differently. It's an easy trait to take advantage  of, if it's something that isn't all that important to me morally  or in principal.

When I began all this it was me being a citizen   doing what my father and my nation told me was theright thing to do for my nation and fellow citizens. While I've been distracted by having to try to somehow survive the attacks and psyops, I"ve never actually lost sight of that original motivation.

If it was just about me, I could probably justify walking away and shaking my head. But it's not about me. And I always believed in the idea of America as envisioned, and it's so much a part of me... who I am and why I'm the way I am... and I mean that in a positive way. So the idea of accepting that America is no longer America, walking away knowing that so many people are being harmed and suffering, in this country and around the world, by a country, a country claiming their actions in protection of me  and in my name, a citizen, and in this case, a citizen who would ctually claim that the ideals and ideologies and philosphies, and intent and will of God that were incorporated in its inception, the moral high ground we've always claimed and that I believed in and and incorporated into myself and being in terms of character and integrity particularly regarding the respect for people's rights and beliefs - regardless of my own condition or hardship while existing in unity with other people share the same fundamental goals and ideas, and incorporating that in a nation, community and families and people literally staking their lives on the honor and truthfulness of leaders manipulating them by claiming the honor of an anointed nation doing the work of God..

I can't just walk away from the betrayal of those high and lofty goals and statements of politicians and true ebelievers in the idea of America who are the very ones betraying their own words for ulterior, selfish or simply ignorance based causes. 

And just like George W. Bush said, they hjijacked   a religion, and they hijacked a nation ignoring the will of the people... they, his firends and the Council on Foreign Relations and the Democrats and Republicans who must have some good script writers.. but it wears thin, as does the disgusting lack of character and integrity you all display.

So ya just have to understand, I simply won't back down because you give me no choice but to fight, and you expect me to do it against all odds because you really think you can just get me to quit. And of course, you believe you're above the law, making my torture and the torture of so many in so many ways seem funny to you, and that's sickest proof of what you people are inside.

I went so far out of my way to give certain people every benefit of the doubt, every opportunity to provide rationale as to why I should not regard them as true criminals... and not one person has stepped forward. This part  isn't about me being the son of man, it's a psyop, and it almost worked,

But the bottom line is, what I was writing about over the weekend caused to examine everything in my life that I actually believe in, to fully explore those things that are important to me and the principles that have guided my life very much to my own satisfaction... things worth fighting for in one way or another, and my absolute inability to let down when I see much suffering because of all the lies and greed and pure evil... dictionary definitions... so if ya think I'm a pushover and I can be intimidated or stopped, I'll be the first to admit I'm human and can be stopped...   but the spirit lives on, and you'll never stop that, no matter what weapons you use.

But the bottom line is, anyone who thinks they can really use my emotions to dissuade me about ANYTHING in the face of the criminality and suffering going on, you really must be crazy and delusional.

So truly, if any of you are worth anything more than life imprisonment, this is really the last call for truth from you. I don't care who you are or how cute or powerful or popular you are, this is the last call for truth. I'm not holding my breath. But I just thought I'd give you the courtesy of the final opportunity to prove you're more than wasted humanity and evil.

And it really is like that for me. As a citizen, I will find a way to inform my fellow citizens. As a citizen and a faithful Christian, which in my way of thinking, is a whole separate subject than the concept of me being the Son of Man and or Christ, depending on how you view it.

I'll say again that I had no idea about my spiritual identity, and the people who caused me to realize weren't trying to be helpful,  they were putting me into a confusing situation of realization and discovery they knew they could use in conjunction with psychotronics and directed energy weapons to further confuse me and ultimately, to discredit me. My truth is that it didn't work , despite the delays and hardships, and regardless of how it could be made to appear to a tv audience by propagandists and a complicit justice department.

The only other explanation to the entirety of what's gone on and what I've beecome aware of would be a 50 year psyop operation for the purpose of treating a human being like a toy, and enjoying the desturction of their life, just for fun. I don't know what's worse, being guilty of that, or particpating in the ludicrous idea of beating God and preventing the Seocnd Coming of Christ. Whether you believe I am that person or not is irrelevant to  me, cause I still don't actually really care, except for the potential political capital it could provide to enable me to provide the world the resources and necessities it needs to truly bring this world to the Kingdom of God, or, in normal terms, global peace and abundance for all. And I'm not even talking about religion when I say that. I'm talking about the concepts that comprise Christianity and true moral spirituality. Just like I discuss the concepts and intents in the creation of America.

Beyond that, regardless of how its manifesting and occurring, there are no doubts in my mind about who I am, whether I can prove it or not, whether people would believe it or not. It's not that it doesn't matter, I just know that whatever happens, God will have His way.

Meanwhile, I've stated over and over many times that I'd publicly stand up for anyone I may wrongly accuse or whose roles I may ahave unintentionally misrepresented. But this has gone on long enough. For me, and lots of otherpeople, and it just has to stop. And of course, if there are innocent, I'll be more than happy to make public statements.

There's an  old joke, the government always does the right thing when everything else fails. I never had the intent. nor do I find any pleasure at all in the idea of people going to jail because of crimes against me, but if that's the leverage I have to use to free us all, then that''s what needs to be done.

But for those who have let it go on and have particpated in harming me, and to those who have harmed so many for so long, it just has to end. God will not tolerate your evil any longer. God said that. Right then. I just typed it in for Him. I suggest you pay attention.

So if any of you were thinking that you'd wait and let someone else do the right thing and then come forward like a hero or victim afterward, it may fly with the public, but it won't fly with me, and I don't really care about prosections per se but I'll know the truth,and that's all I need.  And I know what doing the right thing means. I have no true interest in anyone else's money or assets or corporations, but it looks like I"m being forcerd to go after the to both give the appearance that I'm after money, as well as to waste my time, but I guess I'll have to do it, cause GE and TIme-Warner have to go, one way or the other, by legal means, in full view of the public. We'll call it the beginning of the division of assets amongst the people... Warren, I highly recommend you walk  way from GE before the psyops guys have me accidentally come across some information on you. That's how a lot of this stuff happens. I don't go looking for it, it comes to me. That's not a threat, Warren, that's actually financial advice, and the way these skull and bones guys do things. I'll bet they don't actually like you either.

And for the true appostates of the world.. I don't mean those who errr and stuff, I mean real apostates... it's really sad and disappointing, not for me, but more for you and what it means for the world. I don't know what to say except it disgusts me. And I just hope you'll return to your senses.

Huckabee.. all I can say is, I don't mean to focus on you, but I expect more of you. And I didn't think I would die from the flu, ya get really sick, ya sleep, and you get over it. My problem was the psychotronics and dews not allowing my body to heal.. just as my fingernails are forensic evidence and proof of microwave attacks. Looks like you've picked sides, and made the wrong choice. Only you can prove me wrong, if ya can.   I hope you can. Like I wish everyone else could, but know they can't.

Finally, if I publish a version and then people think it's funny to supply me with real or bogus evidence to contradict me or discredit me, it'll be too late in my book anyway, I won't change a thing in what I publish, and I won't feel embarrassed. But you will. God turns it around. That's an easy one to turn around.

So believe it last call. No more wine in your cups. Laugh while you can.

I will never take pleasure in causing harm to anyone, no matter how angry I  get. At the same time, ya gotta protect the kids, in a way that also ensures you're still there after defending them to make sure they have a good life when the trouble is over. Whatever that means is up to God. I just know that whatever happens, it will be just.

I've wasted al lot of time on the dead. Time to tend to the living.

Prince - Planet Earth - 01 - Planet Earth

Righteous Brothers - Rock And Roll Heaven

Harvey and the Moonglows - Ten Commandments of Love

Genesis - Land of Confusion

In the end of all this, when you're mad at me for exposing you, just remember there's not one lick of pleasure in it for me toward anyone.   Barack, the phrase is, sometimes when you need the job done right, you've gotta do it yourself. So God will. It will be interesting to watch. God's love and mercy vs liars and killers. I like the odds.

If you think I'm audacious, wait til you see what God does :}

PS: The ploy of trying to get me to make it sound a sif I don't have evidence in order to put me in the position of producing the evidence and waste years doing so, discrediting myslef, won['t work because the important evidence is not about what''s ebeen done to me. The important stuff is the stuff that's been suppressed by the complicit corporate media. I'd like to think that my plight and treatment, as the others, would be enough to cuase outrage, obviously it isn't. SO when you try to use this ploy, and say can you prove this.. I'll laugh and say, I'm not going to waste my time on it, but can you disprove the Congresional records about the crimes against humanity committed by the U.S Government against its own people, including from day 1 of the Obama administration adn continuing to this day? And then I'll present 700 witnesses. What will YOU say when I show people you experiment on children without th econsent or knowledge of their parents?

PSS Anyone hanging out with Jeb Bush will inevitably go to jail. I'd recommend against working with him. Okay Mitt?

11:54 am It seems that the focus of today's harassment is to convince me I do't have the evidence to back up my allegations. Let's put it this way: I tolerated incredible torture for years while struggling to figure out what was being done to me because I fully understood the implications of claiming electronic harassment of the kind people like me experience. And I most certainly understood the implications and possible ramifications of the idea of me being anything more than Chuck Rehn, citizen and servant of God when He got around to telling me what He had in mind for me to do :}.. and I spent years trying to disprove to myself the idea of being the son of man..

So the bottom line becomes this: I'm not stupid enough to make the claims I make without being incredibly confident that I can make my case. And if you push it, you'll find out to your and my surprise that I have much more than I could possibly imagine, because the only things I concerned myself with were key things that would prove contact, interaction and harassment, and I have all those things.. But I have tons of stuff. Tons if it. After that, it's about credibility. I have 700 witnesses, and tht's the extremely short list. How many do you have?

The truth is, I don't think most of this will see the light of day in terms of legal proceedings, cause you're not that stupid, and I'm not into overkill or seeking prosecution for vengeance's sake. But the crimes are substantial. And I just have this feeling in my bones, after the pain of microwave atacks, that tells me God's got something a little more efficient and less stressful for me in mind... Meanwhile, I'm covered in the "material world".. :} Drives ya nuts, doesn't it? He's got no chance in hell, but He knows that soon it's gonna be heaven, and it ain't about dying. It's about living.

Anyway.. so don't worry about the evidence, consider what Brian WIlliams would call "only in America, the peaceful exchange of power.." :} Something like that. I only had to watch him twice to get the goods on him :} Then I decided not to watch anymore because I didn't want to be picking on him. :}

And when someone asks about the web logs, and says "What did that mean?", I'll probably often say, I don't know, what do you think it means? Cause I don't even want to remember. Unfortunately, I have a photographic memory. Please don't make me use it :}

The Fantastic Four was one of my favorite cartoons :} Flame On :}

Rod Stewart - Forever Young

I'm really curious about how this everlasting life stuff   works out. I mean, do you get old and wrinkly, or do you get to say, I think want to be 23 now, and it just happens :} I know I shouldn't make jokes about it, but let's face it, some of us have forever to think about it :} After a few hundred years, we'll get over it. :} It's like thinking about how I wanted to write an album worth of hymns for someone to singing, and then realizing that in the long run, that would be really weird for people to find out I'd written songs praising myself. Makes me wonder if maybe it was a good thing that my life got upset and I didn't end up writing Christian music and lyrics in the mid-80's like I was gonna. :} And then there's the issue of not wanting to be a minister until it was time to be a minister because it seemed like there was something I needed to know in order to know the message I needed to deliver whenever it was I was supposed to do whatever I apparently volunteered to do :}  Sorry... free association flashbacks before our eyes... I'll get serious now. Got stuff to do.

Yeah, bring on the mental exam. It'll be fun :}Would I get to talk a real person face to face, or would be another psychotronic thing. I'm not doing those anymore. Like I'm ending this one. Cause, believe it or not, I like talking to real people and not some DOD contractor with a lot of knowledge but no soul. That Rumsfeld Information Roadmap stuff is really interesting. Reclassifiying domestic psyops as politics. I'm gonna run down that report, I have multiple copies.. I noticed knowledgdrivenrevolution was offline... I believe Brent is a targeted individual as well.

Thanks for the time wasting and anecdoctal evidence of continuing crimes against me. 700+ witnesses. You know what they'll say. Like I said, I like the odds.

Finally.. I came to the conclusion after observing for quite some time, and now I'm fully convinced, after reading the verse about The righteous seek only good, but the wicked expect wrath, that you guys decided to basically say to God, we know you'll destroy us completely because we know we're horrible, so to spite you, we're gonna destroy the lives of the good people and put moral people in hell like God will do to us just to get even with God and moral people.

To which God would reply... except that you knew I wasn't going to torture you and harm you like you do these good souls.. but I would have kept you away from them. Your hatred of God is not because of God's ways, but because of the love in your hearts for your ways and the joy of evil. Your hatred of God is your hatred of yourselves, and blaming God is the opiate of your delusions.

Actually that was God. Whoa. Bring on the shrink :} And Karen Armstrong.

Anyway, I told you I was crazy and I'd make the case myself. Of course, if you repeat that as evidence, you'll have to go back to my weblogs from 2002 to show the relevance. Maybe you could get Hillary to record them and release them in a book. She can say God told her to do it :} Get it done in advance, it'll make everything easier :} Or maybe Olbermann. He does me really good. :}

See what happens when psychotronics keeps you awake at night and sleep deprivation affects you? We'll call it Joe Biden Syndrome :} Could be worse. That's an observation, not a request :}

Bye psyops guys. Wish it wasn't this way. I really do have other things to do.

Isn't it weird tha tthe military definition of voice to skull includes the description of it as "being used to scare birds away from runways".. and I thought, my last name is pronounced like the wren bird, in English anyway... and then the big guy says, there are no such things as coincidences.

Twila Paris - God Is In Control - 06 - God Is In Control

PS St Epihaneus: The Fertility tiki was a gift from a friend who went ot Hawaii.. I always get weird gifts from people when they travel. One time a boss went to the virgin islands and brought me back a tshirt that said something like "We'd better hang onto you. You might be useful".. thought that was werid. The good news is, thou, on the "thou shalt not have false Gods before me" front.. it is red and purple, so maybe I'll put it in that wealth corner :} Did I mention I accidentally painted a picture that sort of looks like John Lennon. I don't whether to keep it or paint over it. It's spooky :} Anything else you think I should move in my office? I sure hope the prayer mat is the throne of David, like I think I looked up once before. :}

5/5/2009 10:40 am - I moved the tiki:}The lion stays. I still have my 3d holographic photo of Jesus, that closes and open its eyes, and I'm going to add my glow in the dark angel to the altar later.:}  I want you to know, for the record, people gave me these things:} Someone gave me a winduup plastic Jesus, too, and like the idea of Jesus socks, I just thought that was going a little too far.  Must have been overstock from Billy Sol Hargis :}

KOKID: Whenever I get really frustrated, I add some words to my Bible codes database and run some searches until, as always, I look at the patterns and say "doesn't mean anything to me.." and I go to bed. Like a video game. talk about inextricably linked. I ran your name long ago, and didn't come up with much. Didn't surprise me. So then, I added these words, and I've never seen two names linked like that before. For years. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? How's the popcorn? I don't see any of this as a game, never did.  It's all about morale and patience and release.. and a positive outlook... in with the good, out with the bad... you think you could get one of those teams to let me pitch a batting practice inning? It would be worth the pain :}I can still throw a bunch of junk, over the plate too. Instead of striking them out, we'll make believe I'm trying to throw them perect home run pitches, and then I'll be sure to have a successful day on the mound :} Remember, eggs and laundry :}

I was producing this seminar once, and the leader was talking about how the course  would help make their lives and marriages better.. and he proceeded to tell how he'd been married 3 times and was currently divorced. This guy raises his hand and says, if you've been divorced 3 times, how can you possibly give us good advice about being married.

The course leader says "Oh, trust me, I can tell you volumes about being married".

I was thinking he was saying that he could tell us volumes about mistakes and problems and things we could all learn from. I was curious. This man was one of the most gifted course leaders I've ever encounterd. I like to understand where people are coming from.

The subject never came up during the course. Not once. I was looking for it, too, because I respected this man's opinions, and wanted to hear the wisdom he could pass along. Not one word. And yet, because of what the course included, I have absolutely no doubt that what he facilitated would allow people to have better marriages and relationships in every way.. if they were listening and really heard.

Planting seeds is cool, especially with peopple face to face.. transformational seeds that sort of grow into inquiries whther they know it or not.. not as a a trick, not like a thought intended to cause someone's opinions or beliefs, but open ended, a question they can answer to an for themselves without expectations, no right or wrong, just a true exploration into the truth of their souls. After a while, people are actually willing to accept and overcome the denial of the truth of themselves that is like an emptiness, something missing that they compensate for and rationalize, all to camouflage an inner pain that can only be abated by becoming vulnerable in one way or another. It's dangerous to be vulnerable today. I sort of fall in love with everyone I meet, even people I'd have to say are my enemies. There's always something good about people. And there's something about it, men and women, where I see whatever it is in them and I sort of get a mental picutre of how that could manifest itself in their lives and relationships, their world.. and I just smile in appreciation, love.. these days, people are so afraid of each other, right or wrong.. I love to watch kids play at the park.. I used to love to take my niece and nephews... but these days, if a guy goes to the park and watches and  smiles and laugh at the kids, and appreciate and enjoy the way their parents care for them and share love and stuff.. that's really inspiring.. but you could get arrested, or have a lot of interesting questions asked of you. Can't blame people for being concerned.  The constant reminders on tv about the danger and things to be afraid of are good as  apublic service to a degree.. but it also gives the wrong people bad ideas... like the tv show that portrays a sociopathic murderer as a righteous, friendly and likeable guy who also works fo rthe police. Or teaching people how to make sticky bombs.

Transformational work is good for the long run. In the short term, more direct methods are required. God must have turned that one around too, cause that's kind of reversed, but true nonetheless.

Jackson Browne - Rock Me on the Water

Byrds - Eight Miles High

6/15/2009 - So... I gave some thought about what it would be like and mean if someone wrote a song and gave it to me. Here's the thing. With all the songs I've writen, and the people they were about, very few of them ever heard any of those songs. 2 reasons I don't write more right now are psychotronic interference and privacy. And, I could be writing tons of stuff right now, other than that, except for privacy, because even when people hear my most intimate stuff, they don't know why it's intimate. So then I've aslwyas had this thing, belief, hope, that a musician would understand about songwriters and songwriting... like the privacy thing... I never wanted to cause someone I care about to think they had to be concerned that I was dissatisfied with them.. so I wouldn't write because people who don't understand songwriting, and or who may not be secure in the relationship, they want explanations, and they don't understand writing about moments.. so I figure that people who do music would understand music. Not to diminsh the meaning or thought or moment.. but there is  lot of poetic license involved, particularly when putting an entire thought process into 3-6minutes of music... it's a poem with music... and I believe it also serves as a messenger of sort of somewhat reserved people to deliver intimate messages or poems for people's hearts in a world that doesn't understand that even intimacy doesn't mean "love" like falling in, or anything more than appreciation in a moment. Michael Tomlinson said when he writes his music, he often does it with the idea of providing messages that heal people's hearts. I  like that alot, and it shows in his lyrics... sometimes, my songs ARE the healing the healing of my heart. Probably most the time. I work things out in my lyrics... I think it's like most people do in REM sleep.. I don't know if that makes sense. But I bet only 2 people could hear all of my songs and ever know that any of them were about them (and only 3 songs between the two). Now, given all the interesting stuff I've been thinking about and the philosophical mode I'm in, what would it mean if a guy wrote an album's worth of Christian tunes... intent, or impression.. what would it mean, based   on what, and what typical stereotypes and  all the rest :} Hard to tell. :} Ya never know with me.

Part of the reason I stay on the fringes is because people interact with me based on the stereotypes people have, and if there's anything that's been consistent in my life, I just never fit pigeon holes. And when I'm not being harassed by citizens on patrol and the government and crazy people on tv, I do pretty well, fitting in and still being who I want to be... this is probably one of the most misunderstood things people do with my "sensitivity" and .. JT said soft as smoke and tough as nails.. both are true and real, I jsut allow them because they're a part of me and it's healthy.. a whole person... and certainly I manage them when appropriate and all..   you don't have to have a hard heart to be able to be tough or have backbone. Anymore than the idea that a man can do things better than a woman.I don't know why I'm saying all this. I will say that I enjoy playing for people who actually know me, and think about lyrics like I do and gather thought and meaning from things they take in and so accept that kind of being and thinking in general and in me so then it' s  just an extension of me, or people who know nothing about me, and I'm comfortable with playing to people who don't know th esongs are about them. Messages in a bottle, sort of. But I  don't like to manipulate people, I like real people, just real.. that is what I alwys like about th econcept of real choice. The same reason I didn't invest in any fancy web site concepts.

These days, if you aren't selling something, pushing something, fighting for attention, peoplel don't listen and it's not because they don't listen, it's because there is so much sensual stimulation, that only true interruptions or more stimulation breaks through... 

So now you know why I don't play my silly love songs in public.. I don't know if I've clarified anything or actually explained anything.  Or why? Soemday maybe I'll know who submitted the questions :}

Let Barack know I'm keeping an eye on things. Didn't want him to really think I was getting slack..

I still want a Nehru jacket. I have something special in mind for it :} Yeah, Cyrillic blue or whatever it was, you got it. :} (See that's what ticks me off)

Anyway.. writing about relationships... makes ya think about stuff.

A poem that was read to me tonight.. all I gotta say is, I did nothing to harm anyone. I wish none of this crazy stuff ever happened with any of these people. But it's like any aother adult conversation or relationship. You see what's actually going on, you look at the ideal, you see what can be reconciled and the result is what happens after that, and you accept it and continue to the next step. And just because you don't get the result you want then you keep going if you believe in what you're doing, and are honest with yourself and those you deal with,  all there ever is to do, really, is take the next step, wherever it leads... I'm thinking a vacation in Cancun playing the guitar. Right after the book is done. It's God's move anyway.

I don't want to get too significant..  but I was willing to pour as long as anyone wanted to drink... and I didn't withdraw the offer. I've met plenty of people in life who I wish I'd met under other circumstances. It keeps the good thoughts alive.

Turn to page 205 in your Ladinsky text :}

Why Aren't We Screaming Drunks?

The sun once glimpsed God's true nature
And has never been the same.

Thus the radiant sphere
Constantly pours its energy
Upon this earth
As does He from behind the veil.

With a wonderful God like that
Why isn't everyone a screaming drunk?

Hafiz's guess is this:

Any thought that you are better or less
Than another man

Breaks the wine

James Taylor - October Road - 07 - My Traveling Star

So they say... we'll have contests... what part of his weblogs and chapters have correlaries to the october road album? real or not? I once described certain aspects of my life as being like finding out you were adapted.. with no actual complaints.. just wanting to know the truth.

Shut up and Sing. Dixie Chicks. Figures. No coincidences :} It's not like I read the book :} the timing was perfect though.

Well I gotta go write about infidelity.. it's an audiophile thing:}

Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life - 401 - I Am Singing

The only thing else I can say is that when I began all this, I did it with a sincere commitment to many things I beleived in. Way back when I wrote  that I don't make commitments to things I don't intend to see too the end or its success. And that I never fail when I am committed to something. And I wasn't talking about a mental institution:} I was commited to my country and the world as a citizen and to God and my promises to Him  when He called, I regret neither commitment nor do I look forward to some of the possibilities of things happening and people in trouble or failing... but I know what's on the other side of it all.. some jokes have been made about me being focused. I really am. And maybe now, certain people will believe it and understand that kind of devotion to something. Just like a soldier does. Except I know what's at stake and a great number of truths and perspectives that allow me to see   things in a much different way... and I'll agree that the more ethereal perspectives coupled with psychotronics and all I've had to contend with, I've been consistent in that every ounce of energy I've mustered has been put into service of both. For years.   With little alteration of the message, applied to politics or God. ANd I didn't know it when I did it, and I'm glad it happened that way, because that meant it made sense to me.. all of it. So, if nothing else,just don't doubt the sincerity and depth of my commitments, the ones more important than anything else including my personal concerns.. because there are things more important. I don't really do stoic, but I know how to do what needs to be done. Sometimes that's all there is. In a spiritual war, it truly is about reconciling the heart and mind with the truth of the spirit, not reconciled to the world, that makes the difference. It's just like with God knowing the truth; a faux reconciliation won't really worked because it was never actually reconciled. And you know, if you could see it from my point of view, what I believe most people would view more as a religious thing of sorts, is to me more like being like a counselor, a role I like, but even more, being someone who could cause positive outcomes and real results that served us all. I'm sorry if it seems that I'v eused this weblog to guilt trip anyone or preach at them... sure, I voice my frustrations and all, but really, I'm just sharing my honest thoughts, what I consider, crazy stuff and all.. Psychotronics and Aesopian and all...

Planting the seeds til God turns on the rain and tills the soil.. whatever that ends up meaning.. I have great concerns about that, and I look forward to the outcome. I really, really truly believe and always have... right now, my joy is in progress for God, it really is, and sure, I wanted to have some fun along the way doing the work, and sharing that joy in any way I could.

I joke about this being, maybe, an example of what is really like for thos epeople who would I say here personally or applicable to them.. I wasn't trying to do that. It's just interesting how it seems, to me anyway, how that just sort of happened. That and plaguing of the consicience. And I don't think any of it's funny. Just ironic.

It's good to see the wisdom in irony, and the awareness to see it... but I think I've had my fill for a while. Irony is born of contradiction and conflict. Yikes! It's everywhere!!!

Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man

Sometimes I wish I didn't love people so much. Then I'm always glad I do. I'm not really this mushy and stuff in person, but I'm glad I am inside.

10:16pm I was musing with the ideas and concepts of We Are One and The Majority Of One.. kind of puts a different light on the meaning of majority of one... a sort of new moral majority.

5/6/2009 12:34 pm - I was just thinking about how we think that by becoming Christians or born again that a transformation occurs that changes us into something better... having the grace of God. I say it's a restoral to the being of the spirit we were when we were conceived, not in  human form, but  in God's mind.

All that comes from thinking about how the alst 2-3 weeks have been about bottom lines for me. Realizing things, accepting things that are just too perverse and - I hate using the word evil but it's pure evil... back when I came to understand "it's in him" and over time realized the depths to which I was being given permission to have th ekinds of feelings and thoughts about the people harming me, as I was, because they were the very people in this world who taught me, us, to have those kinds of thoughts... at the same time, knowing full well and beign proud of my character that I will not break certain promises to myself about things I do or don't do because of my beliefs.. and that includes long before I knew anything about psyops or thought about religion very much.

It does matter that you have thoughts, they're not just thoughts, but at the same time, if everything in the world tells you they're appropriate and normal, and cultures live in a mentality of justice as  vengeance, then you can't blame people for having them.  All this kind of stuff comes up cuz I'm writing about infidelity... an area of myself I've always been proud to have honored, til I read the Bible and it said if you have thoughts or whatever about someone else, then you're committing adultery... anyway.  :} still, the thoughts are promoted and people do things, so it's not like there aren't reasons... but, really, when you get down to the most important promises you make, and in marriage, we say it's for our whole lives... and if anyone thinks this is directed at anyone in particular, that would be incorrect, cuz I don't know about many people's persaonal lives and I tend to laugh at internet gossip.. but infidelity is a choice. A clear choice. And there's really, actually, simply no excuse for it. And it's interesting how holographic that concept is to so many things we turn 18 and decide we understand and have the right to do without heritage or culture or media that presents a healthy example if living.. that's why I liked Everwood... I like family... and community...

I was always fascinated by the idea of a marriage in front of community willing to suport  acouple in honoring their vows.. I wonder if that happens anymore, really? Like, is there someone you could go to for counseling who would actually empower you to resolve something, and not just agree with your reasons for upset and exacerbate things or give you their opinion, which can't be yours because they're not you, and they don't know all the details? And then know with certainty that the person you talk to is going to be discrete by never repeating your personal details to anyone? That's a tough one these days.

Bottom lines: I've been having this talk with God, all about how I know what people are capable of and yet they do what they do, and how   disappointing it is to be at odds with people and I don't really even understand why, except I'm too damned rational for them  to relate to.. It's funny, I always wanted to wear one of those Barry Manilow jumps suits, the one that makes him look like a superhero in blue... I would have bought one but I couldn't figure out where I'd wear it... but when I was younger, I believed that there was a good possibility I'd be doing that sort of thing one day...

I know I talk about  alot of things that sound like would should coulda been stuff.. it's actually more like, I was willing to believe I had failed to accomplish my goals and dreams, but finding out that my own govenment has disallowed to succeed - how much more can a person feel violated? And then ministers... I thin of how mnuch more rational could I be than to say I'd   love to have a conversation where you can ask all yuo want, I'll tel ya what I knw and if you cna show me why it's not the truth that I'm the Son of Man I'll be glad to accept it and still serve God, just as it would be serving God for me to be told I was deluded.. by people who knew the story and were interested in the truth... ministers.. but I'm not deluded.. and I'm very clear about that. But I committed myself to God, and I meant it.

Bottom lines: It appears to me that my primary purpose was to be the key witness/complainant to bring these guys down in a legal way. I don't see how that can happen, given they own the government. I'm pretty well contained and isolated, so It's not like I have real opportunities to spread information around. And who knows if I'm really on the internet or not, or if my site has been pirated. ANd I'm gonna finish this book.. Given the containment, I figure it falls on deaf ears anyway, but it says alot if anyone bothers to think about it, so I guess I wrote my book and that's that.

There's a whole lot I"v ealways loved about people and this world and the magic and mystery of it.. I wish I could let go of the resentments I have about certain things that have happened and people who have particpated in all this. .ny body's pretty beaten up, and I'm tired, adn the directed energy and psychotronic attacks continue... everything I ever was or wanted to be has been taken away from, I wish I'd known... I think, even if the attacks ended tomorrow, what woudl I do? I think about how people sya there are two types of people in the world, givers and takers.. and I look back, and I've given, and now I basically own nothing of real  value, and all I have is my life, and this bok that has at least reminded me that I have at lest lived up to my own values the best I can, and have no regrets about my own life or conduct. In that way, I'm free. So I told God I'd do the job, get your asses busted, and then I want to go to another amusement park... cuz even if a law suit or soemthing worked, itw would tak eyears, and I'd like to think I could have at least a year or two of actually being free before I die.. and if I can't do that, then the job will have been done, and I won't be needed. Finis.

But I'll be free. And in the new world, i told God if He ever lets any of you assholes back in, I quit.

10:54pm Marriage and love is complete, far as I can tell. Covers a lot of ground. Isn't really about marriage and love, really.. interesting how that works..

Figured out why religion and Christianit ydon't live for me like religion.. not just because I've never been a church goer.. for me Jesus' teachings and His example was about being.. more than anything els.e. weh I look around the world and get int ouch with the feelings of people, internally, the problems are about being not unresolvable problems. The being of the citizens and people in government and power. And I still have this thing bugging me about the word worship... you think of what God's lie, some of the things that have popped out of my mouth, like about God not being impressed with Himself because he's God. It's just who He is. So, would God want you doing rituals as if the prescribed way to address him? No. Like any father, he'd want to be respected adn thanked from time to time, and if you needed or wanted something or had an idea,, he'd want you to just tell Him and then respect His wisdom... like getting the right bicycle... like Beaver would say "I don't know what size it is, my dad takes care of stuff like that".

And of course there are reasons for holidays and celebrations and all.. that's cool too. Being... I read a couple pages from that Hedeger book.. maybe I should have read more :}

PS To the big guy.. I'm not going on the sidelines. But feel free  to protect the interests of the bank. BTW the H1B coverage goes back to 2002, not 2006, I have it documented :}

Prayer Day

God bless us as a nation of children for this moment to remind us and deliver us to our connection with you, Almighty God, that our children will know the blessings of our service to your will and plans for generations to come, and that love will find its way into every heart, into every dream and into every work of humanity unto one another, as you desire of us in the name of Christ Jesus, Amen.

(and amen :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Judy Collins - Amazing Grace

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joni Mitchell - Woodstock

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Pefect Angel - 105 - Edge of A Dream

Michael Franks - Now I Know Why

5/7/2009 12:55pm

In my life I've watched pets and farm animals and people get old.. dwindle away.. and die... yuo can see it in people's eyes, or at least I can.. probably doctors can... a certian that lets you know someone's body is failing. I don't want to seem histrionic or anyhting cause I'm not. But I've recognized the signs of my body failing for quite some time, and so now th esicko psyops and governmetn peropl and the media people who seem to think the dircted energy attacks and psychotornics, my sufferin gand the torture and pain toward myself, other people, pets children.. you think it's so funny because the government sponsors it and you think you're above the law... so laugh.. you're killing my body, you get to make my life miserable and use MSNBC and CNN to do Aesopian to taunt. ANd then you got the whore minister from LOs ANgeles to sell out God and herself for Barack OBama..I do have special anger toward Melissa Scott because she claims to be a servant of God.. and all I gotta say is, th efew sermons I'v watched. she's been a hypocrite and an apostate to every sermon I heard. Every one. SHe's either a psyop front or a sick person who must have an awfully high opinion of herself, probably friends with Satan... and her total betrayal of God gave me the best example God could provide of the damage done by filthy apostates like her. Frankly, I hope she rots in jail. And takes her other two hired guns with her.

Pastor Melissa Scott, not only will I be naming you in RICCO suits in collaboration with the Federal GOvernment, Barack Obama, CNN and TIme-Warner, GE, Keith Olbermann, Lou Dobbs, and many more... as well as two specific counts of attempted murder.. and you people have committed torture and all sorts of slow kill fatal offenses against me... and you're the sickest mother fornicators ever imagined.

ANd you know what the fun part is.. God wasn't mulling over the next move. He was waiting for me to decide. And I"ve deceided. I'v egonna file my suits and make your lives miserable by exposing you, and then I"m gonna walk and leave you to the American people and the world, and whatever they do to you is whatever they do, and whatever happens, happens. ANd the truly ironic part is, you guys will think you won. Cause I"ll be chekcing out as soon as the paperwork's done... and then the world will have its way with yuo people... and then you'll know what suffering is. Cause, when it says he leaves and comes back, you really need to notice that there is no clear explanation of what that menas. I do. And that's why I win. Adn thy very soon, there'll never be another sicko like you people are in this world again.. I don't care what God does to you.

I said when I first comunicated via the internet I wasn't looking to be a leader, and I had no interest in being a martyr, not even a radical.. it's so tempting to take that route...  So you make me into a martyr profile, psychotronic me into sounding crazy (if I didn't have evidence to back my case you'd get away with that) You use everything I talk about to taunt me and harm me more.. and then you use a sick  minister to prove to me how worthless you all really are.. I hope you take what I write and have weblogged and use it to make people think I was Christ and tha I'm horrible.. like a magnet war... then all the rest of your sicko firens will expose themselves fully.. and your own magnet wars will be your end... especially all the people you gave weapons to who are finding out that the U.S. Government is full of liars who have misled them into harming innocent American you got them to harass and kill, cliaming their victims were perverts and criminals when they weren't, turning them into traiorous fascists committing crimes they should be hung for at the Hague, if this world had any justice.

And maybe we'll just leave you sickos in the ruins of the world you destroyed, cause there's this other planet, as you well know.. and God's children are not going to be left to suffer in your desolation of this planet. That would be an appropraite hell for you all. Living forever in the wasteland you created and tortured everyone else with.

So tell your attorneys and shrinks.. this is the last time I intend to give you an opportunity to make me out some idiot crazy... though i'm sure the psychotronics guys will get me to flip flop on that one too.. I don't care.. I don't care how it turns out, cause I know hiw it turns out. And you'd better hope I don't die... the funny part is, when the son of man walks away, you think it's cause you stopped me, I say it's cause I stopped you. I don't want to be anyone's hero, and I won't be your little toy you play wiht when your saddism is too hard to control.

But I will always be laughing at all of you somewhere. For being so samrt, you did yourselves in forever.What is it Priscilla Morrerro at Landmark   said you're so fornicated  up you don't even know how fornicated up you are"... when it comes to you soon, remember the phrase, you did it to yourself... cause you did.

It isn't really as much about Christianity, other than honoring a great leader, when it comes right down to it, when appreciating Jesus as a man, leader, being and spirit. it's about morality and justice in everything... anyone who can laugh at someone's else's suffering is a worthless piece of shit.

Now I know all of you idiot media people and the CFR and the U.S> GOvernemt.. you all get a real kick out of hurting me.. and I know you don't believe in God, except yourselves, but you're really wrong, and even science makes God as a concept makes sense.

I was out and about this morning, and someone had amde a sign  that absolutely confirmed to me that people around here, at least, are being told one way or another, even what I'm thinking. Or maybe cerain info is passed to them. I'm glad they know. I'm glad there will be people who understand that, when the world collapses around them, that it wasn't God's fault, or mine. It was the peopel they voted for, put all their hope in, the people who had the audactiy to campaign with my platform and ideas, andnow are turning their backs on every one of their promises in the Obama Campaign.. they tell you they cut and added 121 programs... what were the new ones, and what do they do? That's deception in its simplest form.

You can't fool God. Good luck in hell. Pax vobiscum or whatever on that one..

I'm not gonna waste my time thinking I'm talking to people with an ounce of intelligence, and by that I'm referring to the media and corporations and government people involved in this.. and as for the ministers.. just please, wanna be an apostate, just fall off the face of the earth please. Read the Bible's description of apostates, an stop acting like that. Go to another church and listen to what it means to a actually be a Christian.. and get your heads out of your asses. I just gave you everything you need to claim I'm just a perverse guy who swears and cusses... so you can disregard the truth I've just told you and justify yourselves...

Pissing off the son of man isn't just a matter of making the old man's kid mad.. I can't even begin to explain the ramifications but it has nothing to do with getting even on my behalf or even anything I'll do in response.. it's all about God giving you the final chance to turn yourselves around, and before He lowers the boom. Feel free to make God out to be as horrible as you want. It won't matter, once the dust clears.

So this column will mostly feature notes on prgrams and other evidence as I go along. But the truth is, I don't really care anymore how it turns out because there isn't anything I want in this world, and the next one isn' going to be like this.. I joked long ago about not being afraid todie I just didn't want to suffer. So, of course, the government gets its jollies by doing a CIA slow kill on me with microwave... should have expected that, but I didn't know how sick these people really are. Now I know. ANd now they know why God will give them what they deserve.

To people in the world, no matter what happens, remember, God doesn't do evil Satan does, and no matter what your government and tv tell you about he wrath of GOd, He would not harm the innocent people of this world. The leaders are the problem, the criminals and and whether they know it or not, are only serving the interests of evil and of Satan... especially the United States Government, which is the most despotic government in the history of humanity, whether you ever are willing to accept the truth or not.

There is not a single source of news in America that tells you the whole truth of the perversity of this government, and nearly every anchor on tv has a confidentiality agreement if not membership with he people who are overthrowing the United States Government and installing a tyrannical regime on a global level, in   a way to trick you into believing that this is God's plan to make us into a "One World" planet.. they're lying to you, just as George W, Bush, the false Christ, and Barack Obama, the false prophet have and are doing. I hope the people of this world will come to know this truth before things go too far.

On the other hand, maybe they'll be so deluded by psychotronics they won't know what hit them. That would be a great mercy.

THis morning democratic propagandist BIl Press declared the reason why Barack Obama did not hold a multi-denominational prayer meeting on National Prayer Day... he said, because America is not a Christian nation. Which means one nation under God really is a lie. Because God's a Christian. He thinks everyone in the world is actually a Christian, in terms of being and respect for a father. Some of those people aren't very good at it, some of them are, and then some people and just plain evil, and will be gone. So you CFR assholes go worship Buddha for a while, and see how that works for you. God and Buddha will both be laughing at you. One sure that's true in this country, the media is, if not else, good for a laugh. And I'm talking about the traitors posing as announcers and ministers.

Heres' one mor ethe people who think my language disqulaifies me as anything but a trash mouthed trouble maker... go **** yourselves. And then sit through 8 years or more of torture at the hands of the United States Government, and then go tell yourselves to get fornicated again. An then go ask your hero JOhn   McCain what it's like to be tortured for years, 24/7, not by an enemy, but by people like him. He doesn't know what it's like to be tortured, and he's no hero. But he is one of the people who has particpated in torturing me, which I can prove.

How many more of these traitorous, lying satanist bastards (as the Bible described them) are you going to listen to lies from? Hwever many it is, you're welcome to them, and always remember, live by the sword, die by the sword. Whatever crimes they commit with your approval, you're guilty of them as well.

I realized the other night that the skies and stars and moon and sun and all actually already have been rolled up like a scroll, and we didn't realize. We're actually witnessing the judgment as it happens and didn't even know it. Ooops. Too late. Oh well.

Good luck in hell.

Paul McCartney - Pipes of Peace - 101 - Pipes of Peace

And to the truly faithful, sorry, just had to let it out. We'll have lots of good times when the sickos are gone forever.

BTW Olbermann.. if you don't love this country, nobody's twisting your arms to stay here, there are two borders, feel free to leave, but if you don't love America, you don't have the right to go on tv and tell lies to cover up the conspiracy. Which is what you and your friends do, every day of the week.  Ends up being treason. And the obsession with certian people ploy won't fly. I wish I'd read up on her before I even bothered to watch again, I'd have never bothered again. Nice set up, nice choice of decoy.. didn't work cause my interest was God's work.. and the song things didn't come up til way later... and they contacted me, not the other way around. Guess there's some music I need to take out of my book. So that leaves 1 person, 1 song. Works for me. At lest the melodies are reusable. :} They were good. I really love this one, actually, tried to put it in another song one night, then remembered I'd already used   it... I wonder if I still have those other lyrics. They say people don't change.. I always believed people either change or they don't.. a lot of people put on the appropriate act to make it seem like they've changed, they're the dangerous ones. I never care about peope'ls pasts.. I really don't.. I typcially establish relationships with people based on today and with me.. some peopel have pasts that would make it seem like they weren't good people, but with me, treated with respect and dignity, they often alter their demeanors, and feel values with me.. anyway, the point is, when people don't change, they just run the same scams in a new context, more covertly  and more.. and Like I say, I don't fit many sterotypes, that's why I don't judge people based on stereotypes.. or what people say... no matter who they are or what they've done.. but relate to them as they relate to me.

Anyway... I find it interesting that I haven't really changed at  all in the last 6+ years.. I really haven't other than figuring out why so many strange things were happening, and that so many powerful people got off on such saddism, and that I can't even trust ministers... so I find it weird that I'm not even allowed to live a decent life in a world of people who claim to be moral, and harmed directly by people who claim to be servants of God. That is one topic I won't let go of, and I really do know why God hates apostates. He really wanted me to learn it all. I've collected new knowledge, understand a whole lot of things more than I already did, though I  don't believe I needed to know more on some things.. bu the one that's gonna stick with me is apostates, and there's lots of them, especially when you look behind the facades... any of you apostates who thought you were testing me or helping defeat an anti-Christ out your infinite wisdom and self righteousness. good luck. I am who I am, and I don't need your approval. By whose authority do I come? God's. I hope you apostates figure that out before God call you on it. As for me, please don't ever bother me unless it's face to face with a deposition...and then, get in the back of the line.

Like my dad said, if it's on tv, it's not real. I wondered what happened to you all that made you so sick and twisted... and hypocrites.

4/8/2009 4:44pm special note to an obvious intendant... psyops guys thought thye could make me look stupid again.. I think the biggest problem with all these psyops is that they keep going wrong because I don't respond to them like other people... a good thing for me I suppose. But at least you'll all get another good laugh out of the Paul scenario. You'll regret it. Sickos and sociopaths.

And with that, I'm going stop letting the psyops guys cause me to feel sorry for myself, accept the waste of my life, and finish the work.

Keith point well taken, but I don't think that someone like you who particpates in torturing people has any room to criticize other people about whether or not they exemplify the teachings of Jesus.

5:54 As for my tirades and all, you and your friends attack me with psychotronics and dews and piss me off. It's understandable.  There's lots of things that have gone on that are easily attributable to psychotronics... just like yesterday's comments, which Im not taking down because I'm clear they will eventually be evidence of psychotronic attacks. and you're a hypocrite, a propagandist and a liar... good luck in hell. ANd as mch as I don't like it, and as much as it sounds cruel and all, part of my job is to evaluate people like you and make my reports and recommendations to God. You made your choices. Now you know how God will view you. It's a pretty simple deal, really. You should get together with a fzux minister. It would be a good match.

5/9/2009 - 12:55pm - It's been an interesting night.. sleep deprivation.. which by the way, sensory deprivation is what they're using on Peterson, hoping for a confession...  in essence they are using torture tactics on him

Meanwhile..  the dialectic in Afghanistan and Pakistan is a very simple one.. Bush set it up to allow the Taliban to establish a stronghold and gather weapons, the oil supplies iwll supposedly be in jeapoardy supposedly endangering the rest of the world, meanwhile, CFR and Obama get to start the real perpetual war, not that Bush did everything he could to empower the Itranians, supposedly, to  be the Middle East superpower.. the perpetual enemy for the perpetual war.. how convenient fo ryou Barack, meanwhile you ge to lie to everyone about how you inherited the problems.. it's a gift you have Barack.. it's called deception.

So you guys think you can use psychotronics and DEWS to alter my moods. alienate people and all sorts of things. Notice that every time I get to breathe, I come right back at you. Now that you've made it clear you plan to kill me once you've used me, which I won't allow, you think you've got me. And all you have is a guy more committed to the work of God, and bringing your butts down to the ground so people can walk all over you for a while.

Now, since I did a commentary long ago about how people needed tohave justice because the worst thing in the world would be to be imprisoned for something you didn't do, I'm assuming that's one more option you'll  try. Fine with me. Just remember, I don't care anymore, becuse I know you people are going to regret your lives in hell. And you might think you successfully used religion to pacify me.. the joke's on you.

In fact, my new rule to God, which I can do, is very simple: any of you asshole sin government causing harm t other people wil go to hell. ALl you ministers who have somehow,   justified yourrighteousness to do harm to people physically and mentally, particularly in partnership to the  government, you're going to hell. You may think you're serving God, and you may think you've saved a lot of souls, but just like certain so called ministers, you're supposed to be leading a flock of Christians, and what you must be teaching people to particpate ins such things couldn't possibly be the ways of Jesus or God. So you have a littel surprise waiting for you: as the Bible says, God will have no mercy on you for the extreme damage you've done both to His cause and to the people you lead, and the people they harm. And I'm talking about ministers who feel proud and puffed up for helping to kill and harass people in order to look good for the government and the sick people in their congregations whop are there to have a good person talk to them about having the strength and courage to follow the wys of Jesus, not perverted ministers.

Looks like we're gettting to the bottom line on who will pass God's questions about their lives in this world... and sure, I know the media and politicaians will want to use this to divide the Christians and moree.. which is good.. the ministers and Christians who deend the politicians and ministers will simply be identifying themselves as workers of Satan, or, at the very least, people who believe the lies of apostates and don't read.

And the only rapture we'll all see is not the work of God, but the work of the government who will kill off  masses of people, aka holocaust, claim plague or something, blame it on God instead of Satan and themselves, and the people left behind will be those who will believe they are  in hell and deserve to be punished, making the cycle of Satanic Ritual Abuse on a global scale quite successful. That's the future being created thanks to apostates like the one used by the media, politicians and Council on Foreign Relations and Satan. And the people who will die will not necessarily be the Christians or spiritual people.. it will be anyone who these sickos consider expendable or in their way.

The BIble says those will will stand behind me will be protected, that's physical, not just spiritual., Since no one will stand for me or the other thousands of suffering people due to psychotronics, let alone all the other things and lies going on in the world, such as Somalia.. I guess you choose to have faith in your government instead of God like you claim.. so good luck with that.

Meanwhile... why do you keep hearing od so called Somalian pirates being seized and then released? Because the Somalians are within their rights to stop illegal dumping of toxic and nuclear waste in their waters, as well as illegal fishing, and international law gives our ships and others no right to stop them.. but they do, and then they release them,because they have to, or they'll be in violation of international law, which they are already, which is why the Somalians are completely in the right.

Meanwhile... Obama says those pirates should be held accountable.. I say the guilty should be held accountable. Barack, have yourself arrested for fraud, conspiracy, international maritie law violations, violations of the territories of sovereign states, and genocide by starvation.  You couldn't possibly be a CHristian, Barack, not in any world in any way. You've told so many lies that have killed poeople already, you should be strung up for murder.

But wait.. Barack won't do anything about BUsh and his crimes.. meaning the world will take it  on one day... and then all the U.S> propagandists wei;ll tell you how the world is picking on the poor little United States. It's a beautiful dialectic being set up..

Meanwhile.. notice that Barack made all those pledges to do all those moral thing sin ending torture and all.. have you actually noticed, he made all those promises, and now, is taking them all back. Told ya.

So, Keith, how much did you pay Melissa? I just want to know what a psyop to kill people and make them homeless costs? It'll be a good stat to put in the book... If she's too stupid to celar herself, we might as well know what made her think it was the right thing to do. I actually know there are plenty of ministers participating in these kinds of things all over the country. The government tells them lies about people, and the community watch groups and weed and seed people think they're cool, like citizen cops and workers of God getting rid of the "bad people"... the Faith Based Charities.. only what they do is criminal on the international human rights level, and totally anti-Christ. Think about that the next time you harm someone for them. You're nothing but the Nazi regime being created in exactly the same ways.

I have a defect that was the excuse for Naxi Eugenics.. I would have been exterminated in te holocaust... the problems assocaiate with my defect are easier to treat and less harmful than diabetes. How biut we start killing off those useless people with diabetes. We'll just tell the world they're abominations of Satan, mentlly ill and put too much of a drain on the health care system.

Meanwhile, ask your government why we've had a cure for cancer since around 1900, and it hasn't  been used. Can you say population control? Ask them why they didn't want us to know that marijuana kills cancer tumprs. Ask them why they don't want you to know that marijuana helps against the symptoms of Alzheimers. This isn't about marijuana. THis is about the government being honest about caring for the welfare of its citixens.

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger pushes the marijuana debate to distract people, to make himself look good, and distract people to diffuse the marijuana debate. Isn't it interesting that over 6 year ago, I said the issue that would put me over the top would be the legalization of marijuana.

Hannity, you were REALLY funny yesterday :} Loved th e Obama cartoon.. I thought, Aesopian, let's see, if only I had some operatives to communicate with :} nonetheless, the communications are cut off. Cracks me up. Guess I'll just have to dictate some more new rules to God. I like talking to HIm. He makes sense. I'd like to be like HIm:}

It's kind of weird isn't it. A backwards way of understanding something. Trying to strip away worldly influences and stuff frommy real feelings about things, and then reading the Bible as if I was the reference point and not the other way around.. interesting mostly because I challenge myslef to see if my real thoughts come anywhere near the teachings in the Bible and of Jesus.. without reeading the test questions first, if ya know what I mean. ANd the only times I'm off at all is when I recognize where the world has taught me bad habits or beliefs.. easily reconciled and corrected... that's why I say it's about being for me.. it IS about religion, a practice or disciplne.. but  I still believe worship, long ago, had more to do with study and understanding of God as opposed to any form of ritualistic show of appreciation. Appreciation for Him is not the purpose, unless appreciation means understanding His ways and following His example and the example of Jesus. I wonder if people think abut this kind of stuff. Now you know why I want ot talk to ministers. I want to know what they think about.

  I keep asking God for full powers. It's in the works. Finally, more power than those crazy angels. Someday I'd like to meet some of them. uh oh, here's a long term dialectic only I understand.. what were you thinking? And yeah, I'm still hoping that balding musician turns out to be a good guy, but I'm still mad at him, and he has to prove himself, cause it wasn't funny. He'd better have a damned good story.

What's really going to be interesting is when it comes out that the Russell trust office in Tacoma is particpating in my torture. Russell Trust is the Skull and Bones. Just remember, when GE and CNN and all pile on and claim I took aggressive action in the boycott against MSNBC, that I was using my civil rights, abiding by the law and even being appropriately courteous and business like. SO you guys have no excuse for committing crimes against me for any reason, and if you really think you can justify doing this to an American Citizen with the authority of the U.S. Government.. can't wait til you do.

800 detention centers in the U.S. by FEMA.. why do we need 800 detention centers?

The swine flu.. is this the killer plague the Bush administration had the NIH develop? How convenient for Barack.

I miss Campbell Brown, Lou. I only watch her headlines cuz they make me laugh so much.. but they'r e funny. Better than cartoons. Does Roland Martin's wife know that he consorts with the devil? Supposedly, she's a minister. Does she read? Has she ever heard of the New World Order? Does the word Christianity have any meaning or relevance to her? Does thou shalt not lie, ROland, have any bearing on what you read from the teleprompter? Just wondering :}

BTW Lou. When I take over Time Warner, can we have blue carpet in my office. I won't be there much, but it would be nice to look at. Meanwhile, I always wanted to have a marine fish tank I could swim in.COuld you have em install a 500 or so gallon tank so I can swim with the fish? and in the wet bar.. I'd like grape Nehi... :}Me and Radar. How's old MIke Farrell doing.. he's got a good PSA running } I don't think he's falling for Barack either. I'd hang out at my office at GE, but I don't like them anymore... 646 billion, treble damages and attroney fees. remember guys, you can't benefit from crime,so doing propaganda for Obama won't pay off like you hoped, and cap and trade is the stupidest thing you guys have foisted on the world yet. How to justify more pollution. Ooh. Sounds Bushian. NO surprise.

I thnk that's enough for now. Wrote a bunch of good tunes last night.. didn't write any of them down.. you guys got it recorded though, right? :} The psyops guys have all the fun.  That was their comment :}

For you guys monitoring what I've been writing about sex.. not what you expected, is it. Me and God like to surprise you, actually He likes to surprise me too... I hope he'll stick to pleasant surprsies from now on.

Let's see I mentioned Time Warner.. that ought to be worth 2-3 days of being blasted into oblivion.. everytime I mention them or the Democrats, I get blasted into oblivion. There are no coincidences.

Muzak!!! I love this Adran Gurvitz stuff. I wonder if anytone else even have this album

Adrian Gurvitz - Free Ride - 202 - Time Is Endless

Is premature ejacualtion considered a disorder, or the result of bad sex? :} I think it's performance anxiety myself. :}

Stylistics - Betcha By Golly Wow

George Harrison - 33 & One Third - 205 - Learning How To Love You

Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway - Where Is the Love

Weird Al Yankovic - What If God Smoked Canibis (dedicated to Christopher Hitchens:})

I like koinonia. Makes me wish I had some. Weed, that is. So that means joint sharing, you say? :}You can always count on an apostate to give you a convenient interpretation :}And what things are you burning in the back of the church? I got more than 6 suitcases, one of em is yours. Don't you just love Aesopian. Complete deniability.. except.. oh no.. the weblogs..  don't worry, someone would have to actually want to read and understand to figure that one out :}Can you say, plausible deniability. I can't. I admit everything. It's more fun to see the looks on people's faces when God turns it around. :} Told you I don't hate you :}

Leonard Nimoy - Twinkle, Twinkle Little Earth

Bonnie Raitt -  Something to Talk About

I must be in a good mood today :}Don't tell anyone, I'm supposed to be mean and angry and nasty, you know. One of those is true.. can you guess which one? :}

Kenny Loggins - You Don't Know Me

Karla Bonoff - Personally

Donald Fagen - IGY

Pretty soon, I'm gonna start recording this book, and see how well gorilla tape works on teeth... that ought ot be pretty. Then I'm pulling it and going on a long camping trip. Squirrels like it when I talk to them

Ray Stevens - Mississippi Squirrel Revival

I wonder if what's her name ever figured out the French thing is a joke about the Addams Family. :} Maybe she was too young for that. It's amazing what sensory and sleep deprivation make you think of . She said it was about "the weirder people watching". So are you guys just trying to get me to say things I can't prove, or are you trying to force me to prove it. See the thing is, I don't have to prove anything aout her. I'll just show the Al Gore Obama video and my weblogs, and a the Democratic National Convention, and Cindy McCain's perverted remarks about the beginning of time... and everything anybody says to refute it will look like a criminal in a conspiracy. Wonderful how that works out. God does turn the tables. ANd it is about records. Criminal records. If it really comes down to being about proveability with her, it's fine with me. I don't think it'll work too well with God, though, but it seems to me, God was never a consideration in her involvement unless you consider Obama God. It's pretty obvious. Any other questions?

I'm in a good mood today, and I think she and all of you are rediculously ludicrous and laughable. So I make jokes about your perversion. Who knows, maybe one of you will wake up and act like humne people. I doubt it, but ya never know. ANd I'm not trying to save any of your souls.. you've made yourselves pretty clear about the evil you represent and do... I don't know what God will do with ya, but as far as I'm concerned, you're worthless pieces of trash.

I'm not picking on her anymore than I pick on Keith or the other perverts doing this to me. if you didn't want to be mentioned, you shouldn't have committed the crimes. Is that too simple for you? My commitment to not mention your name was to protect someone presenting themselves as a friend in God. Not a lying murderer.  So I guess this means you're going to admit you're tapped into psychotronics.. I wasn't going to push that point cuz I can't prove it, but it doesn't matter to me if you want to make more mistakes out of desperation. It's like I said, you're not really a guileful person, and that's why it doesn't work out for me anymore than using guile works for me, that's why I don't bother even trying that. It doesn't work for me, never does, never did.. I'd say God said long ago, Chuck you're not gonna take shortcuts and cheat. And everytime I did, I got caught or embarrassed. So I stopped. Did osme things later on when I gave up on my life and thought I'd make a stab in the world of the guiled... didn't work. Glad it didn't. Didn't attually want itto. Circumstances ya know. Not a good excuse, but the reason nonetheless. No, I don't condemn anyone in that world. Not a bit. We al have influences and ut own psychological profiles. I could tell you volumes about yu with justa coupld more facts. ANd I choose not to use esp cuz psychotronics can alter what comes through. ANd sure claim that's an admission of disorientation.. I dare you... That's why no matter what I'm told through psychotronics, I don't believe it until I check it out and it all rings true. You know where I live, you know what a deposition is. ANd it's not about criminalization, it's about trust, and I have no reason to trust you. Exactly the opposite, as a matter of fact. I don't care if you save yourself. Thta's between you and GOd. Good or bad, all I am is the guy picked to be kicked around to be the final proof to God about how sick you all are. This time around anyway. And the appraisal is almost complete. Action is next. And all you apostates who tell people GOd is powerless without people will be proven to be the self-serving liars you are.

Can you believe it.. send $900 to reserve your end times financial stake from God. Can you believe that crap? ANd you're no better. You'r eonly on tv to prove your loyalty to your benefactor, appease your congreegation and present the goody two shoes image you want while, most importantly, collecting  money from the tcv and broadcast audiences. I know marketing.I know what you're doing. Pretyy smart if you actually knew anything about marketing. And no, you don't know what I really think of you. You just want an excuse to be mad at me and so you can claim I"m being vindictive toward. If I was vindictive, you'd be in jail right now because I d have the evidence, and a witness. All I do is connect dots, and you're a dot in my circumstances. You made yourself that, not me. I know you'r edesperate, that's your fault, not mine. I gave you every opportunity to come clean. This psychotronic argument is over. A lot of good, smart, talented people are involved in some very sick things. You're one of them. Not my fault. I wish it never happened, foryoursake. I actually feel sorry for you. I think you got roped into something .But your silence is the proof of your guilt. And you can claim this is an indication of my insanity all you want. 700 witnesses. WHo are people going to believe. That's why you were the perfect setup for the DNC and CNN... they knew they had you with the Skull and Bones plan and your background.. either way, dialectic, they had you coming and going..  these government guys don't miss a trick. The likelihoood is, no matter what happens, your life is going to be manipulated by psychotronics, and they'll wait very patiently as they manipulate your going bankrupt, and when you cna no longer hit the tv airwaves, they'll destroy you personally, when they know you are no longer a threat. But you're the weakest link they have, but just like me, they said they'd torutre me til I dided unless I proved their crimes. They'll do the same to you. That's what they do for a living, and yes they are that ruthless, and they could care   less who they destroy. Ask Arlen Specter.  They really did a number on him.

ANd then, read the reports from the witnesses. If you don't believe me, ask all the people in the world who unfortunately have become aware of their torture, made worse by people making them aware they'r ebeing tortured. Live with that, then call yourself a minsiter of God, but don't ever call yourself a courageous Christian again. ALl you were in the matter is a pawn and an apostate, and you simly need to accept that part of yourself. You can fool the public, you can act real cool. But God knows. ANd Idon't really know or actually think that truly matters to you, but you're the only who can prove that one way or the other. Let the bad be bad, let the good be good, let them prove themselves. That's all I can do. And the proof is pretty simple and abvious. Arguing your way out of this isn't going to help or work, cause the only thing that's true is the truth.. I'm always willing to hear it from a real person, but time's about up.

Better get some new wine glasses. I hear yours are broken. I'm really looking forward to you guys using the sexual obsession thing. that'll be really funny. You'll make yourselve s look like such fools. I always rememebr pptiching to my best frined in pee wee league.. we were both laughing s o hard I couldn't get the ball over the plate. I finally had to get serious and throw a stike or walk him. It'll be difficult for me if this goes to court, cause I'll want to laugh all the time qhile questioning people like DObbs and Olbermann.  I really do have a good sense of humor, and who knows if people will ever understand why I laugh at the psyops, on a spiritual level anyway.  Me and the Lieutenant.. is that the best you can throw at me?

And just for the record.. I don't enjoy people playing tricks on me at all.. I know Kyra tried to make that out, and that's why I looked up coyote in a lore book that was used by her in the context of a jokester who like to have people play tricks on them.. and how I learned about the thing about luring people, dogs, put to the bushes to be attacked. People aren't going to have a hard time envisioning you with the image of being a coyote. That's another way they set you up. But if you think you can use this to vindicate yourself by saying that I explained your mess, always remember, you made choices, you committed crimes, crimes I'm still suffering the results of. I don't know what to tell you, except I feel sorry for you, and for many reasons wish none of this happened. You have no idea how much I wish you'd never gotten involved. But you did. I don't play games with people. If you expect me to somehow vindicate you, stop harassing me and wasting my time and working wiht htem to make me look insane.. which is the only thing this is about, and I know it and you know it. I have no desire to vindicate McVeigh in any way, but he told the truth about his implant and psychotronics. So did Ira Einhorn. He's been suffering for decades. ANytime you think this is about me, feel free to continue rationalizing. It was made into being aboout me for the sole purpose of making it seem like I was a radical and mentally ill. It'll backfire.,Too much evidence/ WHich take sus back to why they're killing me, and why they'l l do the same to you. It's just what they do. They are true socipoaths, otherwise they wouldn't have been picked for their jobs, THat's the reality you'd better accept soon... becuase your life's on the line,whether you know it or not, and I can't assist you anymore. I wanted to. I tried. Look what you did to me for my care.

Back to being in a good mood...

Michael Franks - Your Secret's Safe With Me

I love this song...

Michael Franks - You Were Meant For Me

Kenny Loggins - Why Do People Lie

Edwin Hawkins Singers - Oh Happy Day

Nice edit on the body and soul medley, by the way. BTW, it's a shame. Iloked at yourchurch grounds and thought to myself, it's too bad I won't be around. I could make this place look really pretty. Ya need to clean the fountain too. It looks really gross. So much for saving America. Bet that one was a laugh to record.

Neil Young - Heart of Gold

Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 07 - Prince Of Peace

Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 12 - Masters Of War (Old Masters)

Alright let's put it one more way that you normal sickos can understand... let's say you're in prison for 6 years, and no one knows it, no one will help you, doctors are purposely doing medical things to you that harm you, you're being raped and harassed for 6 years, 24/7/365.. and this person comes on tv, a minister, talking about things that make you believe your life is going to be saved and that the torture is going to end finally, mercifully, after wondering for years why these sickos don't just show a little mercy and kill you, and this minister comes on and they let you know they know you're improiscone don the basis of political and religious freedoms, and then they taunt you and make jokes and laugh aty you.. originally, I was excited about the contact with intellignece about something I cared deeply about God, and I didn't know why you didn't contact me directly, but I accepted that you made contact the way you could.. and then I proceeded to be a sbusinesslike as I could be.. only to be taunted and set up and more...

Anyone who could blame me as a human, let alone a sevant of God, for trusting a minister and for being excited at the prospect of freedom, even more, the end of the torture, I would have, at that time, given evrything I had to show my appreciation and to honor, just like the Bible said I would, just like any normal person would. ANd I thought, this means the work of God will go forward, that billions of people will be relievd of suffering, that the kingdom of God would be a reality instead of a concept, and that the evil people would be kjailed... sure I was excited, and you fed me lies and contradictions and more to make sure I knew that I was trapped.. you were   the perfect touch on a dialectic to totally destroy my morale and faith in CHristians and the goodness of people and iut didn't work, because I'm not the fool you think I am, I am not sex obsesses which must be a real disappointment to someone like you who thinks their body is the key to their success in life, and that they can manipulate men with it. I was manipulated by you using the word of God as the instrument of your deception.. wannna get me going again. Leave me alone. Ratinalizine yourself to your God Barack Obama. Go worship the Dalai Lllama like your friends at CNN want you to do... works for me.. at least he's  agood man.. better than having people following Chrisitan apostates.

Looks like I'm being worked by two people today.

Psyops guys: ALl I have to say is sure, I feel anger, and the more you totry to convince me that she's innocent, the more I'll hold my ground. Not to be mean, but to make sure she ends up in the hot seat where she belongs.. she made her choices.. she betrayed an lied to GOd.. that's all I actually care about, because I know God will deal with her just like he'll deal with you.

Now.. think you can turn this into an example of schizophrenia.. go for it.. 700 winesses.. 2 articles in the Washington Post. ANd you'll say... he thinks he's talking to God and it's a psyop guy. Chuck's a phony.. except I'm not you know it, and that's part of why GE will no longer exist, ampex all the rest.. the connections become too clear going back to the 50's. You people don' tstand a chance when the truth is told.. I know that's why you want me dead or homeless.. works for me.. all you'll do is cause the citizens to kill you. ANd they have a right to do so, because they have a right to defend themselves. You all put yourselves in that position. that's why you have 800 detention/extermination camps.  You can fool the citizens, and you can kill me, but you can't fool God and I don't care if you believe in HIm or not. If you don't believe in God, why are you working so hard to defeat Him?

The righteous seek only good, the wicked expect wrath. You guys think you're really smart, all you are is arrogant, deluded, and short-timers in God's eyes. Dead enders. And you'll take lots of apostates with you to appease your sense of righteousness in hell. Good luck with that.

Here's the song I decided later should have gone with that special note

Billy Preston - Nothing From Nothing

He may have birthed you.  Iwas supposed to put you through finishing school. Oh well.

10:44 This edition of psychotronic interviews brought to you by...

So, it's been an interesting day, these conversations with the psychotronic guys. They say I shouldn't mention them cuz it makes me sound nuts.. I say I'm doing it because I  want people to know about psychotronics.. and I'm confident about my ability to make the case for its existence and use in any legitimate court not using national secrets excuses to cover Obama's tail...

So the subject for the moment is my response to "ya don't like strong women cuz they're hip to your tricks"... here's the real answer to that one, and it's more complex than you might think. And this may sound like one of those blowing your own horn things and it makes me uncomfortable..

So, Carly  SImon' sYou're SO Vain made me feel a tad guilty.. I hear  music, I listen to the words, I apply them tomy life.. like each one's an inquiry. I didn't change my ways for that song. I just acknowledged, as a 17 year old tenager, that except for th escarf, that song could've described me. I was conceited or anything, I just liked nice clothes and stuff like any other kid, except I liked to be a little moe like in coordinated outfits and more adult lloking somehow, anyway... I didn't realize this stuff til about an hour ago..

I obviously appreciate strong women or I wouldn't be in favor of equalizing the male dominated order as well as the economic an social orders today.

The deal is: define strong. In leadership, we tend to define strong people as those who can make deals in the backroom, and basically, succeed whatever it takes, legal or not, an even applaud those who get away with crime. We call strength the  ability to spin/lie faster and better than someone else. Manipulation and games and all that.. I really have a great disdain for it. Most people end up calling that stuff strength. I think it's the epitome of weakness...  ANd that goes for men and women.. it's like in so many group meetings wehre the person who talks loudest and is most skilled at interrupting other people end up getting their way because everyone else gets tired of fighting it.

Self confidence, not arragonce, healthy self-esteem and the ability to observe and correct oneself, humility toward others, the willingness to stand firm in principles and values... those things are strength. It's like when I said it's rare to find a person in a powerful position who hasn't gotten so taken with themselves in one way or another that their entire identity becomes derived from their image as someone with power.. resulting in a way of being that is actually narcissistic, come to think of it. It's like how I talked about never losing the basic person you are if famous, like how I wanted to have life grounded in family before taking on anything in public life so that I would be that person, and have a reason to be that person, like being a good example to my kids and a good husband, not in image, but in reality, knowing that would also make me a better public servant, performer, whatever I ended up   doing.

That stems from something else, and I have to believe it's that I grew up where I did and how I did. Country, chores, responsibility, sisters, what I'm getting at is in alot of stuff in the country, you do things, and you have to do them right or it could cost you your life or severe injury.. so you just do it, and do it conscientiously. Out of that, you gain a confidence in knowing that what you do works because it has to.

So, I had a good share of that kind of stuff in my background, and I confident and had good self-esteem, and I have to say, looking back,   I can't think of too many times in high school when I thought about comparing myself to others, as in, am I ok, maybe about styles and stuff but... not as a person...   and when I look back at those days, the things I was involved in , the elections I won, sports, speech, theater radio...a lll that stuff.. I remember one day looking at the people in fromt of the school - at their clothes... they were all wearing stuff emulating me. Cowboy hats, shades, riding boots.. I just grinned, cause it wasn't the first time I saw that happen...  That time made it a  pattern. And I didn't think any more of it.

When I left Borland, I was shocked how many people wanted to go to lunch, have dinner, etc when I left... I liked them too.. and the point was, I didn't think too much about how people viewed me, but apparently they liked. I may even have been popular in high school, I don't know. :} I just thought I got along with everybody. Except a couple teachers apparently. One teacher said "it looks like the things you did in high school are finally catching up to  you." I still don't know what that could mean. Anyway...

Anyway.. the point is.. it wasn't that I was up to any tricks. I don't like hanging around people who pass the time by impressing each other with lots of info that no one really cares about. I don't like competitivie conversations, especially not in personal relationships, and I particularly don't like relationships on a personal level with women who have some idiosyncracy about domination, like, they have to dominate to feel safe, or to compensate for soemthing that has them project their insecurities on me. In other words, I like equality in everything,and it's hard to find people who fully appreciate the nuances of that... most people who try to manipulate me in some way, and think they do then chalk it up as a tactic like "ok, that one works on him". All they do is cause me to  decide basically, is that I don't want to be around people like that in my private "utopia" if you will, in other words those people who I would be intimate with or want to be in business with.

So.. long ago.. because as one woamn put it, I'm easy to be with.I like being that way. I like for people to feel comfortable with me because it lets people be who they are, not having to be "on" in any way.  Now, all the thing sI did in school, and even since, are the kinds of things that some people are impressed with, and in personal life, I don't make a big deal of thos ethings because frankly, it's just what I do. ANd sure, when I was younger, if I wanted to impress a girl, I'd say something to impress her. Like doing ESP tricks:} and so I heard that lyric, and felt a little guilty. But the truth is, in looking back, in the definition of strength that I don't like..

The games people play with each other amaze me sometimes, the selfish games people play with loved ones and know they hurt the other person but still do it because they get what they want... it's all the stuff about dominance and submission. The truth is, if there was an element of truth to it... the truth is then I supposedly wouldn't like strong women, not because they're hip to my tricks, cause I really don't play games in relationships.. I'm hip to their tricks. And this really isn't about women, it's the same exactthing for me with men.

Its' kind of like crying. You wanna say I'm a wimp because I cry, cool. I say, I'm healthy and normal and whole, and you're the one unhealthily suppresses you anguish resulting in your sometimes bad behavior toward loved ones..

Now, do I wanna my life suppressesd and irrational because someone says guys should act a certain way. Or do I wanna live naturally, fully and as a whole person, psychologically and emotionally, like God made me? I choose God. And I choose people who actually want to be, no games, no tricks, and knowing how to apologize when they do.

Of course, the other of people and my so called tricks are things like writing music and sending flowers. WIth me and songs, I don't thing of songs as that big a deal cause I write em, I don't write them to impress anyone, they're for me to say something.. I like to send flowers cuz they're beautiful and maybe I thought of someone and sent em.. one time I sent soemone flowers, and I got back a poem about the concept of "buying a woman's heart".. and all I could think was, this person doesn't know me because if I thought someone thought that, I'd never buy em anything at least until they realized I would never want to do that or the relationship was beyond the idea that she needed to be "bribed" in such a way.. cuz I just don't play games, especially when dealing with someone else's heart.

I like strong women.. just like I like anyone with strong character and intelligent reasoning on the important thing.s. and to me, the first part of that is treating every person who lets you, like someone you really care about, who knows you care and that they can rely on you caring.. and I'm talking way deeper than casual friendship... and I'm not inferring strings, either. But  I mean like truly treating people, being,  like they were my family. Truly. With boundaries, appropriately... I'm amazed sometimes at the things people tell me, people I've never met telling me all sorts of things, and if I'm proud of anything in this world, it's that for some reason, people open up to me and trust me and feel safe.

Anyway.. I don't know if that actually explains what that was about...  but the answer really is that I just do and have done the things I do..  I don't get impressed with myself for it, it's  just what I do. Not that I don't hope I have an impact and of course at times I like to know people appreciate things..  and in terms of a special friend in my life, I would hope that  they would be strong enough in themselves, to really know themselves that well, that we could have a relationship where you could leave all that usual stuff that goes on in the world outside the door, cause there's nothing to defend, just be. And that's got nothing to do with being passive, boring or acting like an adult all the time, whatever that means.

5/10/2009 - 11:29 I really hate this psychotronics stuff. I make light of it, and, like the last few days, I go along with it, concerned aboout I know how it looks, but then, realizing that this stuff either gets stopped or I'm dead anyway, or at the very least, don't have a life of my own to liv ein any way, always having to fight it off... I noticed that the common denominator of the people who say hi to me.. they all have xm antennas...

So, part of the reason I answer these psychotronic questions is because I unfortunately know people are trying to round out their knowledge of me, for good or bad, sometimes just to get  a deeper psychological profile to use against me.. your tax dollars at work..

For the record, part of the psyop going on that you'd only know about by reading the book is the psyop to cause me to feel bad for never getting the one thing  in this world that I wanted most. Just wanted to let the psyops guys kand others to know I knew what they were up to. 

Last night I heard about a nun Ihope the psyop guys wil allow email from who is 82 years old, thought her life was handled til she died, and basically just got laid off by the catholic church. She talks about Augustine - someone some people tried to get me to study many years ago - briefly looked at it all - one more guy of interest - anyway - affirmations from out of nowhere - speaking a whole lot of stuff that I do, and some things I was concerned to bring up until I actually had done the research necessary to be sure my gut feelings on things weren't the result of psychotronic influence to mislead you or just cause me to make wrong judgments about things. Stuff certain fallen angels could have told me in their sleep. I don't mind taking controversial positions but I don't like to do so without being certain it makes sense on the material plane.

BTW - My prediction about something coming overhead at the inauguration happened.. apparently.. according to some Youtube footage I saw.. if it wasn't phony. I'm just glad it wasn't hostile, cuz it had me scared for a while..

Oh yeah. I really didn't know anything. I don't research people often, and I really don't like all the commentary.. it's like reading an article that only includes 1 fact, and the rest is derisive opinion for the sake of sensationalism. The Miss America references were because of words spoken by the source, and none of that was intended to  be inferential of anything except honoring that person' s commitment.

Oh yeah. The other thing I was told when the psychotronics started  overtly, other than it woul d countinue until I died unless I proved it, was that in order to prove it, I'd have to be willing to expose everything nasty, tawdry detail of my life because they set me up to do certain things for the sole purpose of discrediting me, and also why I had to make sure that what I was focused on was the greater purpose, because my life was just one more life, in a world of people suffering, and their freedom and release was and mine were linked.. so even if I could get away myself, I'd still as part of the same moral imperative  with which I started this work, have to continue until the job was complete. Theere's a great deal of satifaction along with the understandable disappointment of believing it really took giving my life to make it happen. I had no idea the government was doing these things to people, and especially on this massive scale. I don't know how I could have done much differently, given that these things were going on my whole life, and I didn't know. Still, I don't really have any particular regrets about the manipulations that occurred over the years.. none of which I could prove except if people knew what's been going oon the last 6+ years, proveable, they'd see the patterns reaching back over the years as I finally have.

There is one other thing I want to say for the record, today. All the swearing and stuff, foul language on this site.. there may be times when I hit my thumb with a hammer or something when I'd swear and stuff... or if I was around people using that language, I'd pick it up, just like I pick up accents and language.. but I can guarantee you that everytime it occurs on this web site, it's because of psychotronics, and I lef tit online to demonstrate and provide anecdotal evidence of psychotronics, as well as expressing my rage to certain people, especially when I was given information of things done to members of my family, including the likely murder of my father by the people behind this life of psyops, tricks and traps. The politicians I've cussed at, the media people.  Ministers. Information given to me to upset me at just the perfect itmes to make sure I was angry or grieving right when I could have made the greatest difference, tipping points, just like the glndale psyop.. that's what that was all about.

So I actually do apologize for the offense cause by that language.. I certainly wouldn't want people to see that as an example of a good way to be. But it's most certainly an example of the extremes people are driven to by these evil people, how rage turns into hostile expressiona nd the rippling effects can never be good, regardless of the righteousness of the feeling of rage, regardless of how its expressed, because it breeds and perpetuates the very hostility these evil people se to manipulate you to fight wars and continue to tbelieve their campaign promises and lies..

It's all these influences that turn people bad, and they don't even know it. But it's the people in leadership who ifluence the masses who ALL the responsibility for the evil in the world, their apostasy and hypocrisy that has made the world what it is, despite the technology and wisdom provied in the true will ad Words of God.

Never fforget that He is ALmighty, and just and compassionate and always caring,a nd that my life is commited to HIm and His work, whatever that means, under any and all conditions. Never forget that, because if you do, then I will truly know that know little or nothing about me. And if you're ever concerned about my intentions and motivations, aways know that as turth, because anything else is a projection of your own guile. And I want nothing to do with that.

God says that those doing His work will not do so in secrecy and with deception. Being stratightforward and honest and candid works, that's why God knew it was more important for humanity - truth - than anything else. I agree with Him. It works.  That's why my choice was to work for Him, long ago. And I may not have lived my life in some "Biblical context", but "ve bene saving souls all my life, little by little, issue by issue, person by person, one laugh and tear at a time.. in my own way.. God's way.. and even now I see itmore as being someone giving people permission to be who they are.. that really is what Jesus' teachings were about.. because when we're that, without the fear and evil causing our beings.. I"ll let you think about that...

You say you want a leader but you can't make up your mind... Reverend Culwell said he'd know it was time for the second coming when we all had the same vision in our minds.. I  say we do.. the citizens do.. peace, trust, families all the things everyone wants and needs.. global peace and abundance for all. It's theleaders and apostates ausing the harm, adn we need to acknowledge and accept that and move forward appropriately.

I will will only pray that whtever my work is for or worth to anyone, that it will at least be one more message that God can depend on was delivered, to whomever it was supposed to reach.

God Bless.


5:10pm - More thoughts.. went down to the harbor just to get a breath of fresh air, and I put out my hand to this dog who sort of jumped towrd me. THe owner was afraid the dog lunged at me, but I knew we'd made contact and the dao was just happy that somone new wanted to love him. Jasper. I love dogs, they're like that. :}

Anyway... a discussion ensure regarding the way I taught someone to make friends with dogs, and I realized that I've always use the same method with people in a way, and I've also always known it was why people misjudge me becaus eof my more quiet or seemingly passie approach.

Back when I was a little kid, I got bit by a little tiny dog, and it hurt and all, but I never understood why it would do that, and I was afraid, and I didn't want to be afraid of dogs. So, somewhere along the way, I heard a dog trainer talk about how they're afraid because we're so much bigger,  and that if you kneel down or put yourself in a submissive position, in other words, make the animal feel safe that you have no intent to attack them, and they were in the dominant position, that they would trust you... and it works for me every time, which is cool, because I can't remember a dog I haven't been able to make friends with. I've even used it to take dogs known to be mean, used by owners to threaten people, who did it to me and I totally disarmed their sense of power in the moment they thought they were frightening by making friends with their dog.

I don't think of people as dogs at all, but the paradigm, the pattern and way that I realized I operate with, is to allow people to feel in control or at least equal, without judgment or sterotype, and allow them to  show me who they are. And often, the side they show me is different than the side they show most people, because they know I"m not looking for ways to gain advantage and I"m always looking for ways to make things better, whatever that means.

It also, unfortunately, reveals their ulterior motives, for personal gain or simply generated by the experiences of their being, their self-defense and survival instincts.. can't blame people for that, but it can mean, at least in this world, a need to determine workability.

That lead me to thinking about.. God is perfected in us, we are perfected in Him...


God is perfected in us, we are perfected in Him...

I really believe in what I said in How the Kingdom works, and I know, just like me, people fall by the wayside from time to time and things happen, but I honestly believe God makes very good lemonade, and the surprise is how even though things get messed  up and people do and don't meeet, and consciousnesss does and doesn't occur, the audactiy of God is to take the adversity and make the bread of adversity and just face it head on. That's why, if I have to expose every detail of my life, fair or not, so what. Is it an example of me, or an example of the influences that people need to notice...?

And again God is perfected in us, we are perfected in Him...

I had to chuckle, seeing how everything is reciprocated in one way or another, equal and opposite reaction as well as synchronicity and interconnectedness in the matrix of God, how I would say I was to send someone to finishing school, and realizing that I was seeking  a person to finish me, in a different way than I suppose typical behavior and processes would suggest.. or what yo u guys call finishing me... and it's all par tof what I believe God  sets up in His weird ways... and why I was supposed to experience everything imageinable so I could understand and defend it whenever and wherever necessary. I love it and I hate it. Yet, here we all are in the world together, truly at a whole host of crossroads to choose from.. and I know GOd will either provide the person to cast me into the ocean in whatever way is supposed to work, or He won't if it isn't time. ANd I think God doesn't tell me what He's cooking up cause then the bad guys would know. Sittin in limbo...

So anyway, I've said what I've said about people involved and I never  waiver from what I believe in   in those contexts.. it doesn't mean I'm happy about it or that it doesn't provide evidence for more serious "reformation", jail time, whatever it translates to. For me what's more important is what it all means to the New World... ANd relieving people o fthe burdens they don't even know exist, which are the burdens making their lives difficult.

Finally in this sitting, I want to say that I actually really do love  constructive criticism, having full discussions with people I disagree with but not in confrontational ways, but in ways that deepen understanding, provide greater perspective or enliven the spirit. Never being about right or wrong, but possibilities, sharing understanding and appreciating.. It's fun.

So if I"m ever around, and you think I'm too passive or "spacing out" on you, understand that what I'm actually doing is listening to every word you speak knowing I'm engaging in a specific conversation with you, all the while examining all the possibilites and potentialities of what generates what you're speaking experientially and spiritually and emotionally - always seeking what I could bring to the table to empower you. I am never passive. Never. :} But I don't fight windmills either. Nor do I desire to force anyone to seek my advice or see things my way. And I don't want anyone to do things just because I say so. I've found few peoplew who understood the true implications and potentials and harms of dominance and submission, and fewer still who were responsible with it in terms of influencing people and being in the face of having authority and power... But whe I have, it was great, just great, and it's finding people like that from time to time that's inspired me to continue having faith that such relationships, that such a world was actually possible..

I've never been the kind to walk around saying "peace" and stuff.  I guess I did when I was a teeenager, but it was the fashion.. And I've kept my feelings and preferences close to my chest.. as in keeping your cards concealed... because I didn't think I had the right to require otheres to live the way I chose to... and I think that's appropriate.. like respecting a woman's choice not to date or have sex or things like that..   But the essence of that whole idea, a world focused on empowerment, not competition has always been soemthing i believed in and even though I didn't distinguish all the things that allow it, I understood completely how to begin it. And what to do with it as it developed. But I think big. Always have.

It's pretty ominous to find out what God wants you to do, and realize it's importance without getting all puffed up, but looking to see how to fulfill it... understanding and appreciating the opportunites to do things.. and at the same time, know the final decision of what to do is not only maybe not known, but that your purpose may not ultimately be called upon. No wonder I laugh all the time. Okay whatever, God.

I got a couple new chapters in mind I'm told I shouldn't write because it's a little too racey... makes  me want to do it. :}

Ten CC - Worst Band In The World_live

So I figure the psyops guys have now been provided tons more ammo for doing psychological attacks, and the  next coyote.. sorry to put it that way.. can't wait to see what they throw at me  :} whoever you may or may not be, just know I'll check you out thoroughly and if ya mess with me, God'll get ya' :} ANd I'll have fun collecting the evidence, cause I have nothing better to do., It's actually fun to watch psyops people make such fools of themselves anymore. And it's really obvious when you're looking for it. :}

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Bad Reputation

Elton John - Love Song

5/11/2009 7:55am - THis will be interesting.. I'm going to put a couple things on this, and take em off before the web site goes back on line. I'll share this info, but if it ever comes, I'll have more evidence.

1st today.. saw an interesting thing on history channel on the illuminati.. I have to admit, and I wo' t monce words, when I red about the Illuminati, I thought, much of what these people originally believed in I agree with, and very much goes along with th etheory of establishing hte kingdom of God, so I got a little confused until I realized their main weapons were war and deception. Now, given the way the Catholic Church dealt with oppressing science, to that extent, I'm on the Illuminati's side, the church was flat out wrong and there is no good excuse. So I can undestand som eof what has transpired. However, I also find it disturbing that you guys must have known that I would rise above the politics and seek justice even in this matter. Science is incredibly important, just like I'm a big fan of Enoch.

My complaints about the Catholic Church emanate mostly from my belief that as an institution, they too have gotten carried away with their power, and as much as they employ incredibly good and devoted people, and they carry a great deal of the actual messages of God, they have deceived people and by thus doing have nullified their own sanctity as leaders of God's church... more and more I understand why Christ would need to come and cause people to join HIm, not forsaking their churches, but seeking correction... thus forcing the institutions of churches to conform as well. IE Conforming to my body, not me conforming to theirs.

Back when my wife was trying to ge me to join MENSA, for what reason I don't know, particularly because I didn't think I could pass any kind of test like that because intelligencei and knowledge are not the same thing. More than that though was that I read MENSA had started a program to "breed" with each other, believeing it would lead to a superior breed of people, and that's as far as I'll  go with that. If it had just had been abou thte test, I'd have taken it just to see what people believed it meant to be intelligent.

I'm actually not syaing this to be criticial.. the reason some of the most skilled criminals are highly intellignet is becuase the y get bored, and then take themselves too seriously and think they're smarter than anyone else, and they let their abstract thought carry them away into believing they can get away with things because o their intelligence, and that arrogance is what does them in.

It's like serial killers who want to get caught... supposedly...

Now I look at the very little I've read about Scientology and see similarities, and once again, it'slike everybody's right.. what's missing is a mediator.. Wish I'd been around a couple thousand years ago. :}

The one thing I have to disagree with, if it was stated correctly and if its true, is that Knowledge or Science is not the true God. On the other hand, God is knowledge, as well as source for everything else. There is no replacing God. God is a real spirit and being, and not just a story to pacify people. So, because of that and your methods, I have to completely oppose you despite my agreement with many things you all originally agreed with and stood  for... and I'm not interested in destroying the Catholic Church, I am interested in removing the corruption and oppression and apostasy of the institution.

So, for those to whom that is relevant, understand that I'm not against you per se, because as always, I want to hear all sides and then be just in my evaluation of things. ANd in that way, unless you're doing harm, I have no problems with making sure all concepts are included. And I'd be agreeable to darn near anything EXCEPT human cloning.. and the true efficacy of cloning anything should be evaluated based on truth, not desire to be creators.


Telling that story made me wonder if someone who's supposedly concerned about people who are obsessed with her have people obsessed with her because of psychotronics and psyops, which would explain a number of observations. If that suspicion is true, my "outing" will attract the other people, and I'll question them. Just like what will happen about psychotronics.

On eo fthe more interesting notes in my mother's Bible, that show the "double cross", is where in the minister's notes it says apostates will claim Christ has already come again. there are lots of ways to actually make that claim, but in the true story f the son of man declaring the officila second coming, the fact is, if you believ ethe son of man in this context IS Christ before becoming, and it is, and if things don't work out well in this life (for the purposes of my life) then next time, it would be said that the second coming had already occurred. Then it's all about interpretation that serves the elders who created the interpretations, and not God. Politics in religion. Just doesn't work. But the dialectic guys could make Lehaye out of it... :}

This Nun form Mary Kroll has me intrigued. What caught my ear most was her assertion that Christianity is not  a religion. Alot more though... ANd I don't think she was just disgruntled.. it sounded mor eto me like someone devoted to God who joined and went along with the church because it was the closest thing available to facilitate her. ANd now she regrets her going along because she believed much of the dogma was invalid and corrupt, giving the power to the church and dishonoring, if not circumventing, because of politics or simple human corruption, God's will.

I ended up reading Romans some mor elast night.. I think the chapter were 9 through 11.. interesting stuff. About forgiveness.. there's one part in Romans that says eveyone will be judged as "bad" and so all will be foriven. When Jesus said, forgive them, that's what happened. That's very diferent than the seocndc coming. Once the Son of Man is inserted into reality, the paradigms don't repeat themselves, we do move forward, and go to the conclusion... the cycle is broken. We're not doing it again, even if that means the next thing is my death and the spirit of Christ being in someone else, which is fine if that's what God has in mind.. God, not you guys.

I came to the conclusion long ago, realizing the paradigms of the Bible were transportable based upon the paradimgs established by the current ruling power, not specific nation names, and although Israel is still at the center of the reality created signifying end times and more, the true armageddon that wil occur, even if Israel is involved as the focal point, is the downfall of the United States.. which is why the son is waking up in America.

Like I beleived in my gut, the Bible says basically that ISrael broke the covenants with God, so why should God honor His promise. The real covenant was with the remnant more than anyone, and the remnant, those sealed to God as good people, are still very much alive, and they will come forward. The CIA says it only takes 1% of a population to control the citizens. That means it takes less than 1% to control the CIA and other intel agencies who have betrayed America against their oaths and serve corrupt politicians who hire socipaths to do their criminal acts.. that's why they give those people test of their psychological profiles... get sick people to do sick stuff. Imagine how easy it would be to have the good agents bust the bad ones... not even necessarily as criminals, but as people who don't belong in law enforcement, and maybe in need of psychological counseling. These guys knew they were breaking the law, and had a requirement to disobey illegal orders. The fact that Obama wants to protec tthese criminals on the basis of maintaining a good relationship with them becaue the government needs them.. tells me the government is concelaing criminality right there. And criminality that benefits them, otherwise, why would the government continue to employ criminals like this? ANd you intel guys know I'm only talking about a small percentage of you.

The most interesting part of the story of Israel in Romans was clarifying that Jesus' crucification was not necessarily required until Jesus got ot the point of not being able to come up with a more impactful course than martyrdom and when HIs anguish became too great. And, that Israel basically blew it by not accepting Jesus.. if they had, this world would be a different place right now, by choice. At that moment, Jesus became the stumbling block to humanity as a stumbling block, not an obstacle, because the rejection of Jesus caused humanity to stumble...

At this moment, I want to state for my own reasons, that regardles of what happens to me, I am not giving anyone authority or permission to be my proxy, stead or second, because I don't believe I've met anyone with the strength and courage to actually deliver God's word without first protecting themselves, thus, once again, perverting God's word. Is that clear. And if I have to put that in a  will, then I will. If you steal it, you're betraying God. And I won't ordain anyone to do that. And if anyone believes I've given them that permission, consider it revoked. Ya gotta have something if you wanna be with me.

Finally, regarding the music.. I think it was interesting ploy to try to get me distracted by persuing a music career instead of doing what I'm doing, knowing full well I'm completley  blacklisted and would have spent my life accomplishing nothing. Maybe with some other person more interested with wealth and fame it would have worked. Sure, it would be fun to be  aperformer. ANd if the work for God goes well, I will be as an adjunct to the ministry. I hate to disappoint you guys, but as useful as fame could be, I know you would have denied it,  and I'm just not impressed with myself in a narcissistic way, so that kind of thing doesn't work for me. I odn't compromise on stuff that really matters.

I think that's enough for now. Enjoy. And know, if it was up to me, I'd forgive everyone and just play it cool.. and I suppose to a degree it is up to me, but the fact is, you can't actually forgive people for ongoing crimes, not forgiveness in terms of absolution, because the sin continues unabated. That's what gets it classified as evil. And why the evil doers must be removed from the kingdom.

Praise the wisdom of God, His true mercy for sinners and the sealed alike, for His mercy will be given to all in His own ways, in His own time, with justice and with a purpose that will be fulfilled. And remember, justice is not really a punitive system, it is being. It shall be done.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeannie C Riley - Harper Valley PTA

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Peter Gabriel - Up - 03 - Sky Blue

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Maxine Nightingale - Right Back Where We Started From

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ohio Players - Love Rollercoaster

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Ribbon In The Sky

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 04 - My Soul Remembers

I keep thinkin, I wish  I could just snap my fingers, and have everyone wake up and go, I was who  in my previous lives? Me? Like, I could up a poster, Missing: Mary, aka Eve... :} Sort of one of those beginner' s guide to the afterlife thing.. people forgetting their names } I don't like that idea. I wanna remember. :} Makes the new body thing much more appealing :}

BTW If anyone wants to know the truth about how Kallman's Syndrome actually affects people, and it really isn't a big deal, there is a forum online somewhere from England with I think around 10,00 people who are aware of it.. something like that.. you'll find the only thing people really talk about is the current form of hormones that can be taken - not psych problems or anything else. The literature on the meds has been changed in the last 10 years, and I'll be glad to argue the finer points of it because I did research it long ago, and the supposed contradindications now are BS. Given the manufacturer patent holder of the meds, I consider the literature change another form of enforcing eugenics. Meanwhile, maybe someday I'll get the title on my Camaro back.. from Key bank/The Carlyle group... they did illegal stuff to me in collections on it when I wasn't even behind in payments. I should have sued them instead of filing bankruptcy to get them off my case. And they WERE the reason I did that. I didn't know Key Bank had ties to the Bush Family way back then. And I could have sued them for illegal contact and organized stalking, and now that I think of it, since it was civil rights violations,. maybe I still will. It'll be interesting to see if I can prove that the guy I worked with at Sears is the same guy who worked at the bank in another state and city, and is also the guy who stalked me. Maybe I'll end up owning the Tacoma DOme :} They do good concerts there..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Vusi Mahlasela - When You Come Back - 01 - When You Come Back

So, I think I've wasted enough time asking psychotronic questions.. you have enough ammo. I really only have one thing to say to all you perps, and it's really simple, and no matter what you do I won't back down on this, and I don't care what you do to me. You know where I live, you know what  adeposition is. You won't get any other answer from me. The next fraud you send me will go to jail.

The Bible says you guys will line up the liars against me.. cool. Works for me. The problem for you will be that God doesn't care about hwat proof you have in the material plane, and neither do I really. I know the truth, and you guys will be syaing "I did it to myself" because you did. And I didn't. Final judgment is final judgment. You screwed up, not God. How many thousands of years does it take for you to figure out that God means business. The car's pulling over, and the garbage stops or the vehicle doesn't go any further. You guys wait til the last second and then say, well God we tried. Guess what, God knows ya didn't. Do you really think you can lie to God? It's amazing how stupid you "smart" people actually are. If God is source, where does Lucifer get his power? Nature, equal and opposite reaction always wins. Always. And it's about to happen to you idiots. ANd my peace is not derived from acceptance of death or anything except my faith that God is up to something, and pretty soon, we'll know what it is. ANd you guys lose, and you know it.

And Obama, your health care plan and process is just another fraud.. like Cheney letting the oil companies write energy policy. I know what the whigs are about now, and pretty soon, their interests will collide, and you guys will go to jail. It IS treason, a breach of your oaths and office, and just plain anti-Christ. And the media people are all guilty of perpetrating frauds on a massive scale. And the fun part is when ya claim I'm deluded, I'll say Am I?" Only the guys at CNN and Time-Warner can testify to that... but then you hvae to ask, how would they know.. and then witness after witness after witness.. Like I said, blue carpet, fish tank. I'm not joking. GE... good luck in hell.

2 things were removed, one to protect the innocent, the other to document but not publish things the psyops guys wanted me to say to provide cover for people who are criminals. The fun part is, what was removed? And why he is making note of it? If it ever comes up, and it isn't documented in my other weblogs, it'll be more evidence that my computer is being monitored as I type. Probably by some form of Government software called "Tempest", or through my eyes, which I hope isn't the truth.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Al Jarreau - My Favorite Things

Now the idiots are claiming they'll have me arrested for perpetrating fraud by claiming I"m Jesus :} Except,  what have i said all long? I'd mor than happy to talk to any ministers willing to actually research my life and ask intelligent questions, or look in the scriptures and tell me what to read to prove to me I"m mistaken.. Nobody bothers... not my fault. Can't be more rational about it than I"ve been.  And if they don't want to read the documentation on psychotronics, it's not my problem they're too lazy and don't want to know the truth. If anyone claims that, they're really going to have a problem with countersuits and all.. and of course, Time Warner and GE will be mine quicker.. and then I gotta find someone to run 'em and distribute the money to the people they've harmed and killed over the years...  I knowyou guys have it all rigged so corporations pay fines instead of going to jail, but that will end soon. You're either "citizens" or not. You used the courts to implement that. So now, you're either treated like citizens or not. And regardless, people are committing the egregious civil and human rights crimes.. people need to pay for their crimes. Isn't that what you law guys think when you torture innocent citizens to death? Isn't that what you media guys say when you ruin people's reputations before trials so they can't get a fair jury trial, all based on appearances and innuendo without fact?   Isn't that what you do when you frame good politicians for not going along withthe agenda of the COuncil on Foreign Relations?

Haas... if you thought Iraq was wrong, why did you support it? You're an incredible liar, and you'll go to jail too. Because what you said that night is that you assisted in the perpetration of  a hoax against the American people, as well as being complicit in war crimes against Iraq. Now, if you say you didn't do that, I can't wait to hear how you spin it. ANd let's not forget, the so called front group PNAC was Council on Foreign Relations, and so are the Democrats currently in office (you know the ones who circumvented campaign finanace laws by taking donations from unknown prepaid credit card sources....) There are videos of where those cards were purchased, you know.

Wait til I get the Sheehan video of MSNBC and Nora O'Donnell regarding having a meeting at NBC to report Chavez as a dictator. And then Larence O'Donnell defending CHavez in order to defend Obama. ANd now, Larence is on MSNBC too. That's right guys, another case of "this guy knows too much, so we'd better get him on the team with confidentiality agreements so he won't say things we don't want him to say anymore...

Right Eugene Robinson? If you've heard of the Washington Post, maybe you've heard of Sharon Weinberger.. did you get the email I sent you regarding MSNBC and Time Warner and psychotronics, just a few days before you were hired by MSNBC?

1:54 You guys crack me up. You always have me read stuff after I post extensively. Caught the headline on Marie Claire or whatever. Good for her. Nice cover too for Obama. How's she gonna explain that one? Meanwhile, I hope you know my prayers are with you, and I'm sorry that you have to deal with it. Can't be fun.

The end result is a perfect dialectic, and just like the media guys, crimes have been committed. SO for the psyops guys and media and politicians. I know this is all about distracting me and appearances about her and all that stuff... but it won't fly, a reporter researches things, and yeah, you keep telling me I'll never see the light  of day, and if you do, the only witnesses are impeached. Good thing I believe in God. There' have been plenty of people like me harmed by people like you, ministers like her and the like... God's been keeping track. Given the info I can provide on NBC, there ain't none of them folks who deserve to be free.  They got ya though, just like I said. Wanna bet the bloggers who pushed it have some nearly untraceable link to the perps? I just hope you take note that I went out of my way to stay out of the search engines. I have stories on the media I hope I never have to use to defend myself, cuz I don't like to do things that way. Too many fallen angels.

4:27 The harassment continues. Look, I know you guys set it up so it would look like the only source of contact with me is via the web, and all the background material you have on me has been published. And it's just not true. You've gone to great trouble, especially before i knew about psychotronics, to make me out as crazy or irrational.. had me going for a while... but I'm not the fool you wanted me to look like or be.. tyour dialectics on me ran too long and too many times.. and the patterns are there.

I didn't want to be in this position, having to monitor the news for years to watch the corruption and criminality, watching the media to prove the fraud you'r ecommitting, I never expected politicians to particpate in torturing me, and the last thing I expected was you setting up ministers to lie for you, get me homeless and kill me. So..

There was never anything personal to me, a citizen, speaking out about right and wrong. I thought were laws to protect me, but none of what happened ater 2000 had anything to do with what you people have done ot me over the years, you tried to make it look that way...  I though it was until a year ago.. now it's like I'm the skull and bones secret people in corps and gov't are using to coerce each othe, and th eonly result will be your own incarceration... or going to hell or both.. at this point, as per BIblical instruction, it's fine with me. Ain't personal.

If anyone thinks I enjoy this kind of stuff.  if anyone thinks I enjoy making remarks about any of these people, and have any intention toward any of the, particularly bad intentions, it's only to save my life so I can live my life... whatever that is. So, whenI get excited about these people being taken down or going to jail or anything, it's not vengeance, it's excitement that justice is going to be servd and that billions of people are closer to the end of their suffering. I never asked any of you people to lie, commit crimes or anything else. I won't be happy if yo go to jail. I'm not feeling real good about what's happening to someone who participated in   crimes against, cause I never had any ill will toward them, except that for some reason, they were more than happy to cause my death. Still I"ll feel sorry for you, cuz it didn't have to be this way, and God always turns the tables, and He will this time too... ya reap what you sow.. let the dead bury the dead.

That a minister would particpate in such things is proof of how people can listen but not hear. It's a shame. I wish I had done something wrong to give any of you any justification at all, but we all know that's just me wanting the best for everyone... and of course, in the long run, I"m not responsible for your choices to be criminals.

It's incredibly sad fo rme to see so many talented people become so vile and evil. But you are. You did that not me.

Meanwhile, it's okay Keith.. you live in the past, I'll keep telling people the difference between the past and now, and how people like you pervert the truth in ways that get their children killed...like Turley says, they're not stupid, they're.. what'd he say, criminals, or have no morals or something like that. Sounds about right. How's your girlfriend doing? :} I like my weapons... truth.. you may be armed to the teeth, but so what? Criminals are criinals, and you keep proving it, just like Turley says.

10:04pm Heavy day of psychotronics and DEWS. Really heavy day. So, I ddecided the next pet project I'm going  to include in the book to document psychotronics is to create a small catalog of psychotronic devices that can be purchased over the counter and on the internet, so people can protect themselves, and know that they really do exist. A got an email form th esupport group.. the guy who does bug sweeping, and sells steel rooms to stop dews and psychotronics... $150...  looks good. A new device that has a 50 foot range in a simple littel hand-held device no one would ever see. Might be handy outside a theater, some dark lonely night when someone's being violent with you. Great for women. Better than pepper spray and tasers.

Meanwhile.. the psyop s guys reminded me of another incident tha happened that I can't prove... one night he read a copy of for the wlove of the world that I wrote, knowing I was being heavily hit by psychotronics, and I thought it was funny actually, because they were trying to get me to write thi sthing that made it sound like I was calling for a real holy jihad against the United States or Something. I thought I threw it away because it was that rediculous, but I wanted to follow the psyop through just to see how they were trtying to set me up to look like a militant radical. So one night, Olbermann reads part of it on the air sort of laughing and I didn't have a recorder available... that let me know NBC had a copy of everything on my computer... I have a few mmore stories like this, a few that can be documented. Do you know what a conepuppy is? It's the dog and the grammophone from the old RCA Victor label.. anyway... the people who know why I said that know exactly what it means.... anyway..

In that same time period Paul Tompkins of MTV goes on with Olbermann.. I think I scared him cause I mentioned him in this weblog, and people know, you don't want to be mentioned in this weblog. Paul talks about statring the cosmos.. it was just about then when I started talking about the cosmos alot... anyway, I'd posted in my weblog how I'd sent an email to TOdd Rundgren and one to his wife.. got one back supposedly from his wife acknowledging some things.. appears to have been a bogus email sent to me by a psyops guy... cause the info it stated wasn't correct, about what Rundgren was up to and all, so that's evidence that my email was intercepted by someone and then responded quickly with a bogus reply.. He's so focused.. I wonder if that sponsor knows their ad was used in psyops....

Anyway.. I joked in my weblog  about how, since I put all my music online for him to hear, that I wondered if he'd send me the url for HIS new album (that was supposedly being produced but wasn't) Long ago, I'd mentioned that I thought of Alanis Morrisette as the female TOdd Rundgren. as a side note, I also wrote once about how I"m pretty sure I invented MTV when I was 8 or 9 years old.. I don't care, make no claim to it, but if you knew how MTV came about, you'd probably understand my curiosity about that likelihood.

So Tompkins does the Cosmos line, and the next day, I get an email from MTV giving me the URL for the new Alanis Morrisette album, which hadn't been released yet...  I was spooked. So  now MTV was playing with me. I wasn't on any MTV email lists, to be sure. I have no idea if anyone else got that url.

To top it off, when someone convinced the pyschotronic guys to let me up.. I'd been nearly incapacitated for almost 3 years or so.. functional, but hit so hard it was difficult to concentrate...

But when I put the new site together, I immediately started using the motto We Are One. Ain't it interesting that the MTV concert for Obama was called the We Are One concert.. thanks James Taylor for betraying God again. You know that Sunday meeting you had with Obama. that was my idea.. glad you enjoyed it. Borhterhood shmotherhood.

Fun stories from psychtronics land.. I got  a million of them.

I also decided today I'm gonna start a thing when the book is done to clear the airwaves of apostates.. I think I hate apostates more than God. I'm gonna start by watching every show on TBN... I've had concerns about them for quite some time.. And if they want to sue for defamation, I'll just use the Bible to prove my case. $900 for an end time financial guarantee... unbelievable... When does God get His cut of that?

Another time, I got an email from Jango saying they had cuts from the new Todd Rundgren album called arena, which didn't exist (of course the way these things go for me, it was probably released today) but that title actually relates to a story of when I lived in Georgia tht I'm not going to tell because it's only embarrasssing if people knew what I was thinking... of course that story will end up being told because like I said, they said I'd have totell evrey tawdry detail. and I have no problem with that. It'll be fun. People will be laughing in the aisles when I tell them all the tricks CNN an d Time Warner and MSNBC have done to me as part of the psyops by the government and the Council on Foreign Relations to shut me up.

That's why I'm going to find a way to own them both.. not cause I want their stuff, cause I have no idea what I'd do with em. Except CNN. Otherwise, it's principal. They destroy my life, I become the boss. How many people will be fired, Keith.. like you say, fire em... right Keith? Warren, got an attorney? Want to own GE? Get me Time Warner, I'll hand you GE. I'm serious. Just, no more nukes or weapons. GE's committed enough crimes for thousands and billions of years.  Right Brokaw? Never reported them did you?

Lou, instant gratification.. sometimes it's a good thing:} Can I see the statue of liberty from my office? I alwys wanted to see that. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God New Christy Minstrels - Today (for Tom)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Cassidy - I Am a Clown (for Keith)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 01 - A Song For You (for Lou and Larry)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who - Glamour Boy (for John McCain.. the surge worked. I've got a tube of lipstick for ya, and a new home for your wife when she goes to jail. You'r egonna love the reformatories. We don't torture like you do. So how much did she make off the stock market?)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ALANIS MORISSETTE - FLAVORS OF ENTANGLEMENT - 01 - Citizen Of The Planet

Tell Alanis she's an  agnel, and did she know the guys at Time Warner used her albums in psyops on me? Reformatories.. I had the same idea. For years. Maybe they psychotroniced you from my ideas. Funny how that happens. Popcorn on the front row, right Hillary? This is stuff I can prove.

I still can't wait to see what Prince does when he finds out how you've used his music to mess up my life... Shall I continue the list of people who may want to launch massive lawsuits before this is through. And if they don't, I will.  

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 07 - Prince Of Peace

So, what is it you guys think God is going to forgive you for? Olbermann says he's armed to the teeth. So am I with the truth. Ready to fight?

5/12/2009 - Today's heavy psyops are all about hassling me and challenging me to turn For the Love of the World into my last confession before dying.. that book was never about me, never was intended to be, and the stories I tell are not confessions, they are givng a baseline from which to cause people to inquire about their own lives, the choices they've made and the influences that lead them to those choices and decisions.. that's it. Now, over the years, I've spilled the beans about practically everything  I've ever done that I consider wrong or immoral, and if you're too lazy to read the web site and read what I had to say about these things, that' syour problem.

So, theone the psyops guys are most interested in having me talk about, I assume to avenge Melissa Scott, a situation that she didn't realize was a dialectic intended to either promote her celebrity or to publicy humiliate her into silence as well as to use her to discredit me. I have no idea of her opinion of me, and I really don't care anymore because at this time, I don't consider her to be a faithful servant of God. For lots of reasons.

Nonetheless, here's the goody they want  me to beintimidated by.. and understand, as I've always said, I'm always willing to discuss anything in my past that may be embarrassing, shameful, immoral or whatever to other people in the context of understanding what happened, no excuses, and why I think it's important for people tosee what has influenced them to do whatever they did that they also beliee is not true to the principles in their hearts, not necessarily having to do with legality.

So long ago, wile witing for a company (that I later found out had "employees" who were actually working psyops against me since about 1995, people who made mistakes and thought I wouldn't notice they were the same people who did ddirt to me long ago). By the way, the reference to Todd Rundgren and Arena.... relates to a time I was living in Georgia in aboyut  1993 when Todd RUndgren performed at an arena less than 2 miles from where I lived in Norcross.

So the big deal they think they'll stop me from talking about, which is written about in extensive detail in weblogs when conversing with CNN's Paul Begala via aesopian when all this stuff with TIme Warner began, at least I became aware of it, when he constantly had the owner of the web site and busine The Sex Museum on, always talking about how great sex is and all, and his enjoyment of the Sex Museum..

Long ago, when I first logged onto the internet, I used AOL, before Yahoo was developed.. I'd search through the AOL gateway and almost every time, this porn link site called Tommy's Bookmarks came up.. and it wa slink site to hundreds of other porn sites on the web... I was shocked and appalled.. I talked to my neighbor, and was amazed that it was even legal. ANd then slowly, my resistance wore down, and I thought, well, it must be okay, so every once in a while, when the searches came up with that site again, I'd check it out, still amazed that it was even legal.

The long  and short of it is, while waiting for this non-profit in Washington DC to get its act together so I could upgrade its computer systems and software.. the woman I was with bought me a subscription to cyber rotica... one of the classiest porn sites on the web. They had a place on  it for webmasters.. start your own link site, we'll suply the pictures, no cost whatsoever...

So I did that for a while, waiting for this other contract to happen... I wasn't any good at it, I think maybe I made $200 over a year or so... and the thing is, it wasn't about sex, it was about processin gpictures onto the web, and that was one of the disgusting parts of observing this industry.. how little regar there was for sexuality in relation to love, and how women especially were nothing but objects for people to masterbate to.. and how women were constantly being recruited at bars, when drunk, to pose for pictures as amateurs, and then, once on the web, they'd say, I already did it, so I might as well  do it some more.,.. and the nmext thing you know, they're embarrassed a few years later because of their lack of understanding of how it would be used against them... I wrote about this effect alot in Conversations with America... I learned alot in that short stint doing a couple of link sites, about technology, the level of people's loneliness, how many really gfood people were doing these link sites because they'd given up on their lives and since this was legal, they bought the lies of other porn sites that they'd make a lot of money, which they didn't,   it was a well controlled racket. My last stab befor ethe contract came through was this group of people, they create "workgroups" to promote certain sponsors.. sites, and I was in one that I'd say were people who were doing it in an ethical manner, meaning, not cheating to get money they didn't deserve, as a group attacking other sites that had child porn.. when we'd find one, we'd en masse report them to authorities.. stuff like that.

The last site I did, they said, do a site just like this, and you'll make money. I did, just to see if it was true... and it was an incredibly disgusting site, so bad, I had to take it down.. It was truly disgusting... so I'm sure that'll come up somewhere...

I never took pictures, I never cheated on anyone, I just posted pictures with links to other sites... in exactly the same way you link to sell books from Amazon. You probably don't know this, but the porn industry actaully invented and set the standards for secure ecommerce on the web.

So, like I said, I'm willing to discuss anything if it forwards the discussion about God, and removes me as an obstacle to hearing the word of God. In other words, I know some people will be appalled to hear all this, but at the same time, I'm not going to lie about it because I didn't break the law, even though I"m embarrassed that I let myself down by lowering my own standards and values, not judging anyone else,  to include something that looked like fun, but clearly, after time, was a bad thing to be exposed to, and over time, would influence people to believe that immoral things are okay. That's the important part of this story, and what people need to notice about the world and what influences them. I really don't think less of anyone involved in that industry, because Ihave to believe they were drawn into it some how or another through influences and exposure. I just feel bad that their lives will be impacted later when their "youthful naivete and exhuberence" comes back to haunt them.

And like them, I thought, I've given up on the future of my life that I imagined, that I'd worked for, so what difference will it make? Now, it's coming back to haunt me in one way, but to me, it's something that caused me to learn a great deal about so many things, and gives me an opportunity to cause even more understanding in this world.

I will say this: I would be concerned if people take this as an indication of disrespect for women, because it wasn't that at all. Never was. When I say I love women, it's their sould and spirits and more that I'm talking about, and I can say that, sure, I enjoy across a good looking woman like women like to see good looking men. But I can honestly say, I've never  entered into a relationship with a woman based on their looks.. it was always what was in their minds, the person they be to me and other people, and I really don't care what anyone's past is, all I care about is how they be with me in the moment and the future, and how I might empower them to be their best, whatever that means to them, as long as I can be that kind of person to them. ANd to make sure that with me their past, whatever it may be, is not used to hurt, embarrass or dominate them in any way even when I"m angry, even when I want to, even  when it's easy to do...

It's the reason why I would prefer to not research people - their personal lives - who I am criticizing in the media and poilitics and such.. because their personal lives are theirs, and they be accountable to those people in their personal lives. But when it comes to them honoring the social commtments of their professions as workers and individuals... that's a different story, because that effects all of us in very bad ways, when it could be very good ways... and when it's done via mass media, lies and deception simply cannot be tolerated.. and that's not just my opinion, that's the judgment of God, and why He will be harsh toward the politiicicans and leaders of all kinds. Because when a leader tells a little lie, they think it's just a little lie for the sake of expediency.. but when they tell a lie that gets broadcastto millions of people at a time, they'r telling millions of lies. And so, when ministers lie... and claim righteousness unto themselves as a defensive mechanism, not only are they not setting a good example, they are simply hypocrites.

So all I have to say is I'm willing to discuss any thing about my life. But if you're like a reporter, and are asking questions for the sole purpose of embarrassing me, well, let's just sayGod's taught me a lot abou t"turning the tables".. and I guarantee ya, I'll answer your questions honestly without malice, and God will make you a fool to everyone who reads the propaganda you write or broadcast. So, please, further God's cause and smear I'll enjoy the process. I love watching fool smake fools of themselves anymore. Not my favotrite thing, but since these media people and politicians and now ministers do it to me often, I figure I may as well make lemonade. :}

What else do you wanna know? :} Tol dyou I'd tell everything. It's not that I'm not ashamed or embarrassed, but like lots of people who make mistakes with intent for evil, I did what I did People do what they do. The question is, when you realize you've violated the principles you claim as good, what do you do about.. perpetuate the fraud that good people only do certain things, or cause a world of understanding that forgives mistakes when its understood, it's all about he commonality of human behavior, and the courage and goodness of humanity that allows us to acknowledge our own truths, correct where we have failed, and move on.

But there can be no forgiveness for ongoing crimes and sins. And nether I nor God will believe the confessions of people who confess, not because they want to clear the slate with GOd or the people they've harmed and impacted, but because they want to look like the good sinner who confessed for the sake of image, without truly believing that what they are confessing to is beneath their personal standards or the simple commandments of God.

God knows what's in your heart That's how He judges you. As do I. And the perpetuation of egregious crimes is more than enough evidence for God to condemn you, and He does.

Kenny Loggins - Rainbow Connection

Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin _ hobbit

Dave Mason - World In Changes

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 04 - Live and Let Die

Let the dead bury the dead.

Amen and Amen. I know it's really funny.. that's what the psyops guys made me thing to write. I like the sound of it :} I think I'l say it more :} I 'm glad you had a good laugh at my expense.

2:16 One more note.... the conpuppy thing, the AOL search enigne, numerous things that were really bizarre that happened to me in Yosemite, the Rundgren Arena story.. will all, one day, be tied together to prove that the Council on Foreign Rleations, the Democratic and Republican Parties, the U.S. Government and Landmark Education/EST were all involved in a conspiracy to suppress me, the Son of God , this stuff stuff all dating back to the early 90's, long before I became active in politics, long before I thought of actually ministering, I was too busy trying to survive, which was the object of the psyops. TO keep me so busy surviving, that I didn't have time for anything else.. it worked. And this will also prove the direct involvement of Time-Warner and GE as primary operatives in that conspiracy.

So, when I talk about suing them and taking them over, it's not about money at all... it's about principal, ie, they spent an awful lot of time and energy and money to destroy my life... and they don't deserve and are unworthy of operating and owning corporations who commit crimes as a way of doing business. And that's why they need to go.. all of this is consistent with what I said long ago when I first started my boycott against MSNBC, before I knew there were psyops against me, and before I had any clue that my vision and deal with God meant anything like being God's eyes and ears on this planet.

It's also why you'll fin lots of weblog entries regarding Lou Dobbs' children getting him named father of the year, incredibly disappointed that he so set me up for harm, and particpated in it, especially after I, unknown to me because of psychotronics, told him all sorts of things I'd never told anyone. And I wonder what those children will think of him when they find out about the truth of a man who would particpate in crimes aginst a human being in such egregious ways, let alone against God.

Now I know they're going to claim that all this psychotronics and directed energy attacks are a cause of delusion for me that I'm Christ. I assure you, it will backfire, because I'm the same considerate person I"ve always been, I'm sure I'll  be able to show a jury the patterns that will prove all of my accusations... but they own the justice dept, all the media and more.. and I don't care what the world thinks of me anymore.  and like CHo at Virgina Tech said, as do all of the people who are victims of these insidious attacks and manipulations...

I can't believe that people would do such deplorable, unimagineable torture to anyone... but they do


These people have been blessed with so much, billions and billions of dollars, fame, fortune, authority and more, and still that's not enough, They have to get their pleasure by destroying people's lives, slowly, painfully, tortuously and purposefully, laughing at their victims as they suffer...

and now you know why they should all be rounded up and sent to the Hague to hang. Because they are violators of civil and international human rights, worse than the Nazis, worse than the Nazis ever imagined, and it's not just psychotronics.

ANd even though I disagree with the death penalty, the Bible says live by the sword, die by the sword. THese same people made the laws and falsely claim their righteousness while breaking every one of them, laughing at all of America and the world for believing their deceptions., They think it's a fun game they will never be caught at because they think they control the world. God will prove them wrong, and the world will change.

Meanwhile, I know the psychotronics people wanted me to write all this so these companies would have the grounds to sue me and shut me up with gag orders for defamation.. get all the gag orders you want... through all your attorneys at me.. in the end, God wins, and you will all go to hell where you should be. Cause that's the kind of world you created here on earth with all your lies and crimes. So you'll like it there..

They also wanted to waste my time, and divulge things they could propagandize to discredit me in the media so no one would listen to the truth, the way they do in politics when they do a smear job based on rumours they start themselves. Good luck with that, Olbermann. Further, to use my time so I can't finish the book, because the last thing they'd want anyone to know is that I'm actually a good pperson, and that what I speak is the truth. Because they'll all got to jail if they do. If they're lucky.

They keep telling me they're going to kill me this weekend, which is actually fine with me. At least I'd be free. But I also know they tell me that because most people would be terrorized by that. And then there's the implication of me supposedly getting material they can use to say I'm a danger to myself and other people.. and they know, because they also control the psychitric community and the police, that those people will not care one little bit about the truth.  ANd the more you stand up for the truth, the more mentally ill they'll say you are.

That's what a dialectic is all about... no matter what you do, they have a way to set you up to discredit, kill you or worse... satanic ritual abuse.. all of these people are experts at it. Ihave you all figure it out before it happens to you. The bad news is, it's already being done to you, and you don't know it, anymore than I did until 2002.

That's your government and the corporate media at work. It is a true conspiracy against the citizens of the United States by its own government. Have faith in God, knowing in the New World, people like them won't be allowed. No ifs, ands or buts, and they know it, and they like their perversity so much, that they believe they can defeat God.

They already lost.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 12 - Just Like At Nuremberg

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Healing - 03 - Flesh

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tower of Power - It's Not the Crime

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 02 - Ever Present Past

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Richie Havens - I Don't Wanna Know

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul Stookey - Wedding Song


PS: MTV/VH1 I never though about what it would be like to own CBS.

6:09 pm - I've been looking for the Man Song for a few years.. could you the CIA to check and see if it was on one of those computers I took to to the dump? It's a funny song.. Yeah, the worker there was quite observant. I thought it was weird when he actually cleaned out the back of the van...

Anyway... you don't want to listen to this.. It'll offend some people.

Chad Mitchell Trio - Unfortunate Man The guy with the contract... like the intel guys, you still have a responsibility to the nation that supercedes your employment contracts. I'd dedicate this to the guy I'm talking to, but I'll take the hit. And your contract means nothing to God. Except your willingness to lie for money. Millions at a time. Even if you were a minister saving a hundred souls, how many millions of lies would be erased, and how many people would you have misinformed who would then be sinners because of you?

Kind of like what Jesus said about divorce and adultery... anyone know what that means? When you sin and put someone else in the position of being a sinner, who's to blame?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Donovan - Barabajagal

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rufus - Tell Me Something Good

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steve Winwood - Higher Love

God will forgive a lot of things.. torturing people is not on that list. It continues, and all those who should be running out in the streets screaming are accomplices.

Pelosi and schills... plausible deniability does not replace truth. Maybe we should get Reid to explain his involvemment with the development of psychotronics.

Te real reason they're having trouble closing down Guantanamo is because the government doesn't want anyone to know what we did to those "detainees", formerly known as enemy combatants and terrorists. Furthermore, I suspect they used psychotronics to brainwash them into further criminal acts, or to destroy their minds so they could never be functional or productive again. And of course, the military tribunals make all of that stuff, that Barack Obama knows about too, easy to conceal from anyone with the authority to arrest him. And he should be arrested, because he's perpetuating crimes against humanity. He has full knowledge of me, for example, and I can prove it.

Wait til we get to the clips and transcripts of the democratic and repoublican conventions last year, compared to what I was writing in my weblogs. THat will absoultely prove that the Federal Government not only knows about my torture and the torture of others, but that they actually participated in it. And that includes Al Gore.

BTW Joe Lieberman, you're not ageless and timeless like Andrea said.. God says you're a short timer, and you know why, Mr Russell Trust aka Skull and Bones. You're a very sick hypocrite.

Jane Harman: HR-1955 proves you're a traitor, it's in violation of the constitution, and a breach of your oath of office All of you who agree ewith this buill should be arrested for civil rights violations gainst Americans. You're very sick people.

I'll add the only extremist group I ever joined was the Democratic Party, and as soon as I realized they were criminals, I wanted only to prosecute them.

Now, I know why the psyops guys asked me if I would call for a national strike. WTF is wrong with you people. More setups and dialectics. it's called entrapment, just like the guys who the FBI set up with the idea of attacking Ft. Dietrich. THEY were in violation of HR-1955. Arrest them. The FBI. Entrapment is conspiracy, and they conspired to take away the right s of citizens, as well as conspiring to attack Ft. Dietrich., Arrest them as "detainees"...

Every time the gov't agents set someone me up or rile them to commit an illegal act, it is conspiracy to deprive them of their rights

You politiicans don't own this country, despite your own delusional opinions of yourselves. Jane will make the perfect example of a traitor in Government, as Feinstein will be the perfect example of how to feed your spouse no bid government contracts so noone can say that she, the rep, is a criminal. Right Biden? Right Barack?

Can't wait til you try to enforce these laws. Your secure locations will be useless. Now, arrest me, I dare you. This is your chance to illegally remove evidence of your own guilt of crimes against humanity. Just like you did in the Levesque case... (Senator Adams, the medical evidence of torture on american citizens with the use of DEWS and psychotronics will be there very soon from hundreds of victims.)

Tell Sarah Brady that her desire to impose socialism by disarming Americans will never work, cause the intel guys will tell ya, the people own those assault weapons won't hesitate to use them for  a minute. And they have tons of them. And I'm not calling for violence, I'm just commenting on human nature. Sickos.

Jefferson had it right, we need a revolution every 10 years.. gonna arrest him too? Force: if that's the case, arrest every politician now. Arrest every person endorsing torture. Arrest every propagandist for disagreeing with you.. otherwise, it'll all just look like you're putting on a show while destroying the rights of humanity.. which is exactly what you're doing.

As my dad used to say, this isn't about things being illegal, this is about an ill eagle. Really ill... and I'm talking about the government of the United States.. which doesn't even actually exist anymore.

5/13/2009 9"09 am - To the fascists of Mason County Washington, Harstine Island, Weed and Seed & Community Watch Groups.. and the Masons... last night we had another visiotr in the bushes harassing us. I have plenty of documentation of yur ongoing crimes against us. Let it be known that I had no intention of persuing ciminal actions against you because youhvae been lied to and misled. One more incident, and I assure you, you will go to jail for life. In addition, if I catch you on the property, I will take great delight in using whatever means available to hold you until police arrive. Do I make myself clear? I have your pictures, licenses and more... I'm a very patient person, and I will send you to jail.

5/14/2009 10:27am - Baracky! Talk about free association! Heard your little talk in New Mexico... the difference between you and me and the twon halls I was talking about is that at mine, they would be like 3 day conferences, and I'd be asking people their opinions.

Thanks for the easy anti-theticl comparisons regarding health care and invention.. something I was thinking about breifly before, considering all the interesting catch words and buzz words Clinton used... letting the insurance companies set the policy is proof you're continuing the Bushian corporatization of AMerica. Folks should know that the plan is to basically le t the corporations run the private sector of   AMerica, controlling it by allowing employment or denying it based on compliance with company rules, as well as credit and health care, and to let unions be the reps to the corporations/government. Meanwhile th government would do "foreign affairs", basically being the military component of the New World Order under the guise of NATO.

Anyway... as far as health care.. 1 payer. Period. End of debate. Always create. Create a foundation base on wha tis needed, not what is politically safe or expedient and then calling it comprehensive or fait, or suited tothe middle class and too bad for those who need it most.

As for disruption.. the true art of leadership and I mean art, and administration is knowing, doing the systems analysis to be able to state the ideal, the vision, and then exceeding it in scaleable designs capable of achieving the ideal, and going from there. America, and the world, needs that. I know how to do it. You sell programs predesigned long ago as part of dialectics from the Council on Foreign Relations.

Anytime you build upon a system that is incapabnle of delviering upon the vision, you have to create one that will and do it. That's the real purpose of government.

Nancy - Cool.. make the case against the CIA.. you and John Jay Rockefeller IV.. and you'll make my case of why the bad apples in intel need to go.. at least for psychological counseling. Go ahead, get me elected.

Gregory Abbott - Shake You Down Kinda goes with McCartney's song about his cat :}

Oh.. I'm gonna post unfortunate man.. sorry.. :} My brother used to play the  Chad Mitchell Trio all the time :} Someday, I'm gonna have a long talk with him :} I want the bugle :} Just for a minute :} I wanna see if anything happens :} I used to listen to Helen Reddy's Blow Gabriel Blow, and wondered, why are all these people singing about some guy named Gabriel blowing a horn ? :} No, really :}

Back to business. so I glanced at the old Rockefeller plans from the Nixon era.. and I have to tell you, other the Viet Name war, I was actually mostly impressed with Nixon's courage as a leader.. adn I still to this day think Watergate was a setup to embarass him, as well as take advantage of his loyalty to his staff.. much like I would defend people who I thought were innocent.. although I wouldn't hide the truth, nor would I fail to speak about how I thought the dialectic was carried out.. to expose the way corruption occurs so people can see it themselves, and then be able to be responsible citizens by taking appropriate action within a system of actual representative government.

Speaking of which.. the abuse photos.. if the U.S. would prove its accountability and act like a country worthy of global leadership with accountability and justice towards  its constituents, then it would administer real justice in the matter, and preclude the need to release the  pohotos. The fact that the Obama Administration wants to gloss it over to look better in the Muslim Nations when he goes there for reconciliation purposes is proof that he'd rather front more deception than setting a good global example in order to be worthy of new trust after George W Bush.   The truth is, they would know he was sincere about reconciliation by taking appropraite action, and further, if he doesn't, then the public has a right to know that its government is not applying justice to itself so the citizens can take appropriate action to make certain their views are heard, and that the government actually returns to representing the interests of its citizens. Simple enough for ya?

Back to Nixon.. so like I said, he was in some tough positions after the Kennedy Coup, and that Rockefeller plan was comprehensive.. so I"m going to look at it fully and let you know, but I have to say, what I saw looked excellent in concept. Excellent. And I think current biotech could go a long way toward solving and correcting some big problems, including absorbing toxins from the soil. That's a cool way to use GMO/bio-engineering. And the only thing I can think of that is possible that we just don't want to do is human cloning, and I can see all the abstract arguements in favor, and some way beyond what people would want to consider I'm sure, cause there are always good things in bad ideas too.. but no human cloning. Science and knowledge are cool. All depends on what you do with it. Like, we'lll have to use HAAARP to reconstruct systems damaged by the offset in the earth's axis causing the further emulation of global warming... and I won't say it's not worth it to "till the soil"  alittle.. but all things can be done with cooperation as a global community so everyone can benefit, without the upheavals and suffering and extinctions... I hope we can agree on that. That really does take bold leadership.

Please relay this message to Pres. Ahmadinejad. Sir. I want to express that I am disappointed at the passage of the U.N. Resolution banning all criticism of Islam, and Muslim Faiths. again, I apologize for knowing so little of your customs and protocols. What I'm most concerned with is that I will be banned from your nations, not that I have a desire to criticize anyone, nor do I have anything specific in my mind that I am focused on in this matter, but I am loooking forward to learning, and in so doing, to be free to speak in an open inquiry that could be propagandized into seeming as unjust criticism in a constructive conversation.  To be honest, I have the same concern for the work of Karen Armstrong.

In addition, I want assure you that I sincerely look forward to your partnership, regardless of titles, toward the future of the reconciliation of issue between western and middle-eastern cultures in a way that empowers us all, in all faiths and forms of government, in respect of traditions and heritage, so that the promises of God can be delivered to us all. Whether we ever meet or simply speak of moral and honest conduct in our individual ways, I feel most confident that you understand my true motives and commitments, and by your remarks, I understand yours. I invite you to join me in causing the future based on the example that can be provided as we all choose to share and cause the global community of the New World in a whole, new way. God's way.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nassiri - Love Sees No Color - 101 - Love Sees No Color


6:28 pm Rach - Remember, smiting can be a really good thing, so be careful how you throw that around. People get funny ideas about people who smite too much. Trust me on this :}

So.. uh... sometimes people who laugh at everything do so because there's nothing else you can do.

Long day.. I really feel like writing music... Aquarian Conspiracy... did I mention I read some of the forward and found it interesting that these would be my kind of people... AND that what it refers to as General Systems Theory is very similar as what I call concentric design. I always laugh at the time my boss at Borland asked me to explain what I call concentric design, and I actually drew something that actually looked like the solar system.. I didn't know, at the time, how to explain it to him, so I just used his chart board and started drawing, kinda the same way I ended up with this picture of John Lennon behind me.. anyway.. I noticed it was a solar system after I was done, and we both just sat there looking at it... hmmm..  :}

So it looks like the big guy is my minister this week. Interesting stuff. I got a lot of work to do on this one. Now, about Cayphus... or however you spell it.

So, do they still make real french fries in France. Maybe I'll put a chapter in the book on the values and benefits of good french fries :} There are some things that old fashioned crisco really does do better. Yum. And I'm not talking about using it as hair gel. :}

Okay bye. God bless ya'll. Haven't done that in a while.. I'll have to be better about that..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joe Cocker - Many Rivers to Cross

Cocker's coming to the EQC on May 31st.. I'll bet that's   a great show..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Todd Rundgren - Change Myself

Sailor boy.. nice tie.. :} Wonks use too many words.. gotta make those charts say something with a glance on impression.. get a cartoonist... I'm not joking. ANd stop defending things that aren't true. unless you're trying to force people's hands in complicity, in which case, good job. I don't know if you've ever heard about this, but people in DC lie.. ask Begala, he'll tell ya... politicians lie :} you know, Crossfire.. :}  See also COnversation WIth America 2003

Geez, Julian and Cliffy on the same screen at once... Julian, looking good, we're all getting older.. but you still look like a surfer to me... Cliffy.. say hi to WOlff for me :} This is just like the old days :}

So when they run that "They'll say he's the one, but is he ready" thing.. :} Baracky, I know you're not the messiah.. but ya know, every time you talk, it seems, you're copying stuff or making fun of stuff from my sites for the last 6+ years... I hope somebody's keeping track.. way too much evidence.. you really think I'm going to give up, don't you? They mighta told ya, my dad was kind of stubborn :}

I get hundreds of spams, supposedly from the official viagra site.. the other day, I opened up the email and a viagra ad was at the top, and I glanced down at the bottom of the ad and it said.. I can't help it, I really love all the songs.. and I'm thinking, is this just text added to the bottom to fool a spam assassin? If I decide to stop believing in synchronicity, will it stop happening? :} Can I do that? :}

5/15/2009 11:34 am - It's been interesting, watching the psyops guys get me to write things about choices I made... all because I said when this is over, they'll all have to say "I did it to myself", so of course, thepoint is to make it seem like I did it to myself. Here's the thing, with the transcripts since 2002, you'll all go to the Hague. And about the stuff prior.. I can tell some really interesting stories, and then tell the story of Martha.. as I have already.. and that'll be the clincher that shows that  I didn't do it to myself, and that there were no coincidences, and that there were manipulations over the years.. but the kicker is, for me, all that's just the past, I can't do anything about it, and I will not lose focus on what's really important here... and it isn't about me. Don't ever forget that, sickos, it never was, it isn't now, except it's time for me to do my job. ANd you people made your choices.

Pelosi, if you've been a champion of human rights all these years, why are so many Americans being tortured by the government? Do you know, right now, if you had to face God, you'd go to hell? If any of you sickos have any doubts about the reality of the final judgment, and you really believe in God, you'd better start making better choices, because God's going to have His way... and He doesn't want anyone left out.   but he's willing.

BTW Rach...  I don't know why you wanted to be part of this game you guys are playing, but it'll be a mistake on your part in the end. Ik know these guys think they can get away with anything, but they can't and won't just because my life's been messed up so much by them that I don't really have any reason to comtinue except to complete what I know God wants me to do.. it isn't even stubbornness... and I was a true believer in America and justice since it was a little kid.. so you can imagine my determination now, knowing my boss is God? :} I mean really, who cares what the public story and line is... I am who I am, I'm as susrprised as anyone, but it's just true, and it's not a psyop delusion. So whatever you've been told, just be sure that whatever you do is in line with your better principles, because it will count later... and I don't have any desire to play any more games with anyone.. so if ya do any, I'll probably just shake my head in sadness and sympathy for you... otherwise, I have more than enough evidence now, thanks.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bee Gees - Children of the World

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Gary Wright - Who I Am - A01 - Who I Am

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 08 - Hallelujah

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Musicology - 11 - Dear Mr Man

12:25 pm - I was just thinking more about Karen Armstrong and her interpretation of the Golden Rule, adn now I am certain and adamant that it is not an appropriate interpretation.

don't do to others what you wouldn't want them to do to you is very muchl like calculating behavior to deceive and or acquiesce to a system based on fear and retribution. And I am absolutely convinced that the meanings of words have been strategically changed to make God seem like a tyrant... and it's just not true.

It always comes back to Provers and The righteous seek only good while the wicked expect vengeance... if what you're up to IS wicked, or deceptive ins ome way, then you would expect wrath... so the proper expression of the Golden Rule, consitent with the ways of God and the kingdom of God, if what we would create is  aworld based on love, then we must teach a way of being sourced by love, not fear and guile...  I sure hope she can understand this, because it's absolutely important. Now for me, all I can say is I concern myself with expecting wrath because I have people going to a great deal of effort to suppress me, so, tricks and traps.. it's just what I have to do. In the Kingdom of God, you don't have to keep worrying about "what will happen if I do the right thing or speak truth?"... stay focused on that... the being that would allow that... that's what's important.

2:01 pm - The truly sick part of this whole torture debate is that with psychotronics, you can extract the info from their minds without them even knowing you're doing it, and without doing them any harm.

Instead, though, the United States Government wants other people to think we are brutal and ruthless... as well as, down the road when people find out the truth an rebel against the government, to serve as an intimidation factor against the American people.. just like shows like Locup, and other shows about how horrible prsion life is, is done to make people think twice about crime.. in  a way, not a bad thing, except it's brainwashing. THey promote a violent culture so that people can be fired up and angered to support war, and then pacify you with threats of incarceration, denial of rights and personal injury...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God George Harrison - Brainwashed - 12 - Brainwashed

BTW: Psychotronics COULD be a good lie detector if you could get the corruption out of the justice system, which has to start at the top, where it actually exists... and here's the thing.. if you did use psychotronics to monitor thoughts and then punish people with it, whether they knew it or not in order to cause behavior modification.. if you weren't evil, even though it's wrong, it at least would have been an indication of a good intent... instead, your actions prove your intent. Instead, you drive people to neurosis to sell them drugs, and diminish their self esteem in order to suppress them... instead, you cause disease instead of curing it.

Obama says we have to cuts costs... political code words for doing what England is now doing... get people on a supposedly socialized medical system and when it's installed, cut costs by refusing treatment for all sorts of things... that's cutting costs... isn't that what the insurance companies do now? Like the   energy policy with Cheney, they're letting the insurance and pharma industries write health coverage policy... this'll be Time-Warner/Pfizer's big payoff I suppose... GE got theirs...

Speaking of which.. as the story keeps repeating til the cycle is broken... back in 2003 or 4- whenever it was that the psychotronics and attacks incapacitated me... Lou had reported a deal where Pfizer made a deal with Australia to sell drugs to them at cut rates so long as the U.S. paid full price... He reported this as good for the economy by increasing the GDP... of course, overlooking the fact that, once again, corporate news was painting a pretty picture of something that guaranteed that U.S. health care costs would be high... I was being hit hard by psychotronics at the time, I now know, and I wrote him a couple of emails blasting him, asking him how much stock he owned in Pfizer. His producer, supposedly named Bill Dorman quit, and I was taken down with DEWS and psychtronics...

What memories what memories... definitely not pleasant ones. All I gotta say is, no matter what anyone says, no one deserves psychotronic torutre, although I think it would be benefitcial fo rthese people to endure an hour of full tilt attacks just so they know how horrible it really is.

KO... I'll bet ya I can do 60 seconds. Got cash? I like water :} And I'll tell 'em everything.. but that won't be because of torture. That would be relief :} Someone to talk to :} You're the ones who think it's a game. Sick people do that.

5:31 pm - Howdy. I was thinking at least I give better, more loving nicknames that George did :} I have to come up with a new one for Karl.. poor guy :} I think of all the nicknames I've given people, and it's a pretty long list. I decided today that if I ever refer to Lissa... I'll call her city girl, though I don't know why I ever would. Something about a town in Germany :} And a mosque :}


I gotta say for a record, though some don't want me to... it's interesting how I always believed that God, the universe, would have you come across people along the way that you needed to learn from.. experiences, and so forth. I look back over the last 6 years or so and, with my current understanding of the layers and methods of dialectics, and I'm astonished, amazed and even impressed with the thoroughness of it all.. and the way the illusions are created to create deniability and alibis and all sorts of things... and after years of watching the underbelly of how things are done in terms of infiltration and how long people have positioned themselves to be in place... to mislead people or to cause discrediting of an organization or individual...

I look at the way the Aesopian has related to the psychotronic and directed energy attacks - things that were said and the results of them - and for nearly each of the people I see as being involved, I can look at things that have happened where they benefitted me, and that same benefit was used as a weapon against me. They caused me to realize who I am, and otherwise, I may never have known. It could be a good thing, but not if it can be propagandized to make it look like I'm just confused like some of the earlier writings would indicate because of the massive inquiries and re-organization of thought required to come to the realizations I have...

It looks to me like the dialectical skill of killing two birds with one stone had been applied in numerous places to key people involved who willing went along with things they should have known better than to do just to any human being, who knows what they knew when it began, at least their parts... but even these things could be an illusion to cause focus to be places in the wrong places.. and for me, it still always comes down to one thing... you know where I live and you know what a deposition is. If you're not willing to stand for what's right, or to do the right thing, even if it's only to save yourself, then I have no reason to believe anything except the evidence that I have in hand.

I chuckle a little when I wonder if maybe I might have "saved a few souls" with all this stuff I've been writing, and if I did, cool, but it's amusing to me only because I don't think of it like saving souls.. I always just think of it as causing people to do the right thing, or at least think about what the right thing is so maybe next time, they'll do that. It's like when I learned to talk without a lisp, and still lisped, and then we moved and I went to a new school, and I didn't lisp anymore... because I didn't want anyone to notice I had changed...  and there was something there about not wanting people, or me, to think there was something that had to be changed to be me, to be ok. When I got around new people, the only person they knew was who I was then.

Hmmm..  transformation.. no ... reclamation.. standing my ground to be me and not defined or distinguished by such an external manifestation. It's like everyone could say there's something they dislike about their body. I have a body. It's the one I have. Works for me. What else can ya say?

Nonetheless, there really are a few key things that would tell me volumes about certain things that have gone on... some to purposely deprive me of  a feedback loop..  most to get me to quit and then others that appear to be some sort of fall back to claim some were trying to help all along.. and all I can say is that one day the truth will be known one way or the other.

So, I was convinced today to do some music.. I had fun last night going through my music books looking for  a certain song and singing a bunch  of them as I went along... wondering, which one would I record if I did... and I know in my heart there's a song that's gonna come out one day, when I allow my mind to go that deep again... but after the book is done, I'll do that in a flurry so I can relearn charting and reading music and playing the piano and burn it in before psychotronics and dews make me forget it:}

I'm not doing the Beatles or John Lennon kind of thing either.. tell the schedulers my dream is not to be a rock and roll star.. they understand that now, right? :} Crazy angels :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Kenny Loggins - Conviction of the Heart_live

God bless. Have a great weekend!

7:06 pm Interesting paradox. If Graham made notes about the meetings, he broke the law. The undoing begins. :}

I looked up ubiquity a long time ago... guess I'll have to look it up again:} If his diary's good enough, it'll be 2 for the nerds...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Roy Ayers - Mystic Voyage

I hope you're not playing the game too, though I can't imagine why you wouldn't be. Next.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Melanie C - Northern Star

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tommy James & the Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion

9:05 pm I'm waiting for my clothes to dry before taking a shower... anyway, the psyops guys know how much I like to talk about love.. can I do that? :} Anyway..

So, all I want to say is that everyone anymore thinks of love as a sexually related thing, and I understand part of that, but at the same time, to me, love is more like appreciation for who a person is and does and says and acts like... not part of judgmentlaism, but seeing what's good in everything. Even a beautiful tree has a few dead branches... I don't mean being naive either. But, it's like when I talk about companionship, besides any magic there might be between two people, there's respect and appreciation for their being external... as an individual... that is a far greater requirement for a real relationship to happen.. an intimate relationship...

For me, when I thought about what I would say, I thought of watching kids playing on a playground, and seeing their mothers caring for them, and thinking it was beautiful how much love they were giving and the kids were enjoying, and appreciating the idea that people would be so giving and caring... hard to express... I think of he times my big old dog Barney would run off in the park and approach the little kids.. and I understood their mother's concerns that this big old dog would do that... knowing all the time Barney just wanted to play.. but I was impressed by the mothers' courage to be willing to take my dog on to protect their kids.. yeah, he'd just suddenly have to go play with them and run away with the leash... I didn't think it was funny that anyone might get scared... I don't remember that the kids ever did. Anyway.. Barney was a different kind of dog. :}

The real point is, living in the world as it is, you learn to live inside the boundaries and social expectations of that world.. and be normal.. whatever that means. And then there's this other world, called home, or personal utopia.... where ya get to have it your way, and it isn't about being a slob or giving orders or dominance, it's about freedom to be, and other people who know how to "be"... in such a way that it's inspiring, and it's that love, that community of love, comm unity... common unity.. that allows for true liberty as well as social values...

So when I look at that in a global way or application, why wouldn't the same rules apply?

It's like, instead of using issues divisively, they could be used to empower and unite... which is more productive?

I don't know if it's wise to say this.. I'm going through this thing of sort of final realizations about myself and my life, parallels between what I've done and bene and how I've been and coming to terms and grips with my astonishment that despite my imperfections, that my ways are very much like God's, and Jesus, and I know I've gone on and on about things as my mind tried to process all the ways it meant things in a new way and especially when I'd separate the influences of my life from my actual feelings and beliefs... This thing about saving souls. It was brought up to me night before last. It just really never occurred to me that way. The significance of that. And that maybe I could have made that kind of difference for someone, whatever it means to them...

I talk of reclamation and restoration instead of transformation because transformation suggests it turns you into someone you weren't before.. but I say it causes you to see yourself in the spirit of that child... free of the negative and or evil influences... and then, like one of our weirder viewers would say,   the peace , the grace of God is added to you.. and it was, is, always there... until you open your heart, and can find a way to be vulnerable again, like remembering childhood, you can't really tell anything changed... and it can be painful when something comes along that causes the realization... I hope that if I've made a difference to you, for you, through God's grace, that it wasn't because I made it painful, and I hope it provides you some real freedom...  we've all been stuffing a lot for   a long time... just appreciate. A lot gets generated from that.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - 09 - Run Like the River Runs

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Still Believe - 04 - Light of Love

Tomlinson's so great :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension - Save The Country

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Elton John - Honky Chateau - 06 - Salvation

5/16/2009 12:15pm The fact that there are people trying to get me to interact with them, even now, tells me you all think this is a really funny game and that you're immune... works for me... when you get busted, you won't think it's so funny. Besides, when people find out what you guys have been doing, they'll get ehir own dews and use them on you... and I'll say good for them. ANyone who thinks that getting me totalk about love and saving souls is going to alter my opinions about criminals, ministers who betray God and others who would sit idly by while people are tortured to death are pretty much useless trash in my book.  I know you think I'm a pushover, but I'm not.. and the more you prevent me from working on the book and doing God's work, the worse it will be for you in the end, becuase thi sis the final judgment, and you media and politicians aren't cutting  it. ANd if you really believe you can do this to me while making faux gestures at doing the right things, you really are stupid and sick. ANd it will be held against you. Mockign God is not something He takes lightly. 

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tower Of Power - Bump City - 09 - Of The Earth

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - New Position

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 11 - Epilogue (Nothing 'Bout Me)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Philip Bailey - Chinese Wall - 205 - Children of the Ghetto

1:38 - Interesting thoughts today... someobody weant sto know how someone like me could ever defend a nation militarily... it's not as difficult a question as it may seem. If I had a lethal weapon, a gun, and someone broke into my house at night, if it was in the dark and I for one moment thought my family or my life was being threatened... there would be a dead burglar. In a world such as this, there unfortunately are things that we end up having to do just because they need to be done, and everyone has a right to defend themselves...

I've said before I wish I could say I was a pacifist, because deep inside, I am, but, at the same time, it is a dangerous world, and in the objective sense, it doesn't matter why. Still, I'm the kind of person,as a leader, in the perspective of a leader of a community or nation, to reach out to those considerd "enemies" or at a standoff with, not to appease, but to look for ways that we could work together in mutually beneficial ways that rebuild the trust necessary to build a world at peace. The problem is, despite all the superficial speeches and foreign appearances, it's been a long time since governments were anything more than legislative and military arms for corporations, and so, there has been no will for peace, because war and trouble is profitable and forces control, and there has been no leader since JFK who appears to have honestly attempted to diffuse the tensions of the world caused by centuries of deception and economic slavery.

In the agreements and talks I'd have with these other nations I'd make it clear that we should openly acknowledge that each of our sides has legitimate grievances against each other, but in the interest of building a better world, let's move forward with common, uncorrupted goals, with the intent to break the cycles of bigotry and evil, and fully acknowledge to each other at the same time that,  typical intel and security efforts would be continued on all sides to ensure security against violence, terrorism, or economic coercion and more.. not to bring the hostility to the surface, but to set a baseline from where we really stand so that we can have honest dialogs that aren't about Aesopian nuance, photops, hubris or secretly nothing more than shows to cover the coercion in the background.

As a leader, stating that all options are on the table is always simply a statement of fact. Has to be that way.Sad or not. But it's just part of the responsibility of putting the priority of your own nation above others when you assume the responsibility. But you have to be honest about the cause and effect, because doing as we do, causing hostility and then using propaganda to make the victims look like the bad guys.... no world could be at peace when the ruling empire does that. And that's been the story of ruling empires all along.. and it's simply gotten out of hand, and it's way too dangerous, destructive, inhumane and more.

It's like the Somali Pirates. I don't agree with piracy. But when you know the truth, you begin to realize that what generated that practice is   a set of legitimate grievances. Instead of killing Somalis and denying them their territorial rights, and food, why  not fix the problems, like, ending nuclear waste dumping off their shores, illegal fishing by trawlers that is depleting their waters of their food... the answer.. access to shippling lanes and oil distribution without having to resect such a small, poor nation that can't defend itself.  Typical bullying imperial colonialism...  it actually is..that's what Rhoades Scholars are taught..

Keith.. no other Keith :} Fox was smart putting you on when I watch Fox on the weekends. :} You always have great ties too :} I missed ya when ya left MSNBC and then I saw you on one day and thought, how'd he end up there? And Greta too... and don't tell anyone, it's weird, but other than defending Bush and Cheney... you guys have been telling alot of truth .. it's spooky.. and btw, don't tell anyone, but Barack thinks I'm distracted by cable news and psychotronics.. not as much as he thinks :} But wouldn't it be better if Barack faced his problems head on. My brother.. Cosby... He had all the albums. I had to listen. We were in the same bedroom.

TV has a 6 second delay.. my dog has a 7 second delay. Give him a command, patiently count to seven, and he does it... I ain't sayin' more than that right now :} Weird. My cat Emma Lee won't have anyhting to do with me or anyone since I had to take her in to get neutered. It's a shame. She was starting to become friendly. I'll win her over again. I'm like that with animals.

It's a gorgeous day.. gonna do a little gardening and then some real writing.. even if I have to break thru the psychotronics..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann - Spirit in the Night

2:36 fox Michelle Obama - Merced "...inspired me"... Marriage

4:33pm - So.. this afternoon's topic.. why was it so important to me to point out that in my life, for the most part my ways are basically the ways of God..

So.. imagine some people tell you to read the Bible and when you do, you sort of rea the story of your life.. so you rationalize it, calling it the expression of an archetype, and you keep your eye in it.. especially when you've had a vision, have a deal with God, get told you'll be an example of a new form of humanity... you tend to keep your eye on certain things because, despite the psychotronics and psyops and all, so much of it made sense and the stories fit...and the over riding feeling I had is that I knew God was going to call me to service at some point, and if this is what He had in mind, I wasn't going to fail to serve Him, wherever it took me, because of fear, because I really always believed I would be called upon to do something important..  I don't say that to be arrogant or boast. But even if I ended being made out to be a fool, I was certain of one thing: whatever God wanted me to do, it was the time, there was no doubt in my mind, because everything lined up.. people, experiences.. history.. the future timeline possibilities.. everything..

The thing about me being so adamant about not being an apostate or false Christ was based on the idea that I knew the psyops and psychotronics are powerful, and I knew that, before I understood how they worked, I was inappropriately influenced to write things that I didn't fully believe.. they were comprises to the way things have become, not the intent of God... marriage and the death penalty, in particular. Some on abortion.

Anyway... it's never that I wasn't confident that God was leading me.. my reaching out was sort of to seek checks and balances, so if I was still thinking and writing based on the way the world influenced me, maybe someone would notice and inquire, and it would assist me in clearin gmy influences and writing in the void I finally chose to ensure that I was not being tricked or falsely persuaded by people I thought I could trust.

And I'm glad, to that extent, that that's how it worked out. And I don't know if I adequately express or explain it in what I've been writing... I have no doubt in my own mind who I am, and why I believe it having more to do with my life more than since 2002... and it's been interesting because, although I see the need and want to clean up my act in a couple of areas, what I discovered, and what was important to me to determine, cause if someone really puts out the effort to gaslight you, they can... I needed to know if I'd been manipulated to emulate someone who could be used to display as an apostate or falsee Christ, or if weho I would have needded to be throughout my life, with or without knowledge, regardless of any psyops or manipulations along the way, if I really held the beliefs and understanding that would be part of the being of such a person as ana nointed one of God. And I was and  am still sort of amazed that what I've found by studying the Word and inquiring honestly, that, to my satisfaction anyway, is that I am that person and have lived in those ways, so to think of myself of going through a transformation in being doesn't seem accurate, a reclamation or maybe purification might seem accurate, maybe permission to be who I truly am.. and I understand the responsibilities on so many levels, and for some reason, I would have to say I humbly understand much of what needs to be done and how..  and I don't know how to explain it without seeming arrogant or absorbed in it all, and despite Biblical kinds of words that people will use to describe what I'm doing and all... I still just see myself as a man like anyone else... with a job to do... part of which is to restore the world to the values we all agree on everyday... people values, not economic or political values, people values... making it okay to love each other again.. appreciate...

What I appreciated in the revelations of God's ways and observing my own is not just an affirmation to me that somehow I ended up being the way He wanted, somehow, some way... but that it wasn't like I had to change myself or alter my opinions to be that way... whether I voiced politial opinions in Conversations or Christian interpretations and   inquiries in FTLOTW, they're pretty consistent, and where I changed my conclusions on issues, it makes a pretty good example of how we all go along with things we don't actually believe in...

When I think of it all, I think that one of the most important things God wanted to develop in me was this sense of being willing to stand firm in the face of corruption, and regardless of my nature to want to forgive people or to honor the love that exists more than any unpleasantries... the part of me the psyops guys have had so much trouble with.. believing that I really would put my life on the line for what I believe in, like my country taught me to do since I was a child... like soldiers do everyday...  the part of me that knows that even bad people treat their friends nice most of the time, but treat everyone else like objects and marks for crimes, statistics of expendables and targets of cynical and perverted crimes... and what God needed to know is that I could see the good in people, while sending them to justice, and that the idea of reformatories, whatever word you want to put on it, is always what prisons should have been, especially in a Christian nation... and to sadly accept that people make choices... no person, Ceratinly not God, would want anyone to have to be punished. And that IS why the Kingdom of God.. and the removal of bad influences.. because the people with evil on their minds are the ones who cause other people to do evil... and people need to be empowered to do good things... not take orders and be victims of theft and deception. And it's simply about the kinds of things you just have to do.

Now the cool part..I've been getting pictures of what the Kingdom of Heaven looks like... I think I'll like it, but I'd still like a little dirt farm.... :} I like dirt. :} I have a bunch of trees to plant that I grew from seed. :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Richie Havens - Dear John_live

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Minnie Riperton - Perfect Angel - 105 - Edge of A Dream

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Percy Sledge - When A Man Loves A Woman (I still think Mike McDonald should release it as a single... never heard anyone do it better... Paramount, Seattle w/Kenny G.. 83 or so..)

9:41pm pm Quick note. I don't believe there are such things as heretics. Part of what I like about Kabala is the idea that there are many different thoughts and interpretations, that, as a body of knowledge, provide truth, whether universal or individual.. I once heard a joke about how true Jews would all actually believe in something different and thus have their own religions.. I'd say that any individual in any faith or spirituality has their own truth and religion... 

5/17/2009 2:19pm - Like usual I wake up everyday and take inventory, experience the effects of the psychotronics while I was sleeping... and reflect on my life, look at what needs to be done, accept the linitations being placed on me and finally decide to do what I can do, despite knowing the way things are being controlled, and that it seems more like a waste of time...

I think about all the way over the years people were working to cause my life to appear as if I lived a certain way I didn't.. I even laughed at the sick joke of how I'd build the farm and then if they voted me out at some point... I'd still have my little piece of property to live on. And here I sit on a piece of property that sort of looks like the FARM.. if I ever saw the property, I know I"d recognize it, just as I believe it exists, and probably in Oregon... but this just isn't it. And the psyops guys probably thought they could sell me on the Tuscan Sun principal... you get what you want even though it's not in the form or way you thought it would happen... the thing is, even if I attempted to make it work, it still would not provide the only thing I wanted out of this life, nor would the property provide what was necessary to sustain the FARM, nor would the corporations and government allow it to succeed.. so like cutting an album, it would sure keep me busy, but it would never accomplish much... I was never out to overthrow anything, just make the difference I knew I could make.

The setups were so perfect... all the way down to having weird things happen to make sure I didn't finish the seminar on dominance and submission.. and after all these years, I've come to the conclusion that it was the right discussion, and it was really about the Golden Rule... just as I think its funny tht I would be be subjected to a phony... I'd even forgotten that when discussing the FARM, drawing it out... during a time that I've come to realize was  a period of great manipulation of me and others around me with pscyhotronics, I drew and explained the farm and concluded, with that particular person, their background in education and theology, that ideally it would be a college, not a seminary but something having to do with spirituality and being, ontology, and still doing the publishing and music and kids camps and national/global arts and music promotion... I'm not gonna say more about that... it's just one of those things I'd forgotten about a long time ago that I"m sure some depraved person will use as proof of my opportunistic intent that never existed.. amazing... sick as it gets...

Oh, Greg, sorry about mixing up your name.. I think of you and that other, other Keith, and then flash on that poem about the ball turret gunner.. and then it always gets twisted in my mind.. :} Probably better that way :} For you, anyway :} Greta... I've been impressed with her since her objectivity in the Simpson trial. She's got a good mind. I don't watch people I generally trust. :} I don't know why I don't watch Fox more. You'll have to ask Time-Warner that question... I thought it was interesting that the Manchurian Candidate movie had Denzell Washington having an implant under his shoulderblade... on his back... on the website, it showed other locations, not that one, and one of the places is one of the places I may have one... can't know for sure without analysis. In the emails I refer to it as my mouse muscle... :}

One of the more interesting setups is also amazing.. I'm unfortuantely aware of lots of things where people are talking about how the  false christ or anti christ would come along and convince the world to follow him.. and I look at the world, and see that's been going on for  along time, but most certainly, a concentrated effort is going on with Obama, based on all that good stuff I 've written... the false prophet...  I can't wait to see what people say because in some places, the BIble syas the anti christ willdo something, and if you thinkabout it, it's the exact same thing Christ would need to do. It's the  emulations used by the anti-Christ to deceive people...  and yet.. people see it like a prophecy of what has to to happen, not what will appear to be happening as in the the need for the warnings of emulations. It's part of why ittook so long for me to get the core of my real self, needing to sort out the manipulations that caused even me to wonder if I had been manipulated into being an emulation, or if what the BIble said and my life were really parallel, and that what I believe in is what I believe in... like.. being relieved to realize that some people say I'm Chrit, and I believe it, and realizing I don't need to "act out the part" because I am that person... as well as realizing thing slike why it's actually important that I was not involved inthe ministry long ago, to be a witness, objective, as well as later on to provide proof of my being as authentic. Of course, the psyops and all were obvioulsy to make me look like some kind of degenerate, I'm sure.. soundbytes, ya know.. but what will prevail in the end is that despite all the weird stuff I talk about, the information I provide about the world and what's going on overtly and covertly is true... and still, because of propaganda, I'll still likely end up being viewed as bad and wrong and so forth because of the evil people who won't stop what they're doing because they don't think it's wrong. I see a number of possible scenarios, but that's the likely one. In the history of man, the clear pattern is that anyone who stands up against this kind of governmennt and cabal may may a huge difference in the society or world, but nearly always end up exiled and bankrupt. Or incarcerated. They already have me in prison. ANd I refuse to play Paul Games... no more replays. Game over.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Nilsson - Me And My Arrow

I suppose that whatever I accomplish is achievement. Theres]'s always a way to rationalize and justify anything and everything if ya have to .. I just know God was hoping that we were all ready for the next step... unfortunately it appears my life was to provide the test of those who had the power to do what God expeted, and they  knew what He expected.... we're just not doing replays anymore, we are moving forward, and God wins. Get used to the idea.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (Dis - 07 - On the Turning Away

3:39pm The most interesting twist of all of this, especially since 2002, was when someone hit the switch in April 2008 and "put me back in play". All sorts of things happened that caused me to take action, then the people who told me they'd step forward withdrew their willingness, and I was so suspicious, that I even wrote to Kennedy and Obama on the premise that I was being used to set up the Democrats.. I was... by the Democrats, I think ultimately, because it would look like I was being used by the Rpublicans, and or that my motivations were simply my anger and vengeance for the plagiarism of my materilas, instead of the torutre of psychotronics... just as I can clearly show a pattern of strange things, dialectics, getting really bad ever since Clinton took office... After I wrote those letters, and they responded and taunted me like, ha, ha, what are you going to do about like people using satanic ritual abuse do, it became clear to me that it wa tehm who were actually behind the dialectics, and their plan was to now use me, still not clear about a lot of things about who I was, would get me to write thing sbased on my current knowledge at that time, and that knowledge included the dialectic of foisting Barack off as the messiah image... because they found out I could provide evidence of a hoax if not an outright conspiracy... and that I was confident, given a fair hearing, that I could prove psychotronics and who I am. I even know they have that angle coverd too, but I don't care, because no matter what they manufacture, I can beat them with truth. That's alot of what the psyops are about... trying to make me confuse issues, dates and all to discredit me. The weblogs take care of that. The news stories I have take care of that. And the issues and crimes affect so many people, if they're taken care of, I'll be taken care of too.. relieved of psychotronics... so even if the idiots did some boner amateur thing like take my evidence, I still have 'em... it's all public domain information. And I have witnesses. And it only takes one whistleblower to completely prove the conspiracy. Just like Georgie said.. it only takes one.. I think they're out there.. maybe not now, but at the right moment..

ANd just like the ultimate consturction of a good joke, claling upon something said earlier in the routine to deliver a punch line..

Long ago, when I thought DObbs wa a friend, I wrote and said .. referring to the people who designed the current rev of the New World Order's plans... it looks to me like a buch of old coots or farts had a plan, and they figured out they were going to die before it happened, and  they rushed it, and they're doing it wrong, because the world isn't wuite ready for the one world government thing in its current state...

And so the ultimate joke and insult to me, before they incapacitated me with dews and psychotronics, was realizing that there I was, over 50, looking at a world that needed a leader of some sort to do work that, even i f people accepted me as that leader, that for all sorts of reasons, I wouldn't live long enough to fully establish what was needed to make the difference that was necessary.

I take it as a sort of ultimate insult and taunt, okay, you're going to get the world, but we're going to destroy it first... and they're so sick, here I was totally unaware that I had any personal responsibility for anything ahving to do with governance, except as a citizen, and they're so sick, they actually finally told me who I was just so they could torture me... as Clinton said... just because we can. Check the Larry King transcripts from when his book came out.

ANd as for the "we're going to destroy it first.." isn't it funny (not) that I would be looking at definitions of words, and could come up with the idea from that that the abomination of desolation would actually be or could be more like the very position I'm in.. in one way and and context, twisted of course, some would say I'm some sor tof king in the  abomination of loneliness, ruler over a planet destroyed.. another one of those well crafted dialectics to be able to say that I am more like a false Christ... and it just goes on and on... the dialectics.. they got you coming or going... except, in at least my case, God always turns the tables. That's why I say, throw whatever ya got at me it doesn't matter... God'll handle it. Footballs don't care where they get passed, they just prefer to get caught sometimes...

I can't help wondering, given how clear it is to me the number of powerful peole who know of me and have interacted with me, if maybe all I'm being used for is the ultimate threat for coercion.. Skull and Boners saying, we know about it and if you don't pay us off, we'll make it look like you're the criminal who did this to God.. or something like that... it would explain  few things... I think I complicated it when I stated I wouldn't allow any criminals to use me to look like heroes... now, they all have stuff on each other, illegal activities they'll disclose to vidicate themselves or others on other issues... these guys go on tv to explain themselves, and end of testifying against themselves... it's funny to watch... the undoing goes on...

Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - A05 - One Planet, One People Please

I think right now, my favorite of my own songs is that one What a WOrld of LOve We could FInd because I was very careful to craft the words, so it would apply to the idea of getting to know the world and the world getting to know me, as well as having the same message on an individual level.. the ieda being if we all understood each other, we could really something pretty special... and more and more, as I write, I kind of see it as exactly what that song is about and what God intended it to be for...


If I knew you as I wanted
If I knew you like a friend
Could you understand my reasons
Never wanting it to end
If you looked me straight into my eyes
Know what's on my mind
Who knows what a world of love we'd find


If I said the words I'm thinkin'
If I wrote a brand new rhyme
Would you think that I was crazy
For lovin' one more time
If your answer made me trust in you
Should I sip the cup this time
Who knows what a world of love we'd find.


Who knows what a world of love we'd find
The world being made from the dreams that we share
With our hearts and our souls and our minds
Though the road is long
And the days are short
And the world just keeps spinnin' round in time
Who knows what a world of love we'd find
Who knows what a world of love we'd find


Now I see a new horizon
With the coming of the sun
And the world I see arising
Is the world that's just begun
And if I could tell you anything
If  I could read the signs
Who knows what a world of love we'd find.

Amazing what context provides.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Donny Osmond - Soldier Of Love

4:48 Seems that one of the people on the apostate list isn't very happy. Good. Neither is God.

Here's the deal.. when you go on tv and claim you have special gifts for sale, God doesn't appreciate it much cuase He know you're serving yourself. When ministers actually get me, while listening to hear that these peopel aren't using inappropraite means, when I hear them sin as a means to tempt people into giving... like I should be jealous the fact you have clothers in your closet from years ago with tags on them still... so insteadof being jealous, I should give you money to buy the gift too.. and then putting a disclaimer on the screen. Who are you serving? You may think the mony goes to serving God in the end, but how many thousands or millions of people will be left thinking God  doesn't love them... and why haven't you donated some of those old suits to charity so people could get use out of them, instead of using them to boast to people of all the good materialistic things God is in your life... read your Bible, apostate.

And when yu go on tv and use interrogation and brainwashing techniques and NLP to speed talk people into reacting instead of thinking, to get their money, calling it the spirit of God and not telling them tyou're taking advantage of their nervous system to get them to do something they probably wouldn't otherwise do...  it's nothing but propaganda techniques.. my dad hated propaganda... one of the first thing he burned into my brain was a knowledge and hatred of propaganda. More damaging than pornography any day... justify rationalize.. people up to no good always hate it when you call them on their stuff.

I don't care how powerful you think you are, nor does God... and you know what they say, God knows the truth. Who do you serve? If it isn't God, tell the truth and resign. If you people were doing such good work, you wouldn't need such techniques. And if there were fewer churches, maybe that would be a good thing... What difference does it make if you have a huge congregation if they're being fed bad information?  And trust me, I have a great deal of empathy for the problems with fundraising. But, it looks to me that ministers and religion a have been so manipulated into being politics, the only way to stop it is simply to say no more.. politics is different than being involved. Which of course is weird because here I sit being political... but then, how many people have my position on separation of church and state? And the knowledge of why God requires it.

10:22 It's interesting to think about how religion would want to suppress science and "other thinking" in order to maintain control over the masses... and then of course, how politics used that to use religion... it's just  like separation of church and state, where if religion was doing what it was supposed to, if it was allowed to, it would set the moaral tone of cultures in a way that would result in responsibility in the use of that knowledge and science... and would be focuse on fdeliviering the miracle sGod gives scientists for the benefit of everyone..

It's kind of odd to think of the idea of a spirit possession of a human body and not help wonder if their is some sort of suppression or enslavement involved by itself, except when you then consider that what God provides is added to you when accepting His ways... then you have a situation where there is another desired unity, another "one", between the human being and body and the divine spirit in/of each of us at conception. Another reason abortion is such a nuanced dilemma.  But, when hijacking a religion, just like the protocols say, they aim to place the rights of one group against another's in order to occupy their time and exhaust their energy and resources while the dialecticians do things that are far worse, weapons of mass distraction...

Anyway.. I still wonder if my father was God's eyes and ears before me, I have a lot of reason to believe it's true, he WAS baptized in the Catholic Church, and I think his claim of being an atheist was his dry wit that he ascribed to no particular religion... having nothing to do with a belief in God... because some of the things he talked about, and some of the things that happened in the world after he said what he said, and more... knowing what I know now, I believe he was... time will tell lots of things..

A few years back, I did a lot of reading on the Illuminati and Freemasonry, and I'd get through it and think,. for the most part, I agree with most of what they talk about. I certainly agree with the power of the mind and the concepts of co-creation, not to mention knowing God wanted us to receive knowledge as a way to let us have true liberty, doing things ourselves with out own creativity, once given all the right tools... and we have them.. we just use them for the wrong things... and that's the real issue for me now, and always has been...

So when I read about who's been involved in what and look at the associations and all, it looks like there's been a great deal of abuse and "ends justify the means" on all sides.  So here I come along, awakened for some reason by people for whatever benefit they'll derive, and I go, okay, I know what to do.. and then I look around and see the suffering and inhumane ways the planet has been managed, and what was possible... personal immoral or unethical acts is one thing... when someone says "because I can"... you know what it says. And that's the problem.  And in just my own bizarre case, I just have to believe you guys are actually more aware of   things than me, right now, but not for long, and the wa you used that advantage agains tme and a great number of other people keeps proving why there's no evidence to suggest that you want to change what you do or that you would, even if you agreed to it. And that's dictionary definition evil.

God provided knowledge of the mind and human nature not to teach us to manipulate each other, but to give  us ways of understanding each other in order to empower each other. Instead, we employ psychiatrists and psychologists to study ways to destroy the human mind and incapacitate people. There's only one way to judge that kind of behavior. How could it possibly be good? And yet, this is how they intend to subdue and pacify the world.. it's in the DOD Reports on the Information Roadmap... full spectrum domination...

Almost done with the sex chapter... gonna go to bed and write the beginning of the final preface.. I have no idea how to explain it all.. we'll see what comes out :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Bob Lind - Elusive Butterfly

The Bible says the angels will know more and be more powerful than me for a while.. I don't like it, but who asked my opinion? :}Hike.

5/18/2009 - 11:11 am - Interesting thoughts this morning.. mostly finding solace in knowing my impressions of hell are corrcect, and that you guys will go there and perpetually  commit the crimes you've comitted against everyone else on each, and you will create your own suffering. The difference between me and you sickos is that I'll feel sorry for you, while you laugh at the suffering you cause. It's like your phony minister.. did you hear the one about hte minister who risked their life and freedom for a politician in order to betray GOd, and then asking God to save 'em.. about as much sense as any of the rest of it makes..

What a friend we have in Jesus.. I  listen to Christian songs, and ask questions like, are you sure? Do you mean it? WHat exactly do you mean when you say friend? What do you mean by exalted.. his name will be exalted above all other... I didn't think Chuck was all that popular :}And I wonder, I know they're serious, and I shouldn't admit these thoughts, but at the same, time I wonder seriously if they've been told enough to really know why Jesus is actually their friend... somehow, I doubt it. Too many fallen angels and apostates. Too many formulaic sermons that are easy and expedient... I wonder how many ministers feel th espirit of God move them when they prepare, or do they just get eexcited by reading the BIble and validating themselves and their opinions... I wonder how many of these people who  think I'm a pushover have figured out the truth about that?

Soemtimes I wonder things, and they don't happen.. lots of times I"m glad... last night I wondered something, realized it was soething I sincerely wondered, and of course, the psyops guys said something like.. you have no idea what's going to happen next. All I gotta say is, the next drip drip or decoy goes to jail immediately. AS for not knowing what's going to happen next, what else is new... same thing right back at you...

Ya, know, I was going to put in a fountain on this property... it's like trees, why grow 'em when you can just sue for them? er buy them?

Fianlly.. whoever's been going through all the emails to Dobbs..  I'm glad you find them amusing as you go through their archives to systematically destroy evidence... it won't work.. I"ve got too much.. and Dobbs will save himself. You guys do that. Of course, I won't call him Peter anymore :} He blew that one himself... as for the remark about being sidelined, LOu, you can slow me down, but you can't stop me, and GOd will win. ANd you will be burned to the roots. It's in that book you got me to read. Nice suck in job. It doesn't work anymore. SO I'm just curious, Lou, ya gonna let the kids find out by hearing it in the news, or are you going to admit it to them yourself? Do they go to Church, Lou?

Troggs -  Love Is All Around

6:38 I'm chuckling a little cuz the psyops guys say they'v egotten me to write about everything I could have used in som eway against them had I not divulged it myself.. in other words, I'd have been able to prove they knew things they had no way of otherwise knowing... I say.. they really are deluded... this parsing of words and spin/lies won't work in front of  a jusry or a segment of the public that does more than read headlienes or blelieve media propaganda... I already know a bunch of em know about me and all that.. and there's tons of stuff I have actual evidence of.. like I said, I'm not  stupid enough to make these claims without proof, and if my evidence disappears, I have 700 witnesses to provide corroborating anecdotal evidence that will make you guys look like the perverts you actually are..

I"m not endorsing Greta or Scientology. You guys are nuts.  But feel free to use my acknowledgement someone's intelligence as sexist or biased or whatever good stuff you usually do :} I explained my previous remarks on Scientology long ago in the piece I wrote about transformation.. The deal between them and Landmark was never something I ever wanted to know about and avoided, but I think down the road it might be relevant.. otherwise, it's just another group of people who believe in whatever they believe.

I don't watch the news to learn news. I watch to study the patterns of the over stories being foisted on us and compare it to the truth to determine not only only what's actually happening, but which people are being positioned to protect one political area or another, as well as to keep up on the code talk used with politicians and the media to seel Americans lies, and opf course, I pick up a few of those things related to me as well.. Rumsfeld' the one who caused me to actually believe I was correct that I was being "talked to"... we were talking in analogies around the lyrics of the New Patriot Song...   I was surprised, but I figured they were just saying, okay, if you'r egoing to be so assertive, here's your shot. We're listening. Say it. So I did... except it kept happening and expanding to other people, like Woolsey... I appreciated that they even listened. I had no idea I'd collected evidence until it cam eup when I wen tot Atlanta, and in talking to their security guy, realized I had all the emails and transcripts and stuf f that could prove the weird circumstances that led me there. From then on... I've been collecting all kinds of cool stuff, including a video that even shows Hillary Clinton's dress color at the Democratic National Convention being colorized onto Michelle Obama's Dress when they panned from Hillary to Michelle... cool little shot.. a friend of mine worked doing colorization for Turner.. and then I heard CIAnderson Cooper did a thing on holograms on election night. I wonder if all those people in Germany were actually there? :} Does Barack Obama even exist? :} That's  a joke. :} Put on a concert people show up, even if some American politician is going to give a speech. It'll be over, They'll play more music :}

So anyway... Nancy.. they almost got me to say younever particpated in the psyop.. but ya know, I got iy. I now you say it's the Republicans who didn't get it, but I did. I know you guys were going toclaim finding me, and I can't wait to hear Kerry's explanation for what "The son is waking up in America" means although I'm sure the sickos have another candidate all lined up.. though it won't work... somewhere along the line, someone'll fess up, and the whole thing will crumble. The song says so. It's not the way I want it. But, then, those hippies know stuff.  The thing about green, and my green jacket, is that when he was being gradauated or something in the  Catholic CHurch, altar boy or something, everyone else had a dark suuit an dthey gave him a green one and it made him stand out and get embarrassed.. just one more of those clues burned into my brain... still don't know it's significance.. like why, with his stero and and all, the only things I ever heard him play were his Victory at Sea albums, and a single of Pete Fountain side A: When the Saints Go Marching In and B: Sweet Georgia Brown. And all the stuff about the weather and the hovercraft...

One of the more interesting bits of research I did was tracking down who people though the Christ and anti-Christ were in the world.. like I I know there's   aguy that certain people would want us to believe is christ from Italy... how convenient for people who don't understand the paradigms of the Bible vs the current world's "rendition" you might say.. anyway..  so I came across this thing that said Prince Charles was the Son of Man... and it led me to a lexicon.. and I looked at it, and name 665 was Albert, and 666 was George and 667 was man... and I thought, okay, so it isn't Prince Charles... and then months later I realized Charles meant man...and then just recently  learned that Adam means man... and I'll give ya anyday, the name itself doesn't mean anything.. but like I've been sayingfor years.. a few things here or there... coincidence.. a hundred things, and ongoing occurrances.. no coincidence. It's funny.  But it's like I said long ago.. if God was calling me to do something, no matter how weird it might seem, and I knew it made sense in a greater sense, and the evidence added up and all.. if I didn't do it, and I was supposed to, imagine the negative rippling effects, especially knowing that if God didn't want me to make a certain difference or accomplish a task, He wouldn't have me do it.. and I did have that vision and all, so I couldn't ignore it. It's very much like the Bill Cosby Noah bit.  ANd I figured, the worst case is that He would use me to wake people up, and the very worst, that psyops created a delusion.. but I just know that's not the case, because everything adds up and it just makes sense to me.. and the psyops thing was their ultimate way of being able to claim I ws a phony, and of their own  making..

And to me, that's where Dobbs came in. .he signed up for something, I don' tthink they were honest with him, I think they probaly just said we're running the wizard of oz and the religious psyop on this guy or something, so he went along with it.. and then.. I didn't go crazy like they thought I would, and suddenly everyone becomes aware of all this evidence I have... I don't think they knew I had it because everything changed almost overnight. There's lots of stuff that started, bad stuff, horrible stuff, and it becomes most documented when I called the Secret Service before the 2004 DNC Convention...

Anyway, the way dialecticcs go, the trail that leads most easily back to him, makes it pretty clear they set him up to take the fall if it backfired... and then of course, the weird part is, dialectics are set up so even the appearance that he's a fall guy to get him off the hhok may be the back door they set up for him to lighten to burden.. And, ,then there's the part of how God always gives His servants a way out of a trap... as my old mentor says... interpret it as you will... :}But I'm not open minded or anything.

There's lots of stuff I think I could explain with just a few more details from a few people of interest that would really blow things wide open.. but then, the psyops have done a good job of making sure those people are untouchable, just like most recent unconstitutional legislation doesn't allow for oversight or investigation... but, God'll plague some people and they'll accidentally do the right things.. unfortunately, if it happens that way, instead of by choice, it won't be a way that's good for themselves.

So much for this brain dump.. oh yeah.. just to make sure I divulge another odd thing they'll say I told them here instead of being able to say they knew about it and set up an emulation, which they did and I'll claim even though I wouldn't have, the college conversation happened sometime around June 1997.. I'll bet someone will think back in their notes, and see some interesting parallels in my activities and their activities... am I wrong? Especially what happened in 2005. And I hope not, but maybe before.

I keep thinking about how many times I almost accidentally became a sports announcer :} Scary, isn't it. What did you figure out "happened to you"? And it's weird, because it never made sense, unless... not like everything has to make sense, but, still.. it just didn't make sense.

Still guys,I gotta wonder, how ya gonna explain Martha? She was wired, wasn't she? And the guys next door, the "ex-police officers"...  At least she was really nice to talk to. I'll bet she was over 18 too. Does Chris Hansen have the scoop on this one? Tell her hi for me :} Did she ever get the monet? :}

5/19/2009 12:28 I think it's funny.. looks to me like someone wants to use Landmark Education to sue me so the government and the fake minister will get off the hook. Anytime Landmark wants to take me to court, bring it on, cause all they'll do is prove their own hypcrisy, manipulativeness and somination of anyone who walks through their doors... I could talk for hours about the abuse of people's psyche's at that place.

I got involved with Landmark because of a so called friend..  I took the forum, it was great  for me.. I'd bene through a divorce, bankruptcy, all sorts of weird stuff, and I needed someone to talk to to finish straightening things out in my mind, so it worked for me.. More importantly though, a saw a lot of the same things I was planning to do in my dominance/submission seminar in their supposed teaching, so I figured, why re-invent the wheel, let's see if what I wanted to say and teach rings true here.. it was so similar, that when my FOrum LEader, CHuck Eisen, would bring up one inquiry, I'd stand up and talk, pointing out the things he was leading to in two to three more steps and he'd have to tell me to sit dwown because I was jumping too far ahead.

I joined the Introduction to the Forum Leaders Program... a complete misrepresentation of wha tthe course what.. everything said it trained you to be a Forum LEader.. and they could make that case semantically.. but the truth weas, it was a program to get you to sell courses, and I don't completely reject their basis for doing it.. but they claimed to be teaching integrity and being, and that they promoted being above sales or antyhting else.. . but it justisn't true.. and they use your sales and ;lack of sales as a way to dominate people to make them feel less worthy and such to guilt their psyches into confroming and submitting to the abusive methods they used to control you. As long as I was a good boy, taking crap off anyone who said they were in charge of me as a volunteer, things were fine... anyimte I offered adiffereing though opinion or observation, I was punished in some way or another.. still, I tookl it as meaning Iwas dealing with people who didn't really understand being or human nature, and assumed I'd get through all that stuff, end up working with the course designers as a forum leaders, and help shape things in the future.

When you take this course, they ask you in the first session, basically, why are you here. I said I believed I could source this material, and wanted to be a forum leader. That was a big mistake. They said, this course is about enrolling people in the FOrum. The literature didn't say that... I said, well, lots of people are better at sales than I am, and that's what they should do...I'm here to be a Forum leader. Their description in the course, comparee to the literature... let's just say I should have seen that as a sign and walked away...

Nonetheless... before long, it was clear they could careless about the quality of the people they were promoting, what they wanted was people who would sell courses. ANd people who would submit to domination.. I the courses.. I don't know what they teach at the moment, but my recommendation is the same.. their courses have vlaue... just don't get involved in the organization because the inside of it is a cult, whether they want to admit it or not.

Long and short of it.. there's a bunch I learned from their courses, taught me some words, gavew me a few quotes that are valid.. I was never around when Earhardt was, but it was clear the organization changed after he left. It went form an inquiry on being to teaching manipulative human tools, an dlearning to derivisively dominate other people. I don't care what they claim it is, I could tell you story after story of abuse to other people, and arrogant people who didn't have the responsibility to be worthy of such power over people's minds.. and if they put me in the position of having to tell these stories, they might win but they'll go bankrupt. ANd then, I swear, I would uncover the core of the conspiracy... because the EST and Landamrk thread of my harassment because way too obvious when you look at it over years... way too obvious... and if it wasn't a conspiracy... it was at the very least psychotronic manipulaion of other people.. but I could tell you a story of how and why I left Atlanta that would curl some toes... and D.C.... no problem. Phyllis and other people will have some heavy duty explaining to do. All I gotta say is this: I couldn' tcare less what happens to Landmark Education.. all I did was connect the dots on my harassment.. and everything I was subjected to there fits the rest...  And if you try to claim I stole your material.. good luck, I"ll claim you stole it from me, and I'll make it stick.

On eof my favorite stories that depicts the differences between me and Landmark.. one Christmas Eve, I attended a little get together for people who were alone on CHristmas... and the question became  If oyu could wish for anyhting, what you be doing this Christmas/Eve that you won't be doing. I said, I'd be curled up in front of a fireplace witha woman, looking at the Christmas tree, enjoying conversation.. the next thing I know, a woman raises her hand and volunteers.. I was shocked... I fogot to mention it would be someone I really cared about, not just anyone. I declined.

As time went on, they taught courses talking how people should just pick anyone to have a relationship becuase through communication and commitment, you could make any relationship work. I didn't buy  it, except in intellect discussion. They'd joke from time to time, around trusted insiders, which I was considered, about poles and holes... sex was nothing but gratification and "screwing"., just a pleasurable activity between genitals.. and they said, if a marriage didn't work out, no big deal, just get a divorce and find someone else. Truthfully, if you could understand their conversations abstractly as intellectual discussion, it was rational, bit for people who didn't understand the deeper implications as well as the need to be incredibly knowlegeable of one's self, it could be disastrous for people.

When I went ot work in DC, I had a number of really weird things happen, abusive things toward me, but I worked there as a last chance for them because I really wanted to see if I could reconcile my differences eith the organizastion, because it's the kind of work I really wanted to do. I really wanted to put ddoen roots, be in a good relationship and build alife from it.  Both the woman I'd been in a relationship with since then, a Landmark Course Leader...  have since, knowing what we know now, believe psychotronics were used to bring us together., And what made me vulnerable was the fact that I was looking to get into a relationship per their description.. and then there's much more to that story that could lead you to believe that Landmark was once again used to suppress me.

After all is said and done, there's only one person I walked away form that company with a positive respect for for... Doug.. and I unfortunately have to believe I'll find reason to give that up too... but he was one of Werner's originals.. so I have have to wonder if he still has some of the integrity they used to teach, the thing that convinced me to give them a try overall... Cause my dominance and submission seminars all lead to one thing: taking responsibility for the power every person has over every other person, and the positive things that could occur if people would respect it, not use it as a weapon. Landmark teaches people how to use weapons. And it's easy to show.

land mark doesn't really believe in choice.. they believe in talking people into making decisions.. and in that, they reveal their greatest hypocrisy. ANd in that regard, they're no better than deceptive politicians. And yeah, I know, Priscilla will claim  I was crazy, that's what they were telling people.. and all I wanted to do was resign from a course to move back to the west coast without taking on anymore responsibility to anyone in Atlanta. Quite rational... I produced so many courses and took so much crap off of people there who were clueless, coached tons of people... and yeah, I had already passed the requirements to become an introduction leader... and I walked away from it to be responsible for my life, not to reject landmark or anything else, and they knew it... but Priscilla and her friends showed their true colors.. and if I dinf out a guy named Doug Horn ever had anything to do with Landmark, I'm gonna own their asses. If I wanted to own Landmark, we'd be in court right now. But they're not the big fish, are they? Just a tool of the advanced, the boundaries aren't real discussion, one world government by brainwashing and tyranny... and to Priscilla.. we shared something in our support for the NAACP early on.. I always wanted to see a black president get elected too... elected.. not criminally foisted upon the world as a propaganda tool in a fixed election... so Priscilla, never utter the word integrity again. GOd will consider it blasphemy from your mouth. And I'll just laugh. ANd I was never inappropriate with anyone in any way in that center... you said 235 chairs, you got 235 chairs...

I told a forum leader I wanted to be one, he said, what if we decided to put you in the IT department instead. I was offended. Olli olli oxen free, if you don't come out, you're IT. Information Technology...  I didn't know that Forum leader, and I wasn't in the course... he had no reason to believe I had any IT skills. Or did he?

Doug once told me some of these Forum leaders were some of the biggest assholes I'd ever meet in my life... I already knew that. It was just good to hear one of them admit it, like an honest intellectual discussion. That's what I alwys liked about Doug.

The only thing I know about Scientology  is what Olbermann says about it, and I can't take that seriously.. one day I read one 4 page article about them... otherwise, I haven't got  a clue what they do. Maybe I should. Unless people there turn out like that fake minister. If they're more like Greta, I think I'd actually enjoy the conversation... and I have no idea what Greta reports. None. I just don't watch. SOmething about Foxing gloves :} Has me spooked.. and yeah, Iknow who owns the satellites and technology. SO you tell me, why don't I watch Fox? Maybe Shepard will reveal that answer :} But he does have a lovely voice :}

There's a huge difference between arrogance and confidence.. few people understand the difference. Nuance is everything.

So, I laugh about htis stuff because, what else can I do - the alternative is to go nuts or hate people.. and I don't plan to do either... so I laugh now, and when they all go to jail, they'll have to watch me cry.. but they'll go to jail.. quite a conclusion for a guy who just wanted Chris Matthews to allow people to speak opposing views when asked questions on his program... 

Meaghan McCain.. is she a spokesperson for the anti-Christ, or what? Unbelievable... pro-sex.. who isn't? Just not lowering consentual age so the perverts in Congress can do their pedophilia on the interns. And I'm not joking when I say that. Ever read the protocols.. fits right in...

Tom Petty - Refugee

The only thing about this all that never makes sense is when I have to accept that little or none of this is personal, I'm an object to alot of people, being held responsible for things done by relgion and apostates that I would decry any day of the week on your behalves.. but as usual, nooone asks question.. you villify, create false images, deceive.. about someone you knew nothing about, didn't care to udnerstand, you just thought you'd inappropriately take your anger out on God for things He didn't do and wouldn't have approved of... but let's be honest.. your intentions weren't honorable either.. and the weapon you used agains tme most was my good integrity and care for people. And that is Satanic in that context, mostly, it's sickness.   So, giv eme one reaon why, even if I lost in court, I should feel one moment of remorse about exposing all these people.. I was placed in this situation by sick people who needed to go to jail... got made lemonade. I don't even like lemonade.

Kenny Rankin - The Kenny Rankin Album - 07 - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

3:52 It just gets weirder and weirder. I have nothing more to say about Scientology. It's no concern of mine, and if I find out  differently later, it will be. I'm not here to make anybody's cases and despite how it probably appears, I'm not trying to make appeals to anyone. People have to make choices. That's the test God's putting on humanity right now, and he's primarily holding the leaders accountable. He didn't deselect me, nor did he play the retirement from leadership psyop on me, the people didn't reject me, the government and some meglamaniacs did, because the reason the glass breaks when people believe they are superior is because people like you all think you know better, and then, in your supposedly objective overview, you diminsh the sanctity of life itself, and then manipulate people into believing your own sick, self-serving interests, which is to normalize your perversions in the public sector to appease your own sickness. You don't see it because you're sick. But if we took your children and secretly did medical experiments on them that harmed, I bet you'd pass a law against it in a minute. If we took you and hooked you up to psychotronics 24/7/365 for years, I'll bet you wouldn't have the fortitude to stand up to it for  amonth.. cause you're all spoiled and pampered and self-absorbed, and you find a way to justify yourselves for things that no sane person could find a justification... like people who use psychology to harm and manuipulate people, instead of empowering them and dominating them. Teaching people to be manipulative and assertive is not empowerment. And if you really a world that works, you don't teach people to do evil better than other people in order to cause a world of communication, peace abundance and well being... and you cna't have  a world of open borders and fair trade when you have the people suffering.. it's a recipe and a dialectic for global war, which tells me you'r eokay with killing off billions of people to achieve your goals.. becauese you think that no matter what it takes to win, afterward, you'll set it straight.. except, your evil will have become a part of you, and it will be your being. As it already is. That's what full spectrum dominance is all about. And why God will stop you.

There may be some truth that creativity is the avoidance of domination.. if you want people to think of creativity as a rebellious act... but creativity is the expression of freedom... freedom rejects domination. But creativity is not a rebellious act. It's a divine act of Grace in a person's spirit. Why would you want to teach someone to think of beauty as an act of defiance or hostility. It's not a compensation. Creativity is a direct conversation with God. A prayer with the great counselor. True liberty. Order is only control to people who fear they are not in control and demand to dominate in order to feel safe, and to find ways to justify their own existence and affirm their self-esteem. And, people who don't actually like people. People do the right things when they aren't treated like lab experiments and animals to manage. If you actually understand anarchy, you'd know that anarchy is a very ordered existence.. it just doesn't need to be enforced or controlled. I"m very much into order.. but I also absolutely love the beauty of the human imagination.. cause that's where all the good things in the world come from... if people didn' thave the "free association" that occurs in creativity, they will not hear what God is telling them.. and you people want to limit people's thoughts and imaginations in order to control people like cattle, while not using the weapons on your kind in order to remain superior. If you have to do that  to be superior, then you're admitting you're not superior at all.. just evil enough to do anything or kill anyone to get your way because you think so little of yourself in the first place. Maybe you privileged people actually suffer most from the knowledge of the truth of yourselves.. which is that you didn't deserve the good things that were handed to you... and you know that if people knew the truth, they'd learn the most honest thing: you're all a bunch of frauds. Pretty words and criminals through and through. You think you're turning the rudder, and I'm just impatient. Not true.. I just understand dialectics, and so does God.

Soyou psuops jerks have  done a good job of keeping me distracted from writing and all, and I really am tired of it, and I really will add more damning info to the evidence the more you keep it up. I don' tcare what you think of God, you continue to prove you enjoy ahrming people, and  that's all the poof I need.

If anyone wants to have a legitimate conversation with me, you knwo where I live, you know what a deposition is, and anyone messing me with psychotronics, or messing with anyone else using psychotronics and dews may as well figure you're perfect examples of who will never be back in this world again.. cause all these good people don't deserve your evil. And you know it. So good luck in hell.

Stivo -- feel free to buy me some clothes.. I'll give em to the minister who think sthat makes him cool.

Meanwhile, if you have a problem with the truth of the business of the Catholic church, complain to the Pope. I didn't do it. Even you are apparently not very open minded or capable of objective, honest analysis. That's propaganda for ya.. I had a place for you, too. Thought between you and Olbermann and me, we could get it done without riots, war or martial law... not instigated by me, by them.  It's their dialectic and Hillary's Final Solution...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Neil Diamond - Forever In Blue Jeans (1979)

Phil Collins - Testify - 04 - Don't Get Me Started

BTW Hillary.. can you believe, I used to be a big fan of yours :} Amazing...   Your book burned like the Ouija Board I burned.. it just wouldn't stay lit :} Nice touch on making it look like you care about what Dobbs thinks.. anybody ever notice these reporters take on causes on "behalf of the people".. and make you think something's being done when it isn't? And that is the ploy... nice touch though, I'll be sure to bring it up when explaining dialectics...

Back when people were joking about Dobbs running for president I put together a smear piece on him just in case.. featuring Howard Kurtz basically saying that people at CNN didn't like DObbs and he was a jerk, with special connections to Turner. After I joked about that, Dobbs had Kurtz on telling a completely opposite story. I think it sort of demonstrates deception or somethin' like that :} Course, they probably dumped the second package. Can't wait to see what he did to his pre Iraq war transcripts when I "fired him". :} That was funny.

There is one more thing... the Blavatsky book.. it was given to someone who gave it to me to read.. I checked out a few pages:} It was interesting.. the bigger issue is that it was given to her by the wife of the then Chancellor of Germany, who told L that it was important that she know about this, because it's what's going on".. and then something like it was dangerous and that it was important for people to know about it.  

And finally. the reason the government views Iraw vets as potential home grown terrorists is becuas ethey know the vets have weapons and are ell trained, and that if they knew the truth of how their lives were sacrificed and put on the line, and the probability that they're going to die anyway from the radiation and chemicals they're being exposed to... that our government is knowingly subjecting them to... they would be potential terrorists, because they're going to be more than angry. And they've been brainwashed to express that kind of emotion by killing. That's why the government created the School of the Americas, and why the New World Order crackdown depends on foreign troops.. because foreign troops would fire on AMericans, whereas our own troops an fellow citizens could not be counted on to fire on their fellow citizens if given the order, especially in a brutal martial law. And don't forget, if Martial Law is declareed, no one can question it legally for at least 6 months... at which time, it would be too late. And the president can now declare martial law with the stoke of a pen for any  reason they want. In essence we all actually are detainees/enenmy combatants. We just haven't been told yet. If they do the martial law method, it'll be ugly.. and the sickos will like that, to intimidate those left after the bullets stop flying...

This is exactly the  dialectic of many interconnected dialectics I was trying to and believed I could prevent when I went to LA. Oh well.  And now Obama says, we might be able to come up with a comprehensive middle east peace just in time to get him reelected.. they all say that, make it relaly good, but it never actually happens.. ever notice that? Meanwhile, Israel continues to commit International War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity...

Watch.. they'll say they closed Guantanamo, and then we'll find out that's where they're taking people who "disappear"....

You say you want  a leader, but you can't make up your mind...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 13 - Junior's Farm (DJ Edit)

5:06 OLB Steele Head On

Welcome to reality.. Obama had 300 advisors BEFORE the election.. the idea that Obama suddenly had t o face reality about Gitmo and tribunals and all is pure bull.

5/20/2009 2:12 pm Dissertations on mud in your eye... sounds interesting :} But if you really are fascinated by observing tortured people in prison, even people in what's called an electronic fence like me, have Orrin Hatch hook you up with the officials at the Utah State Penetentiary System. They've let saddistic guards there use psychotronics to torture people there for years. And if the prisoners complain, they do it even more. Satanic ritual abuse in Utah... I think maybe the Moromons should speak out against this sort of thing.. is Hatch a Mormon? If so, he should be excommunicated immediately. Romney's gonna be candidated for that soon if he doesn't get straight with God and stop supporting Satanists.

Wow, where did that come from? :}

I wish the psyops guys hadn't blocked the email I sent to the Dalai Llama... so much to share :} Them folks know about me :} I wonder what they think they know? Speaking of which, for the record, I greatly resent the psyops and psychotronics done to me in Yosemite, and it's going to be one of my favorite stories to tell to show people just how perverted and diabolical you really are.  Whoever thinks it's funny, of you guys, now understand why you laugh when you know you're busted.

Tom Brokaw.. the quintessential example of a high priced liar, propagandist and traitor... it's my pleasure under any circumstances... that would be cool.. a page of quintessential examples... works.. I like I thanks. It'll be fun too.. people will say, but these are my favorite people... just like I did... Colin Powell would be next.. Carter, Brzinzsky (can't get his name) all of you sickos... who cares if anyone believes me, I'll have done my job..

Lots of choppers today :} Lots of dews... pacification kinds, the type to keep me quiet and subdued... only works to a minor extent.. chopper overhead, got a direct dew hit ... reminds me of thestory of the woman or man in Germany who got  tired of US Choppers flying over their hous, so they built a catapult and baked some really hard biscuits and started shooting the choppers as they flew overhead.. since these guys seem to make it a game.. like now.. when I go out back at night, I spot them, and they makea beeline to hide behind the trees... yeah hide and seek.. caught that a while back.. personally, though, if they just wanna have some fun,  I think they should drop a paint ball gun into the backyard, at least it would be more interactive... :} We could keep score :}

Bob Newhart would enjoy this weblog :}

So who IS going through all my emails to Dobbs? Someobody must be, the question is why, and do they know if they play games with me about it, I"ll bust 'em. I don't care who they are.  And I told you to stop interfering with my writing... blasting me with dews and psychotronics is not my idea of anything except criminal activity, and I have no aversion to claiming anything I know is true. And I have no need to lie, because I have evidence. I know you all think you'll just suppress me forever, but you're incredibly wrong about that.. the one thing criminals like you always do is make mistakes because you think yuo can't be caught..wait'll you see what God's got in mind for you and your friends...

And when everyone is celebrating the return of freedom, I"ll be leading a service of mourning for those who lost their way so much they couldn't see how evil they had become, and I will ask everyone to understand what there really is to never forget... because that knowledge of sin is not about the additional knowledge of God's power and judgment, but what happens when we allow ourselves to not pay attention, and allow ourselves to be lead by immoral and unethical people.

It will be a sad day, because so much more would have been accomplished, and so much more would have been possible, but, like the parts of my childhood I declared as void when I was 19, rid of the evil that suppresses and harms, we will at least have that one vision of what good and evil looks like.. the knowledge of the evil of sin.. to guide usand provide us the wisdom for judgment toward an incredibly wonderful future.

The sooner you quit hitting me with psychotronics and dews, the sooner we'll be rid of one another, one way or another. I don't think you people have the guts to deal with the truth, if you even know what it is anymore... I do. And I welcome truth, for all the right reasons.

People need to know that the Indonesian Quake and Tsunami were th eresult of HAARP attacks that acooomplished 2 things: one, damage to and pacification of a concentration of MUslim residents, and 2) so called prophets or interpreters of the BIble talk of great earthquakes and such... one that would be devastating... that quake successfully jarred the earth off its natural axis, thus actually altering the plaes of things like the equator, as well as the location of due north, among other things. THe results of the Indonesian quake also can be attributed for quakes, coupled with additional HAARP and HAARP like weather weapon attacks, quakes in China and around the Pacific Rim, and seems to have aggravated the ring of fire... so, you got your earthquakes in diverse places, you now know why... aoh yeah, Arctic Melting, I'm told, but haven't checked it out, that the arctic and antarctic melting is taking place, but since the tilt of the earth has been altered, the ice is now forming again at the top and bottoms of the earth... it's just moving... still.. this terraforming enables the corporations to mine and rape the earth even more, and will  lead to the earth turning into a perfectly round marble if not stopped. And it's not supposed to happen, it was a warning that it would happen if it wasn't stopped....

BTW - no  matter what lies anyone wants to tell, my nephew is not the namesake of the family, and I'm going to end up having  a few things to say to him about his business dealings. As far as I'm concerned, he's a shame to the name.

You guys must have really hated my father.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can My mom really liked  them a lot:}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Fifth Dimension - Puppet Man  Dedicated to Geroge W the 2nd, Barack Obama... who's running the controls on them? :} And Barack calls it a gift... being elevated to the position of the most powerful criminal in the world.. talk about declaring yourself the king of desolation.. :} Can we see a keystone cop rendition of this movie.. you know a remake?  Enough silliness.. and to whoever running the psychotronics today...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Todd Rundgren - Change Myself

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Electric Light Orchestra - Evil Woman

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Run This Way Forever - 04 - No Bad Dreams

3:52 As odd as it may sem to some, I know there are intel agencies in various places in the world who monitor my communications, and so I want to address the leaders who are kept apprised of my "serious" exhortations :}

We Are One... such a holgraphic expression of this moment and time, in my life and in the state of the world. The majority of One... knowing that in the hearts of the citizens and leaders who truly seek the best future they can imagine for their beloved citizens that there truly are people in this world who believe in the goodness and ways of God, and/or who simply have the  integrity, courage and intrinsic appreciation for the knledge of the beauty and benefit that can be elictied in all of us, projected into the order of the cosmos... I address you with a great deal of respect and appreciaiton for your endurance under the circumstances of this world.

There's so much myth and lore involved in religions, and Christianity has not escaped the deceptions we live by, intended or not, and I'm sorry that some believe that destruction and so much harm is necessary for this world to finally work as one one vital organ serving every other vital organ allowing, causing and regenerating life. Having the world come together as a response to catastrophe has never been God's desire.

I want to assure you that God's confidence in my presenting myself is the result of experience and His guidance which I willingly accept - and in this period I have lived, becoming, becoming aware, understanding the responsibilites and the true intent and purposes of God's ways - my work or thoughts are not to prove or honor me, but to apply His ways in the world such that His intent is fully expressed in the world.

In the mythology associated with Christianity, some would say that my assignation as Christ is to provoke people and nations to war. But, I want to assure you that when the day comes that my government allows me to be heard and known, and however anyone regards me, let it be known that in my heart I understand my purpose is to cause dialogue and action consistent with an intent and commitment to mutually beneficially resolve every conflict that we are faced with without the need for military and economic coercion, and I pray that such actions will never be seen as necessary or viable in the future.

At the same time, let us respectfully acknowledge that we all, of respective nations, have a responsibility to our respective nations and constituencies to protect our individual interests and rightfully so. So, let's not make an issue of the reasonable and necessary efforts to maintain any defensive postures or intel operations, respectful of dominion and sovereignty, as results of interaction begin to rebuild the trust that is required to sustain us all in creating the future.

Let me also be clear about this: if anyone should believe because of anything I have said regarding the corruption I have witnessed and those I have accused, please understand that I have not, nor will I, turn my back on my******************** responisbilities or love toward the United States and its citizens, or the ideals of Democracy in its original intent, intact or not..

I promise that however I am received, I am available as an honest broker in every manner and matter in which I engage, giving creedence to every complaint or idea, and with humble anticipation, knowing that I will not fail you in my work with you. Of course, I and we can only be responsible for our own actions. Those would would understandably distrust my outstretched hands and any partnerships we may form will be empowered in time to join us all as we become one in this world, as friends and family and sharers of knowledge and the power of God.

I thank you for considering and honoring my words in this matter.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Whitney Houston - Step By Step

6:33pm - Obama's book of speeches/evidence.. that'll make  a few things easier :} I can't wait to see the edits :} I got a lot of video on him :} Too bad about the civil rights guys, Baracky... they're all finding out about you :}

St Ego of Arrogance.. think I'm gonna use that :} A lot of dotted ties out there lately... personally, I like the Italian ones, that look like impressionist paintings.. big surprise, huh :} Roland Martin would like them. Sometimes I wonder if they piggyback him cuz she doesn't want to be in my weblogs :}

Mr Independent.. hmm looks like CNN reeled in Dobbs :} He's probably gonna be their boss, so they better be nice. I wonder if his real middle name is Peter:} He may be one of those guys, but I learned alot from him. Newt Gingrich too :} I think I was Machiavelli # 8... you know, the guys who makes wisecracks from afar :} I didn't mean to be :}The cool part of that guy is that he keeps doing the wise cracks until... finally...

One other thing about biotech, what I said about being for it. I am., But, like the genetically engineered foods.. nope. Say no to the Monsanto food monopoly. Period. No discussion. It's unhealthy and you know it, as well as a disaster waiting to happen, and a huge abuse of the courts to patent and copyright nature itself. Not gonna happen. Heirloom seeds... develop healthy soils to enhance growth... I have this thing I've believed since cyclamates.. if God didn't make it, it probably isn't good for you.. ya know.. it always seems to end up being true.

Isn't it kinda weird that I was critical of JT for calling CK a b****... guess he got even :} How many covers ya got? That's an interesting pushback.. that's what happens when you tap into free asssociation and things you shouldn't be sticking your nose in. Had the same thought about Fogelberg, but he's still a treasure to me. How much bigger a fan could I have been? I didn't say I didn't like them. Sometimes I think stuff like that, wondering what people are going thru.. like another gray morning... don't know the story, but I felt sad to hear it. Darned if I'm going to try to explain this one. We'll let Julian explain it. I want to find out who the questions are submitted to. I have a few I'd like to submit myself :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ten CC - I'm Not in Love

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - I Can Let Go Now

Ya know, we all have our secret thought snad desires and loves and reasons for caring.. doesn't matter anymore that the FARM didn't happen except to the extent that if someone thinks it was about power and money or something, ya just gotta understand, it was always, in one of the primary 3 purposes.. to create and environment and a world where artists and musicians had a safe place, didn't have to harden their hearts to dela with the business side, and knew someone would watch out for them. It was  quiet way for me to love, and in my way, ina  way that could make a global impact... noone ever actually had to know that, but if you're one of those questioning my motives, ya just need to understand, I love them critters wether they ever of me or not... and it wasn't to be "like them", because I always thought I was like them... didn't step out in that genre because I didn't want to commit to that particular genre... I'm stepping out now because incremental change won't get the job done... it's not really a burden, it's a pleasure.. I just wish the circumstances were different, and I had allies I could depend on. Instead, now I have choppers that do flyovers whenever I sit in front of my computer... Whoopee... They could at least give me a ride.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Various artists - Hold Your Ground - Vol. 1 - 06 - Bill Bourne - The house

5/20/2008 11:28 pm Get yer sex here.

There's so much good music that goes with sex...

Carole King - Thoroughbred - 201 - I'd Like To Know You Better

Carly Simon - That's The Way I've Always Heard it should be...

Ya guys never get quite what you were expecting, do ya? :} What do ya think James, work for you?

5/21/2009 4:28 You know what happens when you guys run sleep deprivation on me... the funny part is, you think you and your    friends aer putting me in the position about spouting off about things I supposedly don't have proof of, buut you'r eincredibly wrong... I  remmebr back to the old days when you and Begala were working me while you were on c\Crossfire.. you made soem interesting remarks.. like I wonder he'll explain what the matrix is, and in a couple of years, he won't want ot have sex. Intereting timing tha tin a couple of years, I came to realize, thanks to Tucker, that you people knew everything about me including my peeing habits... a problem I was having before I knew about psychotronics  and DEWS and your ability to make people lose their balance. Of course, then you had DObbs so a story about the German toilet that reminds men to sit down before peeing.

I have to assume you got off on my psychotronically manipulated sex habits too... good for you pervert... wait til I tell the world what you perverts did... and how your programming Aesopianed my internet habits and some credit card transactions.. under what authority didd you and Begala obtain that information.. and what did you do with it? SOunds like using intel for purposes of blackmail to me.

Just remember  your wife is one of the people who pushed the Iraq War, lied about everything including torture and actually, by law, should be on trial for treason, fraud, war crimes and much more ... and I'll bet you'll claim you kne wnothing about it all, jus tlike you did when it was happening. You were so against it. Talk about quintesssential hypocrites... How much did you both make due to your forknowledge of 911... feel free to sue me, we'll then have cause to "follow the money"....

You put out all that talk about poor Susan McDougall being persecuted and coerced by the government... I'm going to contact Falwells''s people and tell them I'm your latest  victim, an see what they have to say about you sickpos.. and yeah, you set me up good to alienate them, but do you think they'll care? THe Clinton Chronicles... better believe em...

So, now, I see you think you've got me set up in a situation just like you did in DC. flat broke, wouldn't matty anyone wbecaus eof the financial straights your psyops have put me through that would not have my credit suitable to inflict on someone I love legally.. just like in DC... and that you'll get me homeles sand needing somewhere to stay, and you'll see if you can hook me up with another whore to discredit me and keep me occuied while you and your friends overthrow the government of the United States. Of course, I had rebuilt my credit to almost perfect, until the trip to LA for the whore you set up down there to bait me into looking like a stalking sex pervert. You're all going to jail, and I guarantee ya, you're all going to hell. That's a done deal.

The problem you have is simple, you've been running these psyops on me so long that they've repeated themselves too many times. to be an accident.. and any jury will see it.  I knew you guys were looking for ways to get a Dmeocrat elected so the justice dept woul dcover your butts.. tell Holder, as far as I'm concerned, he's 100% involved, and he's going to jail too.

You can tell the fake ministe whore in LA if she expects to see the light of day by the time the prosecutiions re done, she'd better turn a deposition over to someone. I hope I never meet her. You fornicated her too, Carville, and I don't think she's going to be too happy about. The day of vengeances is coming, and your ass is going down.

ANd if anybody thinks they deserve an apology for my language, get it from Carville Begala, Dobbs, Time-Warner, Ge and all the other et al's ya got.. it's gonna be one hell of  a RICCO filing.. and I'm going to publish it around the world.. I know you think you're trickyy, but like I sai long ago, your arrogance witll get you. And I've just been sitting here waiting and waiting... collecting info and connecting dots.. no arrogance on my part  at all.. just alot of suffering... something you'r egonna learn about before this is all through. You and your clowns will lose everything you have and you will be known as the scourge of the earth..

And you know what James..  I will have a great relationship with someone one day... I'l bring her around to your prison cell so you can meet her... I know how much you enjoy watching other people have sex via psychotronics, so maybe we'll make a video of you and your wife pro-creating and put it on the internet where you can share it with everyone.. I know you Satanists love that sort of thing.. GE and Time Warner do, that's for sure... Though, they won't exist anymore...

You just lost big time... andd you can take your psychotronics, and all the dirt guys in intel who they ddon't have a stuatuete of limitiations to protect them from prosecution, and let them know, the moment is arrived for them as well, and they'd better make a move soon, or they will face charges down the road, no matter how long it takes.

Olbermann's right, it's not a game. But to you and your sick NAZI - Democratic Socialist Friends.. it is. Never was to me.  And that game is gonna get you thrown out the league... Youn\know tha tgarbage can you used to exemplify wht God would do to sinners... that's what's gonna happen to you. ANd tell Woolsey, have a good stay in jail. Every last one of you. You're done. And everything you do to me from now on is just insurance that you'll be one of those that God never lets out of hell again.. False Christ, false prophet... now you have the real one to deal with.. you think you got me... good luck with that.

You think you can suppress me... you ain't seen nothing yet.. but you will.. ever read the Bible? Might be helpful if you did... I feel sorry for your children.

As for the whore in LA.. you proved yourself without a doubt. You're done. You really are the quintessential apostate. Jezebel may be a city, but it's a person too. Tell your congregation she's their minister.

BTW.. since talking about conepuppy, I have problems accessing my isp to do updates. Tell GE their porn servers are going to belong to me soon.

5/21/2009 1:07pm - Spent the rest of the am thinking abou things.. lots of new connected dots, and just like around the election, I'm assumeing some bougs theologian Like LaHaye and Jensen or Rick Warrn or some other COuncil on Foreign Relations traitor to God is being set up to read the foul language and all, induced by additional discoveries of how the United Sttaes governmeent has systematically destroyed my life.. I have no apologies.. I feel sorry for their congregations, being led into hell by their own stupid, ignorant ministers.

It's weird to think of how certain people in certain segments.. minsters, so called Christians, gays, blackas.. all th wepeople I was willing to take the heat for to stand up for on their behalfs all involved themselves in dirty dealings to screw my life and it worked.. to an extent.. all because they believed that they would be judged and sent to hell on the second coming of christ... all becaus eof the lies of the Catholic CHurch.. even with the truth about the Cathloic CHurch, Catholics would rather follow the doctored lies of the Catholic's edits than to ask Christ Himself what He believes, and of course, no one ever bothered to ask questions, or to actually look at my life, expecially when the Clintons weren't messing with me,  the worst harassment of all because of them and their hitmen Carville and Begala..

The righteous seek only good, the evil expect wrath...

And isn't it funny, all of you so called righteous people who think God is so horrible just proved how horrible you are to Him.. and you think that by killing and suppressing my body, you'll be off the hook.

The Peter Principle: people who are promoted beyond their own level of confidence... that would include names like Rockefeller, Dobbs, Kennedy, Bush, Carter, Obama.. all the presidents...the sickest assholes in th history of the world, and America calls them their heroes. And you  can't blame the people. Only their traitorous friends. I'm gald you all hatred my father and that you hate me: it's a distinction of honor. On eI'l be proud of.

I said I'd never turn my back on my loyalty to America, and Iwon't.. but it appears Americans want tobe lead by the most perverted criminals in the world, and if that's what America wants, go for it. I've been harrassed from North to South, East to West... apparently America doesn't want me. America will be destroyed, and it won't be because I left. I have no delusions about me like that. I think Obama and friends are... they even think they're tricking God into believing I'm getting a fair shake... I know a bunch of stuff about the situation and how it works.. just do me a favor Obama, try not to kill more than 3-4 million people when you lower the bom on America.

God said, find me one person, and it won't be destroyed... that's what God's been saying to America for  a long time, I didn't know I was the pawn. I'v ehad enough, GOd's had enough, GOd doesn't sanction the Satanic nation of AMerica, and anyone who has a problem with me saying that better open their eyes, and minsitrs need to read the Bible as if they haven't been brainwashed into believing the lies of the ages. People here didn't get it wrong, the documents were altered and lies were told to control citizens. ANd if you don't like the truth, you'll really love Stan, cause he's the guy ruling your nation, he's the guy who wants to rule the world... remember, God granted you free will, not these satanists, but notice, the stanist have legislated away all your rights. And if you don't know that, it's too late to matter.

To the CFR ministers - I assure you , you are weternally damned for your betrayals of God and this formerly anointed nation. ANd after you get through using the government psyops agaisnt me to prove Im the anti-christ, which I'm not, I'm sure you remember enugh of what the Bible says about God's hatered for apostates. I usexd to think they were just misled. Now I know they truly are the purest definition of a fallen angel whose turned sides and sworn themselves to Satan.


My instruction was to find all the reason s I could to inform God of why people should be absolved of sin because of the circumstances on earth at this time. I know there are good people are out there, but because of the bubble the US and Obama have me in, I don't know who you are, and even the people like ministers who I should have been able to trust are so far gone they don't even want to knwo the truth about God...

And so goes America. So I'll say a prayer for you all every once in a while when I'm not to busy helping people who actually want help or are actually seeking God and will believe truth.. but you leaders.. Melissa Scott, the psyops  pastor who uses uses herself to lure people in to set them up to look llike perverts and discredit people who may have political influence.. you're absolutely scum, and if I hadn't been so willing to give the benefit of the doubt you'd be in jail right. WAnd if you have evidence to the contrary, you'd better prov e it because all the eividence esays you're no minister, you're a psyop agent employed by the government, probably the Defense Language Institute.. and they used your past to sign you up, or you're just that commteed as an operative, as many operatives of infiltration are. ANd even if the only person they used you for was me... there are  greater implications.. I gave you more than enough time to prove you were used or not inviolved and you proved yourself to be one of the Satanists. I'm going to stary\t with yuo by seeing if you were ever a Presbyterian like your web site claimed...

If I wasn't such a reasonable person, if I had ever really been horrible to anyone or committed some crime that hurt people, I'd surely understand why someone, anyone, might want to harm me in some way. People are vinidictive. I wish I was. I really wish I was.

I'll say again, the beautifl part for me is that, after reading th eBIble and discovering who I am, I didn't have to change much, I had to reclim a few values and give myself the permission to be who I really am in my values, instead of going along with the "way things are" and political and fashiopn trends.. but otherwise, I am the same person I've always been, and I'm a good person. And expecially now, I really don't care what any of you think of me, because you are so far beneath me, and that isn't a statement of my superioprity, beccause I'm not, it's a statement of all of your perversity.

Good luck in hell. I'll enjoy your laughter just up until the time God judges you and you realize your right to freedom is over, per your own laws, per your own ways.   And like I said, I'll feel sorry for you , because you did it to yourselves...

I wondereed why they wanted to do sleep deprivation on me last night.. now I know.. they love to tell me the truth about the torture I've been living with at certain times, usually when they want to prove to someone what a horrible person I am when, for example, I find out they murdered my father, something I can't prove but know, and soemthing they know wi.lll make me angry and say things I probably shouldn't.. but only because you all expect me to take this torture and act like it's okayand all is forgiven because I'm Christ. La de da.

Guess what. God says mother fornicator. Right Eric? : And you people are mother fornicators and whores, same meaning different words.  Get over your self righteousness, and then maybe read the Bible and realize you never read it before. Read the  actual words, and stop trying to make it fit your image of God, and instead understand God, like a man and a being, and then, like the creator... and then you'll realize that God Almighty is like a man, but more than a man could ever be, because He understands, He has complete integrity, and He keeps His word to people who keep their word with Him. . The problem with you people is, you think He forgives everything. He tried to tell you He doesn't, and what He condemns, He condemns justly and with great regret.

So the question for Satan is, do you want to spend the eternity of your existence with your friends to be in hell, where you can destroy each other forever and enjoy your evil, or do you want to just have God fully end your existence? Cause that's what's on the table now. That's my judgment passd onto Him, and I will never look back again.

Prepare for Armageddon, You chose. Now die in it. Becaus eGod WILL protect those few who have actually been faithful.

And  by the way, Fox. I know you own the bulk of the technology that is torturing Americans... you and Time Warner, and that GE, Raytheon Hughes, CBS and ABC take care of what you don't cover. Just didn't want anyone to think I  was leaving you out.

I have to go design a world for 144,000 people now.

Stevie Wonder - Evil

Even Stevie Wonder is clueless.

4:48 pm - Lou Tell your bosses at TIme Warner I got the message. Let them know they can't possibly defend what they 've done, and I'm no longer amazed by your friends, I am disgusted.

I Now have 900 witnesses from the United States Alone. People being tortured by the United States Government with the assistance of your cable tv channels and their technology under Department of Defense contract to kill people. It's that simple.

I'm going to have two weblogs.. one for real people, the other called To the Scumbags of the Earth... Notes and evidence about the overthrow of the United States Government by Barack Obama and the Council on Foreign Relations.

You people don't have enough attorneys. I don't care how many people are fooled by you.

5:03 Keith.. you know alot about leaks, thanks for the evidence. Glad you think it's so funny... I' have lots more to tell, and you will make many mistakes. Good luck in hell. You'll like it there. One day you'll believe in and respect God. It'll be too late.

5/22/2009 12:13 pm - I have a few things to say today.

Today's realizations were about how much effort has been placed, by psyops over the years, on  setting me up to look like some kind of sex pervert. I resent, because nothing could be further from the truth, including when I got into doing the porn, and I have no doubt that despite the fact I take responsibility for making bad choices, that I can clearly show a pattern of being lead into it... And that proof will emanate from a discussion to Dobbs about how i never argued with anyon e like I did with L. Lots of weird things happened with her.. including the story that will get Einhorn off the hook, tha tI will not disclose until the approriate time... and I will do so happily then.

But I'll tell you something, and I'm not saying this to be boastful or anything.. I'm a very gentle person... and I know how to have an arguement with anyone without it getting hurtful and out of hand... but it takes two... there are things I'll be able to tell, and they'll sound horrible, but in the end, it will reflect on the perversity of the people in the media, Time Warner, GE, the United States Government and the  COuncil on Foreign Relations. and our wounderful intel people chosen for their socipathic personalities.

The closest I'v eever come to laying a hand on anyone, and I've never started a fight, but wanted, was in the  6th or 7th grade  when that girl Karen would follow me around.. for years, watch\ching me, and we never had a chance to be alone... and the last day of school, we had a chance to talk, an my friend wouldn't go away... no matter what.. and so I punched himm  to see if I could make him mad enough to go away, and I just couldn't do it.. and he still wouldn't go away.. this girl's father was the superintendent of schools.. and the next year, they moved away, and everything changed at the school, and in retrospect, given all the bizarrre things that happened to people there, I believe some people there knew who I was, and I was given special treatment though I didn't recognize it then, and just because of the way she and I always almost had a chance to talk.... I think she knew and wanted to tell. me. The perfect Truman scenario...

Charlie Rich - Behind Closed Doors

As for sex. I'm no prude and I'm not permiscuous... and I've never done anything to a woman that they didn't want me to do, and that they didn't enjoy... and I've been surprised and amused by some of the "fantasy" games played... but I never forced myself on anyone in any way or tried anything with anyone without "permission". I am a gentleman, and I'm proud to be so, and I enjoy being that. And it's not about being old fashioned. It's about respect.

Ted Turner and Brzezinski - You've both made remarks repeatedly about how adults aren't qualified to raise children.. you ought to know. You raised Mika to be willing to tell lies to millions of people so yu and your traitorus friends could overthrow America, so I don't think you set a good example of parenting. And I like Mika's persona very much. This isn't about Mika. I'd hire her in a flash under other circumstances.

Turner: The Romans did gladiator games to condition their people to accept violence and killing as entertainment so they'd be mentally conditioned to go to war at the blink of an eye, as a way of life until it destroyed them economically and turned them into empoverished serfs just as you all have done in America with your 200+ wars claiming to be  apeaceful nation.

Turner, you made your fortune primarily by introducing AMerica to gladiator games in the form, of pro wrestling.. and I enjoy waching it sometimes.. I love roller derby, except when they start hitting each over the head with chairs, and throwing people off the rink, and getting you to want someone to kill that guy like Raines... wanting that guy to kill someone to get even for what they  did to him or he did to them...

What kind of example does that set, Ted, but as long as you got yours... pure Satanic Ritual Abuse.. cause people to do bad behavior and then blame them for their own victimhood, and control them with shame, apostate religion and teaching them more violence so they feel guilty. I don't care if you're  a satanist or not, what you do feeds satanic behavior. Wake up!!!!~ And quit blaming people for their responses to your   crimes ( nice try twisting that around, psychotronics guys,  but I'm not a criminal, unless John Schloessel of 20/20 is. Yeah he's a teacher alright.Millions of people at a time, setting them up in a magnet war. Tempting people with sin on purpose. Anytime you want to discuss it, put me on tv.. after your dentist fixes my teeth so I can talk. I dare you, chicken shit.)

So Turner, Shut up and sit down. I can make a fool of you in 2 notes. And what was that about cannibals? Bet ya got a good laugh out of that one. Think I didn't hear it? I used to be a fan of yours too.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Wingspan (History CD 2) - 20 - Tug Of War

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Various artists - Hold Your Ground - Vol. 1 - 06 - Bill Bourne - The house

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It

You guys never believed that I'd tell all. And the thing is, you need to understand, it's not in defiamne, it's because part of who I'v elaways been is someone willing to discuss and expose myself mentally and emotionally to anyone if I believed it woudl be of help to them. So I have to be embarrassed b my mistakes. I'm nman enough to do that, because I did wha tI did, I understand the influences, wish I hadn't made a few of the choices I made, but I"m a good person, and I know it, and you can't take hat from, and God gave it to me, and I'll be that way until the day I die because that's the way  I choose to be. And it's more importnat than ever. You cna certainly make me wish God would remove me from this hideous situation, but as long as I'm alive, as long as He chooses that I continue for every right right reason, human and divine. I'll never quit.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Rico Youngblood - Alternative Anthems - 01 - There's A War On

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Marvin Gaye - What's Going On - 10 - God Is Love (The B-Sides - Bonus Track)

1:56 Ted.. One other thing from the Dobbs email files.. does the United Methodist Church  know you used their really cool ads to Psyop me? Do you think they would approve? Did you think the minister I  visitied would have me institutionalized? He was cool. But, another example of someone who wouldn't ask the question "Why do you think that?".. he nicely decided to counsel me toward a career path. Told him I had one. Global peace and abundance for all. Suddenly, he had another appointment to get to. He played good folk guitar though :} Attended a church service. I thought CNN was continuing my education and directing me to the UMC as people who  also "knew"... the ads were good though. Really made me connect my vision and the recognizing of the role God gave me in the world becaus eof the   cricumstances. Of course, I know now I was being hit with psychotronics, and of course, the psyop was to make me believe it was a sign from God. That's why I check everything out now, and why they'll say my "inspiration from God" is a psyop... but that's okay, cuz I know the truth, and I understand why this is happening, and that doesn't mean I accept it at all. But this is the quintessential example of hijacking a religion.. Did the UMC even know the ads were running?

I bet your attorneys are buying a lot of deodorant these days.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Lynyrd Skynyrd - That Smell

Saving souls.. another concept I have to get my head around.. but at least I get to giggle a little :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Randy Travis - Around the Bend - 03 - Every Head Bowed - Randy Travis

2:17 pm I want all the Dobbs emails to come out.. I absolutely intend to use tham as examples of the perversity of the psyops being usd.. including the so called executive summaries and everything else Nancy Grace will love it.. catch her Aesopian on Larry King right after I sent him a shorter copy cause they didn't get it off the web when I realized it was psychotronically induced and didn't at all reflect my feelings.. check out some of the last emails.. the one where I wropte and said it had been awhile, but I was just checking in to "entertain the troops".. that's the day I realized these guys really were just playing with me like a toy.. but in that summary, I still believed   Dobbs was my "buddy", so I thought he'd laugh at it like I did.

I was posting things then and taking them after a short while jus tto send communiques to the people in psyopcs and media.. I didn't know they were monitoring everything I did.. I still don't know the extent, I don't want to imagine things more than I know exist and that cause me pain. But I know it's likely 100% of the time... like an Atlantic Blue Tuna as describd by U.S. News... they even know what you eat... bio sensors.. they can drop fake rocks that send out readings of your respiration and all.. they claim it's for situations of determining if someone's alive in a building collapse, things like that. It's true, but, it's  acover story so you don't know they can monitor you, let alone affect your heart beat, blood pressure, breathing.. and I don't want to hear anymore about musicians needing kidneys... directed energy aggravation of the tissues, just like they keep doing to me and my renal system. What Billy Preston died of, among others. Sorta. And yeah, Maher ran a chron just after that, Sorry Charlie, you know Charlie the tuna. I can't prove it. Don't want to. Like Maher said, everyone's owned by Time-Warner sooner or later.

I'd like to know what he really thinks of lots of things. I know how to get it out of him too... thought maybe of buying Bridgeville, and letting him use a guest cabin :}We'll have to do something about all those herbicides though. You know, the government using chemical weapons on its own citizens...

So... it's interesting how things started going bad for me at the radio station in Sonora right after I made an entry in the engineering logs about a strange pulsing on a particular meter reading that didn't make sense. I doubt many people understand what the meter readings mean anymore... I don't fully recollect myself at the moment, but I could look at some notes. Anyway, the signal wasn't fading in our out, and the output power was steady and consistent, meaning there was something else going on. Im pretty sure this is the same company that embeds a silent sound to its signal in Atlanta to keep mosquitoes away....it was an stl and I rememebr that it should have had to do with the transmitter, nothing to do with signal proecessing. Not long after, I made some recmmendations about equalizer the sound from the soundboard... increasing high frequncies because I was having trouble hearing words because of high frequency loss.. kind of like how for years I couldn;t tune the 2nd string on my guitar because of the intermediate frequencies of the psychotronics that detunes the note/frequency... anyway, Chris, the PD there was really curious to know how I knew so much about engineering.. I just said I'd been around the biz a long time.. I wonder how they resolved that log entry, and if the FCC still monitors engineering logs? Off and on, mostly part time, about 20 years. And I was repairing guitar cords and ran a tape recorder of my own for 10 years or more before that. No, I'd never met Rob Cavanaugh before.. just listened to him on KRED in Eureka in the early 70's. He was a good announcer. The kind you could depend on.

All kinds of subliminals can and are broadcast on tv and radio and nobody knows about it... wanna debate it live? I bet I could assert 100 things about this, and someone, if the truth were told, would be able to verify it's going on... and if only 1% is going on, isn't too much? It's called brainwashing. Cameronizing. Look it up yourself.

Gates of microsoft said the next wave of viruses on computers would be software that harms the mind.. like flickers on the screen that are subliminal and can alter your behavior.. He knew what he was talking about becaus ehis people do some of that stuff... so what was Adam Smith's job when he wrote "Proudly Serving My Corporate Master"? Wouldn't it be interesting to know?

At least now I know why Dobbs kept talking about Adam Smith. Triple paly.. a conressman, a microsoft employee AND an economist... of course, I'd get one, and think I got the answer. I kept talking about double entendre, and they were talking triple :} Trinity.. is that why she kept coming up ? :} I just don't get code.. although I'm told I do :} Carrie Moss? Yeah, and I liked that she was in that movie.. the secret or was it the Celestine Prophecy... oh yeah, Neo's girl... close :} Enough of this. It's  a beautiful day, I got real writing to do, and this psychotronic guy is funny. They do that to throw me off :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jose Feliciano - Light My Fire

3:32 Oh yeah.. when I was doing all those quick posts to the web site and then taking them down, Bush started making announcements about how terrorists were posting quick messages to other terrorists and then taking them down... One of my favorite sequences of that was the night I was showing the psychotronics guys - I thought some bored producer at CNN actually - what model of Jaguar I liked :} One night around 2 am I thik I sent the an email asking to repeat their lineup for the next day  so I could advertsie them on my site.. for free. like the old aboutcnn.com site.. he must be a target too.. anyway... they did  a few times cuz I kept missing it. That worked so well, though, I folowed up by asking if tey could play a story on some subject I'd been wondering about... I guess they decided that would be too easy to correlate:} I knew they were doing a lot for plausible deniability. I figured for honorable reasons...

I'm on the front row, although I haven't been able to eat popcorn for years, Hillary.. thanks for reminding me.. but she rocks, right Barack? Check out Unity New Hampshire for that relevance..

lanis Morissette - TBD - 100 - Front Row It's one of many Alanis songs, and other artists, that were used to make me think I was being passed secret messages and to make me believe these musicians, that my mom's Bible said were Angels of God, whether they knew it or not, tha tmade me believe some of them knew who I was for a long time. Especially James Taylor. ANd when he did those poses on his web site that looked like my father, I couldn't assume anything except that he was particpating in the psyops against me.. for lots of reasons I can explain.. and I resent it greatly...

James Taylor - Mud Slide Slim - 04 - Riding On A Railroad

5/23/2009 5:55pm  I was listening to Todd's/ Healer album this morning. L says , is this whole album Christian music? Who is it? I laughed. Todd Rundgren... I suppose it depends on how you listen to it. :} I wonder if anyone's said his album was Christian music before :} Isn't it interesting. It's all in how you listen to it :}

Prince.. ya know, in Purple Rain, you say "raise your hand if you know what I'm talkin about".. and I always raise my hand because I understand in a way, but what's this Purple Rain thing? I'm thinking about cashing in my quarters to get the new album :}

Let's see.. I have this coin.. cause I always thought John Kennedy was the best... one  day somehow I ended up with this Kennedy half dollar minted in 1974. I'm pretty sure I got it in the mid 70's. I used to carry it around like a good luck charm... my dad used totalk about a lot of things having to do with  war and politics.. I heard him several times and heard him  say  Truman knew Pearl Harbor was about to be attacked and did nothing.. yes, Truman. He was adamant. Wolf Blitzer did a report showing how U.S. Intercerpted a small sub and radioed back, and no action was taken to prevent the attack.  When Project for  a New American Century, the Neocons, said they needed a new Pearl Harbor.. that's what they were saying... then... 911

He also talked about Pierre Slainger... he had a thing for Pierre Salinger, adamant again that Saligner sold out the United States and Kennedy as I think ambassador to Cuba regarding I think what was there and the actual ability of the CIA to invade... and delayed his reports until too late, actually causing the failure of the invasion. Every time I've heard of him since, I've wondered, why is this man, who betrayed his country, still in a position of power and leadership? And then after Kennedy was killed, he was so disillusioned by Clay Shaw getting off, he declared himself a Libertarian before they incorporated...  question authority doesn't mean defy authority, it means hold the government accountable, as it should be. I know he knew something. Something about a burning bush....

That's the same time period he'd take my sisters to the Mason hall in Santa Cruz, and they'd all go in while I waited in the car, wondering what they were doing in there that no one would tell me a word about He did that twice. Burned it in.

And of course there were the trips to Pearl and Eskoll's, and they always only took me, a few times, and I always assumed, without any explanation, that they must have been Jewish, because my father said they were special people, but then I remembered they were Bahai... had no idea what theat meant... but I do know my father had a pretty good understanding of the sects of Islam... anyway.,.. I often wonder if they were the source of the little gold baby ring my mother gave me that is missing that  had what appeared to be Hebrew writing  on it. I asked her what it meant. She said I was too young to understand. When you study the most basic concept sbehind Bahai, it sure sounds like the Kingdom of God to me... and that's not saying I did a whole lot of   research, not that I'd say "you're the one".. cause there isn't  a "one right religion"...

Oh yeah.. I heard my sister say a couple times that my father was racst.. and I simply don't beleieve it. Sure, he used all the words that people did in his time, he was born in 1908, but I heard him  speak several times about being against segregation, neighborhoods that didn't allow Jews or other ethnicities.. I'm certain he was not racist, an believed in equality. Further, about language.. I remember the first time they gave me Brazil Nuts.. know what the old slang was for them? Pardon me, nigger toes. They said that a couple of times, and I was probably 4 or 5, and I giggled once or twice just at the sound of it, and then I heard it a couple more times and realized what they were saying... my mom said what I'm thinking always shows on my face (though I don't think many people read my expressions properly)  and I never remember any of that kind of language used again. Except in the Brazil nut context, I don't actually ever remember my father using  a racial epithet. It was him talking and seeing the news that made me think joing the NAACP was the right thing to do, because I actually believed in it. My apologies. Psychotronics gets you to say things..

All the time I was growing up, I only rememebr being in school with 2 black people. One, the little girl girl in kindergarten.. East Palo Alto was middle to upper middle class back then, mostly or all white.. the otehr was  a really nice boy in about 5gth or 6th grade..

More school stuff.. Mr Ewald had  a huge impact on me. I could tell he was very intelligent, as well as what I'd call the art of teaching and educational structures.He had been in Germany  for quite some time. Somedays, I don't know why, he'd spend an hour or so talking about the German educational system, and it sounded both efficient and effective.  I was fascinated both by the paradigm, as well as the roreientation of ensurin gtha tall students al tleast pass a GED , and  then were able, at that point, t o choose a vocational or collegial path. They extension to what he talked about was  the ability for, say, those who at about 15 or 16 took a vocational path to later do higher education without it costing an arm and a leg. As well a people p\bing able to get oher educational services to iprove themselve sno matter wha tage.

Here's the par ttha tconcerns me if ya talk about Biblical prvationss, or privatization.. selling of schools and colleges to corporations.. After my wwritng from life class at Evergreen State Colege, for people seeking life experience credits needing to wrtite  a proposed outline of study and intents, I  was alking to my instructor, follwoing he up in the elevator instead of ging down because I was interested in what she was saying.. unfortnately, it made her nervous... still she told me the college, which was fouunded by one of my old friendss' mother, the wife of a former lieutenant governor, that the college found tha tworking people had more money to spend, so they were gearing up their night classes for working people and charging higher prices in order to make more money, meanwhile the instructors ended up going on strike for mor epay, I  think... And it wasn't marijuana on their course catalog after all. } Glad to clear that up.. I was just trying to needle someone :}

I told you I embellished some things in the beginning, before CNN "informed me" I was the Son of Man. I cleaned up the stuff after that. Also thought it would make a good example later of how even I was exaggerating things to make a point. But you can be sure, in  the essays of "Conversations" and in what I finally publish in FTLOTW, it is what I believe and received and want to  live... in a way, to me, it's like "isn't this a cool challenge, the idea that if I can be in a way that causes other people to be in the ways of Jesus, we'd have bunch of people walking around being that way, and then,  people would truly understand that God is not intent on being  a dominant force in their lives, but really like  a loving father... because He is that.. and it's not like He monitors all we do and causes us to do everything we do like He's judging us or controlling us.. He wants us to have it makes sense to us, and do it because it makes sense. Like a father would teach a young child, and without diminishing the value and uniqueness of every individual, and the importance of their lives and influence on every one and everything else. So you know, send in the kid.. talk about me not wanting to get my hands dirty :}

So, I'm doing a pretty good job on the final preface which it looks like is going to be an introduction instead... :}

There doesn't have to be a preface :}

Gorgeous day today..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God John Denver - Sunshine On My Shoulder

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joan Jett - Crimson And Clover that  song always reminds me of  a girl at McLaughlin Jr High in Medford.. where I cracked one yolk too many :} Yes, yolk :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Natalie & Nat King Cole - When I Fall in Love Special prayers for Natalie Cole.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Blind Faith - Presence Of The Lord

PS: Did I mention the guy in Germany shooting the biscuits won? :}

5/24/2009 10:53am I was just enjoying contemplating the universes, and it reminded me of how much I miss my Cappucino maker.. I make great Cappuccino.. Lou, could you make sure I have at least a 2 cup Mr. Coffee Cappuccino maker in my office.. do I get product placement royalties for saying that? :} Maybe a Cappuccino maker? :}

Stivo: I don't like sandals or robes either... :}

I was going to write  aprayer/poem for memorial day.. I have some thoughts on the matter.. then I thought, maybe I'd write a song instead so Barack wouldn't have to give to much thought to whether it was prose or poetry.. yeah I know I just saw a clip.. that's the Aesopian game.. do you believe em or do you just accept the pattern of people doing that to disorient you.. that' s why I stick to the facts and the patterns. But we all know we're talking to each other.  People will get over it. The DNC video proves it beyond  adoubt. Nobody could possibly miss it, unless  I got fed   a piggyback.. but I checked some of it and it had the Aesopian... I was shocked.

On the other hand, it's hard to miss how some of the Bush statements were made right after things I wrote and people thought I understood things were going on...   shall we talk about  offshore drilling?

BTW: I only embellished 1 or 2 stories I told long ago... so I  don't really have a problem with that. The only thing I did in a few cases, because I knew I was under susrveillance and I didn't want to cause other people to come under suspicion, so I took a few stories as as my own to protect other people.. I've never been to or talked to a Rockefeller that I know of. Like James Taylor said of October Road, these are other people's - stories or songs. It'll actually be interesting to know the truth of all that, cuz of so may parallels... and cuz everythig I wrote came from my heart... She had a cat and a dog named boo.. she did have a cat, the dog, Jesse.. I do call him boo.. a big old stove and a fireplace too... check  on both of those..  My daddy used to ride the rails.. nuclear weapon work.. so they say.. I was writing, they say my dad ... cuz I didn't really know anything first hand...    wearing my father's clothes, singing a song my brother would sing... my father was  a military man, my brother claims to be a pacifist.. and there  was waging a war of words gainst propaganda and government corruption, talking about piece and love.. and the Godlen Rule.. before I became whoever I am.. :}

And then there's the lines in baby buffalo .. long gone past the summer time snow.. something like that.. Crescent City... summertime snow.. Is it a blessing.. I gues sthat was right afer I started elieving maybe this son of man stuff was true... I thought, wow if James Taylor knows.. there must be something to it.. and still, knowing he has a life... as a Iwriter, I could see a million plausible explanations to how he could have been inspired to write these songs... and at the same time, there are so many parallels, and I know psyops could have been used to get me to say certain things, but I actually know that even when psyops are used, what I write, for the most part, is par tof the things I think about.. not what Ihave concluded necessarily. That's why I differentiate between this, thoughts, like evertyone has, and then the book, which reflects what I really think of things..

And, try living 24/7/365 harassment for about 6 years.. and seem how it affects you. Right McCain? Too bad you don't know what that's like. About that lipstick and clip art... like Escher, do ya? Ever heard the names Sharp or Frey?


Psyops Guys: (and this does not at all provide any comment on racism, and I know ht epsyops guys want to make it like it is.. interesting dialectic guys, won't work, all you guys are going to do is prove your perversity and maniuplations.. another count, another 10 years. See folks, this is how they manipulate you with psychotronics. They get me riled about something, and they get you to think about things, thing syou really don't want to foucs on.. so one day, they'll get me to use foul language so  it looks like I'm vile, knowing full well well I'd post it as my diary, usable in court as evidence, to show the way psychotronics is used to maniulat epeople, with over over 900 witnesses to corroborate my testimony. But, in the mean time, they know people coming to the site will be repulsed by it. They think they'll win the media propaganda war by smearing me becaus ehtey own the media, and pay me off in court after 20 years of litigation.. I told them I'd beat them in the media, so of course, they want to make sure to set it up to prove I'm a horrible guy :}

Of course, the game all along was in the way they informed me of what I needed to know to ""wake up", including writing about what I've seen, what I see now, and what I see for the future.. the psychotronic sguys say everything on my web site is a smear job.. it's not.. I started following God's instructions before I knew I was following God's instruction, and it wasn't for CNN, I wouldn't have known I was following God's instructions:} The problem is, they had psychotronics.. I was blind sided. Thata's all there is to it. Setup before I even knew anyone would have any reason to want to harm me. And that's the bottom line on what wil be easy to show. Easy. What I write to and about Kennedy.. sure it's harsh... can't help it that he's sick. WIthout that truth being known, millions of people have and will suffer... and he is responsible for it, being one of the leads in the Church Commitee, it was a cover up, just as the hearings about Waco were a cover up.. those are crimes of the government against it's own citizens. It's just the truth. And I was sick over it, but it's the truth.  And I'd defy anyone to sya I'm a bad person for the little bit of sin I've committed in my life, compared to the millions of people who have suffered and been robbed and lied to... relativism.. there is no relativism in middle east genocide... and I don't hold anything against anyone who works hard and becomes wealthy.. I congratulate for the rewards for their hard and honest work. It's just like the FARM. I knew tha tit had the potential to make lots of money an be powerful. That's part of why I wante to be sure it was a non-profit, and that I got my sare for  my hard work, but more, there would be checks and balances, and the grounding in what I now know as "being" that should have self-sustained the intent o what I was really trying to accomplish.. which was empowerment of other people. And the joy of being abole to quietly sit in my office, se esome people being successful, and being able to say, I helped them. And even more, that because of the FARM's teachings, that they were good ambassadors to the world as well. And the part of protecting them from the business. it' slike peopple, good people, like Curt Cobain who had so much pain because of the  sufferin gin the world.  I'd taken him and given him  away to have him cause whatever he saw anyoway he wanted.. there's always a way.. I know   he's one of  thos epeople who grieved at the harshmness of a competitive world that he had to compete in, and toughen up for, and why? We want these artists and musicians to deliver message sfor the heart, whether loves songs or ballads or folk or whatever.. lyrics that reach into us, that actually come from inquiry.. and we expect them to do it under contract dealines, on the road an never feeling settled, dfealing with privay issues, contract negotitatitions in an industry rigged for the corporations, and then wonder why they seem to get worse, sometimes, after an album or tow, or seem to get eccentric.. all thing sjust to find a l;ittle peace  or freedom that in a way, wee all think they have by being rich and famous and stars.. like athletes who only get to play a limited number of years, like expendable products. I wish I could buy EMI and put all those artists into a paradigm that makes them a living to do their craft and allow people to hear the diversity available.. that speaks to niche hearts..

I don't know where all that came from.. but, tt same thinking, that same kind of paradigm is the same kind of paradigm I talk abut about government and America and the world, and now as I understand it, the Kingdom of God.

I don't know why I said all that. Who submtted that question? :}

It does relate to one thing about God and this journal: there's all kinds of stuff in the Bible where people think God's cursing them, when what's really happeing is he's saying, don't you realize the rippling effects of what you've just done? There's going to be generations who'll do that and then think of new ways to do that and so on and so on... an they'll influence other people... 

Smiting.. God's way of showing so much love you just can't help but love Him? That's the way I like to think of God.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince - Symbol Album - 04 - The Morning Papers

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Newsboys - God Is In Control - 02 - I'm Not Ashamed. I'm gonna listen to this and see what it says. We'll share a first time. :}

12:39 pm - A confidentiality agreement can not compel you to commit or to suppress reporting of a crime. To do so on a governmental level is treason. So.. all those security clearances mean nothing if you are not reporting what is a crime, by law or constitutioanl manadate. Constitutioanl taking precedence. Every law suspending civl rights is a conspiracy agains tthe citizens against the United States.  How bout   aclass action suit against the government for chemtrail pollution and posioning.. ever heard of Morgellon's?

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Paul Simon - American Tune

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Rod Stewart - 20th Century Masters - The Best Of - 12 - Handbags And Gladrags

5/26/2009 2:18pm The only tthjinh amazing, Time-Warner, is that everything is a backwards as it can be. Here I am, lnowin gI'm supposed to use my judgment to look at everything and figure out in my mind how to tell God that I cna understand how things got the way they are, how to correct it all, that I can handle it and that there's only a very small group of people/spirits that are actually worthless. When ya got 6 billion billion, that small group still ends up making a pretty long list.

The good news is that I know there are tons of good people, none perfect anymore than I, and they're easy to defend. The last thing I figured on was needing to defend was God, which is also to do and I think I've done that. And it must be because people forget that Satan is real. No other explanation. Easy to comprehend. I didn't really think about it before either.. I just sort of kept the golden rule stuff in front of me..

So, the long term set up on the dental was clear to me long ago, because the   circumstances were such that a dentinst would want to ask questions, instead of being willing to say my  teeth are in this condition, let's pretend I never saw a dentist before in my life and just do what it looks like needs to be done. As a computer consultant, I fixed a  lot of systems ruined by professional at 2 to 3 times my pay, knew the customer didn't really know what actually happeened, always assumed where there's smoke there's fire... and just did what needed to be done then. That's malpractice insurance for ya. People more concerned about CYA than doing the job itself.. out of survival. And you can't even really blame. To the guy in the truck in Olympia, I don't owe anyone an apology for anything. I think you got it backwards. Including for the way you drove and the foul language you used today. But I won't hold my breath.

The day of God's vengeance.. I cna see it in my mind. A lot of dead souls in government and broadcasting being hauled away to Gitmo. They can play rights of kings games with each other...

When I used to tell people stuff about my life and they'd say when' s the book coming out, I should have asked, how many do ya want? That's why the neverending story is cming to a close soon, cause I don't know how much more I can say withou tjust wanting to puke.. and that doesn't mean I'm quitting, letting go or anything else. I've fessed up more than my fair share. And Since there isn't one person who's had the decency to do the right thing, those who are involved, there's only one conclusion I can come to: you're just criminals, reall criminals, nothign more to know, no mre thinkng that the infiltration wasn't complete and that there are good people left in the powerful positions that can do any fgood, or something would have been done long ago...

Pretty simpkle and clear logic. Today was the last straw for me.  For the evil psychos.. that's what you are.. pampered, narcissistic gutless wonders.    Stivo will lov ethat cuz he knoew its true, and he cna get back at me tomorrow... when's flag week, or ship week or fleet week? THat was good :} God is great, now about the bule jeans :} Nothn gwrong with being loyal to your church, but the church is suppose dto be loyal to God, an if they're not, they're not. Everybody's guilty. That's why I love saying God bestows equality amongst the whores. We're all whores. Welcome to the party. THe deal is though, it's only laughable if you realized it as some point and said Oh my GOd, seriously, mh my God, I can't believe I did such a stupid, thank Him again for not getting arrested before correcting you rbehavior yourself, and if you did show some integrity so that the justice system will understand your intent and actual remorse.. and if ya lie, God'll get ya.. That's all I have to let go of. The Bible says there'll be tons of liars. I can understand why they'd want to lie. So I'll emulate the Dalai Lama and laugh.. but at least I'm giving him attribution..

Nothing has changed to give me any reason to believe any of you have any integrity, or that Ishould expect any thing mor ethan the opportunity for you to put on some kind of show trial iat which time you'll simply prove your sickness. Today was the last straw... and your phony pastor couldn't be anything more than a decoy like Chris Hansen uses to illegal entrap people for his tv show PREDATOR. Anyone who conspires to deprive anyone of their civil rights is.... and if the law says otherwise, it's unconstitutional. THeres' gonna be a whole lot of people getting out of jail , getting counseling, gettting rehab, and being monitored while you guys either fess up  or or do your time. It's not extortion at all. I'm doing it in the full view of the public. I'm declaring an assertion. I'm accussing you. I'll argue it to the Supreme COurt myself and win or make fools of the Supreme Court, greater fools than they've already proven themselves to be. Any other questions? Sue me or fess up. And stop doing it. I have no problems with enforcing the law, not creating criminals. An dif you'r eso sure of these people being criminals, have you ever that that scaring the bajeebers out of them doing wht you're doing, and getting them the couneling they  need.. that maybe that could somehow be a good tcv show that scares presdators and then makes sur etheir needs are taken care of instead of them losing their entire lives to a stupid thing that they got the idea to do by watching your show one day were they were horny, and their sister was showing them a catalog featuring 122 ad 13 years old girl scantily dressed in sexy poses.

Infuences. Just like back masking that supposedly doesn't work, but is more effective than forward speedch and can be done at 14 times the normal speed for best results. Gee how do I know that? Years of research. It's on the website www.democraticfundamentalsm.org

Now I know why I was distracted.. I think the phony ministor is a realtime version of PREDATOR except they're using her background and more to set people up to make them look like predators.. set up just like GM did to Ralph Nader when he was publishing his book, Unsafe At Any Speed... which was a very negative story about the Corvair.. one of my favorite cars :} ANyway, they set him up to get him into a selazyaffair of one sort or another in order to discredit him and shut him up.. and that's what the Melissa Scott thing was all about.. right Barack? Ya gluys blew it again.

Is she even alive or real. Is Hearst owned by Time-Warner.. cause ya know, what little of her sermon script stuff I saw was the same set of shows over and over again.. like a standard loop, a continuously running psyop program that agents could use wherever they were to set up anyone to "be obsessed with her", a nice way to cover the idea that she had fear in any way... like they tried to make it seem I was, a pervert.. .. good thing I said from the beginning that it was a psyop setup... that's why I had to know.  And I was told a couple other ministers were paid to do similar things to me, then claim I was a false Christ later... it'll be interesting..

Bu tht ebottom line for me is, anyminister with her suppsed research background would never have participated in such crimes agaisnt other people, particularly in these ways, under the guise of being a willing servant of God. She may get free in teh courts cause the courts oare owned by the government, but God knows. Good luck with that. I believ ein God whether you do or not, but if you do what you do and say you believe in God, it must be some other God, and not the God in the Bible. Stop saying you love Jeses. You  only love yourself. Otherwise, you would have done the right thing last September. Leave me alone. No more questions on that subject, thank you. here's nothing more to say. It's all been said. A psyop is a psyop.

And Idon't have a problem in the world saying all of  that, because crimes were committed against me, I have enough to be credible in court, and I don't think the government wants your cover blown, because if it is, the government's cover is blown. And I never asked you for anything but an appoiontment, and to be treated with respect. Good luck in hell. You know were I live, you know what a deposition is, bring a picture. I don't think I know what you look like. Pass that along, guys. Oh yeah, remember, this is just the expression of my perception of one possible purpose of a dialectic. But I think I'm right.

Sublimination is far from simple silent audio or flashes of video.. it's in letter and word repetition, the lift of an eyebrow, like DObbs does when he's poorly doing propaganda like Norah O'Donnell... she cracks me up.. she's horrible at it :} Another talented person having to conform to a corrupt paradigm to succeed in her own personal competition.. I know..

But what  am I supposed to do?

Anyway... I'm glad I don't own a digital tv. What DOES the V-CHip really do.?   :}

So James Taylor.. I was giving thought to cover, rememebring back in the high school radio wwehn yuo did that cover of that Elvis Presley tune, and I thought, why is James Taylor having to do a cover of Elvis Presly to sell an album. But, it was James Taylor so we played it. I mean, it's like the song Mexico, I never really loved it but I still played it so.. I sing to it every time..  so I try to justify this Steamroller Blues song in my mind, and I still wonder why you bothered recording it :} But I learned to appreciate  it. But I did always like your version of that old Blood Sweat and Tears song Fire and Rain, which I really love but always reminds me of a sister who was going through some trouble back then, sort of knocking around the zoo... And I always thought back then that maybe you and Carole King would make an interesting couple.. and I always it was a cover, You've Got  A Friend, the song, not the message, but it was great. I thought that's the way everybod should be to everybody. The kind of person I was. Like handyman.

We're all prophets, don't even know it, and don't even know who to.. :} Almost funny. It's like waking up at 2 o clock one afternoon remembering you're supposed to save a child's life but you just can't remember who..

Anyway.. psyops guys really got me distracted that time, didn't they? :}

Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man

Three Dog Night - Pieces Of April

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird

New Christy Minstrels - Today

Here's mud in yer eye :} 7/7  please. I could use it.

Sending people to hell by attrition.. a corporate emulation worth considering :}

5/28/2009 12:10 pm... I was asked to provide proof of life... I wasn't going to talk to you guys anymore. That's what I'll do I'll refuse to talk from here on. That'll fix ya :}

Rockefellers// checked out the story again, it was limo, not a chopper. I didn't lie, my witness changed their story. Funny how that happens when they know you'll use what they say as evidence. That's what depositions are for.

And, not, I didn't threaten my stepfather with a gun, but I wanted to. I was defending som ekids in Florida when I wrote that, but everything about what he did was true, and if I'd known what he did to me sister, he'd either have gone to jail or  he would be dead. And I'm not proud or embarrassed to say that. When you live 40 miles in the hills with no phone, you do what you have to do. At the least, she and I would not have been living with them. When your stepfather comes into a bedroom where you're trying to fall asleep with a butcher knife, and you have to run through the rain with only underpants on to get away... I don't think I needed to tell him what he was causing. I hadn't been arguing with him. Of course he was drunk. Besides, we never argued with him. He argued with us and himself. No story, and you know what I'm talking about. What effect did it have on me? It made me know that drinking alcohol was a stupid thing to do. And that people do stupid things when they're drunk.  I actually have no ideas why he did it. I really don't. It had been a peaceful evening. Just bad data  ya gotta let go of, and it's not suppression, it's maturity.

It's kind of like going to a doctor, asking them to give you medical care, taking seriousl ytha tyou'r easking them to care for your body and thus telling them the truth so they know what they're dealing with, mild or acute or whatever.. having sexual fantasies while jacked up on huge doses of hormones, which was an appropriate treatment for my body unders  specialists constant care.... I knew there was a research factor in treating me too, to the extent that the defect is rare.. lots of doctors in the teaching hospital examined me.. no  biggie.. I kept thinking, can these people really not act like professionals examing a patient in their specialty...  going thru puberty in about 6 months is not a normal thing, and that's why a specialist, just like I went to Scripps because they actually had done research on  it.  There were medical things doctors were learning so I told them everything. If  I had cancer and they asked if I was becoming impotent,  should I lie because I'm embarrassed? If   I watched a love story and fantasized about that, would I be bad? You can twist everything around all you want, and it'll be obvious. If I was pervert, I would have done it instead of fixing the problem where it came from... medical treatment with side effects, extreme treatment with side effects. That's all it is. Had any Ambien lately? See, you'll make all this stuff make me out to be horrible, and then the truth will end being why your attorneys go to jail for malparactice, malfeasance, and particpating in an ongoing crime, right Floyd?  And the only research I  thought I'd help them collect is simply the natural effects and treatments of the syndrome, and I never would have imagine if anyone was experimenting on me. It's a simple treatment. Tell your attorney to go to hell. THey will anyway. A bunch of lying scumbags//

Thi sis pyschotronics folks. The Bible says the evil doers would know what I wuld do and say and all before I said it, and what you read is them using psychotronics to make sure they can counter anything I say in court ot not only win, but to smear me so noone will want to hear about the pervert they put in jail.

Only, I'm not a pervert, and I have no crimes to go to jail for, so they'll say they did it to prevent crime, but the pnly crimes that needed to be prevented is their own. Tis is how the government ad corporations - as Geoege W. Bush put it.. save themselves from a few frivolous lawsuits.. I knew he was talking to me, I just didn't know I had any lawsuits to file against any of these people. Why would I. They made me aware, I didn't have a clue. I was just a citizen doing freedom of speech. Their only reasons would be to diminsh my credibility, diminish Chrisitanity, get Obama elected, get away with overthrowing the nation.. I figured I'd invest 2 years max into speaking out, you guys are the ones who tuerned this into torturing nd taunting me, which I'm sure was made more fun by taunting about how I didn't even know why. Now I know you're sociopaths, dictionary definition.. including the attorney using psychotronic s to ask me questions right now to set it up like I'm wracked with anxiety, instead of having a real time conversation with a government criminal via voice to skull communications... 900 witnesses and military experts.. don' t ever forget that. I know  a certain Col. who'd love to help get his friend out of jail.

Does Michale Steele know the joke Cosby did about meeting his problems head on? :}

Looks like Gulf of Tonkin in North Korea... please notice  GW Bush the 2nd, Barack Obama is fully carrying out the same domestic and international military policies, and that  the health program is about as bogus as they get.

Barack. Why do you hate black people? You know what that discrediting will cause. Are you so dedicted to the cause that you're willing to be responsible fo rthat?

When people talk about  Lincoln and Obama, what they'r ereally tlking about in Aesopian is the fact tha Lincoln CAUSED the civil war, it never needed to happen, there were negotiations going on in earnest, but they wanted to do a regime change and expel all opposition.. just as the government is doing now, increasing tensions, damaging economics just like the depression leading up to world war 2... and the U.S. govt is instigatin gcivil unrest, economically and with intel agents, and her ewe are, folkd, Lyndon Baines Johnson is President.  get out your history books.. and like Johnson said, "Hell. If they want a war, I'll give them a war"...

And that's when the Gulf of TOnkin incident didn't really actually happen, but ewas reported in the media and gavve Johnson the excuse to escalate the Viet Nam War.

Basically, they set it up for the Navy to fire a few rounds, prestend they were exchanging fire, and ten propagandize it to say Viet Nam attacked us. aOf the incident Johnson.said somethin glike

"Hell, I don't know, they could have been shooting at dolphinsout there as far as I know."

That was the justification for the Viet Nam war.. that they told you about.. The real truth is they wanted to domino tsoutheast Asia in order to infiltrate/bring down China.. Nixon started trade, and they began the process of causing CHina's economic domination so they could move  our corporations over there for lower pay and support from a totalitarian government, the kind Jimmy Carter thinks is best for America. Surprising isn't it? Carter used to be a hero of mine.

Myanmar.. same thing.. Unocal basically made a deal with the military to overthrow the democratic government to get free labor- they enslaved the citizens - in return for an oil pipeline, and the military gets to stay in control cause Unocal likes them.

Obama calling for the resleas of Kuy (sorry) is about as shallow as when George W. did it. Same with the faux concern of Congress for Dalai Lama. Appearing wth him just makes them look good. Our government could help them if they relly wanted to. Instead, CNN makes up bogus news stories making the monks out to be violent.

CNN the Council New Network, soon to be the Chuck News Network. What AM I going to do with GE, Floyd? Maybe Warren's got some ideas.

Tell me. Has Monterey had anymore hurricanes since I lived in the area? I was thinking of going to live in the hills of Big Sur, I hear you can do that there

I'm doing  alot  of  writing - it'll blow the lid off things if anyone actually reads it.. meanwhile, the final chapter is going to say...

At least they'll know a prophet was amongst them.

Then I'm going camping, cause talking to no one will be more enlightening. And I don't have choices to make, people do. And I don't have any apologies to make either.

Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 12 - The End of the End

I loved the series of the guy who went to live alone in Alaska. I understood the feeling, alot of different ones. It made me feel good to know it wasn't just me.

John Denver - Thank God I'm A Country Boy

Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 08 - Hallelujah

I've been listening to that song... I love the hallelujah part best.. it's just pretty.. I was thinking about editing the choruse sof hallelujah into a loop, so the psyops guys would have the evidence they want to prove I know how to do digital editing.. which I do.. but not really video.. my stuff is cumbersome and not great.. but they're going to try to get you to believe I edited all sort sof stuff. because  they edited bunches of stuff..or the dialectic could turn that they did psyop me, edit nothing (cause they have the originals)  and that because of the psyops, Im delusional and dysfunctional anyway.. dialectics are fun.. :}

I used to do a joke horoscope line.. Libra: Just because you're paranoid schizophrenic doesn' t mean you're not being followed :} The only thing I"m going to enjoy about taking you all down legally, the day of vengeance of the Lord, is watching you all make fools of yourelve sboxing yourselves in stumbling over yourselves to tell lies that will be so rediculaous youll convict yourselves. Politicians are doing it all over tv. So are the media people. Lexis can prove that any day... like Carlson and Matthews saying they were against the Iraq war, all the while their propanda supported its inevitability.

Lou.. talked to Mike Farrell lately.. Floyd wants an example for Matthews.. of course I don't think it's Floyd, but he'll likely be on the team. So Julian, Surfer Boy:} Say HI to Greg for me would ya.. ? I'd love to make the case I"m crazy. I'm just playful that way.  You can ask..  nevermind. I'm really looking forward to having an attorney ask me a rigged question.. I'm sure after a few times, I'll be able to contain my laughter.  It'll be hard though. I'd a made a good attorney :} But I'm sure the adults on the jury will, in time, understand how rediculaous you governement and media people really are. As human beings, you're pathetic jokes.

I think that's enough for today.  What else ya got?

Steely Dan - Bodhisattva

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ya gotta have a dictionary to understand everything these days :}

5/29/2009 1:05pm Cyber czar: the new replacement for George W. Bush's orders to make sure no on eo n the internet criticizing the Council on Foreign Relations, Obama and the other Nazis remains online, or with limited access. Fascists. Censorship. Another conspiracy by the government to deprve Americans of their rights.


Prepare for ww2.fortherichsickandcorporateonly.com

Hi to my friends at project x... reptilians... garden of eden snakes.. I was worried you were calling them space aliens. I know I don't know everything, and I believe in UFO's and stuff. but I wasn't ready to go there yet:} If aliens exist, I wanna meet 'em. :}

See. CNN. I can make myself look crazy.. it's fun and easy :} Lou about that office.. I decided we're moving the corporte offices of TIme Warner to the Continental divide. We won't get wet there. Something bout Black Elk that really speaks to me :} We could put  a fish tank in that crater out there :} Feel freee to spin off AOL and sell therest. The security guard said CNN in Atlanta would be sold in 5 years,  so it' s about time  I took over, don't you think? THe security guy can sty. I liked him. He was nice. It was still illegal detainment. And I'll be filing charges against the corporation AND individuals.

Speaking of which: tell PMS I'm, sorry, but I didn't do it. I gave her ample time to prove she's a righteous person, and clearly she's not. I greatly minimized the story abou ther involve\ment, so I'm ging to put  adisclaimer in my book so people will know I wasn't changing my story, just minimizing as usual, and the rest will come out in court.

She said one tim ein her sermon when trying to make me believe I was welcome at her church that you couldn't get through her church's doors wiht more than 6 suitcases. I figured I have at 11 least Federal Crimes against her alone, all with about 10 year sentences. I gave her 9 months to come clen. I'm not as stupid as you think. That's jus tthe federal crimes. State and local make the list grow. You did it to yourself.

Please stop singing songs saying you love Jesus and God. Makes me wanna puke just thinking about it. The psyops guys have done a good job trying to protect you. They failed.

For anyone who wants to claim smear jobs and defamation.. I dare ya.. I've written to every appropriate federal official,and my state attorney general, seeking relief, only to find they were responsible for my torture, and peole like PMS gladly joined in to get Obama elected. I didn't do it. And the only alternative I'm left with is to take it to the public. And I will.

Like Olbermann and Dobbs chironed on their shows a couple weeks ago for the N Korean missile test: preparing for war. How come they were the only ones with that headline, that specific day. Even that will be obvious before we're through.

To all the people at MSNBC and CNN and TIme Warner.. all of you know this is going on. Don't balme me when you're convicted  for your silence.

I really didn't want it to come to this: apparently, this is wht they wanted so they could put the final touches on murdering me. I'm not as stupid as you think. And it is too at least attempted murder. Torture and more.

Twila Paris - God Is In Control - 06 - God Is In Control

5:11pm Keith Olbermann.. you loved making Hannity out to be a chicken, let's see you put it on the line...  you guys made sure I don't have any money,  but tell ya waht.. I'll put in a good word with God for you if you give us a video that tracks every moment of your life  for a month, with people treating you badly, giving you harmful medical care and being hit with dews, psychotronics and Aesopian taunts, and let's see how many seconds you last.

To qualify, you have to  experience sleep deprivation for 10 days, be psychotronically raped at least once a day, be subected to 24/7 voie to skull, and get at least one lesion on your skin from directed energy weapons. Let's see how much guts you have. Let's see if you think it's funny or torture.

Meanwhile I'll just note that I've written tons of dated material in the last few days, and you took advantage of me not posting it to prove NBC has access to everything I write and do. I knew you and your friends would do that, I just wanted you to prove it. Thanks. And you know what your nickname is.

Only a meglamaniac would do what you guys do, and still claim intelligence. You people have a disease. It's called sadism.

Good luck twisting your rationale around...

Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 08 - Hallelujah

Keith: you can live without God and Christ.. the question is, how many will live, and what kind of life? One where sadistic people get to destroy people's lives by torturing them? One where people are paid to deceive people on behalf of dirty politicians and thieving bankers?  You and you rgirlfreiend aren't exactly lving like people with moral authority or imperative.. but I'm glad you're enjoying the chapter on Choices... just like McCain likes lipstick and Escher. That'll be a fun one, huh?

You'll be glad to hear your schill counterpart is comin gback on  CNN. What can brown do for you today? Is she realted to Aaron? Good thing it's Friday. By Monday, you'll know what Keith is Aesopianizing about... and here's the pitch...

Some jury's gonna bne watching alot of tv and movies, and Dave Letterman too. I decided to give GE to the innocence project to fund students to research convictions for injustice. That ought to make a bunch of room in the prisons for you guys.

5/30/2009 11:28am -Lost most of the day yesterday due to intense psychotronic attacks and DEWS.. woke up this morning to the same.. and they were feeding me info on a number of lies told  about me ver the years that unfortunately make sense.

The siege at Waco on Harstine Island, Washington, continues.. I count 4 choppers circling my house every night.. another witness says 3... these are supposedly the gun ships used to torture people electronically...

I've said before how much I respect honest business people. I aslso don't agree with a litigious society.. before long, I'm going to be filing criminal and civil suits against some of the most famus peopl ein AMerica, as well as some of the largest corporations n America, and I'll win. THis isn't about money. This is about stopping criminals, removing corrupt businessmen and politicians and returning America to its citizens.

As for all you material witnesses, either get your depositions in or count yourself in to be prosecuted. I"m not taking anymore of this from any of you.  I don't care who you are or what you did, if you did something to me that I can use to sue you out of existence for the good f this nation and the will of God, I will. The Bible says those who stand behind me will be protected. Believe it or go to jail, I don't care.

And once again, I've contacted all appropriate authorites, including the Attorney Generals of Washington State and NEw Yourk, Democrats, 2 Attorney Generals of the United States and my Federal elected representatives for years to no avail.. and they will go to jail too. Hear that Cuomo. I've also attempted to contact Jerry Brown. I have no doubt that communication was blocked. I have proof of receipt of most of  my   communications.

As for my high schools.. if I find out that what I think is true is true... including the way I was set up at  Soquel... the appropriate people WILL go to jail for RICCO.

I can't wait to find out whyall this was drppped on me the last two days.. typcially, it's to make me angry because th egovernment and media apparently show my site to religious leaders right after really making me abngry, with good reason, like when it was pointed out ot me that my father was murdered. ANd the phony minister was in on in long before she started broadcasting psyop sermons.. so good luck worming out of it.

The day of vengeance of God is upon all you perverts... it's a shame it has to happen this way, but so be it. TOo bad for these criminals, theywon't be in the refrmatory sections of the prison. How many years of perversion do you need to prove they are lost? Don't forget, perverts, you did it to yourselves.

Those of you who believe God is powerless will now discover the truth.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Angel Station - B04 - Resurrection

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Brecker Brothers - Back to Back - 204 - What Can A Miracle Do

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ZZ Top - Rough Boy

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Minnie Riperton - Pefect Angel - 105 - Edge of A Dream

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Joni Mitchell - Shine - 09 - Shine

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Seals and Crofts - The Longest Road - A05 - One Planet, One People Please

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan Hits (Disc 1) - 13 - Junior's Farm (DJ Edit)

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Prince & The New Power Generation - Diamonds And Pearls - 01 - Thunder

For Tucker Carlson.. don't have it online.. Computer Blue.. I hope you're okay.. looks like you were a victim of the same sort of set up. Isn't that interesting. We'' make bow ties fashionable again. I like em. So what do you want to do with your life Tucker. I know you didn't want to. It was obvious. Like Wolf.

There's a ton o new material coming by Monday... the site may go down in the meantime I fit does and doesn't come back, further instructions will be at Refusethenes.com, charlesrehn.net, for theloveoftheworld.com democraticfundamentalism.org or on the forum I'm in on yahoo. You will find nothing subversive because I'm not subversive.

I 'm a citizen who knows the truth, the Son of God, and the day of judgment truly is near.  And you don't have to believe it for it to be true..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God  Dan Fogelberg - Leader of the Band

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Cat Stevens - Father & Son

Well, it's time for a change...


5/31/2009 It appears that I'm being put into a long term sleep deprivation regimen, the same that incapacitated me for 4 years. Hard to tell if I'll finish the book... if I 'go way again, blame Barack Obama, Time-Warner, GE/NBC and the Council on Foreign Relations.... Choose GOd or Satan. We're at the end of the book of Revelations. Good luck.


Stevie Wonder - Skeletons

Zager and Evans - In the Year 2525

Barry McGuire - Eve Of Destruction

War - Best of War - 04 - Slippin' into Darkness

And you all thought I was crazy and lying.

6/1/2009 7:19 pm - What an interesting day.. getting things on line... personally, I felt really good after writing the part about th echoices humanity must make.. all the stuff I posted is in rough form, and will be edited and I already know some of the changes tha twil be made.. just remember, if you hassle me about changing things, I might have to talk about you to explain it :} Careful what you ask for :}

Come on Baracky, have your surrogates call me the anti-Christ. Can' t wait :}   Bring 'em on..

Anyway.. coincidence.. youtube posts a message they'll be down at 7pm pacific tonight, just about the time Ifinsihed crating my JFK tribute page... talk about amazing discoveries. I had no idea about what he said in any of those speeches and things.. I like it though, for my own reasons... Whatever you want to say about it is fine with me.. I really like that line.. something tells me I'll be saying that a lot in the future. I'm so embarrassed.

So... moving on... vortex... doin fine... be careful...

And finally, in my office....

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Tuck & Patti - Tears of Joy - 10 - Love is the Key

Ever had an asparagus fern try to touch you? :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sting - Ten Summoner's Tales - 02 - Love Is Stronger Than Justice

6/2/2009 3:10 pm - I  was told to post something. I did.

Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder (Dis - 07 - On the Turning Away

Christmas Greatest Hits - 05 - Peggy Lee - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

6/3/2009 1:41 PM Hi Wolf!!! I'm not waiting for Godot anymore... that was fun thugh, wasn't it?

Back in the early days, Wolf was giving me my daily briefings and education on everything wagging the dog to something about waiting for Godot... for moths, if I dared leave the television and go outside or anything, the phone would ring and I'd have to go back in the house and answer, where the tv was. I gave up. Made for  a real interesting conversation with Stephen Lewis of the UN one day though... :}

So anyone.. here I'd come to the comnclusion tha tthe angels really are crazy.. sort of like me... and then I hear another Mike McDonald tune.. whose stuff always inspired me before.. like I Gotta Try..  but the one that really captured my heart last night was Remption Song... I just wanna hug ya.. not so crazy after all these years,. after all :}

I don't have any money, and you've already antied up, so if you ever want mess with some heads, take any dozen songs from my whole catalog,  and as long as you include "when a man loves a woman", I'll giggle my you know what off for the rest of my life... :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 13 - Redemption Song

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael McDonald - I Gotta Try

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing - 06 - Witness

6/5/2009 - 2:59 pm... So Baracky... that speech in Egypt... I think I said it better myself, frankly. Notice how unenthusiastic their applause was with each pander and placation? They know about you, Barack....  and your friends... Era of Reconciliation.. it's got a ring to it.

Someone  asked why I  didn't do a regular blog, and I thought, well, then it would not include my thoughts. I like to share my thoughts. I think a lot of people get their frustrations out here vicariously.. somehow.. :}

Psychotalk... I could say a few things about that :}

You know, Barack.. you can put my stuff on the teleprompters all you want but it's not a gift, it's plagiarism and RICCO... I'm seriously considering doing Mystery Science Theater 3000 on your Egypt Speech... you and the media guys just keep proving everything I say... :}

Speaking of how God provides.. I'm glad to report that the sites aren't going down after all, unless GE and Time Warner Daniel Nahmod or someone decides to pull the plug.. that  would be the  ultimate on my remarks of pulling their plug.. but I got a plan for that, to explain it to people why the music no longer works on the site...  They'd be nuts to do it. It works on DISH TV, it'll work for me :}

George W. Bush. Proof that anti-psychotics don't work. Reports are, he was on them. I think he was  a psychotronics target, personally. I've heard a few reports of people being "hit" or what they call "touched" at times... Dukakis, Kerry... I didn't think it was an accident that Specter (EInhorn's attorney and the last srviving member of the Warren Commission, I believe, no wonder the DEMS are trying to keep him in office, to keep him quiet)  and Kennedy have cancer, and that Johnston and that woman Rep.. Tubbs?.. and Patrick Kenenedy and Ambien... Biden and aneurysm, Sharon, Kim Job Il, Arafat... and who knows who else...  aneurysms... directed energy weapons. They have me in a space just like they had Arafat. I had seven choppers hovering over the house the other night. L's granddaughter still has the Systems Failure calls from when the "Spy" satellite went down 2 years ago, right before the alternative media conference. You know, Westar, Raytheon. All that MSNBC stuff.  You know... see I have to set  a baseline first before we get to the really weird stuff. At least with the turkey story, I have a witness.

Chris... careful what you ask for... :} I wanna do  Maher, with Eric Griffin, Alanis Morissette and then... maybe a little report like Tompkins used to do .. about  how he starts the Cosmos...  and then, Penn and Teller for about 10 minutes. But Chris Rock would be great... Woody.. you  bet... we'll do an offsite :}

Can you believe it Steppenwolf.. born to be on Hardball...

Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride

Michael McDonald - Soul Speak - 09 - Enemy Within
In a way , I still think of this son glike it's the story of God talking to people, and being rejected by amny... not all.. but those who do.. all depends on how you listen to it.

Wyclef Jean - Greatest Hits - 07 - Two Wrongs
I wonder what this song sounds like :}

PS Thanks to the man at the store. Great discount! It was fun to say hi to everybody, and know I'm really not alone. Sorta :}

7:52 pm I feeling like hangin out playing records... Fogelberg... prostate cancer.. his wife commit suicide... hard to believe guy like him would have such problems... explained a lot to me about his music for  a  while.. Jackson Browne too.. lots of gray mornings.... I guess certain politicians and musicians die of similar ailments.. I wonder why....

David Plouffe and DeVal Patrick.. supposedly Patrick's 2006 campaign was the model for Obama's 2006 campaign.. and interesting way to innoculate people to thinking it came from  soemwhere other than me.. can't wait.. of course, conversations with America and more will prove any similarities, since I"ve been so consistent. How will they explain Dean? And Moulitos? Anderson can probably answer that question. They were both CIA interns, suddenly become media stars...and reporters...

Pablito.. tell Plouffe it won't work. I got the weblogs ... did you know there are people at CNN who don't like you? Patriots... shall we try for the act of American Integrity next? Hmmm.. what could it say.. I know it's around here somewhere...

Got some edits to work on.. Baracky's the Emperor... scared me this morning when someone told me what certain things mean. But just like the Bible says, the "false-prophet" will go around looking like he's making friends with everyone to be leader of the world, even using my work to do it, God's inspiration, theft of  a religion again... and now emulating  what was that thing .. Czars only report to God and Obama is naming more Czars than anyone.... and emulating what they said about The Son of Man could claim as ownership of everything in the protocols.. he's using the Federal Gov't to bankrupt our few remaining corporations in order  to own them thru the government, only to create a corporate government...  it  just gets easier and easier to prove... the question is, will the angels come thru? I believe they will.

Netherlands.. such a great album... I'm gonna get some of that online over the next few days.. gotta pull it off lp.. well worth it..

The real problem with Sonia Sotomayor... Bush said the Constitution was a god-damned piece of paper, and look what his friends on the Supreme Court did.. thos ewho agreed with his respect of the COnstitution..

Now, given how Obama has supported all of Bush's civil rights limitations rendering the Constitution useless, he says she shares his respect of the Constitution. Sorry, I'm not enecouraged.

That's Aesopian or Orwellian double talk/newspeak.. it's all how you listen to it. If you actually understand what he thinks of the constitution, his "respect" is actually "lack of respect". It sounds good to ya though, doesn't it.. and thus.. deception upon deception upon deception..

The reason thos ein Egypt weren't that enthusiastic with Obama.. that speech wasn't to   them, it was to America, to pacify those who want Obama to embody.. as Brownstein put it.. their image or vision of what they wanted in a president these days... the great peacemaker, as the Bible says the false prophet would act like. Emulating the Son of Man.

Just presenting the facts. I'm used to it. If people want to understand Aesopian, there' s agood lesson. I'm goinna have  afew  more, including these examples, in my book, as well as a possible insight as to why She was noinate, having to do with setting judicial precedent regarding freelancers and copyrights that may inclue   a set up to say they could legally steal my writings..... plagiarism. whcih bothers me because it's  God's work.  And the deception it's being used for.

Gotta address the abortion issue... just gotta.. but  not the top priority for the moment. But anyone harming another human being to kill a doctor is not thinking straight.

I didn' tthink Sarkozy was buying it. I think Obama's Waterloo is about to arrive. I thought it would happen on Bush's shift.. like Mike said, gotta fulfill the book..

Ya'll have a great weekend. the insights have been great, the dews an psychotronics.. well, we do what we can.. God Bless Ya.. I mean it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Righteous Brothers - Rock And Roll Heaven

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Steve Miller Band - Joker

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Part Of The Plan

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Average White Band - Cut the cake - 10 - When They Bring Down The Curtain

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Delaney & Bonnie & Friends - Never Ending Song Of Love

6/6/2009 8:19 am - "This date marks the triumph of right over wrong." Barack Obama

One thing Barack and  I share is the pride we have in our relatives, in my case, my father and more, for their commitment, to the world, America, and God, and personally, I thank each and every person who gave of themselves not only on this day we commemorate, but throughout history, because "it WAS more than just a few who changed the course of this last century", as Barack said, but the majority of one inside each of us that bound us to do the difficult, what was right, what was proof of their determination and commitment to the future generations of this world.

God bless them and their families, who I hope know the pride they deserve to enjoy on behalf of those who have served and have passed. God blessed us all in our sharing of the gifts they gave.

Proof once again that "Human destiny is not determined by forces beyond our control." ... Barack Obama

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jesse Colin Young - Light Shine

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Find the Cost of Freedom

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Crosby - 01 Oh Yes I can - 11 - My Country 'tis Of Thee

6/7/2009 5:14 pm Amazing grace... I'd make jokes about wondering who grace is, but I had one of those interesting experiences today.. kind of like when I talk about randomly openin gth Bible.. bu throwing it up in the air and then reading whatever it opens to... only to find out that what I opened to affirms the things I'd just finished writing about, all the while wondering if it was the stuff of a true servant , an apostate or someone improperly influenced...

I added this to the chapter on angels today...

Update: 6/7/2009 Here's a little of the synchronicity of my life. I wrote all that stuff about David Pack and Ambrosia.  This morning, while writing to Barry Linn, I accidentlly found and clicked on a Google ad for someone named David C. Pack, and on article called: http://www.thercg.org/books/hwpwc.html How World Peace Will Come.

I have to tell you, I've only read a small amount of one of his articles, and I've only scanned the titles of what else he's written, but he looks like a true prophet to me in many ways. It gives me  a great deal of hope to know that there is someone who appears to understand. Someone tell Pelosi he gets it.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Fogelberg - Nether Lands - A01 - Netherlands

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Carole King - Nightingale

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Dan Seals - I Will Be There

'nuff for now... til I figure out how to post  a message or two to twitter :}

6/8/2009 12:10 pm So then I was watching BYU tv, hey had a program called Joseph.. I figured it qwas about Jesus' Joseph, so I tuned in...  It was about Joseph Smith. And I was perplexed. He and I have a lot in common. I was, however, a little dismayed that I named my cat Emma, the same as his wife, and a name used in some psyops against me by a phony minister. Still, it was quite  adicscovery. I wonder how the LDS and Mormons will respond to my letters... They used to come and visit me in Olympia. One day I said to them, "These are the end of days".. I said, what do you think of that, wondering how they might respond if I told them who I was. They said, what do you think about it? We just sort of stared at each other. I never heard from them again...   :}

Julian... give up :} Sarah.. we need to talk. :} I don't understand it right now, but we have a future somehow.. I know you don't want to oppose me... Have you seen the latest reports on the Climate Change, and how the middle of America is going to become desert? Do you realize what's going to happen to Alaska.. and how the bridge to nowhere won't be to nowhere anymore? ANd the people and animals.. I know you see what's happening...

Aesopian 100 Coming to a Biblical chapter near you.. featuring Barack in Egypt.. talk about slam dunks.. :} Thanks for the gifts Barack. I know you think I'll never get loose from this prison, but you're wrong. Tell your friends it's over, and every person you hurt,. they will all be held accountable for.

And still His arms are outsretched.. they must be getting really tired...

California's farmland and the minnows.. Hannity got  alot of things right when he reported on the Obama stimulus Ombudsman plan.. but the minnows in California.. that could be so easily remedided, an Schwarzennegger and his bunch, who still owe Claifornia $9 billion from the Enron scandal, are basically destroying all of America's farmlands... why  would thes people do this if they weren't serial killers? 1/3 of America's agriculture will be lost... doesn't sound like the government cares about people at all...  Dr Monteith o f Liberty Radio, one of my dad's old friends, did a report once about how he reviewsd wahat was going on in pharma, agriculture, governments and more... this man is responsible for lobbying for effectve treatment of AIDS.. he's no quack.. and his final conclusion was, the government does appear to be trying to kill us.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Michael Tomlinson - Living Things - 01 - Living Things

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Guess Who - Sweet Liberty

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God David Crosby - 01 Oh Yes I can - 11 - My Country 'tis Of Thee aka God Save the Queen

Check out who's been getting the business since our aircraft companies were de-contracted after 911. Airbus. England. King George never gave up on the battle for America, and all the peopl ein power are related to the Queen of England. I always wondered why the media thought we cared so much about the royal family. They're not our royal family. And tell the Queen I told her she could have England back, not America, and not the empire. Too bad. I  used to  respect her.

Only one Empire.. the Kingdom of God. And Joseph Smith was and is, as he thought, being used to set up the President of the Kingdom of God. I like the sound of that. Course' according to this web site, I already am... start up phase, ya know :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Doors - Peace Frog

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God It's A Beautiful Day - White Bird

God bless ya. It's  a gorgeous day.


Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 01 - One Power

A special prayer for David Carradine, a great actor and spiritual man over the years... who taught me, among other things, to walk barefoot on rice paper.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jeff Lorber Fusion - Grasshopper

5:32 pm Wooden curtain.. Aesopian is unintelligble sometimes... But ya ain't shutting me down.. Plagiarism.. it' sone thing to inadvertantly use someone else's line... it's another thing to steal an entire theme of a campaign.. right Howard? I love Captain Crunch with crunchberries.. as I was strangely talking to a psyops guy about last night..  so KO, I know you have inside sources, but this is rediculous...

about that lipstick... and the escher McCain loves so much... how did his wife know about my relationship with my friend. since the  beginning of time? Talk about hosers. Can't wait to show people what I saw at the conventions.. Aesopian after Aesopian. Cindy was definitely over the line... wait til people find out the perversity in hers... Got that John A cause greater than yourself... killing off Christ and overthrowing the Kingdom of God. And CNN helped. Right, Arthel? How's my office coming, Lou...

ANd in high school.. wait til people find out how I was set up there... and the teacher I had who was involved who got weird after I started asking questions about dubbing off Hitler videos for him and his friend McKittrick, the Humbold County District Atty... who was busted while in office for running a brothel.. I don't have to make this stuff up.... The teacher said.. sounds like what you did in high school is finally catching up to you.. still don't really know what that means... except it all ends up proving I was standing for the same issues of civil and human rights... among other things...

Meanwhile.. the New Jersey Knight asparagus.. never grew asparagus before... it's pretty.. kinda phallic... the good night from New York.. had me thrown for a while.. Cowboy shows.. need a better host. Are you the money man on that one, big guy?

Armageddon will occur because of something out of Basra.. I figured it was   a nuke myslef, ya never know what governments have in their stockpiles... Rumsfeld asked me to think of a little package somewhere, like in th eground.. not the exact words.. so I did a remote viewin gscan.. came up with no nukes, mustard gas in mosul tha tturned out to be feertilizer, reported as a potential chemical weapon stash, and the location of Saddam Hussein. Did I find thim, or did theyuse psychotronic son me to prove they already knew where he was... that doesn't explain the other psychic prediction si made.. about that, and world events.

Someone told me I may be considered an enemy combatant for predicting the future... for that, they should arrest every government official telling us there would be future terror attacks, and Joe Biden, for telling us there would be an international incident. Why didn't he just tell us, as a government official, instead of saving it for later for propaganda purposes?

Basra. so according to Skayhill on Moyers last week, they're moving GITMO to Basra... now that they have everyone afraid of people being locked up in American prisons... supposedly... so when they do Abu Ghraid in Basra, what do you think is going to happen in the Middle East... courtesy of your United States Government and Satan.

We need the church lady, quick. :}

Choose ladies and gentlemen.

I'm gonna tweet and leave the book up online, and someone should see the benefit in publishing it so people can have a copy they can read offline, but other than that, this baby's free, as it should be, but still, all rights are reserved.. one night I got an email that could only have come from one place, all it said was, all rights reserved, so I added it. Thanks! Crazy angels :} Publishers.. I'm not changing  a word. They did that to the Bible, and look what happened.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Daniel Nahmod - One Power - 04 - My Soul Remembers

Can't wait to see Travolta's new movie. Might explain a few things. I still remember not watching Mitch Albom anymore on MSNBC because I got tired of him talking about Swordfish, which is  a must see for everyone who missed it... I men, I like d Travolta, but I thought, certainly these guys can come up with fresh material. Isn't that what writers are for? Tuesdays With Maury.. that Mitch Albom.  Never read it, but Sowrdfish was very educational. Weapons of Mass Distraction. Swordfish tells you how wag the dog is done. Wag the Dog is a movie about how the governmetn stages global events to trick you.  Gotta love Dustin Hoffman in that one.. I liked Rain Man... who was it in the Importance of Being Earnest, anyway..

Hey, Warden. How DO you mix a mint julep? I was only in bartender school for  a day. I don't think they thought I was old enough to drink. Good thing. It wasn't my idea.  I was about 25 I think.

Just a little Mad Tao dis ease.  :} Can I read your thesis? Post it. I wanna see it... dare ya..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Jefferson Starship - We Built This City On Rock N Roll

Don't ask, don't tell.. has anyone else noticed  that Obama is systematically breaking EVERY campaign promise he stole from me? That's plagiarism, theft of  a religion AND perpetrating  a public fraud.  Like Jeremiah Wright said, "doing what politicians do..."

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours

You guys made a big mistake when you messed with the big guy. You guys do all the two birds with one stone stuff, and you never get me, but now you have a couple, and unfortunately for you guys, we're still standing.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John -  I'm Still Standing

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Elton John - Tumbleweed Connection - 201 - Where To Now Saint Peter

9:04 pm Apparently Chuck Grassley is  a fan of Todd Rundgren, too...   calling Obama the hammer and him comparing himself to a nail... I wonder where he got the idea to use that term about  a nail?

Todd Rundgren - Want Of A Nail

Tell Dreier I really do have video of him...

And for all the Repubs and Democrats.. being a packrat.. just like my father.. I didn't mean to collect all this evidence against all of you, but I have it.. apparently there isn't  asingle honest politician who is actually a patriot or you'd step up and KEEP the law and your oaths of office to uphod the Constitution by putting an end to electronic fences, psychotronics and all the other crimes you're committing against the world... You people ARE the reason for the Second Coming, and God's day of vengeance by justice is here. So... Republican or Democrat, all these Aesopian messages don' tdo any good unless I cna present them, and of course, you have me, like Waco and the Branch Davidians, under siege and just waiting for me to die via CIA slow kill methods.. using the same pyschotronics and directed energy weapons that you used on them.... the microwave dishes pointed at them in the pictures at WACO prove it. 

it ain't gonna happen cause your operators now harrass me if I don't work.. does that tell you anything? Nancy, does that tell you anything?

Meanwhile, I'm told this stuff about broadcasters going dark is going to shut down my favorite channel, MSNBC, we'll see if that's true or just something to make me look foolish.

Anderson Cooper.. about your being in the CIA, as well as Marcos Moulitos of the Daily KOS. I never said you were still working for them, but if you want, I could easily make the case. Right Howard Dean? Cool how he joined your campaign just before $40 million got spent overnight, bankrupting you, and just in time for Moulitos to take your supporters and propagandize them at the Daily KOS, kinda like Huffington... How nice of all those California governor candidates to split the votes for Arnold.. who replaced Gray Davis to cover the $9 billion owed to California by Enron... the old Skull and Bones at work. Is Ken Lay  really dead?

Just like Danny Pearl, killed by the terrorists because, they claim he was working for the CIA.. guess what, according to Robert Baer, former MSNBC Intel analyst, former CIA agent and then, a CIA "Contractor", Pearl WAS working for the CIA, as many so called reporters like former CIA interns have done for the last 50 years. Ask Walter Cronkite.... I don't condone them killing Pearl in any way, but they were telling the truth about Pearl and using the cover of the Wall Street Journal to infiltrate the so called terrorists...

I keep remembering how, when I started watching CNN< I commented on how it was interesting that all my old favorite reporters were at CNN... seems like they kept showng up there one by one... of course I wanted to watch CNN, my favorite broadcasters were there, people I studied as  a fledgling announcer to learn how to enunciate and more.. I trusted them completely. And that's how psyops work.. make the mark think you're friendly, then zap em... what was that line tey got me to say, vengeance is  adish served cold.. just like they got me to say while jooking tha tmaybe someday I'd own CNN, ya never know, just like they zapped me into oblivion and got me to say maybe my real purpose was to take down CNN..  by then, I'd realized they were integral to the operations against me... I can show the same kinds of correlations over  and over and over...

That's why I think DObbs got set up.. he atually did the fewest things that bothered me, it was other people who really particpated in the worst... but the obvious trail leads back to DObbs, and for psyops, there's only one explanation for tht, because these guys, just like in the Watergate Breakind, don' t leave those kinds of amateurish trails anymore than the people doing it locally to me.. the Weed and Seed people I talk about, a government program started by Clinton to harass "undesireables"... and I can tell you all kinds of stories abouthow the pysyops against me were intensified in the 90's.. proof? WHy would I have had any reason to collect evidence against people, when I thoought I was just having hard luck.

Meanwhile.. when Begala introduced the Bible Codes on Crossfire, I played with it a bit. One disturbing pattern: Charles Rehn dies guarding an arsenal of email... Another one says Charles Rehn will prevail.. anyway.. the truth is, I think the database I have that this program works off of was doctored, becuase the program isn't as good as the origial demo I had years before, and, I get different results... interpret that as you will...

MEanwhile, back at Watergate.. the CIA can pick any lock it wants to at will. Why would these CIA agents leave a trail of taped door locks to prevent doors from closing an dlocking behind them if they weren't trying to be discovered? To set up Nixon, of course, right John? Joh Dean will have more to say about all that soon, I'm sure... Dean was set up too.. that's politics and the Skull and Bones for ya... Remember, my dad was a friend of Nixon's.. who was recruited into National politics by Prescott Bush.. and my dad knew stuff.. I realize that more and more almost everyday, becaus ethe clues just keep coming... just by remembering things.. except something I  apparently know that to me, for some reason, like the weather manipulation, doesn't seem like a big deal.

Maybe it was that Woody Harrelson's dad, who died in prison a few years back, was supposedly involved in the assassination of JFK. Maybe it was tha tmy dad knew Jim Garrison, because, interestingly enough, Elliott Ness and the Untouchable s was one of the only shows I was allowed to watch passed bedtime, before I was 5... of course, Costner played Elliott Ness as well. O r maybe it had to do with that Easter Party that everyon ebut me got ot go to at Shirley Temple Black's house.. let's see.. Shirley was named an ambassador to somewhere by Reagan, and John Gavin, her husband? was named ambassador to Mexico... by Reagan.. hmm.. supposedly, I was sick that day but I wasn't.. and yeah, I said I went, but I didn't. That was in the early days, and I just wanted to make the point of jus thow good of friends my father was to these people.  wonder who I wasn't supposed to see there.

Meanwhile, there's this photo of my dad in San Francisco, full Navy uniform, though I'd have sworn it was Air Force, and I often wonder who the two guys were that were walking with him. In China Town, no less, remember the Michael Douglas movie.. something about, when people no longer trust the justice system, then they no longer respect law and order.. which of course menas, they'll commit more crimes nd fil the corporate prison system... apparently, there are vacancies, as pointed out by Keith Olbermann recently when discussing a certian high security prison that's vacant and quite suitable for GITMO detainees.. Instead, they're making  anew GITMO in Basra, Iraq..

Where was I?

I keep wondering, did my father know Jim Garrison, the prosecutor in the Clay Shaw trial.. cause you have no idea how upset he was when Shaw was acquitted. He changed to the Libertarian Party, which didn't incorporate until 1973... the same year as the Council on Foreign Relations was incorporated... maybe as a counter to them... or just time.. because, interestingly enough, it appears a relative of mine was a founder of the Libertarian Party..

As much a sI think McCain and the current Republicans would like to think that I would want to join them for the prestige of their party (for me to use, while they would secretly use me like they  did my Great Uncle Ulysses S. Grant...) and mayube that was the cause greater than myself that McCain kept talking about on CNN's Ttalkback live with Arthel Neville, til she was fired, day after day after day, John McCain, and a cause greater than himself...

Meanwhile, the Repubnlicans have been ddoing some interestign Aesopian.. Michael Steeel talking about calling the Democrats    Democrat Socialist,   ie, Democratic Socialism, aka Nazi's... and syaing tha tregulation caused the banking scandal, and it did, the Democrats passed newe regulations that enabled the finance comanies and more to rip of f the AMerican public with the credit crunch they got pai back for.. that was the Democrats following up on the lead of George W. Bush... finishing the job George W. did, and leaving Obama to be able to say it was  aproblem he inherited.. see, Barack thinks he can fool people, littl eby little in secrecy that he's the inheritor of this planet, like Christ, except, he works for the Skull and Bones and Council on Foreign Relations, the anti-Christ...

Is Barck Satan? I don't know. God tells me stuff when I need to know it, to keep info from the people who are against God. And, the angels are more powerful than me right now, and apparently, it hasn't been time to reveal everything, giving people the chance to "Do the right thing"... before God gets fed up with them at last, and just says, fine, if you're going to act like traitors, you'll be treated like them.. Liv eby the sword, die by the w\sword as the Bible says.. as God also said, let the dead souls bury the dead souls.. in otehr words, as always, when criminals are getting busted, they sell out everyone around them to remain free... that' swhat they'll say about me too.. cause I'm not allowed to have real conversations with people, and that means, they'r egoing to cliaim some powerful people have conspired against the United States, when in fact, it's the government in power tha thas conspired for years against us all...

And now, they think they'r egoin gto win.. by killing me, and getting all of you to buy their next little Pearl Harbor, like 911, to convince you all that God hates you, that I did it,. and that they'll base it on their setup of thinking I believed I actually had a conversation with Sadam Hussein, which I didn't, and then they'll claim that because, in 2004, before the election, given the appearance that I was able to have psychic cnversation swith people, which I've never heard of anyone doing, that I harrassed the people at CNN psychically.. what a joke and psyop that was. Thanks to Kyra Phillips for doing something to prove to me it wasn't true.. cause they had me wondering... right Darin Kagin, whose husband is part of the Cheney Rumsfeld Wolfowitz Cabal of CFR people known ads the Prokject for  a New American Century, called NeoCons.

Oh yeah.. so I thought leaders were listening to me. so I thought, let's give this  a try. Let's werite a note to Osama bin Laden asking him to explain his position without the inflammatory rhetoric befor ethe 2004 election. He did that, if it was actually him and he's alive and not just a CIA actor, but Zawahiri did an announcement prior to that that was inflammatory, and threw the election to Bush.

Osama bin Laden was trained by the CIA back in the 70's or 80's when the Afghans were fighting the Russians. Like Iran, Iraq and so many other nations and leaders, they were our friends til the United States was through using them, then they all found out tha tthey had been set up to be villains in order to justify U.S. wars against them...

Just like they did with me.. the Democrats used me til they got all my campaign ideas and materials, then used them to defeat the Republicans and also attempting to keep me from using them, so they could claim I plagiarized them. Now the Republicans are using things from my site and weblogs, I suppose to intimidate me from claiming they were from me, meanwhile,. using psychotronics and directed energy weapons against me to make me seem wacky and dangerous or whatever it appears like...

Their set up of me was simple.. feed me so much info that I'd look like a radical extremist, using words of Jefferson, like revolution, which doesn't mean war, right Michelle Bachmann.. not to mention the fact that just before Bush left office, he said something about th egovernment having hijacked terrroist web sites, which I assume includes mine. I think only the media and the politicians have access to this, but i could be wrong.  I don't have any way of knowing.

Final thing I want to say about this.. I was harassed for hours before writin gthis, and told if I didn't go work, they'd harass me until I did. Which means to me, something is up, something's on the verge of happening, and the intel people working the good side wanted me to document all this. I wish I kneww who they were, because I'd like to shake their hands and honor them when this is over. And it will be over soon, and God will prevail in HIS ways, not the ways the government would want you to believe. God's way is justice.

There are 2 hells.. on eon earth, in prison,s an dthe other in spiritual terms, where bad spirits think it's hell cause God won't let their spirits back on the material plane, because they just won't stop being evil. SO, they end up being formless spirits, all the time thinking they're in our current interpretation of Hell because they'll keep saying to themselves, "Why didn't I listen? Why did I do all those things?" God doesn't torment anyone... he plagues their consciences... the part of us that knows the difference between right or wrong... it' sinherent in our spirits. And they know better, and they have to ansewer the question s"Whyy", and if they don't get the right answer an actually act like it, they're "quarantined" mor eor less.. the evil spirits are still God's children, they just need a time out.. and maybe indefinitely.

Son't let anyone tell you God kill sand destroys people physically.. Satan does that. THat's the difference between God and Satan. Anyone who tells you different is of the anti-Christ, or has believed the lies for centuries, used to scare you into being good Christians, when no such threat was made...

The Bible says God has no use for fear, because if you are afraid, you can not be perfected in love.  If you're afraid, you'd be willing to kill to save your life, right?  God says, thou shalt not kill, and he abhors fear. So... who do you think would want you to think the opposite of God?

I rest my case for the moment... it'll be interesting to see what happens next, as the world changes once again, and the government does whatever it can to suppress me.

They don't like the truth, you know... I do. God does. I hope you do too..

Woody.. sorry about saying that stuff about your dad.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God ALANIS MORISSETTE - FLAVORS OF ENTANGLEMENT - 01 - Citizen Of The Planet So, Alanis, after you became a minister, what did you discover? :} Love ya. Ya wanna tell me about this 777 stuff? Do you know codes? :} I hate code.. something about secrecy... the Aesopian? Wasn't my idea. Ask Begala.

I was told Barack doesn't like my idea of exposing him as a fraud. That should be news somewhere, eh? Am I on Cheney's hit list? I don't want to hear any more about offshore drilling, cause I'm offshore, and everytime they'd say that, I'd get zapped by dews and psychotronics...

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - Sun King

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - Abbey Road CD - 101 - Come Together

6/9/2009 12:51pm I want to discuss a few things that explain last night's post and a few other things.

A while back, CNN ran a scroll about  a special url they'd set up talking about how to live in 10 x 10 room.. I assumed they were telling me I was going to jail, and made  a note of it in the weblog. That's part of how CNN would tell me what was going to be done to me next. Including the ringin gin my ears that most vicitims hear.. research shows that people with tinitus have reduced productivity, so it's   abasic thing they do to people, especially those who figure out what's eing done to them.

They also did a special called Economic Poker, a title from my site, that included Paul Krugman. I bring this  up to say that doin git by scrolls left no transcript behind.. for the most part of all this, I had little or no video recording capabilities.. I aslo bring this up to note that if people think CNN doesn't edit their transcripts, they should ask Glenn Beck and Media Matters.

One day, I was sittin gin my living room watch  the DObbs show, Kitty Pilgrim hosting, I was completely "immobilized" by psychotronics and dews, and Kitty, a member of the COuncil on Foreign Relations, finished a sentence and then said, "It's us". I had been wondering who and how these attacks were being don eto me, and why DObbs had betrayed me so.  ANd she basically told me it was them doing it. Of course, I checked the transcript immediately after the show, and it had been removed. No big surprise. But I still couldn't figure out why CNN would hate me, because I was promoting them on my website and making tem out to be heroes... I'm sure they'll use this a way to claim I'm mentally ill, and that "the tv was talking to me". Begala received some emails from me, joking around about how my tv tells me to do things, and I do them. They's kleep asking for addresses and stuff of people, so I thought, maybe they'd thrown my nfo away, so I'd send it again, every time... I'm sure it was meant to make me look mentally ill, obsessed... I was simply trying to make myself availabe.. I really didn't know about psychotronics then.

Since that "jail" scroll.. like yesterday.. if  go in one room of the house I'm in, I get mercilessly harassed. If I go into another room, same thing, but if I go into my office room, about 10 x 10, they put me in a happy mood, and I write about this torture they do to me with jokes. I try tokeep a sense of humor in order to survive it, but don't ever think it's not torture.

So, the stuff I wrote last night was the result of that, They harassed me mercilessly until I came into my office to write in this log. So here's what I want to say.

Dobbs was involved in it all, but they set him up to take the fall, and I do believe he was trying to teach me things, though I believe they set it up to make me believe it was to "teach me a lesson" for daring to stand up to the media and government. I wrote to him and even called his office once, saying, I get this feeling you're supposed to teach me something.

He did teach me  an incredible amount about fact checking and corroborating stories and more.. which is why this site is jam packed with fact, and very little of what Rumsfeld called "hypothetical upon hypothetical"  a rmark I believe was aimed at me. Dobbs even said, on etime, to tell me what i was uip against, was tht in these propaganda situation,s anchors and politicians knew this fact: the best way to deliver  alie is sandwiched between facts. That's when I used him as an indicator that there was something to be researche, but not to believe any reports unless I checked them out myself to be sure I was getting the straight scoop... like when Duncan Hunter went on the air claiming he had no personal interest in hi sadvocacy of the use of titanium in miltary aircraft, all for suppoed good reasson, but wasn't it interesting that, when I did research, I found someone named Hunter from New Zealand who had invented the process for extractng titanium, and a possibility that he would receive  aroyalty for the use of that product, much the same way Fisher electronics received  a royalty for every FM receiver made, because they patented AFC, Automatic Frequency Control, which meant the radio would automatically track the deviations in the broadcast frequencies of radio stations.

I used to think he was trying to promote Chuck Hagel as the next presidential candidate for 2008. What I came to realize is that I was getting introduced to the "players" behind the scenes, part of those engineering this North American Union Dobbs talked about, and Hagel said some things made me question his integrity and involvement. Couldn't prove  athing, until I found out Hagel was and might be part owner in ESS, a computerized vote maching company... in his last Senate he won the race with 85% of the votes. Kinds casts a little suspicion on him, aespecially given how he now, is, ostensibly  a Democrat... What does that tell you about the merging of the parties and voting fraud?

So all this time, I've been sitting back, collecting evidence as I was able to, trying to survive til I figured out what was really going on. And I did.

I think they figured out Dobbs was helping me while maintaining the front of going along with what was being done to me... like many others, he was caugt in a trap by powerful people, with these same weapons to use against him, and I think they are, and he has a family to protect, among other things. The same reason my father died knowing so much, with 6 kids, that they successfully shut him up.

The Bible says, the son will do what the fathers wouldn't..

And here we are..  and now they're harassing the person whose house I live in into depression, sleep deprivation, psychotronic rape, bankrruptcy.. not to mention the dfact that she's the Executive Director of the Department of Peace campaign, which is now going bankrupt, with numerous members of their board being Barack Obama supporters, people who campaigned for him.  There a re a number of things that have gone on in the Department of Peace that cause me to believe their executive staff, not the board, was infiltrated by people with the purpose of bankrupting it. I've written to Dennis Kucinich at least  times to apprise him of this since.. 2003?? And no response. He's supposedly the one who got Marianne WIlliamson to start the Dept of Peace... I have  a bunch of stories about her to show why I believe she's a psychotronics victim, whether she knows it or not.  That becomes a very long story, leading to an executive board meeting in Jupiter Florida where they all experienced the "ringing in their ears", rationalized by a particular person with particular responsibility for their bankruptcy.

I have reason to believe Joaquin Phoenix is also a victim. He was a major contributor to the campaign. His mother is on the board. His brother, River Phoenix, died of  a drug overdose, a common affliction of psychotronics victims, trying to cope with the pain, like Curt Cobain.

So. that brings us to last night's post... I was harrased until I wrote something, so I did. Just like the dayu I said I was told they wanted proof l\of life.. in other words, they know peolpe are monitoring this, and that, the last thing they'd weant is for peopl e to actually believe I'm being tortured. ANd they want it tio look like I'm being productive so they can say  was lying about it being torture, and causing incapacitation by psychotronics and dews.

In addition, they take advantage of the fact that I will follow every psyop to see where it leads.. I knew last night I was being set up for something... including the possibility that I was giving Dobbs the benefit of the doubt, that he was a good guy, and that "the  vengeance to be srerved cold" would be him and others making me believe they would stand up for me, when they'd completely screw me when it became public, calling me a liar and extremist and mentally ill.

The Bible says the anti-Christ would have liar after liar lined up to testify against me. Prophecy fulfilled.

So Dobbs, like Olbermann and a number of other people, are going to have to explain themselves, because I can't really defend them. Unless, as the Bible says, they make the right choices, and do the right things,, meansing, telling the truth. And if they don't they go to prison, and they will some of those God will never let back into the kingdom.. in physical form... because their influences represent the evil the Bible speaks of...

I can defend citizens to God for their activities very smply, because I understand the influences we've all been subjected to. Even I failed to resist, which is perfect, so that I can understand, so that I could understand before having to make judgments as Christ, to inform God of why I, His son, would want even some people most would consider bad, to be saved. Professed Christians or not. We're all God's children. When's the last time you saw a father actually want his children to die?

That doesn't mean a good father wouldn't remove  a criminal in order to relieve the other children of the harm they do. And that IS what the final judgment is actually about.. and sure, God wants you to appreciate you r father, and to believe in Him and Jesus... but he's most interested in the souls, what's in your heart, and if your soul is good, He wants you as part of the family.. because He knows that in a world without these influences, 99.9% of us would always do what was right.. what we call moral and ethical.

Just like I believe that the atheists who actively speak against God are only doing so because they feel pressured to accept God, and religions that seem to have become part of politics instead of being about studying the ways of Jesus or other good spiritual leaders..  Read the storries.. look what I did when my sisters tried to force me into church. I cursed God, and climbed a tree to hide so I wouldn't have to go. When they asked nicely, I went, cause I liked church. And Sunday was my day off, and I wanted to choose what I did with it. Just like God instructs.. and I'll  cover that more in a chapter..  It's also why I love this song, surely about Paul McCartney's cat... :}

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Paul McCartney - Memory Almost Full - 06 - Mr Bellamy

I also always related to this song: Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Beatles - Rubber Soul - 104 - Nowhere Man

So, if you hear of a bunch of musician sbeing arrested, because I called them angels, servants of God whether you know it or not, you'll know that the anti-Christ is taking them down, as they've been doing with dews and psychotronics for decades. The same way they've been trying to kill me. And probably arrest me for being part of a conspiracy.

I am a part of a conspiracy against Satan. God sent me to do the job.   And while the news channels are using the murder of Dr. Tiller to portray Christians as violent extremists, let me assure you, the people who commit crimes and murder against anyone, supposedly in the name of God, will be judged harshly by God. It's not His way. Onward Christian Soldiers was about the war of hearts and minds, free peech, not war and predjusdice and bigotry.

And then, someday, we'll have to fully explain how ethnic minorities - icons of their races and role models - whatever you want to call it.. are in fact being "humiliated and exterminated" by this government. My first awareness of this fact came in the trial of OJ Simpson. Someone who would not go along.  Someday I'll have  along talk with him, and then I'll tell you the truth of his story, even if he's guilty. But I presume innocence.. I always do... his conviction sin Nevada should cause his attorney to file suits against the FBI for failing to act on a legitimate report of his belongings being stlolen and then sold illegally. Instead, he got set up to be put away for life. Ask Ted Stevens about th eevidence the prosecutors and FBI withheld against him that would have exhonorated him of all charges.. but they did manage to humiliate him and run him out of office.

So I'll say this.. as for the intel gys.. I don't know if they're the good guys or bad guys.. it seems like some of them are. We'll have to know their stories too.

God says anyone who plays a trick on me in any from will have the tables turned on them,... I believe in God. And it seems to work out that way. Now, we're in the final moments of this war of hearts and minds between God and Satan.. and God's already won, cause he owns the property, and he's kicking them out...

Beginning with Barack Obama, the Bush Family, the Kennedys' and manymore who will be allowed to tell their stories before convicted in the court of public opinion...

My requirement, and God's requirement at this time, is simple: whatever yoyu do from this moment on determines  whether you are defendable or not, and in my book, and I have a book, online, that mewans telling the truth and setting things straight once and for all. And when I hear the stories, I'll know, one way or another, whether the truth is being told or not.

Like I sadi a long time ago: if anyone tells you that they were in some way a hero by "rescuing me" or the other victims of so many capital crimes, don't believe em til I say say so. And if that means the people who might have been willing will not asist now, it only tells me they are guilty beyond defense.

God sent the kid in for  a reason. I will not fail Him. If  I fail Him, I would fail you in delivering on the promises He made to us all. And I know, like a good father, God will not allow me to fail.

All glory to God the Creator, the father, and His enduring and timeless love.

God bless us all.

PS: Psychotronics is a miracle from God, weaponized by the anti-Christ. You'll be amazed at the cool  stuff it will give us when the weaponization is ended. And I have to say, it's not just the Untied States who is being given the order to stand down by me saying this. I expect it to be done.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Chicago - Searchin' So Long

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Various - We Are the World

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Orleans - Still The One - 04 - Let There Be Music

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Billy Preston - That's the Way God Planned It

9:31 pm The truth is the attacks against me the last few days have been very intense, close to incapacitation... and it's clear that's what you rgovernment under Barack bama and the national media have in mind to shut me up. The proof is in these long things I write here, while th ebook goes idle.. it should have been done at least over a month and a half ago.. so the proof of the intensity and frequency of the attacks is that the book is not complete. There's only one real truth of this situation, and that's the fact that the media and the government have been lying to you for years, and they're not going to stop now becuae they're sick and twisted, using even ministers to trick you into believing they'r e leading you down the right path, when they're teaching you how to love materialism and immoral things even more.

Even the reporting on the TIller murder has bene to influence you to think Christians are radicla extremists, as  the Clinton Administration and th eFBI clearly stated in their flyer years ago about how poeple in blue jeans, havin g facial hair, quoting the Bible and the COnstitution were suspected terrorists.. and you think Obama respects the Constitution...

The only thing that' s abigger joke than this government is Satan himself, leading you down a path to your own destruction that you pay for with your hard earned salaries... Jon Voight can talk about Barack as a false prophet alol he wants, but he and his daughter Angelina Jolie, members of the COuncil on Foreign Relations, are doing everything they can to innoculate you against everything I say and write. Wake up and see the truth. They're all liars and thieves, and people like JOhn McCain are the worst there are, like Lieberman and Lindsay Graham.. just as their efforts to block the release of torture photos will be used to incite muslims and others.. on purpose.. to justify global war and domination of the middle east for oil fiel sthat aren't even needed because the technology these people are withholding would replace oil almost immediately.. and solar is a joke compared to dc brushless motors and step up transformers..

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Holly GoAnarchy - Why Am I Not A Lesbian - 03 - They're Lying To You

These people are trying to make deals with me to avoid prosecution.. I won't make deals with them becaus ethey're criminals and they deserve no mercy, just as they show no mercy to the people they torture and murder everyday. 900 witnesses and counting. You want to call me crazy, call me crazy, but these 900 are a veryu few sampling, and it's global, If you all want to be robots, you're welcome to it. It's reallyeasy to be  apatriot when you can order other people to die to defend you. Only they're not defending you, they're killing you. Every time they shoot a bullet or drop a bomb. And they do it in AMerica, using AMerican soldiers to attack you, and then say, "we're only tkin gorders". THat makes them criminals and traitors. If you'r ein the military doing this to AMericans you're the worst kind of traitors, and deserve a traitor's fate.

The harassment and torture continues, anyone want to blame me for being angry..  wait til they do it to you.

Edwin Starr - War

One day soon, I'l tell you how Kyra Phillips and Newsweek made fun of my father  and me. You know Newsweek, the GE/Universal/NBC publication that calls Obama God.

9:50 Before I could get this posted, the surface temperature of my skin heated up, and now they'r doin gthe equivalent of the active denial system on me that heats the surface temperature of the skin to cause unbearbale pain. Welcome to AMeric, land of the deceived because of the dpepraved.

If you're in the military and know of the people doing these things, arrest them or face similar charges of treason.

By the way, the Gilmores will love the testimony of the Wilburns.. we got room in jail for theGilmores, I'm talking about the government Gilmores, not the tv show.

This is part of an email I received today... Brokaw  and Williams belong to this group.

6/17/2009 8am Since my last posting, I'v ebeen intensely attacked by psychotronics and dews, a n attack that is continuing, and for  afew days,  I didn't think I would survive. Once again, after posting about the phony pastor melissa scott, I was shot with dews in the genitals, causing swelling in my testicles and in my lower abdomen, with obvious attack son my kindneys and liver as well.  In one of her phony sermons, melissa scott mentioned it had been 2 years since their last "maleing", which I didn't understand at the time. If Gretchen Voss' report was accurate about 12 security guards around her, an exhorbitant number of security guards for anyone, she is, inded, particpating with th egovernmetnt setting up people for sexual harassemnt and embarassing situations to diminish them and get them arrested. The tables are being turned on her this time, too. People who say they are Christians but are niot, and in her case, selling her services a sa phony minister in the name of GOd. She'll go to hell too, with all of her Nazi friends.  Too bad about her congregation. They'll go with her. But at least hshe had the fun of waching me suffer again as a testator..

Meanwhile, Obama and Shkull and Bones New York Times Reporter John Harwood of MSNBC did  agood job of deliving his sick joke about the death of David Carradine and delivering more death threats to me  via MSNBC ... shoo, Barack, get out of here.. the thing is Barack, when you talk nice to them, you don[t have to kill them to get them to go... but the thing, John, there was no fly, was there, and he didn't kill it, and Casrradine caught them, he didn't kil them. And that's what I'm gonna do  to you and James Taylor and every other one of your accomplices. ANd even if you get away with these attempts at killing me, which are succeeding, you'll never be back in this or any other world again. NOt you, or any of your skulll and bones COuncil on Foreign Relations or Illuminati friends who rewrote the Bible back in 64 ad... nice work on the rewrite... makes it look like the King James version of the New Testament is more of a guide to Satanic activities, when you look at it as it is, and kjnow Aesopian and understand it.

And let me make it clear... people have not gotten the Bible "all wrong". They'e gotten it right, according to the versins they have been given to read. BUt there's more to know, and that's what people are being deprived of, and why the world is the way it is.

I hvae to go back to bed now, cause I'm extremely weak, and I still have swelling in my genitals and lower abdomen, it appears I have an infection and no medicine... by the way Busaca, I have you down for malpractice now, too.  For the record, I never did anything to anyone in Olympia or SHelton or anywhere else to deserve a death sentence of even shunning... you people are sick in the head... and you will be held accountable by God. Don't call yourselves Christians. ANd you chopper guys, circlng the house and attacking me with dews, people should know that the United States military is being used to kill Americans in America... traitors, one and all. ANd every one of them obeying those orders should be hung with their commanders and politicians. That's the law. They broke it, not me. I'm a patriot, they're not. ANd now they've intensified the attacks as I write this. The damage to my internall organs are the proof of the attacks. I've left word to have an autopsy performed if I die from it. ANd I have witnesses to the chopppers hovering above. You guys fired a gun at me the other night... I'm not afraid of you. Low lifes. I hope they sednd you to Afghanistan, so you can die a slow painful death from depleted uranium weapons, so you can die suffering like I am. I was trying to save your lives. Nothing worth saving, chopper guys. Nothing worth saving at all.

And phony pastor scott.. remember, when you stand before God in judgment, you'll also be answering for my death.  Good luck.

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Leon Russell - Leon Russel - 04 - Shoot Out On The Plantation

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Ronnie Montrose - Open Fire

Universal Church of the Kingdom of God Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale - 08 - They Won't Go When I Go




Shadowy Bilderberg group meet in Greece ? and here?s their address
May 14, 2009, Times of London (One of the U.K.'s leading newspapers)
For the next two days ... the Bilderberg illuminati hold their private
conclave in [a] five-star Greek hotel. Every year since 1954 a club of
about 130 senior or up-and-coming politicians gather at the fireside of a
secluded hotel with top bankers and a sprinkling of royalty to discuss
burning issues. No lists of participants are disclosed, no press
conferences are held; spill the beans and you?re out of the magic circle.
This year the club is going to talk about depression. ?According to the
pre-meeting booklet sent out to attendees, Bilderberg is looking at two
options,? says the Bilderberg-watcher Daniel Estulin ? ?either a
prolonged, agonising depression that dooms the world to decades of
stagnation, decline and poverty ? or an intense but shorter depression
that paves the way for a new sustainable economic world order, with less
sovereignty but more efficiency.? Since Bilderberg does not officially
exist, it cannot deny anything and is therefore manna from heaven for the
conspiracy theorist. The meetings were started in the Netherlands, in the
Hotel de Bilderberg, near Arnhem, by the Polish exile Joseph Retinger. He
was worried about growing anti-Americanism and the advance of Communism
in Western Europe. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands agreed to sponsor
the idea. The head of the Central Intelligence Agency, Walter Bedell
Smith, threw his weight behind it and so did the White House. The
Bilderberg consensus is that national problems are best solved by an
internationally oriented elite ... and that the boundaries are fluid
between the monied and the political classes. And so there has been a
natural bias towards inviting conservatives and market liberals. The only
socialists invited are those who ?understand money?.
Note: Although the list of attendees at Bilderberg conferences are
closely guarded secrets, researchers with key inside contacts have
managed during the last few years to compile accurate lists. For this
year's list of attendees at the conference in Greece, click here. For
other key media articles revealing some of the astonishing secrets of the
world's power elite, click here.

Our man at Bilderberg: Let's salt the slug in 2010
May 19, 2009, The Guardian (One of the U.K.'s leading newspapers)
Ten years ago, when Jon Ronson dared to report on Bilderberg, he found
himself "chased by mysterious men in dark glasses through Portugal". He
was scared for his safety. "When I phoned the British embassy and asked
them to explain to the powerful secret society that had set their goons
on me that I was essentially a humorous journalist out of my depth, I
wasn't being funny. I was being genuinely desperate," he wrote. I know
exactly how he feels. Only out of sheer desperation did I try to arrest
one of the goons following me and then follow my flimsy leads up the
Greek police ladder, finally catching one of the goons wet-handed in the
lavatory of the department of government security. And only then did I
know the extent of Bilderberg's paranoia: they had set the state police
on me. So who is the paranoid one? Me, hiding in stairwells, watching the
pavement behind me in shop windows, staying in the open for safety? Or
Bilderberg, with its two F-16s, circling helicopters, machine guns, navy
commandos and policy of repeatedly detaining and harassing a handful of
journalists? Who's the nutter? Me or Baron Mandelson? Me or Paul Volker,
the head of Obama's economic advisory board? Me or the president of
Coca-Cola? Publicity is pure salt to the giant slug of Bilderberg. If the
mainstream press refuses to give proper coverage to this massive annual
event, then interested citizens will have to: a people's media. Find the
biggest lens you can and join us for Bilderberg 2010. No idea where it's
going to be, but there's usually a few days' notice. Email me at
bilderberg2010@yahoo.co.uk and we'll start prepping. Meanwhile, petition
newspapers to send a correspondent.
Note: For the entire revealing series by Guardian reporter Charlie
Skelton, who was sent to report on the ultra-secretive Bilderberg
meeting, click here. And for more on the machinations of the Bilderberg
Group and other secret societies which wield powerful, unseen influence
on global politics, click here and here.

Architects and Engineers Seek 9/11 Truth
June 3, 2009, KGO Radio (San Francisco's top talk-radio station)
"Architects know that you can't have 400 structural steel connections
failing per second in a fire-induced gravitational collapse," says
architect Richard Gage about the collapse of World Trade Center 7, a
building not struck by a plane, on September 11, 2001. Richard is with
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, a group of professionals who
have factual reservations about conclusions reached in the 9/11 Report.
Note: To listen to this path-breaking 7-minute broadcast, click on the
link above. For lots more reliable information showing the official story
of 9/11 cannot be true, see our 9/11 Information Center.

Historic Broadcast of "9/11 Press For Truth"
June 6, 2009, KBDI-TV (Colorado Public Television station)
Following the attacks of September 11th, a small group of grieving
families waged a tenacious battle against those who sought to bury the
truth about the event. In this documentary, six of them ? including three
of the famous 9/11 widows known as the "Jersey Girls" ? tell the powerful
story of how they took on the greatest powers in Washington, compelling
lawmakers to launch an investigation that ultimately failed to answer
most of their questions. The filmmakers collaborated with the media group
Globalvision to stitch together overlooked news clips, buried stories,
and government press conferences, revealing a pattern of official lies,
deception, and spin. As a result, a very different picture of 9/11
emerges ? one that raises new, and more pressing, questions. To mark the
film's U.S. broadcast premiere, Executive Producer Kyle Hence, Director
Ray Nowosielski, and family member Bob McIlvaine ? who lost his son Bobby
in the attacks on New York ? will be in the KBDI studios to discuss the
film throughout the evening. Additionally, volunteers from Colorado 911
Visibility will be on hand to answer phones.
Note: To watch this important, landmark 9/11 documentary, click here.
This highly engaging, well researched film may be the best way yet to
open the eyes of those who don't know about the major 9/11 cover-up.

Judge upholds three-word foreclosure strategy
May 29, 2009, KGO-TV (San Francisco ABC-TV affiliate)
A Bay Area couple has successfully blocked their lender from taking their
home. A federal judge in San Jose brought the foreclosure process to a
stop after the couple invoked a three-word strategy first outlined last
month by 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney. A home could be saved with
three words: "produce the note." Facing foreclosure, owners Isabel and
Richard Caporale are using a novel legal strategy to hang on to their
home. The couple went to federal court and basically said just three
words. "They claim they have it, but I have no proof that they have this
note, and you would think by now it's been almost three months," says
attorney Marc Voisenat. The "they" Voisenat is referring to is the loan
servicing company and "the note" is the legal document proving money is
owed. Without it, the strategy goes, money can't be collected and there
can be no foreclosure. On Thursday, a federal judge agreed, stopping the
foreclosure in its tracks and for now, the Caporales can stay in their
home. "It's wonderful because I'm almost positive the next time we come
back to court the house will be ours," says Isabel Caporale. Thousands
could use this strategy and it all comes down to sloppy paperwork.
Mortgages are chopped up, bundled and resold around the world as
complicated financial vehicles. Often the paperwork doesn't follow the
loan and if there's no paperwork and no proof, the foreclosure is a
no-go. "We've never seen a company produce the original note yet," says
Attorney Chris Hoyer. Hoyer set up a website offering consumers advice
and paperwork to pursue a "produce the note" strategy. In Florida
"produce the note" is gaining momentum as a safety net for homeowners.
Note: For more information on how to use this strategy, see the Consumer
Warning Network's excellent information available here. More information
is also available in this article.

U.S. Accidentally Releases List of Nuclear Sites
June 3, 2009, New York Times
The federal government mistakenly made public a 266-page report, its
pages marked ?highly confidential,? that gives detailed information about
hundreds of the nation?s civilian nuclear sites and programs, including
maps showing the precise locations of stockpiles of fuel for nuclear
weapons. The publication of the document was revealed Monday in an online
newsletter devoted to issues of federal secrecy. It ... prompted a flurry
of investigations in Washington into why the document had been made
public. On Tuesday evening, after inquiries from The New York Times, the
document was withdrawn from a Government Printing Office Web site. The
information, considered confidential but not classified, was assembled
for transmission later this year to the International Atomic Energy
Agency as part of a process by which the United States is opening itself
up to stricter inspections in hopes that foreign countries, especially
Iran and others believed to be clandestinely developing nuclear arms,
will do likewise. President Obama sent the document to Congress on May 5
for Congressional review and possible revision, and the Government
Printing Office subsequently posted the draft declaration on its Web
site. Steven Aftergood, a security expert at the Federation of American
Scientists in Washington, revealed the existence of the document on
Monday in Secrecy News, an electronic newsletter he publishes on the Web.
Mr. Aftergood expressed bafflement at its disclosure, calling it ?a
one-stop shop for information on U.S. nuclear programs.? The report lists
many particulars about nuclear programs and facilities at the nation?s
three nuclear weapons laboratories ? Los Alamos, Livermore and Sandia ?
as well as dozens of other federal and private nuclear sites.
Note: For lots more on government secrecy from reliable sources, click

Drug Agency May Reveal More Data on Actions
June 2, 2009, New York Times
For years, the Food and Drug Administration has withheld information
about drugs and medical devices from the public when their makers cite
trade secrecy ? even in cases where the agency suspects that the products
are causing serious illness or death. Now the new leadership at the
F.D.A. may change that. The Obama administration ... is setting up a task
force within the agency to recommend ways to reveal more information
about F.D.A. decisions, possibly including the disclosure of now secret
data about drugs and devices under study. The goal is to open up a system
in which the agency failed to inform the public that a widely prescribed
heartburn drug was especially toxic to babies; that a diabetes medicine
and a painkiller increased heart attack risks; and that antidepressants
increased suicidal thoughts and behavior in children and teenagers. ?Many
people have been harmed over the last decade because the F.D.A. has
treated clinical trial results of drugs and devices as trade secrets,?
said Dr. Steven Nissen, a cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic who has
campaigned for the release of such information. In 2007, Dr. Nissen
published a study showing that Avandia, a popular diabetes medicine made
by GlaxoSmithKline, increased the risk of heart attack by 42 percent. The
data Dr. Nissen used was made public because of a lawsuit, but the agency
had known of the possible risk for nearly two years. Repeated scandals
led the Bush administration in 2005 to promise to make public its product
safety investigations more quickly, but it did not recommend changing the
laws and regulations that govern the release of trade secrets and agency
Note: For a powerful summary of corrupt practices by government and
corporations in the pharmaceutical industry, click here.

FBI: Crime falls in US, but small town violence up
June 1, 2009, BusinessWeek magazine/Associated Press
Cities in the United States got safer in 2008, while small towns grew
more dangerous, according to FBI data. The FBI says violent crime
nationwide dropped by 2.5 percent last year. Property crimes also fell,
by 1.6 percent, according to the preliminary data collected by the FBI.
Cities with more than 1 million people saw murders fall by 4.3 percent;
cities with 500,000 to 1 million people saw murders fall by nearly 8
percent. Yet in towns with fewer than 10,000 residents, murders rose 5.5
percent, rape increased 1.4 percent, and robbery 3.9 percent. The latest
data shows violent crime fell for a second straight year, after increases
in 2006 and 2005. Those two years, the crime rate began to rise after
historic lows that began during the Clinton administration and continued
into President George W. Bush's first years in the White House.
Nationwide, murder and manslaughter dropped 4.4 percent in 2008.
Aggravated assault declined 3.2 percent, forcible rape decreased 2.2
percent, and robbery dropped 1.1 percent. The country also saw a huge
drop in car thefts -- more than 13 percent. The western region of the
country saw the biggest declines, with a 4.2 percent drop in property
crime and a 3.4 percent drop in violent crime. The Northeast saw a slight
increase in property crime, which rose by 1.6 percent.
Note: You might not know that violent crime rates in the U.S. dropped
over 50% between 1994 and 2005, and continue to be low now. Check out the
U.S. Department of Justice reports on this by clicking here and here. Why
weren't these figures mentioned in this article? And why doesn't good
news like this get more coverage? Yet at the same time, imprisonment
rates have climbed rapidly. What's up with that?

6/10/2009 2:09 I'm no longer able to access and update my websites at Bluehost.com   and my access to Cyberwurx, aka conepuppy, a GE symbol, is slow than molasses TIme Warner and GE at work. They'll regret it.

Can't wait to hear your lies, DObbs.

2:10 pm Suddenly, after making that entry, I have access. This prove sthey know everything I'm doing, have complete control of my websites.. and I assume they'll play games like this to waste my time and screw up the sites, and prevent people from reaing it.. they'll regret it.



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